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Sarah Sarah makes her way north of the city following a rumor that there is a woman that has 'medical supplies.' Wearing a red dress under a pearl lab coat, the woman knocks on the door with a gentle wrapping.
B The door, thin as it is, opens revealing a petite woman with black hair tucked under a bandana. "Hello?" says she. Through the door, you can see two girls of varying ages sitting on a mattress in the background. They're playing with sticks like they were dolls. Stepping out onto the porch, B shuts the door behind her. "If you don't mind, we'll talk out here. The baby just went down for a nap."
Sarah Sarah makes a quick glance to the children, then turns her eyes to the woman, "Of course." There is a hesitation, she steps back to be clear. "I am .. Doctor." Almost a beat after the title. "Sarah Wayne. With the Followers of the Apocolypse and, more meaningfully, the Shanty-Town Clinic." Hands brushing together, a glance around. "I was told you sell alcohol?"
B B smooths her hands down the front of her leather apron and nods. "I am called B," says the woman with that same letter tattooed on her right cheek, just below her eye. "And I do sell alcohol. I have Moonshine and Whiskey right now with a batch of Mezcal on the way. I can supply you with any of these, if you're interested. I'll even try my best to make something else, if you have a preference."
Sarah "Oh, very good. That should be just what we need." Sarah smiles softly, smoothing at her coat. A little focus to the mark, but it is very brief. "I need some for sterilizing, and some of lssser purity for anasthesitic purposes. Finally, well a little for my personal consumption." A flash of concern, "Are you alright, Ms. B?" squinting just a hint at the mark, "Pardon, did you.. Did wish something done of that mark?"
B B blinks at Sarah, confused. "Mark? Oh.. you mean my tattoo? Ah .. no I'm okay with it. It's part of the package now, so to speak. Had it most my life .. but if there's a way to remove them, Clara might want hers gone. She's only ten." B glances back towards the door, thoughtfully. "She's marked with G.. I'll talk to her and let you know. Will that work?" She waits for a beat before nodding to herself. "I'll do that. Now then, how many would you like? I have them all separated into mason jars for now. Bring those back when you're done and I'll give you a discount next time."
Sarah "A case of each, would that be alright?" Sarah says and moves her hand to a back in her pocket. "Let me know what she wishes. I would access to the tech, so I will try to get it before I can be certain."
B B bobs her head. This frees a lock of hai that falls around her face which she promptly tucks back behind one ear. "I shall. And a case of each. That's 24 bottles. That will run you 48 caps. I'll go get them. Please .. have a seat." She gestures towards the mismatched pair of rockers on the sagging porch. "I'll not be but a moment."

With that, she slips back into the house, leaving the door slightly ajar. There's the sound of quiet murmuring from within before a girl with brown hair and dark eyes comes out onto the porch. "Hullo," says the girl, who couldn't be more than ten. She's a little nervous and fidgets with a string on her dress. "B says you can get rid of the G on my cheek?"
Sarah Sarah looks to the chairs, nodding her head and starting to count out the ammount. Nice straight posture, slipping on a pair of glasses on to seek any stars or special marks.

Then she is not alone. Her expression stiffens a tiny bit. Sarah sighs, settling the caps to her dress. "Oh. Hello." A swallow and she raises a hand gently to hover at the jaw, "Oh, darling. I wanted to discuss that. I can try, I have the skill. Not yet the tools. I need to try to vet the tools. I don't know if I can, but I will try. If you wish?"
B Eyes brimming with hope, Clara nods quickly. "If you can get it off, I'd like it gone. B says you might not be able to .. but that's okay if you can't. Not like it'd change anything." She smiles brightly, not fazed in the slightest at the possibility of using vet tools on her face.

The door opens once again and out steps B with two wooden crates stacked on on top of the other. Neither crate is labeled, nor are the jars inside save for some marks on the lids. Scooting around Clara, B sets the crates down on the porch. "Here you go. I marked which ones were the higher proof for you. Figured those would work for sterilizing things. These ones here are second strongest, and the ones with no marks are the weakest. Depending on how strong you like your drink, you might consider those for personal use."
Sarah Sarah smiles and nods, she is skilled but hates to go past her abilities, in medicine, never promise. "I will do my very best." She says in a soft tone, the faint smoothness of a Mexican accent, perhaps only learned from a parent. "Might take a trip or two, to move it." Then there is a smile, "I'll test it. Thank you so very much. Such a simple thing, used too often for vice. It is one of the most renewable medical tools in these times." Would that they had known how useful once upon a time when she was younger. "Much good will come of this."
B "I'm glad to hear that. I know I drink some when Derk's rooting around in bullet holes for stray bullets. It's a real lifesaver. Can't imagine going through that with nothing to help." B grins and rests a hand on Clara's shoulder, giving it a light squeeze. "Clara can help you. We've a wheel barrow we can load them into and she can take it to .. wherever you set up shop. Then she can bring the wheelbarrow back. She's a great helper."

Clara beams at this praise and nods to Sarah, "Yeah, I can push it! It's easy enough that I can carry water from the lake all the way back so we can make more."
Sarah "That would be a great help. Thank you." Sarah says, standing, "Just to the Shanty-Town Clinic." A gentle pat is given to the child's shoulder. Then another smile and she starts off towards the north gates. "She'll be back very soon. Lots of help at the clinic."