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Owner Pose
Esscast after a long day of working the od vet Esscast dicides to celebrate by throwing a valentines day party even though he dosnt have someone he still thinks its a good thing for the young folk breaking into his old things he pulls out a colection of elvis and beach boy music a old game called twister and a few cegs of ale lastly he sends out the invitations and flyers then takes a seat with a cup of ale reminising on the good ol days to elvises song jail house rock
Alasa Alasa comes walking into the party area, followed by a large cat. "Now behave yourself, if your hungry ask...don't just take food off of peoples plates." She smiles as she looks around, "ooo, very chic..."
Esscast Esscast snapps out of his memories to see alasa walking over to her he says "welcome help yourself to some refreshments walking over to the cat he sets down a couple cans of tuna in a bowl then sets it down infront of it
Alasa Bob digs right in, not even carring...Alasa says, "Hi, guess we are a a little early, or late perhaps..and everyones already left with a date." She smiles, "Refresements sounds good to me..."
Esscast esscast smiles "no no its actually just starting" esscast spoke calmly as he sipped on his drink
Alasa Alasa nods, "Ah, good good then...." she looks around, "I can't wait till the lovey dovey, smoochy woochy ones get here..."