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Lee     Sent out on a lighter patrol, Ess, Silver and Lee are told to sweep to the south of El Dorado. It's always important to keep an active watch and that's what they'd be doing. Lee in his power armor would thud along heavily as he'd walk with Silver and Ess, seeking out any potential trouble that might be showing up.
Esscast esscast watches the rear as he moves slowly with his head on a swivle "sectors clear on my end sir" he say after they pass threw another quaudrent in the area of the town
Silver Silver Is out in front scouting trying to stay hidden and watchful as the night is dark and full or terrors.
Lee     Lee grunts, glancing at Esscast. "Oi.. I ain't an officer mate.. Just a grunt like ya too, huh?" He'd shake his head and jerk his head forward, which is just a slight bob of that helmet really. "The merc up ahead? prolly got more rank than I do.. Anyways.. we gotta keep alert. So good ta know.."
Esscast esscast nodds his head but is oblivious to the rest of the team moving because he saw a butterfly "ooh so pretty" again so oblivios
Silver Silver drops and crawls to a good fireing position and activates his com. "We gotssshhhhhh Icks Ghouls eatting dinner forward towards two oclshhhhhhhhhick, Over."
Rexus Rexus moves around behind the team, coming up from the rear. He has his pistol at the ready as he takes a knee. He looks to Lee. "What we got?"
Guardian Caldwell Caldwell appears wearing his suit of T-51, looking over the area with his visor. "Everything alright?" he asks, drawing his laser musket and looking down the sights towards the area in question where ghouls are feasting, looking for anything that may be a threat.
Lee     Lee takes a knee when Silver comes over the comm, calling targets. He'd frown, looking that way, then glances over as Cald and Rexus catches up with the patrol. There's a nod given there way first. "Guardian, Rexus. Seems ta be uh.. couple ghouls up ahead. Silver's on point Guardian. So first contact there. Yo Essay. set up here. Mebbe we can draw em inta field of fire and drop us some ghouls, eh?"
Rexus Rexus considers. "Armor'd folk can draw fire, get'em to charge us an you pick'em off as they run at us and we can finish'em off? Shooters on the flank to cover us?" he inquires, drawing it out in the sand with a fingertip just so everyone is aware of the basic L-shape he's thinking of.
Silver Silver Takes aim on a target. "Have one in the sights ready to make it die. On your command."
Corwin     Following up from the rear, Corwin stalks in her noisy power armor, clanking along in a symphony of electro-actuator sounds, as you do. Her rifle in hand, she's ready to watch for trouble and pick up the back of the unit. "I'd rather not be a target, but I guess I'm asking for it." She chuckles.
Lee     Lee glances over at the other two coming up and muses. Finally he'd nod slightly. "A'right.. We're gonna be line of fire fer Silver ta draw to.. ya'll spread out some.." He'd motion to the sides as he'd hoist his own crossbow. That click of comms would happen and he'd talk to Silver over the radio. "Yo. Silver scout.. ya'll take a pop at em then book it back ta us. We're settin up field of fire so they run after ya and we make em all fall down, yah?"
Silver Silver calmly kneeling the end of his rifle moving with his target and says "Roger."
Rexus Rexus nods as Corwin arrives, "Welcome, Knight." he says, touching the top of his helmet in a mock salute. He trudges to the right a little, putting some space between himself and the others, readying his pistol as he looks ahead. "Let's show'em how the Brotherhood fights."
Corwin     "Roger that, I'll be ready to fire at anything that isn't Silver." Corwin replies back softly through the crackle of her vox communicator. She dips her head in response to Rexus, "Knight-Captain." Then she turns and walks the opposite way to spread out the ranks. "With any luck, they'll split into separate groups if there are multiple targets."
Lee     Lee glances left and right. Surrounded by shiney neat power armor, his salvaged armor with all the real power components taken out makes him look more like the redneck knight. He'd sigh a little and shakes his head. "'ey! I'm just militia ya'll know.. ain't parta the knights. Either way.. let's see ifn we can't give em hell.." Grumbling, Lee would click comms for Silver. "A'right mate.. fire at will, or steve, or bob.. hell.. shoot one of em and run, yah? We gotcha.."
Silver Silver spots and aims for the skull of a feral ghoul. The shot scores right at the temple blowing the rotted brains across the desert and a fellow ghoul. To which Silver spins and runs like fucking hell to the tin can bergage.
Silver Silver runs past the line of the patrol and spots a couch sized rock and leaps up on it. He spins back around not being fancy shoots the fastest ghoul twice in the right leg shattering it and making the ghoul flip through the air like a windmill. Then draws on the one next to it and places two shots into it's chest stopping it dead in its tracks. "Fuck you rotters" leaves his lips almost like whispering to a lover.
Rexus Rexus stands his ground as the ghouls charge towards Silver, "Hold the line!" he barks, leveling his pistol at the ghouls even as a few of them go down. He looses a pair of shots.. one going wild whilst the other hits one square in the torso.. slowing it slightly but it keeps on going. "Hold!" One foot goes back to steady himself for the on-rushing ghoulies.
Lee     The ghouls continue their rush at the group, the one shot by Rexus leaping at him to try and gnaw on the suited enemy without much success. While the group was arrayed to not let any past, there is one that slips through to try gnawing on the sniper!
Lee     Lee narrows his eyes, holding his place as the ghouls rush them. Lining up that shot, he'd sight on the last ghoul trailing the pack and with that *ping!* the bolt slams into and rips off the leg of that ghoul, dropping it to the ground with that ghastly scream of pain! Lee ignores it, swapping x-bow for sledge as he'd start for the remaining ghouls.
Corwin     "Oh, shit" Corwin mutters while raising her rifle. As the gunshots in the distance draw the swarm of ghouls, she prepares to take aim. For a moment, combat seems to be chaos to her as she's lining up a shot. Her allies mow down many of the ghouls, but a couple notable ones remain. Her first shot at the ghoul by Rexus narrowly misses him, to which she shouts, "Sorry, Rexus!" Before adjusting and shooting at the one by Silver. This shot lands true, neatly exploding out its entire pelvis region in one go.
Silver Silver checking to make sure the ghoul at his feet is dead he sights in the last ghoul left and takes his shot. The shot goes a little wide and hits the ghoul in what remains of it's left arm. Bits of leathery jerky fly off from the should with some effect.
Silver Silver gets down from the rock and picks up his brass cases that are laying on the ground and says "Three point five kills out of six. I would call that winning this round. Ya all owe me a drink at the Gold."
Lee     Lee shifts on his feet, watching the last few ghouls get dealt with. The laser from Corwin nearly taking the one ahead of Rexus, Lee kicks into gear. Charging with that wind up of the super sledge, he'd impact dead center of it's chest as the sledge hits that piston, the hammer literally blowing the ribcage apart with Lee's follow through painting a rather wide area with the blood and guts. He'd skid to a stop, glancing around for any other takers, then looks to the others. "Ahh.. that all of em? Anyone hurt? Sitrep, yah?"
Corwin     Corwin lowers her weapon, pulling the MFC and checking the cell before slotting it back in with an electronic whine from the weapon. She looks around the area, surveying it briefly before radioing in, "Area clear. Good job, guys."
Rexus Rexus doesn't even bother to wipe the bits of ghoul-gore off his power armor. He looks over at Corwin, grunting, "Watch the blue on blue... don't need any friendly fire when there's just the two of us out here." he says, two Brotherhood he means of course. He holsters his pistol, "All targets neutralized with extreme prejudice... i'm green." he says, giving his report.
Silver Silver Laughs and says to Rexus "Don't worry your little tin ass Canner, you're more likely to cut yourself shaving than me shooting you on accident in a fight."
Lee     Lee nods slightly, shouldering the hammer with a grunt. "Roj. A'right. We gotta get movin then. Finish the patrol. I guess I'll turn int he report.." He'd switch out that sledge for the x-bow again. "Thank ya'll guardians fer showin up. Made that fight a lot easier than it coulda been, fer sure." He'd give a salute their way, nod to Silver and would head off to finish that patrol.
Silver Silver Heads over to check on what the ghouls were eatting. Making sure that it's not more of a problem and there's not more ghouls wandering nearby.
Corwin     Laughing, Corwin quips back to Rexus, "Yeah, but I didn't. Don't blame me for try'na save your ass from a rottie." She stomps back to Lee to follow him for the patrol, "Good work out there."
Rexus Rexus grins to Lee, "Brotherhood, we ain't Guardians or Milita." he corrects. Looking to Corwin, he trudges on with the group, "MMm hmmm... keep sayin that to yourself.. I wanted to leave a couple for you to get so you wouldn't feel so left out."