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Owner Pose
Moonshine      There's a rain. Not much, but something. Might be radioactive. Moonshine sure thinks it might be. The old man sits in a creaky rocking chair on the front porch of some random building with an eave. Tied up not but a few feet away, in the rain, is his trusty steed...a sad wet looking mule. Moon rocks slowly and puffs on a comically large tobacco pipe. The smoke lingers heavy around him on the porch, the rain and moisture keeping it from moving around too much, and keeping him puffing on the thing vigorously to keep it alight. "Don't worry Lightenin' Bug, the rain'll pass. I reckon." He nods to his mule. The mule kicks at the mud.
Alasa Alasa comes walking along in the rain. Hard to tell if she even notices that its raining. "I told you not to eat need to listen." She says to the large cat that walks along beside her. "I keep telling you, glowing food is not good food." The cat does not respond. Alasa says, "Still it is a nice day out...even with the problems..."
Moonshine      The cat and woman duo approach and the mule lets out an EEE-AAW. The mule doesn't see so well on it's left side. She's easy to spook. It stamps a hoof down into the mud in frustration. "Well now, nothin' to be afeared of." Moonshine purrs, comforting the old mule and pushing himself up to his feet. "It's just a gal and her cat." He takes a long draw from his pipe and frowns, "Don't suppose I seen many cats like the rain like that." The old man mumbles and shrugs his shoulders.
Moonshine      Moonshine watches the woman and her cat make their way through the rain, nodding to them in silent greeting as the pass. He sighs, puffs his pipe, stretches his back, and goes back to his chair to wait out the rain. His mule eyes the woman and her cat warily, relaxing only once they've put distance between them.