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Tina The sun is barely up, but Tina is already busy in the church auditorium, finishing the tending of the candelabras. Near the pulpit and its stage, a pushbroom, a dustpan, and an ancient vacuum cleaner sit, ready for use. The appliance may be older than the building itself, and almost looks it, but its presence can only mean that it still works. The young nun shortens the wick on her brass chandler's staff and turns to walk back to the pulpit, studying the carpeted aisles and mentally evaluating which areas need the most attention.
Fern     Fern wanders into the church soon enough, and instead of taking her usual seat at the back she is glancing towards the front to see if someone's there. "Tina! Hey," Fern calls as she wanders farther inside, taking a look around to see if many others are there yet. Probably soon. You know how churches fill up fast. "You busy?" she asks while walking down the aisle, hands stuffed in her back pockets.
Tina Tina glances back over her shoulder, smiling as she recognizes Fern. "Good morning!" she calls cheerfully. "And I am never too busy for you, Miss Fern, unless perhaps there is a service in progress. What brings you about so early?" she asks, setting the staff into a rack hidden behind the doorway on one side of the pulpit and turning to walk back toward Fern.
Fern     Smiling more as she is spoken to, Fern adds a little hop to her step on her way over to Tina. "Hey," she says once closer. "Mmm, not much. You know. Just out.. looking for stuff to do. Gotta keep busy, you know? Busy so I don't get into trouble.." She grins slightly at that, then gets to the point. "You need any help around here, Tina? You always look so busy, like no body else helps ya."
Tina Tina shrugs nonchalantly. "Churches need a lot of upkeep. It's just not fitting for one to be dirty when time for a service rolls around," she replies. "But if you're looking for something to do to keep you out of trouble, the aisles between the pews need sweeping, and the floor underneath them. It's not hard, though it takes some time. Or there's the carpets on the aisles to vacuum, if you know how to use a vacuum cleaner."
Fern     "Uh.. Never even seen one.. I guess that's what that is?" Fern says while nodding to the vac over by the front. She looks to the broom then and wanders over, taking it as she says, "I could help that way, yeah. Nothing else to do, and I know how to sweep." Fern takes it with her then and starts at the back, sweeping along the walls and making sure to get everything along the way. While she works she wonders, "So.. Gone on your date with Gale yet?"
Tina Tina blushes a little at the question, and is grateful for the coverage of her cowl and veil. "I'm not sure I would call it a /date/, but I have met up with her, and we have talked about such a date. I hope that we can schedule one soon. I can't remember the last time I spent such a pleasant afternoon as that one."

She takes hold of the top handles of the vacuum and guides it on its casters to the leftmost aisle. "Please don't be startled... the vacuum is a bit noisy, but there really isn't anything better for cleaning carpets," she calls softly to Fern, before taking hold of the hose and nozzle and switching on the atomic power core of the device, eliciting an instant hushed roar as the impeller spins up.
Fern     Fern flinches at the sound, and while the vacuum roars along the carpet, Fern works at sweeping everything that the vacuum won't get to. She takes her time, making sure to do a good job at it, and she drags the pile of dirt down towards Tina in offering to the vacuum.

    Standing there and leaning on the broom, Fern watches Tina work. She's staring, yeah, looking curious about something, and she will wait until the vacuum is off before she asks, "You think you and Gale might go on more than one date?"
Tina Tina gives Fern an appreciative smile, guiding the nozzle over to suck up the pile of dirt. "At last, someone who understands the teamwork factor of sweeping and vacuuming!" she cries, giggling and shutting off the vacuum. She waits until the noisy groan of the impeller spinning to a stop dies away before continuing, and blushing once more. "We are still feeling out how harmonious of a pairing we are, but I do hope so. Miss Gale is an odd person to my way of thinking, but also a very sweet one, and we seem to get along fairly well, in spite of our differences."
Fern     "Yeah. She's interesting, that's for sure. I just wanna see her happy, you know? She was talking about how she'd given up and all that.. but why? She's young and cute and smart. Stubborn as a mule, but that can be a good quality, too, can't it? Stubborn people don't give up easy, and you need that sorta thing." Fern offers the broom back to Tina. "Even if it don't work out with you two, at least she woulda made a friend and had some fun. You, too. I don't see you out of here often enough."
Tina "To be honest, I didn't notice the stubbornness. Perhaps it was the sort of day when it wasn't apparent. We didn't argue, anyway, and that's something all by itself," Tina muses, accepting the broom and leaning it against the housing of the vacuum, out of their way. "As for making friends, I'm fine with that. We've already agreed that we don't know where this will go, and are prepared in case it goes nowhere. But I think it will turn into something more. She's certainly not afraid to try something new. She even suggested trying out a dance she'd seen in an old pre-war film, even though she'd never had a dance lesson in her life. I had, so we worked together. And I don't think we did a half-bad job. Though I still want to see that film someday, just so I know if I've done that dance right."
Fern     Fern's eyes widen. "Gale.. Danced?" Her grin is starting to look a little crazy now. "You got her to dance? Wow! Never thought I'd even hear about her doing that! Must have gone really well then!" Fern laughs a bit at that. "I thought she had two left feet. Well, I'll be.." She laughs some more, still grinning, and then she shakes her head. "Glad you two had fun then.. Hey, you need any other help around the church? I ain't got nothing to do today."
Tina "She did. Granted, it was on the shore of a creek rather than a dance hall or ballroom, and neither of us were dressed for a dance. But we managed," Tina replies, blushing in spite of her smile. "And I'm sure I can teach her more dances, with time. She seemed interested in learning."

The question takes her aback. "Well... hmm. That's actually a pretty good question. There's some laundry that needs to be done, but that's a much bigger job than sweeping up the auditorium. It usually takes several hours, and I might have to teach you some of the finer points of different items. But if you're truly interested, I shall be glad to teach you. If not, there's no harm done."
Fern     "Shore of a creek? Huh. I guess that coulda be kinda romantic.." Fern says as a little grin starts to show. She leaves it at that, though, and happily moves on to other things.

    "Doing your laundry takes -hours-? How? Are you washin' the whole town's clothing? Just how much do you have back there?" she wonders, a brow arched Tina's way. "I can help you.. yeah. Like I said, ain't got nothin' better to do today.. No wonder you never go out. You spend too much time doing laundry!"
Tina "I won't deny that... clothes are rather a big job when you have to do them by hand. There are laundry machines in the basement, but they haven't worked since the bombs fell, and I just don't know how to fix them," Tina replies, a bit sadly. "If I did, I could do the job in less than two hours, and I wouldn't be busy with it the whole time, either. I could go do other things and come back to find most of the job already done."
Fern     "I'll help you.. No reason you gotta be doing it all yourself," Fern says with a little shake of her head. She moves closer then and says, "Just show me what to do and I'll help, and then maybe if we have enough time we can go out walking or something. There's gotta be someone who can take over in case others stop by, right?" she asks, head tilted a little.
Tina "Very well, then... follow me?" Tina asks, with a faint smile, and turns to lead the way through the doorway beside the pullpit, then down a short hallway and into a kitchen area. Opening a door, she starts down a flight of stairs, turning on a light overhead. "Do watch your step... the stairs are a little slippery," she advises softly, as they descend into a cavernous basement.

"The deep sinks over there," she says, indicating two large steel sinks along one wall, next to a large clothes basket almost full to the brim and several ancient washboards. "Most of it's not too hard... just repetitive. At least the water works, or this would be twice the work."
Fern     "You're the only person who does this?" Fern asks once downstairs, looking around the room and then over to the pile of laundry. Holy crap. She slowly wanders over to it, looking like she regrets offering to help, but she won't back down! Fern grabs a piece of clothing and looks over to the washboard. Confused. "Uh.. Just wet it and scrub it on the board, I guess?" Not exactly like hitting your clothes on a rock in the creek while you swim around skinny dipping. "I ain't gonna grab someone's underwear, right?" she checks. Never can be too careful.
Tina Tina stifles a chuckle, shaking her head. "Don't worry, I'll take care of any unmentionables. You'll need to add soap first, of course. Just give me a few minutes to fill the sinks. It seems to work best to fill one halfway with soapy water and leave the other empty, for rinsing the stuff that's been washed. Once it's been rinsed, just put it in the drying machine... at least /that/ works. Basement washlines just don't work well... too much damp and not enough air circulation. There's some rubber gloves over there, and you'll probably want them to keep from making your fingers sore from the scrubbing."