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Owner Pose
Esscast Esscast stands outside the walls of el dorado with matt with a large ammount of wood and a few shovles and some tools to cut the wood "i apreciate you assisting me with this job freind"
Matt "Oh. Its not a problem. The general understanding is that a horde is coming this way." Matt shrugs his shoulders as he dumps out the rest of his wood salvage from a rickety and precarious cart. "Even if they don't, places should have these kinds of defenses."
Esscast esscast nodds his head "my point exactly ok lets start with getting some of this wood turned to pikes shall we?" esscast said as he walked over grabbing a axe to begin sharpening the wood
Matt Matt gives a nod before starting to hack at the ends logs, getting through bark and outer layers and narrowing the ends. Its rough going though, he doesn't have his own hatchet or axe and is forced to deal with unfamiliar tools. "This set of fortifications gonna be a stopgap? Slow them down so people have more time?"
Esscast esscast nodds his head "ya it will be, if this horde is as barbaric as they say this plus the pitfalls we make will defenatly slow them down quite a bit" esscast say as he continues to cut threw more wood making more spikes
Matt After awhile, Matt's borrowed hatchet comes down wrong and the blade of it pops off and Matt is forced to fend it, then unable to repair it, proceeds to instead take an easier, but relatively fruitles work of moving hewn logs to where holes might get udg.
Esscast Esscast walks over to matt with some water from a spare canteen "here take it easy for a bit ill pick up the slack a bit" he says picking two large finished pikes up and putting them in the dirt sucurely reapeating the process a bit longer till he needs a little rest as he sits down on a log to sip from his canteen "im going to be honest with you matt, these people arnt ready for this this war if you will ive seen to much of it to were i worry bout them every night but ill give my last breath to make sure they get that chance to have a good life"
Matt "Its a measure of the way the world is recovering that there are people that could not have thought this might happen." Matt will definitely partake of some water. "Theres a good-sized militia out here, more than just neighbors showing up to help beat back the nightmare. I really do think they'll end up alright. Most of them."
Esscast esscast nodds his head "i might be able to get some of my old war buddys back together matt im thinking of taking the fight to the horde with them but ill have to find themand see if they agree first"
Matt "Honestly, sometimes I think thats a better bet than a defensive fight. This place has gas and vehicles. Shooters and the capacity to deliver and move them." Matt shakes his head a bit. "Get out to'em in motion, and burn the sides of them out. May not kill'em. But thin'em out, turn their march and get them going someplace else."
Esscast esscast nods his head "thats the idea matt hey and mabie you could join up with us we could always use another crusader in arms" esscast says as he gets to his feet to continue working "comon these arnt going to build themselves"
Matt "I don't have the vehicles or supply to join in a fight like that. Not to mention I've still got holes in me. I will at least be here to help turn the tide." Matt pulls himself back up to his feet and gets to setting that hatchet again, hammering wood around the loop of the hatchet's head to hold it in place. "I'm a sucker for a homesteader. That, and a pretty face. If yours was prettier, you might be more tempting." He interjects randomly during the rest of the work.
Esscast esscast chuckles "eh we could get you some good gear and a doc to fix you up" he then shakes his head at the last thing he said