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Lucette     Someone'd called for a medic. After returning home, making sure the post was in order, Luce made her way to the Militia's medical centre and checks in to see who needs fixin with a slow sigh. She's extra hand here, no medical professional, so she's selective with who she's gonna work on..
Lee     Lee had to report in for a rather nasty bite on his leg. Yes. Bite. Through the power armor he has. It wasn't a pretty sight. He'd be in his regular fatigues, the leg out straight as he'd stare up at the ceiling. "Yanno.. they should get a TV or somethin in here fer people ta watch.. err.. oh.. right.. ain't got TVs anymore.. fraggin bombs.."
Hardman     "Fuck..." grumbled lowly through the room. Hardman was layed up on a cot draped with medical sheets like a makeshift gurney. He sat up, leaning his weight against the bare wall behind him. His leg had been gnarly, but it was bandaged at least, and the ones around his torso were coming loose, bled through with some crimson hues.

"I'm sure if you asked real nice they'd get ya' some marbles or somethin'...." he mentioned, offhandedly as he looked over toward Lee who had come in a bit earlier with a gnarly bite into his leg, "Nasty fuckin' Misquito problem, huh?"
Lucette     Lucy's seen the checklist. Welp, looks like the people she's in to see. Welp.. there's Lee for a bite, and Hardman's already in bed. Luce moves her way over to examine Hardman, tapping on clipboard. Then sighing. "Alright. You sit tight for a minute, Lee's got less of an issue." she says, "And I'll need quiet to focus." turning to Lee and moving to him, hands cleaned up and supplies appropriated. She begins the process of washing out, applying healing powder, and suturing if necessary, bandaging afterwards. Quick and sound. "Magazines would be good too, I guess." she surmises aloud with a small chuckle.
Lee     Lee snorts at Hardman's words, chuckling with a shake of his head. "Ai man.. ya'll should see the mosquito though.. Smashed em good and flat with that sledge I got, eh?" He'd shift in bed a little, watching with morbid curiousity as Lucette would patch up that leg. A nod is given her way. "Thank ya miss Doc.. and good luck with em, eh?"
Hardman Hardman

    "Ah, don't fuckin' sweat it doc, I'm good..." he grumbles, smirking aside at Lee as he gathers himself to his feet with a grunt, clearly limping on his wounded leg, though it seemed to be doing alright in allowing him to get by. His attention was at the medical cabinets, where he fished around for a moment to produce a few packs of fresh gauze wrapping and some antiseptic pads.

"The power sledge, now sold in bug-smash blue!" he remarks, toned as if he was a pre-war sedan salesman. As he does, he begins to unwrap his own torso, the bloodied bandages falling away to reveal a bit of a gaping, still woundy, slightly drying and grotesquely 'healing' array of bulletholes. "Fuckin' Mist..."
Lucette     Luce nods to Lee. "Dunno about you, but I know -I- have trouble fixing myself and making it last, when my head's on my neck and not where the wound is." she explains to Hardman, "Don't make it worse or you'll need more work done in the end." moving to stand near Hardman and patiently observe.
Lee     Lee chuckles quietly and would carefully stand, testing himself and finally nodding slightly at Luce's work. Grinning over at Hardman, Lee shakes his head. "Nah mate. Be in red.. fraggin red ghouls tried ta swarm me and one got me on the leg. yah?" He'd shrug a little and grunts at the bullet holes. "Man.. I did a patrol over that way? We were fraggin swarmed by a buncha teddybears. Like, legit.. stuffed teddy bears.. things were crazy messed up.. I was luck the Corporal was 'round, ta shoot em up 'fore they finished eatin that Esscast and move on ta tastier targets.."
Hardman $R$R    "Dunwich - like the carnival, but everythin' tries ta' fuckin' kill you...." he grumbles, shaking his head, though his green eyes eye Lucette slightly, "Appreciate the concern, you can..." he winces as he attempts to place the start of the gauze wrap on his back, "Ya' mind holdin' that for a sec while I wrap this up? Soaked through the old ones..." he mutters, sighing, as if it somehow actually pained him to ask for help. "I really need to find a side gig...I don't get paid enough for this shit..." he recants, shaking his head with a tired, sunken pair of eyes looking down over his mangled chest.
Lucette     Luce blinks. "Insist on helpin yerself huh." she shakes her head, "Don't come cryin' to me when that don't settle right." and helps hold. "We just got back from ops, had to take down three of our own party, evil Communist clones made from the mist." she explains.
Lee     Lee watches on, then just shakes his head a little. "Nuts man.. just nuts.. Ya'll dun let em get 'way with that doc. He'll just be even more stubborn next time.." Lee would toss a two finger salute to Luce and Hardman. "Catch ya on the flip side." And with that, Lee would head out.
Hardman Unfg. A grunt. A simple one, nearly inaudible, but it was none the less. He had finished wrapping his torso, it wasn't his best work, but it'd do. Fastening it at the side with a slender piece of frayed medical tape he'd torn off a roll, slipping a few pieces of medicial supplies back into the cabinet before turning, with a bit of a limp, to look at Lucette, "You the actual doc, here? I saw you shoutin' orders at some of the people on the field the other day...You an officer?"
Lucette     Luce observes, and eases off once wrapping's done and steps back. "Pa was Enclave, taught me most of what he knew, let me read some manuals. Not a doctor, but I know how to fix a person and get'm back on the field without lasting detriment." she regards. "Just a courier pitchin' in with the Guardians, just so happens we're tied with the Militia of late."
Hardman     "Hm..." Hardman mumbled, limping his way toward the cot he had originally started in, and sitting down, "Well. Thanks, anyway, you probably helped a couple'a people not end up like me out there. An' you helpin' Lee's a good one, a bit light in the head and aloof that one is sometimes...but he means well s'far as I can tell..." he notes, nodding, "I'm about to lay back down here, and take a nap, because it's amazin' how fuckin' tired a groupin' of five-mil to the chest will make you feel..." he pauses, extending a hand outward, palm somewhat down and fingers extended - a gesture of goodwill, an offered hand for a handshake - "Hardman, Gunner liaison, you could say we've found ourselves with the Militia of late too."

Lucette     Luce accepts the hand and shakes it. "Lieutenant Knight Guardian Lucette Richardson. I would fit Legionnaire in there, but I'm on bad terms with the Legion for more reasons aside of desertion." she offers. "Try not to get shot up worse until you're ready enough to see for a second opinion, eh?"
Hardman     Hardman grinned. Not an exceptionally toothy grin, but it clearly was one, and parted the thick presence of his beard a bit as he did so. Shaking Luce's hand firmly and releasing it with ease, "I'll try, LKG." he remarked, the initials taken from the handful of her lengthy title and put into an acronym, "I'm gonna..." he began, shrugging down against the wall in his cot with a wince, "...take a load off now. Catch ya' another time, if my eyes open up again"
Lucette     Luce nods. "Hang tight, I'm sure we'll see and need ya again. Trouble never in short supply." she states with a small salute afforded to Hardman.