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Doctor Wattz     Standing like an oasis of technology in the rolling wastelands, a rusted antenna tower stands tall. A small rusted shack with a fence surrounding the perimeter guards it from the dangers of the wasteland. Contained in the tiny courtyard is a gas generator, humming away with a mess of assorted cables and wires hastily thrown together. Aside from the small metal shed, there appears to be no entrance to the 20^2' space otherwise.

    To those with pipboys, a message repeats: "Fools! It is, Doctor Wattz! --" It has been broadcasting for days with no sign of stopping.

    Of course, radio signals attract many types of people, and sometimes, many types of were-people. A small collection of ghouls grapple with the fence, bodies still as they rot in the sun, as though they'd fallen asleep or died while wrestling with the fence.
Qwillis     This has been annoying of late. Q normally isn't swayed to deal with such things. What the Militia was for.. But as it's only those with pip-boys who been being harassed, he's to the point of doing something about it.
    Approaching the source of the signal, he'd stare at the setup for a long moment. Shaking his head a little, Q starts forward, looking over the fence as it looks like it was probably electified with how the ghouls look.
Doctor Wattz     As Qwillis approaches the radio station, the ghouls in the vicinity begin stirring to animation. They're slow to awaken, rotted jaws opening and closing as they unwrap from the fence and the ground to lumber toward their newest disturbance. From this distance, it also looks like the lock has already been busted open to the shed entrance into the courtyard.
Qwillis     Qwillis notes that the ghouls start to stir as he'd approach. Eyes narrowing in contemplation, he'd nod and pull up that gatling laser as he'd move even closer still. He's not even that worried it seems as the hum of the spinning barrels stirs to a high whine. Those bolts of power stitch across the three ghouls, lower body of the first, dancing up and across the chest of the next and finally high chest of the third as Q fights the raise from the movement of the Gatling. It'd slow to a stop as the ghouls all drop, hissing with that heat exchange about it. "Hmm.. That works."
Doctor Wattz     Just as quickly as the ghouls had started moving, do they get completely and utterly blown away. The smell of burnt flesh permeates the area. With one obstruction removed, the only thing that remains is to access the shed and see what's been laid out. Invitingly, the door has been left ajar with the busted lock. There does not appear to be anyone else here, but the sound of the fans of a running terminal and the beat of the generator.
Qwillis     Qwillis waits a moment or two. Satisfied that the ghouls are indeed dead and not faking it, he'd eye the Gatling. "Hmm.. a good purchase." Putting it away, he'd get that needler out and approach closer. Looking the fence over, he frowns for a moment and double checks his pip-boy. Yep.. this is the spot.
    Pulling some wire cutters from the labcoat, he'd get to work on cutting his way through the fence, after verifying that no, it's not electrified.
Doctor Wattz     The fence clips easy, and isn't electrified. If anything, the fence is a pain to cut through because of the built-up rust and decay, but it was never meant to keep a handy pair of bolt-cutters out. Judging by the age of the metal and supplies, and the concrete-buried fence posts, this station has been here since before the war started. It's obvious you're not supposed to be here. There's a sign that says "KEEP OUT."
Qwillis     Q sighs quietly, finally making his way in, he'd use that metal hand to push the fencing so he doesn't have to worry about other crap getting to him. Once inside, he'd glance around and start scouting out the setup that's there. Obviously the fence is old, but the setup? That's new. Hmm.
    Moving to the shed access, he'd carefully check inside via that doorway, then starts tracking wires. Now.. to turn off that stupid advert.
Doctor Wattz     Inside the courtyard is all the equipment used to broadcast this pirate radio signal. With Qwillis' deep understanding of technology, the setup is elemenary. The antenna element has been jijacked into a makeshift amplifier built into the generator, which powers a small terminal inside the shed. Disconnecting it easy. It's also obvious that half the parts here were not meant to do what they are doing now. This was a scavenged setup by someone who also understood the technology at an innate level.
Kaelyn And lo! Off in the distance, the way out distance, is umm well it's a girl with a heavy kevlar helmet on, having goggles, and well long white hair, and pointy ears poking out from under the sides of said helmet. Over her shoulder is a carbine and on her hip a .44 mag desert eagle... She can be seen slowly trudging south, and towards the antenna as she is carrying a bag of something or other over her shoulder.
Qwillis     Qwillis eyes the setup, snorts, and nods. "Right. I see how it is.. Fine." Disconnecting? That's simple. Qwillis would first shut down the signal.
    Then, as Kaelyn approaches, he'd start that real work. The items looking like they've not been affected, but he'd set up a feedback loop to reverse the polarity of the neutron flow! The results? The next person that tries to use this equip? They may or may not fry. But the equipment would absolutely melt and be useless. "There.."
Doctor Wattz     For a moment, the computer seems to be processing these commands. It was well built and fortified with strict-polarity diodes that prevent the reversal of electrons and neutrons. But Qwillis is too clever. After crossing a couple wires and entering a small script to repeat the signal amplification algorithm, the system becomes overloading until it's barely ticking along. The next person to use this machine is in for an unpleasant surprise.
    That is, until the machine overheats. The smell of burning electronics filling the shed before it sparks and finally shuts off, overloaded. The generator shudders to a stop and the signal is gone. Clear.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and tilts her head, seeing Qwill... She begins to walk toward them, before CORA points something out.. "Got another person in a labcoat..." whispers the AI in Kae's massively modified pip-boy... She then pauses and notes the other Doctor before offering a cheerful wave "Halloooo! Other persons in a white labcoat!"
Silver Silver comes walking down the dusty road, rifle slung over his shoulder with a very grumpy look on his face.
Silver Silver takes the rifle is a quick motion from his shoulder to a aimed low ready position as he calls out "WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?
Qwillis     Qwillis steps back, then frowns as the system.. melts. "Well. That was fast." He'd step outside, looking around for who might of tried to just access the system. Afterall, he knew what he had setup. Q waves to Kae with that metal hand, then holds up both hands, empty as Silver raises that rifle. "Ahh.. nothing? This annoying ad has been on repeat for 3 days now.. I just put an end to it."
Doctor Wattz     Stopping down the crest towards the radio station is none other than the titular Evil Genius himself, Doctor Wattz. He stops at Kae calls to him, and Silver calls out demanding the situational report. He ignores them both, before approaching the fence in time to see Qwillis. "You there!" he shouts in an authoritative tone, "Who do you think you are, you dirt-sucking monkey!" His voice pauses as he looks down, "Hmm, yes. It does appear there's intelligent life." Another pause, "Is it intelligent?"

    He's talking to himself. You can tell this because he says, "Oh dear, I appear to be talking to myself again."

    "What are you doing in my radio station? This isn't some.. wasteland science fiction adventure where you can touch a mad genius' property without asking!"
Kaelyn Kae blinks nad peers at Silver... "Put that gun down y'don't need it right now." she says and her eyes litteraly seem to glow as she focusses in on the gun Silver has. Then she's distracted by the Doc! Kae's eyes turn toward him now, yup they still appear to be litterally glowing as she looks at the admitted mad scientist... Then she blinks and the glow's gone, back to normal crimson color for this darkskinned white-haired pointyeared woman! Kae peers curiously at Wattz, while Cora mutters, "Thiiiiis close!" she seems to know something Kaelyn doesn't and does a rather cute 'Izma' Mad scientist giggle. Kae blinks at CORA "I sooo gotta get you into something where you can stretch your proverbial legs."
Silver Silver Is stalking straight towards the group, his rifle isn't pointed at anyone directly. He stops in his tracks however when the drow's eyes light up. He looks to be having an internal argument about the subject and after a couple of hot seconds lowers his gun fully and puts the most dead eyed creepy smile on his face. "It's put away Kat, no need for buzzy buzz."
Qwillis     Qwillis glances between Kae and Silver. He'd narrow his eyes contemplatively as he'd study Kaelyn's attempt and hear CORA's comment. Shaking his head a little, Q would shift on his feet to look at the other scientist.
    "Excuse me? So are you telling me you're the one that's been blaring that crap for the last three days? With a recursive loop to force the pip-boys to interject despite having the frequency turned off? Then, you would be Doctor Wattz hmm?" Q would point at himself with that metal thumb, metal fingers closed in that fist. "I'm Qwillis. I found it annoying and I turned it off. You just tried to access it and it fried. So you have nothing in there but slag and smoke."
Silver Silver walks closer to the group slowly, scanning the area for trouble and keeping an eye on the glowie eye girl.
Doctor Wattz     Watts interjects over Qwillis, quite rudely, taking a step forward as he makes a fist. With a booming voice he announces, "Yes, it is I. Doctor Wattz. The arch-enemy of the Silver Shroud. And you have just toyed with technologies beyond your understandin---.. Wait. You did -what-?"
    He reaches into his pocket and retrieves a small metal device with circuit boards, wires, and a small energy cell taped to it. A crudely formed device, jury-rigged together from salvage, no doubt. He presses the button on it a couple times, to no effect, and seems to notice the generator isn't running when he looks over to it. "..You do not appear to have smashed it. How did you do it?"

    For a moment, Doctor Wattz glances at Silver and then Kae.
Kaelyn Kae blinks at the box now, the on eon the side of the tower, and not wanting to pass between the two mad scientists she reaches out for it... Yup Kae's crimson eyes are glowing again. There's the sound of metal stressing and suddely the box on the side of the antenna, the one that Qwill was just messing with, it zooms over to Kae's waiting hands, slowing at the last second before resting in said hands... Kae begins looking the thing over... If it wasn't broken before it kinda is now...

Meanwhile CORA calls out "Eureeka! You did it! A marvelous useage of strong telekinetic ability!" Kae blinks and stares "Oookay soo that's great how?" CORA then explains "It's something the one that designed both of us kinda had in mind for you! I'm curious to see if other abilities manifest!" Kae then rubs her nose, and shrugs, sniffling... "Don't see how this is really all that great, short of maybe if I could lift power armor or a car..."
Qwillis     Qwillis paused when he was interrupted and crossed his arms over his chest, frowning at Wattz. "Simple. I reversed the polarity of the neutron flow. Even you should be able to grasp the reality of that situation for the electronics after you attempted to access it again." Q shakes his head a little. "I don't know who Silver Shroud is. Quit doing irritating stuff and I won't mess it up further."
    And then Kaelyn with the glowy eyes literally rips a chunk off of the antenna. Q winces and ducks, avoiding it trailing bits as it'd wing over to her, slow and let her grab it. Q stares at Kaelyn a moment and asides to the Doctor almost conversationally. "So have any potential theories for dealing with modified human accelerated mental capabilities?"
Doctor Wattz     The Doctor startles and stumbles back a bit when the box leaves the tower, ripped right off its rusty hinges. He blinks a few times and looks at Kae again. Clearly letting the insult go over his head given the magnitude of mental prowress he'd just witnessed. "Telekinetics? Magnetic fields? Perplexing." He twists a knob on the handheld device in his hands, an electronic whine emanating from the device with a small ping and some static at various hertz.
        "Post-Human evolution? Marvelous, they did not have this during my time." He looks over to Q, casually, "Beta-B Blockers along the cerebrospinal nervous system, possible using co-enzymes nine through 13, alpha reductase? Perhaps some sort of high-frequency electronic therapy? Are there many like her?"
Silver Silver stares down a little at Wattz raising an eyebrow and saying "How the hell do you know my fucking middle name?"
Kaelyn Kae peers at the Doctor Wattz curiously and umms "Technicaly I am from your time.. I was just in a tube for over 200 years... Lots of stuff was done, from physical to mental rearangement and augmentation." Kae informs and smiles slightly.... "Lotsa information was also dumped into this brain, but right now evidently I can't access all of it as the neurological pathways havn't completely developed to the point where I'd be able to access every bit of information in my noggin quite yet... "

CORA then interjects "Wouldn't be great having her come out of the tube with everything all jumbled up, y'could have ended up with an undying critter that's all knowledge and no human connection to those around them.." Kae blinks and looks at CORA "Realy?" Kae asks then CORA responds "Thaaat and I had to make some minor last minute changes in your last 50 years in the tube so you'd be better able to live in this world... Survival skills, ability to make use of those survival skills, rapid healing and possibly regeneration down the line, that kinda thing."
Qwillis     Qwillis looks at Silver curiously for a moment. "Your.. what?" Shaking his head a little, he'd eye Kae then nods to Wattz. "Sounds about appropriate. Although I'm sure there's some physiological variations that could occur within that. From what I've gathered there was cloning done and she's one of the originals that the copies were replicated off with further modifications." Qwillis shakes his head a little and sighs. "It's Telekinetics. The really preplexing situation? The.. I hate to say it.. 'super'natural essance that is spreading influence from Dunwich via a gaseous component. Seems halucigenic initally, however, I've found it to be very real in action."
Doctor Wattz     Wattz turns in place, shooting Silver a glare. "You-WHAT?!" He then takes a moment to look at the man. Really look at him. Then he waves it off, "I won't be baited by some copy-cat liar. You look nothing like my nemesis."

    "Neurological programming? Electro-field neural stimulation? Unbelievable. It must have been FutureTec." He looks to Qwillis and gestures in approval, "I agree, further tests and a control group would be required. Perhaps we could replicate the results. An army of telekinetics. Surely a tool that could be used to ascertain World Domination."

    Then he looks back to Kae, "I, too, come from that age. The year was 2070. I had finally beaten my nemesis. It's time. The time for a new dawn, a new age, post scarcity. No longer do we have the corrupt governments of pass. Now our limits are boundless. We simply must take our destiny."
Silver Silver leans in to stare at the crazy doctor. "If you want to be enemies with the Gunners feel free to keep running your mouth about shit you don't understand.

Looks at all three of you and shakes his head and sighs "All three of you are fucking nut job wierdies and I don't have time for this any longer. Ya all wave your crazy dicks at each other and be impressed I got a job to do."
Kaelyn Kae blinks at the two scientists, then looks to Silver curiously... "Ummm At this point I don't quite completely understand, mind you I was't the mad scientist, I was the experiment." she says cheerfuly. She glances to Wattz again and ummms..... "We have all new corrupt governments, just more of them."
Qwillis     Qwillis eyes Silver and frowns. "Excuse me.. Private? What was your name? I'll be sure to explain to the Commander your insulting conversation with me when I just stopped a public nuscence that was interrupting everyone's pip-boy."
    Shaking his head, Qwillis eyes Kae, then looks to Doctor. "I'm sorry. I'm not interested in world domination. I'm seeking actually to make life better so there's no need for such things." Q would motion towards Kae. "Afterall.. when one power falls, others step in. I have found using what is in place to affect social standards has a minimum of 35% increase in output when applied correctly."
Doctor Wattz     Wattz's eyes narrow as he's threatened, and his face suddenly becomes quite stern. He allows Qwillis to step in, before adding himself, "Ah, so stupidity is still a dominant trait in humanity, I see." He glances sidelong at Qwillis, "While our methods are different, our goals are the same. I do not seek World Domination to be a tyrant, I seek it to remove the chaos from our society. From.. the undesireables.. and to create a utopia. Assist me, and our relationship will be mutually beneficial, I assure you."

    He looks back over to Kae, "That's unfortunate to hear, but natural, I assume."
Silver Silver looks at Qw and does the sloppest salute since Sgt Bilco "Merc Silver." With that he flips off all three of them and heads down the road unless stopped.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and focusses again, eyes getting that glowy look before a pebble lifts off the ground then zips toward Silver's backside... She then smiles cheerfully and glances between Wattz and Qwillis.. "Umm I don't think Qwillis wants to dominate the world just make it better without the responsibility." she says cheerfully, trying to help out.
Qwillis     Q studies Silver and nods in response. "Got it. I'll make sure to report your activity. Merc Silver." He'd watch Silver walk off, then shake his head a little as Kae would ping him in the backside.
    Nodding to Kae, Qwillis looks to the Doctor. "Hmm.. I'm not completely sure that's actually the same goals overall. However, I have also found that one is able to get along better in science if a conflicting view is available to offer proper scientific insights into the faults of an established plan. So therefore, I will accept on conditions of withdrawl if the experiments are too offensive to my moral code, hmm?"
Doctor Wattz     Doctor Wattz gives Silver a petty middle finger back when he leaves. Conquered again by the great Doctor Wattz. He looks towards Kae and restates, "Indeed, but our technology is universal. Two geniuses, working together. The sky is the limit. Even if he shares not my end goal, we may help each other mutually by difference of opinion. It is not unheard of for great villains to seek help, and I am at a disadvantage, here."

5tHe chuckles and nods towards Qwillis, "Withdraw when you see fit, but should you ever backstab me, you will feel my wrath. I will forgive the destruction of my radio tower for now, for it has fulfilled its purpose."