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Manuelito Mar 30, 2282

Cold rain falls from the sky, soaking any who venture outside quickly. Along with the strong southern winds, the rain chills to the very core.

The HQ for the Militia was once set up in a large multi-story building used as the former amusement parks gathering center. Some say it was a place where people ate while the upper levels held management. No one really knows, though. After the formation of the Militia, the building was renovated. to house barracks, mess hall, armory and command offices.

Walking in to the building, one finds themselves in a large reception area. A set of stairs lead up to a landing that then split off to the east and west. The reception area had vaulted ceilings and the second-floor walkway wrapped around in a U shape, connect to multiple different rooms.

off to one side of the reception was a secured door with the words 'Authorized Personnel Only'. On the opposite side was a wing that had a sign above it saying 'Chow Hall'.

A single, large desk sits in the middle where a young female is manning post.
Gordon The ambassador came into the HQ without an escort, having arrive to El Dorado yesterday. His appearance is dressed down from his ceremonial uniform to NCR's daily 'soldiering' one, made with armor and traditional colors. His rank is displayed on his collars and on his sleeves. Looking around, Gordon's icy gaze scans the reception. Removing his raincoat, he folds it over his arm and approaches the desk. Clearing his throat, the ambassador asks, "Good morning, I am Ambassador Ramirez with the NCR. I was hoping to speak to the commanding officer for a quick chat."
Manuelito The woman looks up to Gordon with passive eyes, and a frown. "Yeah? I heard about you." She sighs and leans forward to look at her notebook "Colonel Sanders is out. Major Peewee is out.. Captain Romero is out.."

"No I am not." Manuelito replies, having just step through the doors. A charismatic smile is on his face as he approached Gordon and the receptionist. He wore a long trench coat over his normal attire, a combat vest worn over his undergarment. Looking to Gordon, he nods as his hand extends out to him. "Manuelito Romero, Captain in the Militia. Heard you were in town." He notes in a reserved tone of voice.
Gordon Gordon offers Captain Romero a polite smile, giving the man his hand for a shake as he shifts to disregard the receptionist and talk straight to the captain. Not wasting any time. "Captain, Gordon Ramirez. I just got in town and wanted to say hello. See how we can help you and make sure we are not stepping on any toes in your town." His voice was low but with an air of authority that came natural when soldiers talked among themselves in a professional setting.
Manuelito The Navajo shakes Gordon's hand firmly, head nodding ever so slightly. "A pleasure, mister Ramirez." Manny replies before letting go of Gordon's hand and slides his hands behind his own back. "The Militia has protected the town for quite a while without outside assistance, mister Ramirez. We've seen some increase in bandits and stuff, but nothing we cannot handle." He replies with a small smile.
Gordon Gordon nods, "Yes, I do not mean helping you do your job. I am sure you all have that squared away but perhaps we can help you with getting better supplies for you troops. Like blankets, pillows, boots, etc. Anything we can do to show you that we are interested in doing our part." He says to the Navajo, his expression stern and stuck in a perpertual bitch face, a side-effect of being a ranger plunged into the world of politics. "You tell me, what we can do."
Manuelito Manny frowns a little as Gordon talks. "Frankly, unless the Mayor or Colonel says otherwise, I rather not see supplies from the NCR. Enough trouble with some eastern brotherhood setting up shop nearby and a former Legionnaire in town; plus the shit up north." He replies in a placid voice. "Frankly, taking supplies from you would show we support the NCR, or at the very least willing to outright accept assistance." He adds
Gordon Gordon also frowns, studying Manny for a moment before nodding slowly. "They do not have to be supplies from the NCR. There are plenty of merchants that we support and pump into the economy." He clears his throat, "The NCR is here but not as conquerors. They sent an ambassador because we came to establish allies and support neighboring community. Our interest is in empowering our neighbors so that when threats like the Legion become apparent we can work together to keep our cities safe. Your support of the NCR is not required, as long as you understand what our purpose is - to strengthen all of our and our neighbors' borders."
Manuelito The Navajo just shakes his head slowly. "Nice speech." He replies calmly. "But as I said, we've been around for a while and have managed well with our outlying settlements and the communities around us. We have a strong trade and equally good supplies and equipment." He adds proudly. "And like with the raiders, the Militia will deal with the Legion when it comes down to it." He notes.
Gordon Gordon licks his tooth, smirking and shaking his head with a chuckle, "Alright, captain." He says expelling a sigh, "It was nice meeting you. My doors are open at the embassy should you find something we can work together with. We are not here to step on toes, simply help out." The ambassador unfolds his rain coat and draws it over his shoulders, buttoning it up in order for him to brave the rain. Gordon's hand stretches out as he offers it to Manuelito for a handshake. He forces a polite smile on his face, keeping his gaze fix on Manuelito's eyes.
Manuelito Manny watches Gordon head for the exit quietly. It wasn't that the Militia could use the supplies, or additional help now and then it was more the Captain doesn't trust outside forces; especially the NCR, Brotherhood or Legion. He's always heard from weary travelers the good and bad of each group; that and he was proud of the Militia and the protection they have provide, alongside the isolation from these said groups. To him, having an ambassador here threatened that existence.

His hand came out to shake Gordons firmly, head nodding. "Good to meet you again, mister Rameriz."