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Manuelito Mar 30 2282

Cold rain falls from the sky, soaking any who venture outside quickly. Along with the strong southern winds, the rain chills to the very core.

A cart heading back in town gets stuck in the mud, a clap of thunder overhead causes the horse to freak out, front legs raising up as it screams. The reigns snap as the horse pulls forward against the stuck cart, tipping it and setting loose the horse.

As it collapses, six pigs break from poorly made cages. The owner cries out "dag nabit! No! get back here! Someone please help!" as he attempts to wrangle them in the mud and rain as the pigs go scrambling.
Molly Brown Things had been getting crazy for the girl from Vault Town, but things had somewhat gone better, she was now. She now had some better gear some armour at least for her legs which was better than nothing ans it was pretty solidly made. She had chosen to keep herself on a day off today even before the rain. Sheneeded to spend the caps she had and get some bette gear, a vaultsuit was nice b ut it wouldn't slow down let alone stop a knife or a bullet. So here she was the pigs escape and she sighs for a moment as the poor Vault Girl just ends up starting to chase after the pigs, well one of them.

"HALT Bacon! Stop in the name of breakfast!"
Iris Lark Iris trudges in from the south, her small form swathed in one of Achilles old cloaks. She pauses as the cart tips and she reigns in a giggle at the thought of pig snatching in the mud. Being a kind soul she automatically moves forward, first to check on the owner of the cart, and then to wrangle the smallest pig who is running in near circles, squealing for all that he's worth. He's slippery and she can't quite grab him but she's laughing as she tries.
Sage It's all fun and games until someone looses the pigs of war. With the pigs scrambling this way and that, Sage has made the mistake of stepping around a corner at just the wrong time. Beady, terrified eyes lock onto her own and for a moment, Sage looks like a deer in the headlights. Or a girl caught in the piglights, as it were. And then she's careening to the side, bouncing off the side of a building almost like a ragdoll. Courtesy of rampaging swine.
Decius Decius had been doing fine against the rain as he simply used his shield as cover against the rain by holding it above his head as he trudged along. At least that was until the whole ruckus started and he gets to see the pigs run past. Doesn't take him long to decide to put his shield back over his back and chase after them as well to put an end to the ruckus quickl.y
Iris Lark Iris stares at the little pig and she judges when he's going to turn a corner and she leaps for him, figuring he's sturdy enough that her tackling him won't make much of a difference. The pig sees that tactic for what it is and careens off in another direction and *SPLAT* the Healer is now covered in mud, is wet, and is pigless.
Neva Fernandez     Stepping out from a nearby store is the local nun, Neva Fernandez. Anyone from El Dorado probably knows her at least by name, and as the pretty redhead that old Sister Rosa raised as her own before she passed, and now she's sort of taken over on an unofficial level. She blinks at the swine dashing about, and giggles a bit, before seting her groceries down, and stretches a bit, "Gonna need to wash this habit later..."

    And so she dashes after the pigs, diving to try to catch at least one.
Manuelito Pigs continue to make mad dashes about. One dives under a boardwalk, another stares back at Iris giving a gleeful squeal. Still others attempt to run from those trying to grab them.
Neva Fernandez     The nun has made her dive and manages to snatch a wrigling pig with a bit of a tumble. She grins and wrestles with it to maintain her grip, "Easy now, piggy! Let's take ya home, shall we?"
Iris Lark Iris stares back at the pig, mud covering her once clean apron and dress. She pushes to her feet and the mud monster, previously known as the Healer, Iris Lark trudges towards the small pig, her eyes intent. "Come here you!" She yells and awkwardly charges, mud flying everywhere, as she tries to scoop up the smallest pig.
Sage Sage wasn't exactly trying to catch pigs! She was trying to not get caught by one. And failing. After rebounding off the wall she slumps in the mud for a moment looking dazed. A hand reaches out to snatch the leg of a pigmonger dashing by and she flops forward in the mud.
Decius Decius manages to grab one of the larger pigs, but it in turn starts to drag him with him. Thats quite some beast... and likely make for a good breakfast.
Nathan Nathan steps out of the saloon stretching as he looks around and... "What the heck happened here?" He steps off to the side to watch the pig wrasslin for now.
Manuelito The owner, seeing how everyone is stepping up to help repairs the cage as best as he could with soak rope and duct tape. Afterwards, he moves to get his scared horse.
Molly Brown Molly Brown grabs hold of one of the pigs she's however ended up quite muddy in the process the good news is she's got a piug the bad news she may have trouble hanging on to it for a while longer "Little help here! Can't hold on ... much longer!"
Sage Sage? She's done. Just done. The girl rises to her feet with the most dour expression imagineable, flicking mud from her clothes. The pigs are given a stink eye; its likely she'll be buying bacon in the coming weeks. But rather than take off after them she just grumbles something and begins heading back towards her shop.
Iris Lark Iris managed to get her slippery hands on the smallest pig, but it is wiggling for all that it's worth and her grip is slipping. In another few moments the pig manages to wiggle away and Iris lays in the mud defeated. " not meant to wrangle pigs." She says in a quiet monotone. "I am gonna stick to healing." She pushes herself to her feet and waddle-walks towards some cover to try to get some of the mud off of her.
Manuelito The little pigglet squeals away from Iris, but as she turns to head off the piglett wanders on over to her. The pig gives a slight squeal to her.
Neva Fernandez     Meanwhile, the Nun grins as she manages to keep the her grip on the piggy, and moves to carry it over to the cage that the owner setup, "Oh come on, boys and girls! Ain't no need to give up so soon! The Lord looks highly on those who persevere!"
Decius Decius meanwhile? Still trying to get the large pig to stop, although at least he isn't being dragged around anymore himself. He still does manage to shoot a glare towards Neva. "I for one am not. This beast here is stubborn though."
Iris Lark Iris turns to gaze at the piglet following her with a slightly wagging tail. She folds her arms over her chest and simply stares at it. She opens her mouth to say something to the pig, but realizes that people might think she's odd if she starts talking to food.
Manuelito the piggy walks all the way up to her feet and sits, tilts her little head and squeaks.
Molly Brown Molly Brown is grappling with a pig, and she calls out "Right!" She struggles with the pig trying to keep it still and she talks to it. "Easy, there's nothing wrong you'll be okay but we got to get you home."
Iris Lark Iris picks up the pig that's following her, it doesn't seem to be squirming like it was before, she leans in and says a few quiet words to it before she walks up to the man who started with the pigs. "How much for this pig, Sir?" She asks, indicating the one she's carrying under one arm.
Sage Sage has flicked the worst of the mid from herself, and if nobody (be it human or swine) attempts to stop her she'll disappear around the corner and fade from sight.
Manuelito "That runt? Heh. 5 caps. Ain't never gonna sell or be worthy of food really." The owner says in reply.
Decius A certain legionnaire finnaly manages to get a good enough grip on the pig he has been fighting and slowly gets it back to the cage. SLOWLY being the word as he grumbles a lot which is likely not particularly friendly all the while.
Iris Lark Iris perks up and she digs into her pouch, pulling out five caps and handing it off to the owner. "It just sold, to me. See?" She clucks at the pig and trundles off with it, sitting down somewhere quiet to fashion a leash of sorts. "Achilles is going to love you, once I make sure he doesn't try to eat you, that is."
Decius With some additional difficulties Decius finaly manages to drag the pig back to the cage and put it back where it belongs. Namely, on its way to become someones lunch sometime later. "So, thats that. How many left?"
Molly Brown Molly Brown after quite the struggle Molly gets the pig undercontrol and leads itback to it's owner hopefully it shouldn't take too long and once she's done she got the pig back to where it shouldbeand has a goody grin on her face. "Well that was unexpected...wasn't it?"
Manuelito the other two are rounded up by other locals who pitch in at the last second. The owner smiles and waves as he hitches the horse again. "Thank-you all for the help!" He exclaims, before heading on off.
Iris Lark Iris goes walking off towards her clinic with her new pig under one arm. She remembers herself and turns briefly to wave happily at the muddy group of people. "See you all later!" She chirps, turning to continue to walk.
Molly Brown Molly Brown sighs "I need to go clean up, see you all later. Then I need to go do what I was going to do, shop for armour." She mutters something about god forsaken Gekkos bas she saunters off hips swaying.
Decius "Well, thats that then." Decius quickly gets the shield back off his back to hold it over his head again before running off to somewhere where he can spend the next couple of hours trying to get dry again.
Neva Fernandez     Neva grins as the pigs get rounded up and one even is about to be put into a new home, "Well, that's all sorted out ain't it?" She then makes her way back over to her satchel of groceries, and waves, "Try not to lose them again, mister!" Before wandering off to the church.