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Gordon There was an organized chaos inside the embassy as soldiers, officers, and other administrators attempted to settle in and get to work as soon as possible. Desks were arranged in this floor in a temporary fashion. Boxes with documents and NCR propaganda posters litter the floors, creating a maze for the workers. At the far end was an officer with a balcony, the private office of one of the ambassadors. Earlier in the day a message was sent to Carter, asking him to come in and meet with Gordon.
Carter Griffin It was about ten minutes before the appointed meeting when Carter showed up at the front door of the embasy. He barely ducked out of the way of two troopers carrying a table, and then proceded to take his helmet off.

"Excuse me, ma'am." He says to a somewhat harried looking secretary, "I have a meeting with Ambassador Ramirez. Where's his office?"
Gordon A droning persevere for a moment after Carter asked his question. The woman sweating even with a fan blowing full force in her face. Her tired eyes look up to her and nods. Without saying a word she slowly pushes off from the desk. It required a certain patience when dealing with this person. As her chair slides back, Gordon Ramirez's commanding voice echo froms his office, "Ranger, in here." He says, having heard Carter. A soldier is dismissed from Gordon's officer offering Carter a nod in passing.

Inside the officer, the ambassador stands looking out a balcony to the city of El Dorado. A fat cigar in his hand and two glasses of whiskey. One of the glasses, set on the desk for Carter and the other in his hand. For the ambassador to nurse. Gordon keeps his back to the entrance, even after calling the Ranger in.
Carter Griffin The Ranger walks in through the door, coming to a stop near the desk, "Ranger Griffin, reporting as ordered." He says, bringing himself to attention. Once the Ambassador gives him orders to take a seat or be at ease, he will do so. For the time being he stays at attention, however.
Gordon Gordon motions for Carter to go at ease with a subtle motion of his hand as his gaze fixates with something outside. He takes a sip of his whiskey and turns around to face Carter, flashing the man a genuine smile. "At ease, ranger. Thank you for meeting with me. Please take a seat and have a drink." Gordon says and with a relaxed posture takes a smoke of his cigar and seats behind his desk, facing Carter. "I wanted to know what you are doing here and if there is anything we can do to help. Including increasing support from higher echelon." His gaze lock on to Carter, they study the soldier for a moment.
Carter Griffin The Ranger takes his seat, and picks up the glass, taking a moment to have a drink from it. It does taste good, been a while since he had anything from back in NCR, "Thank you sir."

He takes another drink and then sets the glass down, "My initial mission was to scout out potential trade routes between the NCR territory and areas east of Legion held lands and report back with anything I found. Unfortunately most of what I found was Legion patrols and tribals."
Gordon Gordon leans back and smokes his cigar. He nods to Carter, "I see, well now more than ever we have a responsibility to showing the locals that we are interested in a civilized society. Your mission is important to my own. I need safe trade routes to show the locals that we are here to help. They do not appear to be the type to take things I say at my word. So with you here, I figured action is what is required." Gordon interrupts himself to drink from whiskey. He licks his lips and then continues to say to Carter, "You here alone or you got a company here with you?"
Carter Griffin "I have seen a few other Rangers that have also been deployed on similar missions. This is the largest settlement in the region, so it would make sense that we would all end up finding our way here sooner or later."

He picks up the drink and takes a long pull from it, before setting it back down, "All in all I'd say we have quite a dangerous group of NCR Rangers here that you can deploy as needed. For the most part we have been doing what we can to help the town out, taking down raiders, rescuing lost kids, that sort of thing. Helping to ensure the safety and stability of those in this town, despite it not being officially with the NCR."
Gordon Gordon continues to study Carter for a moment as he listens. After carter finishes he nods and says, "Ok, I would like you to get them organize into one unit that reports to me. I want a direct channel to you and this group. If you can get them organize and they are interested, we can then meet and see what you need to secure whatever trade routes you've discover." Gordon reaches for his whiskey but pauses before the glass touches his lips, "Of course, we need to ensure you guys have all the support you need. Interested?"
Carter Griffin "Absolutely." Carter says, "I'll get with each of them and we'll put together a unit to clear out some of those Legionares blocking our way back." He hmms a moment, "I don't have a map with me, but the route I took in, the 40, if we clear that out we could probably get a run straight to Bullhead City."
Gordon Gordon smiles to Carter and nods, shaking his glass. He says to the Ranger, "Very well." And stands up to draw a map from his desk which he unrolls, pinpointing route 40. Gordon looks up to Carter, sips his whiskey and says, "Exactly, submit a list of what you need and your team need to make this happen and get it to me. The blocking should be top priority." The ambassador sets the glass down and turns away to smoke his cigar, "I will not keep you much longer but do not hesitate to ask if you need. We are here to support you."
Carter Griffin The Ranger finishes off the last of his whiskey and stands up, "We're pretty self sufficient, but I will find out what they need and get a list back to you ASAP."

He rises up from his seat, "If that is all, ambassador, I will go try to round up the team."
Gordon Gordon turns away to look out the balcony to enjoy the sight as he smoke. He glances over his shoulder and says to Carter, "Thank you. You are dismissed Ranger. Glad to have you back on board. We need more good men like you." And the Ambassador turns back to the horizon. His mind preoccupied.