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Rexus With the recent discovery of the fallen Brotherhood Patrol, Rexus and the other member of the Brotherhood... Corwin, are taking out a patrol to see if there are any others out there. Of course, just two big hulks in power armor may not be enough, so the word was put out for others if they wished to tag along.

     The clunky armored figure of Rexus leads the group, pistol in hand. The group have moved south from El Dorado, following what must be a distress beacon, into the scattered hills. Halting the group, Rexus scans the surrounding valley, glancing back over his shoulder at Corwin and the others. "Right, scouts up front... the beacon should be comin from down in the gulley just up ahead."
Silver Silver scratches the side of his face. Looking over the gathered people for this patrol and then looks at the tin can that spoke "Ya want me on point or support Canner?"
Doomguy doomguy walked ahead of the group in his coustom power armor and his bfg 9000 with chainsaw underberrol in hand eyes scanning the horizon for anything out of the ordinary "so what is it were looking for again" the old super soldier asked
Corwin     Corwin has taken up formation aside Rexus, maintaining ideal spacing to spread in case of mortar shells or grenades. Her AER12 rifle is in hand and primed for duty. Her power armor creaks, the servos whining with each metal footfall. "Not much further ahead, Rexus."
Rexus Rexus nods in agreement with Corwin. Doomguy gets a frank appraisal from the rear, "Distress beacon, a bit weak..." he says, his voice amplified by that electronic modulator. He gestures for the group to hold in place, pointing ahead to Silver, "Go take a look."
Silver Silver Speaks over his Militia Com unit "Silver here, SHHHHHSIKUnker with lots oSSHHHHHHkkkper muties all dead and rotty. SIKunker door is opesssssss Looks Blasted ta hells. Over."
Doomguy doomguy moves in on sivers position aiming in the durection silver headed to cover him from this range "reapeat trooper your breaking up" he says ready to shoot the first thing that jumps out and is hostile to the patrol "fuck it moving in on your six hold position"
Corwin     "From what I understand, rotting bodies and a bunker with a door blasted open." Corwin replies over her power armor's comms. She halts next to Rexus, following orders but ready to advance on his command.
Rexus Rexus gives a look to Corwin, rolling his eyes inside his helmet. "Come on." he grunts to Corwin, heading up to where Silver is. He scans the gulley ahead, nodding firmly. "Hold here, we'll cover Knight Corwin's approach. Keep an eye out on the flanks."
Rexus A small gulley, circular. On the side of a hill to the right, is what looks like a concrete bunker entrance. Scattered around infront of the bunker are several blackened craters with what looks like the remains of about a dozen super mutants... blown to bits and pieces. They look to be partially decomposed.. certainly not fresh, the bunker door is open... looks like it was blasted open from the outside in. The bunker interior appears dark from the outside, though there is a bit of a dull red light that can be seen further back inside.
Corwin     Corwin's helmet looks back at Rexus, then she turns and follows him up the hill. She doesn't stop at the crest, and continues down into the small gully. Moving a bit faster now, she clips ahead at a combat walk with rifle aimed towards the door. "Advancing towards the bunker," she echoes over comms.
Silver Silver scuttles towards a better position for covering the area and has his rifle sweeping back and forth looking for trouble.
Doomguy Doomguy enters the bunker "sorry captin i dont take orders from bos" as he enters the bunker using his hud to guid him gun aimed strait ahead
Rexus So to get back on track. Corwin is at the entrance of the bunker, looking in.. Silver is covering the group from behind and Rexus is just behind Corwin. The interior of the bunker is dark, with a dull red light flashing from the interior, a signal that the emergency power is still on? There is a very, very bad smell coming from the inside... a mixture of burnt and rotting flesh. Continue!
Silver Silver Sniffs the air. Even from this distance from the bunker he can smell the oder of rotten meat, shit, and other liquids that creep out of a dead body and left in the sun. A smile crosses his face "Smells my mama's cooking. Don't it?"