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Celeste     It's late in the afternoon with the sun starting to dip low in the sky, and Celeste is out on the farm working on bringing a few of the horses back into the stables. One is dropped off and closed into his stall for the night, and then the blonde is headed back out to the pasture where she calls up a mare. The mare's foal runs along with her, and is soon following its mother into the stables as Celeste leads her along the way. It must be feeding time, for several horses have gathered near the fence, all waiting their turn.
B B and Derk meander down the path from the road. She's got the baby with her, tucked into a sling over one shoulder. Cradling it, she nods to something Derk says commenting. "I had the Shanty-Town doc over today to buy booze. Said it would take her more than one trip to get it all carried back to her clinic. I sent Clara to help with the wheelbarrow, but it'd be so much easier to do if I had a horse and cart. When I was staying here at the ranch, I met .. oh look. There she is now. Hi, Celeste!" B hops up on her toes to wave at the blonde woman. She turns to head in that direction.
Derk At B's side is a man who's got the faded orange jumpsuit that is common with most Brotherhood folks, though old patches, and the wear and tear suggest it's far older than most regiments would allow for their members, meaning he may have stolen it, or something else. Over that jumpsuit is armor, combat attire that seems well kept and fitted to the man, a pair of goggles rest on the top of his short hair and everything about him simply aligns itself with the next part, giving him a cover-boy look. A pistol bounces lightly at his hip as he moves alongside B in their progression towarsd the farm. Apparently he's decide to not let B go wandering alone, especially with the baby, circumstances being what they are.

"Ah, Sarah was around?" Derk replies to B, giving a nod of his head while looking forward at her waving hand, "Ah, Celeste, I think we had a brief meeting before, in the Traders," he off-sides to B, at least attempting to place the woman, though it's likely the two of them have run into each other during their paths throughout the previous year. He does however wait to yell, letting B do the talking until they've approached close enough for polite levels of conversation.
Celeste     Celeste is on her way to gather another horse and bring it in for the night when she hears her name being called. The young woman turns to look in that direction, and when she sees B she smiles.. even wider when she sees what must be hidden in that sling. Looking excited, Celeste clips the lead to the rail, leaving the horse there for now, and she starts heading towards the two to meet them in the middle. Her hands are dusted off and she smiles brightly, greeting them with a friendly, "Hi! Good to see you both.. And the new one?" she asks, looking towards the bundle. She wants to see, for certain!

    Celeste herself looks as though she's perhaps expecting something of her own, or maybe she just put on some weight for the winter. Never can tell! The blonde is moving closer then, and she wonders, "You stopping by to let me meet the little man? Girl? What did you have?" she wonders as she tries to get a look without getting too close.
B Remembering a conversation she shared with Celeste, B chooses not to comment on the extra weight Celeste is carrying. Instead, she breaks into a proud mama grin and pats the babe on back gently. "Girl. Her name is Elizabeth, and actually, I came to see if you had any horses for sale. Now that I'm really setting down roots here, I think a horse is just what I need." The dark-haired woman opens the top of the sling to peek inside. Wagging her fingers at the babe, she gestures Celeste closer. "Come meet her. She's awake. And a quiet thing most of the time. Unless she's hungry or in need of a change. Then she wails like a banshee. Hard to believe she's already six weeks old. Seems like only yesterday she was born .."

And there, inside the sling, is a tiny baby girl with white hair and pale, pale skin. She's an albino, born with startling blue eyes rather than the milky grey ones infants typically have. She's healthy, well fed, and deeply loved.

B glances up to Celeste. "Would you like to hold her?"
Derk Derk seems good natured enough to simply nod and stand by as Celeste moves in, allowing B the opportunity to show off her baby, though a smile does play at the corner of the man's lips as he's clearly amused by the exchange. His hands shift to rest in his pockets as he watches the two women for the time it takes to get a proper viewing of the new babe until he finally interjects, "Six weeks does seem like a long time, seems like it was only two weeks ago, truly," Derk remarks, his eyes lofted skyward for a second, then they return to the two women, "We had heard that you'd be the one to come and talk to about horses, or at least B says you are," he adds, giving Celeste a smile, though clearly believing that she's going to be up to her limit of attention with the baby in just a moment.
Celeste     "Six weeks? Wow! Aww.. She's so cute.." Celeste coos as she slowly draws closer, hesitant to get too close until the offer is made. She looks down at the baby, and the surprise is clear in her eyes. "Oh wow.. I've never seen a baby so fair.. and with such beautiful eyes. She's so pretty!" she gasps, grin returning right after.

    Cel glances to B and back, nodding when asked if she'd like to hold her, and she moves in to gently scoop the baby up and bring her close. As she holds her she looks down at her, gazing over her fair hair and cute face. "Hello, Elizabeth.. Such a sweet girl. Hi, honey," she says down to the baby. What were you here for again?

    Celeste glances up to Derk at some point, and with a soft laugh she says, "Ahh.. right. Yes. Horses. I'm the one to come to, mhmm. You let me know what it is you need and I can make sure we get 'em trained for your needs. What will you need the horse for?" she wonders, still a bit.. well, a lot distracted by the baby.
B B tries not to hover, really she does, but this is her baby girl that she's just given out. Shoving her hands in her pockets, she steals a glance to Derk before smiling back to Celeste. "I just want one that'll pull a cart from time to time. Nothing fancy for me. Something well-mannered and tame enough that Pony could ride her. Did you meet Pony? She's the little blonde girl. Her and Clara are a big help with Elizabeth when I'm working."

The child doesn't seem to mind being held by a stranger. She blows bubbles at Cel and waves her arms through the air experimentally, hands opening and closing on nothing. She looks around, eyes bright and inquisitive and yes .. she remains otherwise silent, like B foretold.
Derk "Pony...on a pony, seems sort of..." Derk's shoulders shrug and then he chuckles as the women get lost in the baby again, and he rolls his eyes to the heavens and back, clearly having expected this, while also seeming to find it all sorts of funny. "Which also begs the question, do you sell carts as well?" Derk adds, slowly circling the women so he can get a better look in the direction that they came for, and also offer some protection for the child should anything strange happen. Mirelurks and all.

"Albinism, a lack of pigment in the skin and other parts, rare, though there's something about this... something familiar," Derk remarks to the both of them, giving B a meaningful glance, "Regardless, healthy as can be and showing all the signs you want a baby to show." He adds the last quickly for B's benefit as well.
Celeste     Celeste is looking back down at the baby now as B explains what is needed, and as she listens Celeste showers the baby in affection. She kisses at the hands whenever they get close to her face, and she gives a little nuzzle here and there against her cheek when she can. She's still grinning wide as ever. "Albinism? Ohh.. Interesting. I've never heard of such a thing. How special.."

    When she looks up to B she says, "I remember them both, yes.. Ahh. Shouldn't be hard to find you what you need. We probably already have a horse that's good for what you need. Get you one maybe.. five, six years old or so.. Not too young. One with a gentle temperament who doesn't spook easy. One good with kids.. Yeah, won't be too hard at all," she says, smiling back down to the baby.

    Celeste looks at her for a minute longer before she offers the baby back to B, saying, "Go see your mama, sweetie," as she does. She stands up straight then and smile to Derk, nodding as she says, "I can get one for you, sure. There's a couple of people who help out and they craft carts and the like.. I'm sure you'll need it all as soon as possible, mm?" she says, glancing between the two.
B B accepts the baby back, cradling her in the crook of her arm while she opens the sling to put her back in where she's safe from the sun's harsh rays. With skin like that, she'll burn for certain. After doing so, she raises a brow to Derk's comment that doesn't seem to want to go back down. "That's what matters -- she's healthy and growing properly." Turning back to Celeste, she smiles, "That sounds perfect for me. To be honest, I've never been on a horse before and while they're not really that scary, it would be better if it was the friendly kind."

Rocking Elizabeth absently in her arms while she chats, B continues, "Oh, I don't need it yesterday. Any time is fine with me. I've got Clara helping out with some deliveries right now. She took Pony with her. Speaking of Pony, Clara's the one who named her. When they were with the slavers, Clara asked her what her name was, and she pointed to one of the ponies used to haul things around. I'm sure she wasn't really -called- Pony, but she didn't seem to mind it and since she doesn't talk, it's hard to know otherwise."
Derk Derk nods, his hands resting in his pockets in a way that only a man can do, since men's front pockets are actually functional... His gaze falls to B's raised eyebrow then he looks away, giving Celeste a short glance in the interim, "Well it's good that we've got some cart makers in town, as I'm sure we'll be using one a lot, not to mention I bet they're using them for the wall as well. And like B said, no rush, just trying to get things organized for later. Lots of projects on the go, you know how it is, I am sure." Derk remarks, looking over the ranch and realizing how settled it is. "Settling, one of those things, eventually we all stop wandering, hopefully it's while we're still breathing, right?" he adds.

He looks to the baby as she is wrapped up and there's a fond smile that briefly graces Derk's face. "Sounds like we're gonna have everything we need here in short order, not too bad," Derk replies to both Celeste and B.
Celeste     "Mmmhm, I see.. Well, ya just don't want a young one. They can scare easily, and they're full of spirit. I wouldn't want your girls to get thrown off or kicked or nothin' like that," Celeste says with a soft chuckle. She nods to Derk and says, "Right. Sounds good then.." She looks as if she's about to say something, and then she pauses before wondering, "Where are you staying now, B? Still out by the lake? Or you somewhere else? I'll keep in touch with you.. Might have something by the end of the week and I can bring it on over," she says, smiling.
B B lifts her shoulders in a slight shrug. "Hopefully. I wouldn't wish the wandering life on anyone. It's rather stressful .. or it was with two kids. Can't imagine it with an infant too." She smiles faintly, possibly imagining it. Giving her head another little shake, her gaze finds Celeste. "Down by the lake. Added a couple of rooms to the shack and put up a fence around the front gardens .. if you can even call them that. It's not as sturdy as what you guys have here, but we're working on it. Eventually we'll have a proper place. Qwillis was by the other day to look at my sills and said he might be able to get us some running water. That'd be a big improvement."
Derk "Seems about right, though you're the expert on those ones, I just know people," Derk replies, giving Celeste a nod of his head as his hands come out of his pockets and he leaves them by his sides, his hands that is. "Running water would be a sight more friendly, for sure, a little less walking, I might grow fat.." he replies, though it seems more like a joke from the tone of his voice. A pause as the conversation moves on and Derk takes a deep breath, letting it out slowly before adding, "How about you, Celeste, was there anything you needed out this way that either of us may be able to provide, perhaps to help offset some costs and the like?" He mentions, once again his eyes panning the ranch before coming back to Celeste to await her answer.
Celeste     Celeste studies Derk for a bit before she smiles at him and says, "I'm sure there's something at least -someone- on the farm needs.. Just let me check with everyone and i'll let you know." Then to B, "I'll stop by in a day or so and let you know what we can do. I'm sure we could barter a bit," she says with a firm nod. A smile shows again and she says, "I'd better finish up here for the evening.. I'll see you both soon.. and you, too, Elizabeth," she says with a glance towards the baby.
B B nods along with Derk's offer. "I'm sure you don't need the cost of a horse in alcohol, but the offers there. I'll see you then, Celeste. It was nice talking to you again." She turns back to Derk and says, "Well, that's good. One less thing on my todo list. Not that it's long, mind you." All that's left on it is to buy a backpack and get her rifle back .. which she's yet to share. Her leg's still giving her pains, and she's certain Derk wouldn't be pleased with her heading off to hunt down some hitmen while Clara (or Derk!) babysits the othe girls. With a final wave of farewell, she turns round to head back the way they came.
Derk As the exchanges of pleasantries and words comes to an end, Derk nods his head, he's good at doing that, nodding that is. He lifts his gaze to the ranch one last time, looking to the horses and then back to B, "Alright, was good to see you again, don't be a stranger," he adds, waiting for B to make the move to leave first and then he gives Celeste a wave before turning himself and walking with B, following close before extending a stride to walk beside her as they make their way away. "What's next?" he can be heard asking as they walk.