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Martin Spring has come to Chihuahuan Desert. Bringing with it sporadic showers, warmer middays but still actually cold nights. In a few weeks the desert should be getting pretty comfortable, with the plants starts to bloom, trying to cover the desert in as much green as possible. A group of scouts for the township of El Dorado manage to find a factory mostly intact, Eimac Productions LTDs. From what could be figure out, Eimac was a major producer of integrated circuit boards and vacuum tubes. The scouts didnt make much headway into the factory, as they manage to come across some ghouls. And the group that was combination decided and told to go clear it out and recover anything useful, has been along the trek to the place for few days. When they made camp last night, they were able to see the factory, so sometime today, they should be able to get to it.
Matt     "So. Lucette. Ma'am." Matt has taken to small-talking Lucette on the trek. "We seem to be gathering up in the same sort of groups. Maybe a more permanent-type of comraderie should be formed." Matt archs an eyebrow knowingly towards the Courier-lady as the group gets ready to accost the factory building.
Alasa Alasa has been walking along being Alasa, who else can she be...occasionally she whistles, or hums some christmas tune thats stuck in her head. This is her office, so nothing out here has really surprised her all that much.
Jacqueline Long trips and camping aren't Jackie Wayne's favorite thing. Still, it's for a good cause: Defenses for ED and Shanty Town. So she's along, sans motorcycle, trying to watch the horizon and the factory they're slowly approaching at the same time. "Let's hope this place is worth the trouble to clear it out. If it's been full of ghouls for years, there's no telling how much of it has survived intact," she muses thoughtfully.
Alasa Alasa says, "Well, now this is nice...lots of parking, not too busy. Not much softrock on the way wonder it was lost....still it does stand out with all that glass...""
Lucette     Luce's brow quirks towards Matt as she's addressed. "Careful. More people I work with close the more things I need to cover up and be ready to explain away. I feel one of the few saving graces I have left to attempt reconciliation and reunification of my people is that I do not associate too closely with those they call undesirable." she pauses. "It depends on what your proposal is." goggles adjusted a little while she checks her colt and feels over her holsters a brief moment before returning to the fold of her poncho. "Thankfully Guardian work lets me go without needing a whole attache and lets me also work my main profession without strings."
Jacqueline "Hsst!" Jackie catches at Lucette's shoulder, pointing out something beneath one of the derelict cars. "Ghouls under some of the cars... and in some of them, looks like. Walk soft. On the plus side, it looks like this place has been left alone for quite a while. Maybe there's some good scavving for us."
Matt "Lone Star Caravans. A decent crew of people to draw from, hon. I wasn't aware you were in with anyone already." Matt hefts his rifle off of his back and tucks it up into his shoulder at Jackie's words. "Ghouls, ghouls everywhere. We probably won't have to kill all of'em, yeah?"
Alasa Alasa smiles, "Watch your step, and tries not to draw too much attention...seems simple enough." As she does just that, heading for the building.
Jacqueline "Looks like there's a front door," Jackie says, keeping an eye on the ghouls as she follows Alasa. "Hopefully it's not locked."
Lucette     Luce gets pointed out that there's potential hostiles. A plural of them. She slides the magazine out of her colt and slides in more rounds until it's full, minus one, and puts it back in. "Suggest we all juice up incase it gets rough." she murmurs while keeping still and hopefully quiet.
Alasa Alasa says, "Personally I would think, still better to enter the place from higher up...those doors have kept things out pretty good...we open them, a way for anything to get in...""
Matt "I don't have any sort of way to climb up, do you?" Matt moves up to the front of the group, heading quiet-ish towards the front door. "Did you bring a bunch of rope? A grappling hook or something?"
Jacqueline Jacqueline shakes her head. "I didn't. We could tie a bunch of clothes together, maybe, but I don't know what we'd use for a hook."
Lucette     Lucette shakes her head, "I'm not one of those old world gymnasts. Climbing's not my strong suit." she reveals, "If you want I'll see if I can disassemble these rigs to make something to climb with." she offers.
Alasa Alasa shakes her head, "Did you not climb trees as a kid?...tell you what, I'll meet you in side..." As she moves over to the side of the building, "If I find any good stuff, I'll let you know..turn on your radios..."
Martin Alasa starts to scale the stone workface. Some of the mortor has worn away to make for decent enough finger holds, and the friction of the workface, gives enough grip ti push up with her legs. She manages to climb up to the windows. They're about a story tall, and seem to be fairly thick plate glass. Its fairly dirty, and doesnt let her get a good picture to inside. Seems to be diry and grime on the outside but that black resign from something baking too hot on the other side of the glass.
Matt "Are we really gonna let her go by herself?" Matt huffs a bit before noting that Alasa did in fact, climb all the way up. "Whata seeing in there, ma'am?"
Jacqueline "How are we gonna stop her if she decides to go?" Jackie points out. "She's probably the best climber here. And if we give her away to the ghouls, she might not last long."
Lucette     Luce shakes her head and forms up, left hand ready to fish out her piece should it be necessary. Waiting for the time to advance further and if she needs to cover the vanguard.
Jacqueline Jackie covers the rear of the little group with her double-barreled shotgun, just in case some of the ghouls decide to get closer.
Alasa Alasa works on cleaning the window up a bit with the arm of her jacket. Wiping a small circle, classic in all those old movies...She peers inside..."Well, seem intact in least the parts seem present..belts and things...might even be some kind of power...theres this green is good usually."
Matt "Power...power is good? Power is more interesting than anything." Matt huffs a bit, glancing around the surroundings as they mill about. "Alright. Do we want to leave her as overwatch, and the rest go in the front door?"
Jacqueline Jackie switches on her earpiece. "Looks like she has her own way in. Plus, if she's making all that noise, it might pull any ghouls away from the front doors until we're inside. Ambush, anyone?"
Lucette     Luce nods, "Well then let's get in and see what we're dealing with. The longer we're outside, the longer we're exposed and giving things time to close in on us." she murmurs, maybe a slight touch of impatience creeping in.
Matt Matt hussles off then, to be *first* through the door like a manly man. So manly, He enters, steps left and looks around reception instead of going any further.
Alasa Alasa holds on, and draws her pistol from its holster. "Knock knock....." as she aims and fire at a window one away from the one she is by...only a fool would shoot at the one right in front of them. When the glass settles, she'll move inside.
Jacqueline Jackie sticks with the rearguard, making sure the door shuts behind them. "Stealthy for the win," she murmurs, hearing Alasa open fire on a window.
Lucette     Luce isn't the one making noise, well, not intentionally. Hand ready at her side to get out her piece if things get heated. Observant, waiting, alert.
Martin As Matt enter the reception area, it smells stale, dusty. There is a slight covering of dust inside the reception area. As he peeks over the desk, there is a collection of bones, and clothing that was probably a reception lady. The Terminal is still powered. There are several chairs, what were plotted plants, a cig vending machine and several magazines. There is a hallway leading beyond the reception area, that ends in a door.

Alasa shoots out the window. She then shimmys over, and see there is a gangway she can jump down toward, with ease. And now shes inside. Below her, appears to be the bulk of the building, there a story above her vacant air, but the the rest is factory stuff. Platforms, convoyer belts, metal boxes that do stuff.
Matt Matt moves forward after a bit, carefully examining for traps and finding none, because he is terrible, and click-klacks at the terminal. "Uh..Anyone good at these things?"
Alasa Alasa mmms, as she looks around..."Yep, a factory" she looks aroud for the stairs down, and heads in that direction being all quiet and sneaky like.
Jacqueline Jackie shakes her head. "Not me. I'm strictly a nuts, bolts, belts, and wires kind of girl," she replies, looking around for another door.
Lucette     Lucette moves over to where Matt is and looks at the terminal. "I can try to be good at it. If you let me see what I can do." taking the moment to lower her goggles and slip glasses from her pack to put on.
Matt Matt snorts a second, then draws a deep breathe....then chuckles a bit at Lucette before meandering away to glance further down a hallway to make sure nothing is coming to get'em.
Martin Lucette gets behind the desk, and starts to clacky clack clack at the terminal. After a few minutes, she manages to get into it. And it seems to be a list of appointments, a product catalog, and a contact list information. Jacky walks up to the door down the hallway, and she presses a hang against it, and it seems to be locked.

Alasa tries to be stealthy, moving along the gangway, making her way down lower. She can see at the various platform and stations that the status lights are still lit, with big red shiny buttons.
Jacqueline "Hmm... looks like we'll need a key for this," Jackie says, frowning at the door.
Lucette     Lucette sighs and makes on to review the catalog first, contacts afterwards. Browsing to see what the place was used for and how far it reached. And maybe a cursory glance at appointments, on the hunch of recent dates.
Alasa Alasa moves along, trying to follow the path of the machinery...the belts if running, you be a map towards the final destination.
Matt Matt rears up and puts boot to door near the handle, and apparently pushs gently instead of applying force. "Its uh, pretty solid."
Martin Alasa moves her way down toward the ground level. Unlike most facotories found in the fallout franchise, this place has a pretty clean floor. Though its warm on the ground floor. Its stuffy. Even the air feels warm when you inhale. Beads of sweat form on her brow. She'll have to give the GM, an alerness roll down there.

Lucette looks through the product catalog. There is a tech descripion of the items, but no pictures. If she could have gotten a picture of the item, that would have been really helpful. But this place seem to make the boards and tubes for robot envirmental awareness and navigation. Motion sensors, light dectors. Things like that.

Matt is blocked by a door, but is shown up by Jacky, she examines the door, and she determines that the doors for this place seem to fail to close, and there was an electromechanical device holding the doors. She thinks this entire place has been on locked down for some 200 years, locking all the workers inside to die, to starve. The door seems to be phyically locked, with some sorta dead bolt.
Jacqueline "Well... it looks like this place has been on lockdown for quite a while," Jackie says, frowning at the door. "This is some kind of automatic lock, remotely activated. It probably locked everybody in way back when. That makes me wonder what triggered the locks... those don't just lock the workforce in to starve for the heck of it, in my experience."
Lucette     Luce sighs. "Probably some kind of system error or protective measure when the bombs dropped. I don't have anything insightful from reading over the data on this terminal. It's unlocked so read away." she's still checking to see where the stuff was sent to in contacts, and checking the appointments list...
Matt Seems like the best time to get on the radio. "Ma'am? Reception is locked up tight and isn't allowing us to get into the factory proper. Do you see anywhere you could unlock it at?" Matt moves towards the terminal as well, gaping open-mouthed at it as he tries to finagle his way to the last messages received.
Martin Alasa radio crackles, and she hears Matt, though its a bit garbled but she can make him out easily enough. As she exploring the ground flood of the factory, she manages to follow the belts to wall, and to a door that has a sign above that says 'Shipping and Recieving' the wide double doors also seem to be locked down just as well. Its uncomfortablly hot in the factory.

Luce reads through the appts. Some of were sale meeting with RobCo Represenstives. Then there was a meeting with a the major groccery store chain for their doors. And there was suppose to be a meeting with generals from the White Sand military base.
Alasa Alasa looks around as she move through the factory. "stuffy...bad air...better safe then sorry.." as she reaches down to her belt, and gets her gasmask out and puts it in place. Then taps the transmitter on her radio..."Shoulda came with me, I'm out side the shipping area...another locked door here too."
Matt "I'm getting immpatient. We've been split up way too long." Matt huffs and walks towards the locked door, clicking the safety of his rifle off. "You think you're gonna get through it anytime soon, Jackie?"
Jacqueline Jackie shakes her head and stands back. "Not if I can't find an access panel. Bet they're all on the inside."
Lucette     White Sand. She definately makes note about that, then she moves around and slips her glasses back into her pack and secures her goggles back on. "Don't go breaking the door, might trip an alarm." she murmurs, "Let me get a quick look and see what I can work with.."
Martin Jacky and Luce, start to to talk to each other as the big dumb lone star guy justs wanna shoots it. The two ladies start talking about it, and they figure that there was a dead bolt in the door, that was held up with an electro magent. When the place lost power, the door locked into place. So if they manage to make a magent themselves they can probably lift the bar back up. The two of them go back out to the parking lot. They start to strip the wiring from some of the cars and out an alternator. And managet to rig up a hand cranked electro magent. That will totally only last for this game, and break after that. They manage to crank it up, and lift the bar up, and open the door.

Alasa puts on the gasmask, which was probably a good call. She crawls through the belts into recieving, which she then stops, as there are several ghouls standing up, motionless, over sealed boxes.
Matt "Saved me some bullets." Matt doesn't acribe to his idea being bad. Just too loud. He'll take point again, and start to head down the hallway. Radioed to Alasa: "We've moved entry, and are headed in. Whats your location now?"
Alasa Alasa taps the transmitter, speaking quietly in her muffled by the gas mask as well. "Oh, look at this...some workers still on the job in shipping....must be a union position. A little ghouly but still here." As she just obsevers them for now.
Lucette     Lucy thanks Jacky for the assistance, then she glances into the next area with eyes sweeping back and forth. "Ghouls at work, we should be careful. Probably radiation still around." making her wish she'd come across some kind of fancy facewear to help screen some of that potential exposure out where it counts.
Jacqueline "You're welcome, Lucy! Always glad to help a teammate." Jackie makes sure the magnet's not going to start pulling away any of their gear, and props the door open. "Guess I'll take the rearguard again."
Martin The crew moves past the offices and the stairs to go up, probably. Thats half the use of stairs. They move into facotory floor. It seems like it could get set up and moving again. And its warm. As they make their way through the factory floor, its hot. Really hot. Stale. Like walking in a microwave. They see Alasa up ahead at the door where it says Shipping and Reciving
Lucette     Luce doesn't like this heat and her lip twitches. "We should move quick. Get what details we can, come back with team in proper kit. Cars outside are good salvage of themselves, but we're not dressed appropriately for all this I reckon." she murmurs.
Jacqueline "It is seriously /boiling/ in here," Jackie murmurs. "I'm with Lucy. Let's collect Alasa and get out. Maybe with a few samples of what we find here."
Matt "We can meet up with Alasa, and see what she was looking out, then clear out." Matt wipes sweat from his forehead as he presses on. Weird to find a place thats hotter on the inside than outside in New Mexico.
Lucette     Luce sighs. "We go collect Alasa as quietly as we can, get outside, and decide if we want to rouse the ghouls inside into an ambush outside with the highly explosive cars, or call this off for reinforcements and radiation chems and equipment." she shifts her left hand some. "Because there's no way we can handle minimizing exposure, dodging ghouls, and gathering things all at the same time."
Jacqueline "Radiation chems and equipment sound good to me," Jackie murmurs, wiping perspiration from her forehead. "Let's collect our scout and go. I think she said she was in Shipping?"
Matt "We at least have to get Alasa out again." Matt starts to start at walls for maps or signs to direct him towards shipping.
Lucette     Luce nods, "Shipping." she murrs, glancing around and moving on to the door Alasa's at, and motions. "Let's get out of here." she insists in quiet tone.
Jacqueline Covering the rear, Jackie glances at the conveyor belts she sees, just in case there's some finished product lying around near to hand.
Jacqueline Jackie blinks... and grins. "These are what we need," she says softly. "Not perfect, but they'd only need a little work! We definitely have to come back here for more, once we have the proper gear!"
Matt "How much more are we gonna actually need?" Matt should probably read a book or something... He doesn't know too much.
Lucette     Luce nods to Jackie's discovery as she brings Alasa back with the group, "Let's move then before we drop over or start seeing our insides." she mutters with a shake of her head.
Jacqueline "Dunno. Depends on how many turrets we need. Other folks can make that decision," Jackie says, agreeing with Lucy. "Right now, getting out is the only thing we should worry about." Being in the back, she leads off back towards the front lobby, and the doors there.