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Matt Early morning had Matt at Lone Star Caravans, picking up jobs. A caravan is later than normal, and is led stout man who is usually very punctual. So Matt rounded up a posse as those in the West are want to do. Ladies and Gentleman and associated animals head out into the wasteland to hopefully track down a broken-down caravan.
    Several hours into the march the group comes across a rockslide blocking the usual route down to El Dorado and have it cleared, but no caravan stands behind it, instead cart tracks lead further down into the canyons...Creepy, mobility limiting caravans.
Alasa Alasa says, "Well, well well...I think the caravan is lost. Maybe it fell off the map, or the morelocks drug it into a temple. Then again, someone prolly just hijacked it.""
Silver Silver looks at the posse that formed up and not knowing anyone well says "So who's leading this thing? I want a chain of command to follow. One person giving order for me to follow. I'm a scout and a sniper so how about the rest of you?"
Stockton The snort of a large horse comes up behind the group. Brandywine, the massive draft mare is carrying the Sheriff who follows up like a wolf after the pack, guarding the rear and ensuring those in front stay on the path. Behind the broad wall of Stockton hides Iris, who probably disappears behind the duster wearing brute. A sharp eye starts searching. "Keep movin, keep yer eyes an' ears open. Ain't no tellin' what lays in lurkin'," his voice distorted by the T-visored combat helmet.
Iris Lark Iris slings her rifle over her shoulder and taps Stockton on the shoulder. "Let's walk, it's a nice night and Brandywine knows the way home." That said she slides down from the back of the tall horse and checks to make sure she has her medical kit and ammo. She isn't wearing armor, but that's nothing new. She makes her way to the rest of the group and offers a polite wave hello.
Matt Matt did not bring a vehicle or animal to carry him. Only his trusty lever-action rifle, a beauty of a weapon with a cherrywood stock polished to a nice sheen. But during the trek out, many admiring glances are sent Brandywine's direction. "Looks like they might have come down this way. But theres quite a few paths here.." Matt looks down the three or four different outcroppings of paths through the canyon. "Anyone good at tracking perhaps?"
Kaelyn Kae is moving along with the group! Yup, The oft goofy-elf-girl grinning as she's chatting up with CORA... "Yaaaah yaaah, you really need to get yer self treated.." Kae blinks at CORA and laughs "Tell me about it, I think I've been in a boxing match..." CORA giggles "Uhhuh, it's what happense when a tree falls on you..." Kae then blinks and shrugs "Yup know about that one!" As she makes her way with the group, she pulls up along side Iris and smiles cheerfully "Hallo!" Kae offers.
Silver Silver unhappy at being ignored by everyone the Gunner Silver moves a slight way away from everyone who's trying to track so he can keep a lookout for trouble
Alasa Alasa stops to check out the ground..."Looks like some jackasses went this way." As she starts down the right path, "Oh, and some donkey's too...and a this seem like the right path." Bob trots along beside her.
Matt An eyebrow is cocked Silver's way. "I'm gonna go with the guy in the power armor. Sheriff and such." Matt hefts his rifle a bit, cradling it across his chest for the hiking. " looks plausible to me." Matt responds to Alasa. "Anyone been done in these canyons before?" He moves and arranges some rocks, making an arrow in the direction the group had come from.
Iris Lark Iris blinks at Kaelyn and tuts softly, shaking her head. "A tree fell on you?" She asks, opening her medical kit and pulling out some bandages. She makes sure her rifle is secure on her shoulder before she starts to help the tall elf girl. "You should be more careful hon." She says, and after a short amount of time Kaelyn is in a lot better condition. Iris gently pats her on the shoulder and smiles. "Beware of the trees from now on, aye?" She then turns and walks back towards the Sheriff, her eyes scanning the horizon. When Matt speaks up, she shakes her head and folds her arms over her chest.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and is helped out real quick? She stops and well sits still for Iris as she studies the ground.. She then smiles softly at the other and bows a little bit "Many thanks... How much do I owe you?" she asks curiously, and starts digging through her pocket for caps.. "Oh and I tried out that desert eagle the other day, it's a very very nice firing firearm..." She says and smiles cheerfully... CORA then speaks up "Yah Kae was practicing with it so much she didn't pay attention to the tree falling in the salt creek forests..."
Stockton Stockton pauses at Iris' suggestion and nods, a click of his tongue, and Brandy ducks her head in time with his boot swinging over it so he can dismount while leaving the Doc. Once he's standing he helps Iris down. Setting her up with water, and a carrot, he pulls the mare's head down so he's forehead to forehead with the beast, a mutter and a playful shove and she turns back the way she came. Adjusting his duster, the Sheriff drops to a knee to check for any signs. A cocked brow to Silver and he just shakes his head. Alasa points out the trail and he nods, "Seems the logical thing tah go thataway," he glances back at Iris and Kae and just looks back at the group, "If dey went willingly, s'one thing, but why - if dey didn't?" The man in head to toe armor pulls his duster back to cock the hammers of his twin Desert Eagles.
Lucette     Lucette's been trekking at the rear, quiet and eyes open for the time that passes. Silver asks for a chain of command and nobody speaks up. "Sheriff should probably be lead if anyone." she mentions idly, and if anyone asks, she'd agree with the group's interpretation of where things went and where to go. No divine insight provided here.
Iris Lark "Twenty five caps." Iris says, her cheeks going pink as she smiles at Kaelyn. "It's no problem, really, just some bandages and salve. You know I like to help." She says, moving again to join the others as they look for clues about the caravan. "Well if they didn't go willingly.." She says, chuckling softly. "...then we find out who made them go and teach them manners."
Kaelyn Kae blinks and motions to the road, the girl tilting her head as she spots some wheeled tracks "I got wheeled tracks over here." She mutters, then also hands 25 caps to Iris... "Anyhow Something here we can track and I'm pretty sneeky if you like." She offers grinning a bit... "I can try to slip up ahead and scout things out quietly."
Matt The group eventually agrees that everyone agrees that the path they all picked is the path they are going down. The group starts to move down canyon that narrows and widens periodically, starting to dip lower and lower before beginning to incline up, up up and up. They eventually get up high enough to spot the vultures circling about 100 yards further down the winding path.
Silver Silver holds up his hand and shushes everyone as he slowly moves forward. His head is cocked to the side like he's trying to hear better.
Kaelyn Kae's ears twitch and she frowns "Picking up carapace clacks and maybe voices, humans I think shouting off in the distance. Be on your guard." she says and tilts her head curiously before drawing that new fangled pistol of hers, the girl ratcheting a round into the chamber as she glances around.
Matt Matt seems..obivious, practically bumping into Iris and Kaelyn from behind. "Whys everyone.." But he stops speaking as the reasons become evident, and he clicks his safety off.
Matt The chittering stops though, as everyone seems to stop walking. Then rocks crumble and the ground rumbles beneath everyones feet. Behind the party, radscorpions colored blue with brown and green splashs upon their carapace bursts from the walls and the ground, turning towards the party, and starting to come up the path. Until rocks and boulders start tumbling from the top of the canyons.
Iris Lark Iris unslings her rifle from her shoulder and takes a few steps back behind someone in armor. "Sounds like bugs, I hate bugs." She mutters, before she checks to make sure her weapon is loaded. She shades her eyes with a hand, trying to see further along and sighs before the radscorpions burst out and she yelps, trying to find a rock to scramble up. "I hate bugs!"
Stockton Stockton flinches at the chittering and clacking. "What the," he turns and mutters a curse, "We're pinched either way, but I'd rather be pinched in the open than in a deathtrap," he announces before marching towards the wider part of the canyon. If he has to take a shot over his shoulder to cover the rear of the group, he will.
Silver Silver moves quickly to a better location trying to find the highest point to stand.
Matt The canyon opens into a clearing, tall rocks are piled up in the center, atop of which sit a collection of caravaneers, perched and mostly out of the way. In the clearing itself are sinkholes and what not, dead and torn apart donkeys and a shattered and strewn apart cart. Rocks fall and collide and seal the exit behind the party, and six young radscorpions and two breeding pairs preside over the current mayhem. They see you. They are coming.
Silver Silver takes aim on the first Rad scorp in the lead and shoots a leg then shifts shooting at the second one getting it square in the multi eyes causing blood to spray from the wound.
Kaelyn Kae turns as she's backing up, the woman siting down the barrel of her pistol. She then squeezes off a round, the blast striking center-mass on the creature. Kae then backs up further to try and get more distance before kneeling and firing a pair of rounds into the center mass of the big scorp with two quick pulls of the trigger... Kae then blinks and looks at her weapon "I like this."
Stockton Stockton is no stranger to the fight, as soon as the bugs start coming he levels one handcannon in one direction and takes a well aimed shot at the first mutant, taking a thick chunk of carapace with the fifty cal slug. Turning back to their rear, he lines up a shot careffully between bodies to let his second Desert Eagle bark loudly taking out a hefty portion of the swarm.
Matt Matt turns around in the midst of the firefight for some reason, then squeezes a shot backwards towards the rockslide, before dodging a massive radscorpion claw. The owner of said claw is lopsided, one giant claw and a normal claw. Matt misses, however.
Iris Lark Iris yelps as the biggest bugs start to rush towards the group, quick fire takes them down and she aims a shot at the smaller swarm behind them. She fires off one shot and primes her weapon to be able to fire again. She scrambles back away, her nose wrinkled.
Matt The big mama radscorpion is *not* happy as her babies and mate start falling around her, and dashes to Iris, reaching out and scooping her up with her clacker and starts to put the squeeze on her!
Matt Two radscorpions push past Iris-in-peril and move towards the man in the heavy armor, stabbing forward and attempting to skewer him upon their stingers, but fail!
Lucette     Lucette always seems to bring up the rear. And even in this case, with wordless following she's brought into the fray as well. Not her usual energy weapon of choice, she does like using her colt where she can to conserve ammo. The first round is hastily fired off and goes wider than a barn would have afforded while the Piece is tugged from Luce's waistband. The second shot also goes wide, though it ricochets a few times before landing a solid hit on the scorp.
Matt Falling boulders forced the party into the clearing, where they found the caravan people relatively unharmed, cloistered atop a bunch of rocks that the radscorpions can't climb. Much gunfire was exchanged with most of the swarm falling to the hail of bullets, along with Papa RadScorpion. The mama endures the gunfire and scoops Iris up in her claw and starts to squeeze her tightly!
Silver Silver Sees the Mama Rad getting frisky with a member of the Posse so he quickly snaps a shot off to dispatch it, missing Luc by inches. "Die motherfuckers die" he whispers love he's talking dirty to a hooker as he shoots the center mass of the new guest to the party for fair damage.
Kaelyn 4 More shots and Kae's dropped one of the Rad Scorps. She frowns, head swiveling as she looks around, tha tlong white hair of hers flopping around as the elf-like female looks around the place. She promptly ejects a spent magazine, the woman catching it before slapping another in place and then dropping the gun's action, chambering another round... "That all of em folks?" she asks curiously.
Matt It *seems* to be all of them. At least, that are on this side of the cave-in. The caravaneers all safe start the slow process of climbing down from the boulders, but they seem happy at least. "Ya'll came just as we were *really* starting to get hungry." The old man with a bit too much mustache comes over to start shaking hands. "We thought we were goners!"
Stockton Stockton watches the clawed bitch get hold of Iris and he snarls. But a few shots over his shoulder from Silver down the rad scorpion leaving the Sheriff to focus on the Ambusher that was scrambling down the rocks. The big man turns to square up with the mutant. What follows next is deadly grace, in proper gun-fu fashion. He sweeps up from around his duster, angling his body to line the shot to blast a .50 cal slug into the Ambusher's skull. Clack-Clack! Goes the slide as he twists ninety degrees to level his offhand gun on the thing and unleash another set of rounds into its chest. It's already falling, screaming out in death throes as the final cacophony of gunfire silences it as a hole opens up where its lungs used to be.

They say he once shot the wings off a bloat fly. He can snarl a yaogui-bear into submission. He's one bad muthafu-SHUT YO MOUTH. It's The Sheriff!
Iris Lark Iris gets dropped by the momma scorpion and she stumbles back, one arm hangling limply at her side. She winces and makes herself steady the rifle at the last of the bugs, firing off a shot before she leans against a rock, a grimace on her face. She wraps her arm with a few bandages and mutters quietly to herself as she moves back towards the rest of the group. "I hate bugs.."
Matt "Well, folks." Matt glances around all the dismembered and thoroughly ventilated bodies. "Everyone still in one piece? Iris?" Matt *did* see the snatch and squeeze laid on her and looks sad. "Ya'lright?"
Silver Silver picks up his brass and puts them into a pocket. Looks at his fellow posse members then the people they're looking for. He then turns back and looks at the Sheriff.
Iris Lark "I think I'll be okay." Iris says, but her arms are wrapped around her torso and she's favoring her right ankle. "I think I should get somewhere safe and have someone look at this." She takes a stumbling step and then decides to wait a moment. "In a second or two, no hurry."
Stockton Stockton goes through the rote motion of reloading his guns before holstering them. First order of business is a head count. Everyone's still here who came out. Then it's stomping on spurred boots up to Iris, he doesn't seem to believe in personal space, because his hands are on her shoulders as he looks her up and down. Now she has a leaning post, he looks at the rest and reaches up to pull his helmet off with a click and a vacuum sound. The other hand is putting a cigarillo between his teeth and providing a match to puff a few times. "Git yerselves patched as yah can, water'n shit, we'll pack up clear out - let the scavengers clean up, already be dark afore we hit civilation again," he doesn't seem perturbed, just not pleased.
Matt Matt nods to Stockton, and digs quick through the wreckage to pull up some food and water for the caravaneers, and then trys to get them moving. "I think we're ready to get going, whenever everyone else is."
Matt The road back to civilization was long. A few limping survivors, a remorseful caravaneer sad about the lose of his cargo. But everyone generally happy just to be alive. Night creeps across the sky as they clamber over the rockslide, the radscorpions on the other side of it long-cleared out after the sounds of their fellows dying. Full darkness engulfs the party just as the dull twinkle of lights from El Dorado can be seen. Pip-boy lights illuminate the rest of the way.