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Iris Lark Iris is setting up for lunch in her back yard, something simple since food stores are down. She's currently sitting on her porch, swinging on the swing and drinking a glass of water. The sun is high in the sky and it's a fairly nice day out.
Fiona Fiona managed to make it back to the Caine Ranch the night before after the epic fight with the deathclaw that attacked the patrol squad. At first light she mounted up on Courage for a gentle ride to ACME. The militia woman made her way to Iris' home to get fixed up. "Hi." She offers with a strain to her voice, just in a t-shirt, leaving her gear with courage. Stains show through at her ribs and left shoulder. "Deathclaw. You're the best Doc around, Iris. Can you look at it?"
Iris Lark "Hello Fiona." Iris says, getting off of her swing. She winces at the look of the stains and motions the woman up onto the porch. "Of course I can, come on up here and have a seat on the swing. I'll go grab my kit." She turns towards the house and makes her way inside briefly, and when she returns she's holding her kit and her rucksack. "Deathclaws, you say? They seem to be an issue lately."
Fiona Fiona slips gingerly into the seat. "Thank you." She says with a bit of a heavy breath. A neck crack and she remains waiting till the woman returns. "Yes, first one I havs faced though. No hurry to meet another. Took a small squad." Her amber eyes looking up to the woman, "How are you doing in the shortages?"
Iris Lark "Doing well, doing for myself." Iris says, grinning at Fiona. "How is the Caine family doing with everything that's going on?" She starts to clean, stitch and wrap the wounds, taking care with each wound. She grins and then adds. "How is your husband doing too? I haven't seen the pair of you recently, it's been a bit crazy around here and in town it seems."
Fiona "We are fairing mostly fine. We had reserves, and Caine ranch is on the more sturdy side. Manny living there and it being Kate's place.. Me and Gale. It doesn't make for an easy target." Fiona explains thoughtfully letting the woman treat the bite to the shoulder and the claw slash to her side. "Manny has been busy riding the boarders and working relief, but he is well." She looks at the bandaging and care, "You are the best. How much do I owe you, Iris?"
Iris Lark "Thirty resources." Iris murmurs, nodding along as she speaks about what is going on. "I'm glad everyone is doing well, and I hope he's being safe. Things are crazy out there right now and the horde has to be closer." She blushes lightly and scuffs her foot on the porch boards. "I'm not the best, but I try hard to do well, and I'm glad I was able to help."
Fiona "I worry a little when he is gone, but his people are at home in the Wasteland. Centuries of survival, and they lived off the land since centuries before the bombs fell too." Relying on his Navajo blood is one of her reassurances in his absence. "Well, I think you are, always have since Mexico." The militia woman says, looking over the bandages and reaching in her pocket to retrieve the caps. "Here ya go." She comments lightly, "While I am here, you don't have one of those heavy helmets left, with the radios, do you?"
Iris Lark "Hmm, not with the radio. I have a power armor suit, but.." Iris says, grinning at FIona. "You couldn't use that could you?" She tilts her head and folds her arms over her chest.
Fiona "I hear they are really complicated to use. I'd doubt I could aford such things too. Though, a can would have been nice whsn that Deathclaw decided to take personal offense at me shooting him before he could eat the LT." She says with a shrug, then tilts her head a bit. A quick wince, "Not to scratch at your sores after yaa fix mine, but any word on Jude?"
Iris Lark "None." Iris says simply, and she takes a seat on the swing and shrugs. "He'll come home when he's ready. That's pretty much what I keep telling myself." She glances over at Fiona and offers her a smile. "I miss him though, a lot."
Fiona "Sorry to hear that. I like the kid." Not that she is ancient, but older and longer in service. A nod, "Well, I am hopeful he'll get himself home soon." She says, standing from her seat. "I need ta get back and check on the Lt Cleo. She is right insane for an officer. She tried to beat that deathclaw off me with a shotgun. Beat it off. Heroic, but adle brained."
Iris Lark "Keep them safe, if you can." Iris says, smiling at Fiona and getting to her feet to see her off the porch. "Feel free to stop by again, even if it's just for a social visit. I miss having company here sometimes."
Fiona There is a quick smile, "I do my best. Thanks Iris, I really appreciate it. I'll let Manny know you said hi." With that she gets up, nice to have a horse now.
Iris Lark "See you Fiona!" Iris calls out, waving goodbye from her porch.