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Qwillis     Qwillis, shot up by mist bullets, would head to that clinic for getting patched up. While he didn't have his armor on anymore, it still did what it could for protecting him. Which is why he's probably still alive, considering. Either way, he has a loose wrap about his chest and this is of course under his clothes and lab coat while he'd wait for someone to be able to help him out.
Sarah Sarah sits back in the examination room, sipping tea. The dark featured doctor drew the duty for the day. Quiet enough for a break, she lets the volunteers man the front.

Qwillis would get shown back to the to the room by a young girl, "Got one Miss Sarah." The dark woman passed the tea off to the departing child. "Good afternoon. What can I do for you, please hop on the bed." Sarah offers lightly in that faint cheerful Mexican accent.
Qwillis     Qwillis would get shown to that room and nods to the girl in thanks. Stepping in, he'd glance around. "Hmm.. not Camilla.. well. That works I guess." Nodding to Sarah, Q walks over to the table. "I went to retrieve some Mist from Dunwich for the scientist.. and got shot up by a Mist Vuk, while getting up by Vuk. It.. It wasn't pretty. I've been able to wrap it.. but.. I'm not a doctor. Just a scientist."
Sarah Sarah nods her head, "Not Camilla." It seems more ammusement than offense at the first words. "Let's see it." She offers, taking out a bottle of alcohol and rinsing her hands. Then she pour some water over them. "What is a Mist Vuk. Or any Vuk?" A soft smile, "I guess you could say I am a doctor, and a scientist. Though, less skilled as a scientist." She takes out a set of glasses and slips them on.
Qwillis     Q nods to Sarah with a faint smile. "I.. had a fight with Camilla.. So.. it's ok, that." he'd look down, then shakes his head and first takes off that lab coat, revealing that metal hand that showed initially? It's actually a metal arm. Carefully removing his shirt, those scars are all over. This is obviously not the first time Q has been hurt. On top of that, the metal arm goes up to some sort of clamp at the right shoulder, keeping it on and by some mechanics or something hidden within it's plating, acting like an arm for Q. "I could give you lessons if you wanted.. I'm actually fairly well versed in science.."
Sarah "A fully functional cybernetic prosthetic? I'd love to know how it works." Indeed, Sarah's first attention is on the point of union of man and machine. The dark haired woman traces the line faintly without contact. "Sorry." She says and then lifts a set of scissors to cut the bandags off. "Always happy to learn, Sir, if you teach." A brow lifts, "You seem to be a person that really should be more careful." The curvy woman pulls her stool under her with a foot, but her backside only hangs above.
Qwillis     Qwillis smiles faintly at Sarah. "My name is Qwillis. I built it myself.. and I could show you the schematics if you know how to read them. The interface is designed to make it so I can.. err.. feel. With it. Mostly. So I'd rather not necessarily take it apart to show you." He'd raise his other arm to let her cut the bandages off. The first aid was basic, but there was at least something to it. Probably a novice at least stopping the bleeding. Mostly. "I try to be careful.. experiments are one thing.. But this.. Dunwich is expanding it's area it can influence.. and I tried to go with a group to get some Mist for stopping it.."
Sarah "Yes, I can read schematics. Using them to make something like that: I doubt it." Sarah says, examining the injury point. "I trained with a sophisticated group up north, the Followers of the Apocalypse. A little know-how is needed to set-up auto-docs." The alcohol is picked up, "This might burn like the bullet. Hold this cloth beneath it, near your waist." Her voice is soft, but it also has the common authority of physicians. "Nice too meet you, Qwillis. You never did say what Vuks are. I am Sarah Wayne, fully credentialed Doctor, but I don't care to be addressed as such. Just Sarah, unless you need the title." She waits for him to comply, then douses the wound. "Don't wipe up, sterile cloth is rare. That's not one."
Qwillis     Qwillis flashes a smile to Sarah with a small nod and would grab the cloth to hold it for catching the alcohol. "Pain's a very old friend of mine.. I'll be fine.. Vuk is a person. He's in power armor.. and slightly insane. The mist in Dunwich replicated him.. and his mini-gun. So we all got shot up by it." As she'd douse the wound, Qwillis would pause. The flare of pain was there. In his eyes, but he'd not react, no wince.. nothing. Just a note of the pain it seems. "It's nice to meet you, Sarah. I think I heard about that group when I was heading to Boston.."
Sarah Sarah was fully focused on her examination of the wound, talking and keeping her patient occupied with more consentration in the wound. "Power armor? Brotherhood or Enclave?" The confident expression faintly lost to worry. Then she looks back down. Leaning close. "Decent job, might be a hint of infection in the scabbing here. Yea, this will hurt more. If you want a swig first? Other wise, I am going to scoop this a little. Clean it, seal it. A stitch or two, and you should be good?"
Qwillis     Qwillis kept the cloth there with his left hand, so that right hand just waves vaguely. "Go ahead. I'm fine.. I don't actually drink, Sarah. I find it dulls the mind." He'd smile to her with a small shrug of that right shoulder. "As for which group? Definitely not Enclave.. and he hates Brotherhood. So.. I can't tell you."
Sarah "Funny, I do drink, and think it eases the pain sometimes. Plus it can be fun to meet new people when you wake-up." Sarah says with a grin. A tray is opened and she pulls a bandage out. Then she draws a scalpel from a jar. A quick knick, and a pair of tweezers pulls out a tiny bit of dark tissue. "There we go. One second and I'll close." The power armor dismissed when she finds out it is neither faction.
Qwillis     Qwillis muses then shakes his head slightly. "I guess I just haven't found the right person to meet waking up then." He'd watch Sara curiously as she'd do the cut and pull. No wince. Absolutely no reaction that way, although the pain is certainly registered. "Thank you. I appreciate your work on it. That would of been bad if it had spread.." Shaking his head a little again, he'd chuckle. "I had to install the cybernetics myself.. by hand.. So I learned how to.. well.. not flinch.. from pain. One move wrong and the line up of the connection doesn't work and then I have to stab myself to do it again.."
Sarah A soft musical laugh, "Guess you haven't." Then she pitches the wound closed with her left hand, draws a pre-threaded needle from her pack. A couple of quick pokes later, she releases. "There we go. One more splash and done. You saved me on pain-killer." She rinses and cover with a clean bandage, securing with tape. "Now, don't get it dirty. If you put that on, you can pull these stitches in a week. If it hurts, gets fevered, bruises. Come back. Limit the pull on the arm and twists." The brunette backs up, sitting for the first time and collecting the tools and waste.
Qwillis     Qwillis watches as she'd finish up with the stitches, nodding in response. "Thank you. Yeah, what I learned medical wise was helping here. What to hand the doctors and watch what they did." He'd shrug a little and stand himself with that dull thud and click of boot and metal foot touchign back down on the floor. Reaching over for his shirt, he'd be careful to put it over his head, donning it, then shrugging into that lab coat. "I'm glad to be of assistance, in making it so you don't need pain killers." He'd chuckle quietly with that and shake his head a little. There's a few shifts, testing the range before he'd finally nod. "Alright. That will work. Won't interrupt my work either.. Hmm.." Rummaging around in his gear, he'd nod Sarah's way. "How much for it, Sarah? And is this where I should offer to get a drink with you sometime? Because you know, if it's too much, then we'll just say that was hypothetical."
Sarah Sarah smiles as she finishes clearing things for disposal or recycling. There is a smirk at the tranquilizer comment, nodding. Washing her hands, the woman moves back to face Qwillis. "Well, that would certainly be a possiblity, save you don't drink. Coffee at the diner, then perhaps? Soon, I would like to speak with you about the science training and these mists hou mentioned."
Qwillis     Qwillis chuckles, shaking his head a little. "I didn't say what I would be drinking, hmm?" He'd smile then with a small nod to Sarah. "I'm.. in between places to live at the moment. However, I'll be happy to meet up with you and once I got a new lab, I'll be quite happy to give the lessons. We'll set up payment and everything then, hmm?"
Sarah "Sounds like a wise plan. Oh, if you have it, thirty-five.. Or we can really just work it out later.. Your skill for mine, perhaps?" Sarah say in pleasant tone, "If you can install chips in a pip-boy?"
Qwillis     Q smiles back and rummages around, taking out the caps to pay her and shrugs. "I pay for good service. As the teaching takes a few sessions, I rather not get beat up a few times to make it even." he'd wink then and chuckles. "I don't charge to put a disc onto a pip-boy. If you have one you want installed, just let me have them. it's easy to do."
Sarah "I have to go order it in ACME." Sarah says with a grin. "They are just so expensive. I'll see you soon." The doctor comments and motions the way out.