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Fern     People travel this road often, and it's usually caravan workers or people visiting from other places. One kid in the area is neither of those. It's Fern, and she is sitting on the wooden porch of a nearby store, safe from any rain that might fall. Her knees are bent and pulled closer to her chest, arms draped over her knees, and she looks quite relaxed while watching people.

    The kid is wearing her skull helmet, peering out of it through the eye sockets. She chews on a bit of grass, feeling it twitch against the corner of her mouth while chewing. She looks like she's watching for something in particular.
Rachel     If Rachel is bothered by the rain in any way she doesn't really show it. Her pace down the road is unhurried, her eyes cutting through the rain to watch the people and carts that share the road. Her uniform is glued to her body by the rain and her hair hangs heavy toward her shoulders from it. She doesn't seem to have a destination - either on a looping patrol or just out to walk aimlessly through the streets and get some air. The barracks aren't always so fresh when the day is heavy with humidity.
Fern     There comes a squinting look from the kid on the stoop when she sees Rachel. It's like she's examining the woman and checking things out until curiosity is satisfied. She waits until Rachel is closer, and once she is Fern calls, "Hey.. You. Yeah, you." She nods in Rachel's direction and then waits. Her eyes are still focused solely on Rachel, and she's nodding to herself about something. "I've seen you pass through a few times this morning." Has she really been waiting that long?
Rachel     She ignores the calls the first couple of times - certain that no one would be calling out to her - but Rachel finally turns her head and considers the young girl with clear curiosity in her gaze, tilting her head just to the side. "This is my third time along this road today." She admits, pausing her strides to address the girl. "Is there a toll if I do it too many times?"
Fern     Those eyes squint again as Fern thinks it over. Good idea. "Not yet, but maybe some day. Maybe.. five caps for excessive travel," she says, her lopsided smirk showing where the mutant skull's lower jaw might be if it still had one. Fern kicks her legs out a little bit and she pushes off, rising up to stand and dust her pants off. "You look pretty strong. Are you?" she asks while stepping closer. "You ever beat someone up? Just with your fists?" she asks curiously.
Rachel     "You might find out if you tried to charge me five caps for walking down the street." It's hard to take the girl too seriously with that over large helmet pressed over her head. Rachel lifts a hand to push the gathering water off of her face and finally shakes her head. "That's a pretty personal question to ask." For a moment it seems like she won't answer the question at all, but finally adds. "Yes, I have."
Fern     That grin goes wide. Good answer. There's a little nod to herself as Fern watches Rachel with a look of appreciation in her eyes. "I like you," she states, as if that must mean something like it suddenly made them friends or something. Fern moves closer then and says, "I bet you have, yeah. Lots of people, hm? You look strong, but lean.." she hrms, tapping her chin. If she thinks that question was personal, just wait.

    "You date women?" she checks. "I gotta good friend who needs a date now and then. She's a tough one. Likes to act all stubborn and mean, but she's a softie. You like softies who act all tough?" she questions, head tilting slightly. "She's pretty, too," she notes. Just in case.
Rachel     This seems to really throw Rachel off guard - though perhaps the dampness on her cheeks works well in hiding a small blush that touches them. "I ... do you just assume that? I'm not sure it's fair to decide that every woman in the city who wears pants and looks strong would be interested in other women." She bristles a bit, though is still aware that the girl she's talking too is perhaps too young to really understand anything about that world. Though, in the Wasteland, everyone grows up fast. In all that, she doesn't actually deny dating women.
Fern     "I ain't assumin' nothin'. That's why I'm asking you," Fern says as she crosses her arms over her chest and puts one foot out to the side slightly, tapping it just a bit. "I don't think every woman in town who wears pants likes women. Maybe some of them do, but I don't think all.. Doesn't matter if all of 'em did, anyway. Who cares?" She pffts and rolls her eyes.

    "I ask 'cause you look strong, but in a lean sort of way. The militia won't take no wimps, so you gotta be strong, yeah? Gale likes strong women, but not like.. really bulky.. full of muscles women. She said strong, but lean. You're strong, but lean," she says with another nod.
Rachel     Rachel is clearly at a bit of a loss to how to handle this at all. "I'm sure your friend is beautiful." She rolls her shoulders and glances down the street before back toward Fern. "Have you really been hanging out here scouting for women on the road who might interest your friend? It's really very sweet, but I'm not sure that she'd really appreciate it." She searches for how to address the strange situation. "Maybe I'll run into her sometime. But, I am kinda seeing someone already." She doesn't have much conviction in those words.
Fern     "Yeah. That's how you get work done. You gotta go out and do it yourself. Can't sit around waiting for someone to just walk by and.." Yeah. There's irony in that, but whatever! It worked! Fern snorts gently. "I've been lookin', though.. Gale doesn't wanna go out and do it, and since I'm her friend, that makes it my job. I'm tired of seein' her all lonely. She deserves a date!" she says with a grin.

    The helmet comes off then, held in her left hand and tucked against her side. Her right hand is offered out and she says, "Fern. Nice to meet you.. It's a shame you're seeing someone." She tsks. "You'd like Gale, I bet! She's pretty and strong and a really cool person. She'll kick your ass if you mess with her, but I bet you two got that in commun, huh?"
Rachel     "I try to keep my ass kicking to a minimum. But, you do what you have to do." Rachel replies with a vaguely defeated shake of her head. This entire meeting is weird. She extends her hand in return and shakes that of the young woman. "Rachel. Nice to meet you, Fern. I'm sure your friend Gale is lucky to have someone so supportive. While I may not be much use as a date, I'd still like to meet her sometime." She glances around and changes the subject - "You live around here, then?"
Fern     "I'll set you guys up with a time and place to meet, sure," Fern says. Not a date at all! The kid pulls her hand back after the shake and she says, "Mm.. You might have seen her before, though. She's in the militia, too. Long hair.. Always wears her hat.. She's a Caine." She shrugs a little. "Yeah, I live here in town. I stay with Gale. S'how I know she needs a date. She never goes out with anyone!" she says, shaking her head. "You live in town?" she wonders.
Rachel     "Oh, Abigail." Rachel says with sudden realization. Clearly the shortened name wasn't enough to put two and two together. "I don't know that we've really said two words to each other, but I've seen her around from time to time at the barracks." She bites down on her bottom lip, considering quietly now that she has a better picture of who they're talking about. "She is pretty." The words are quite quiet, almost to herself. Her attention back on Fern she gestures vaguely out of town. "I have been staying with a friend outside the city. I have a bunk at the barracks too. No real place of my own. I guess I've wandered so much the last few years that it feels natural to just bunk up in other places rather than get something for myself."
Fern     Fern catches that little bit about Gale being pretty, and she grins. "Yeaaahhh? So you know her then? You'd like her, I bet. Probably even more than whoever it is you're already seeing," she notes with another nod. the kid puts her helmet back on then and she says, "I ain't gonna keep you too long.. I know you got work to do, but.." she eyes you. "If you ever see Gale around, stop and say hey to her. I'll tell her about you. Maybe she'll ask you out," she says.
Rachel     "This rain doesn't get walked in by me standing here." Rachel agrees, idly plucking at the uniform that clings to her skin. "I'll be sure to say 'hi' to her next time I see her. I guess the both of us aren't all that outgoing. I mostly keep to myself unless someone throws themselves at me in the middle of the street and starts asking questions." She looks pointedly toward Fern. "Keep out of trouble, Fern."
Fern     To that Fern just grins. Keep out of trouble? Impossible! The kid winks at Rachel and then turns, heading off in the other direction.