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Iris Lark It's been a day or two since her ordeal in the wasteland, and Iris was at the store, checking on supplies when she decided to make sure she didn't leave anything she might need later in the shack. The people in Acme are usually the only ones who come here for doctoring, preferring to visit the "big city" to the southeast instead. Iris has her rucksack up on the counter and she is pulling supplies from the cupboards and shoving them inside, not all too gently either.
Hardman Crunch. Grit. Crunch. The dried sandof the desolate wasteland crunched under the heavy booted heels of James Hardman as he approached. Then, it was the heavy clunk as he entered the shack, though he didn't move a muscle after that. With Iris putting her supplies away, his green hued eyes glanced over Iris casually, though perhaps lingering on her backside a moment longer than was appropriate. "Jesus Christ, I hope you ain't as rough with patients as you are with supplies..." he mentiones, breaking the silence of his entry, his deep voice plainly reverberated within the small building.
Iris Lark Iris jumps, and then she lets out a quick breath, her hand going to her chest as she sinks onto her stool. "You scared the shit out of me." She says, shaking her head. "No, I'm usually ..I mean...Hey. I'm not rough with my patients or my supplies." She says, her brow furrowed as she pushes back to her feet, her hands stuffing bandages into the rucksack next. "Who told you to find me here?"
Hardman Hardman smirks, simply and without hesitation, "First you yell at me for patchin' myself up, then you vomit all over yourself - and me, not that you should feel bad,and now you've shit yourself, huh? Y'know if I see any more of you, I'm gonna have to be a fuckin' mortician..." he chuckles, "I'm literally employed because of my ability to patrol the wastes..and -find- people..I mean..I haven't survived 20 years of paramilitary work without being' able to find someone"
Iris Lark Iris glances down at the back of her jeans, rolls her eyes and gestures to the cot under the window. "Speaking of, let me take a look at those wounds you were talking about." She murmurs, pushing open the rucksack a bit. "You've not even seen most of me, so don't play. In fact, I'm about to one up you, because once we're done here, I'll have seen more of you." She grins at that and stand on tip toes to pull down a crock of salve. "Well, I am glad that you're a tracker of sorts, who knows how long I would have laid out in the wasteland if you hadn't come along."
Hardman "I mean...I got to feel up your legand cut your jeans off. I'd say we'll be even..." he mutters, shrugging a shoulder as he makes his way toward the cot. One hand wrapping around the grip of his carbine and peeling it off from his torso, the sling coming off as he limps toward it. Setting the carbine down, he begins at the clasps of his armor, a low wince emitting from his lips, "You wanna' help me pull this off, it's kind of a pain..." he mutters, rapping his knuckle against the front of his armor, "Just pull, if you don't mind, it'll slip off over my head"
Iris Lark Iris steps forward and she doesn't look completely sure that this is a good idea. She shrugs and takes a hold of the armor, yanking at it as instructed and when it comes free, she lets out a soft snicker and sets it aside. "I'll let you claim that we're even, because then you can't try to even the score." She takes a few steps back and grabs the stool, dragging it over to the cot along with her rucksack. "Hopefully when I'm finished with you, you won't need to limp anymore."
Hardman "Unfgh" Hardman grunts as the armor comes off, the sudden rush of cool air in contrast to his sweaty torso.As it comes off, he captures it by the shoulder straps and sets it aside, undoing his uniform top and untucking it as he removes it from his torso to a simple T-shirt, "In that're right, you one upped me..." he says, winking at Iris amusedly, "My leg ain't the problem, it's my chest" he grumbles and begins to peel off his shirt.

The material of his shirt stuck to his skin, and as it came off it revealed a laboriously muscled torso, glistening with sweat, semi matted body hair that danced along his abdomen and chest. But more noticable than either of that...were the pure presence of absolutely gnarly scarring. From length slash marks, large burn areas, various piercing holes, all scarred over with thick, dense, pink scar tissue, and right around the center of his chest were a handful of more vibrant, much more pink, and still healing bullet wounds that look like they may not be taking to him wearing armor well...
Iris Lark "You need to let these have some air." Iris grumps, as she frowns at the man in front of her. She pulls the stool close to the cot and takes a seat, bringing her almost too close for comfort to the larger man. She leans in and her fingertips graze the old scars and the wounds, checking their severity. "You got the bullets out, I'm certain, because you're a smart man." She says, her eyes narrowed as she decides on what to work on first.
Hardman "I'd be more likely to let them breathe if my job wasn't designed around potentially being shot at..." he mutters, exhaling a heavy sigh. Though he doesn't wince, he does make a near inaudible noise at Iris' touch along his skin, "It was a laser minigun, actually..." he adds, looking down at Iris and then back up, as if not wanting to impose on her too intensely.
Iris Lark "Well you have some off time, or down time, I'm sure." Iris says, pausing to glance up at Hardman's face before she opens the salve and sniffs at it. "So when you're not marching out to keep us safe, let your skin breathe." She dips two fingers in and starts to wipe the cream on the burns and other wounds. She sets the crock aside and when she's done getting the medicine on the skin she rubs the rest into her hands and reaches into her rucksack for bandages. "Taking these off are going to be a bitch, the tape and all."
Hardman "I'll make sure and come find you so you can shove a rolled bandage in my mouth" he comments, in reference to their last meeting. "Or just hit me with a gnarly right hook and knock me out cold. If you pretend I'm some shop supplies, I'm sure you'll be able to rough me up fine..." he grins, though sucks some air through his teeth as the salve is applied, "Fuckin' cold" he comments, though exhales as she moves for her rucksack.
Iris Lark "I..don't know how to punch, so ...we'll go with the bandage if it needs done." Iris murmurs, and she spreads out the bandage, spreading something inside of it before she presses it to Hardman's skin. "I am not rough with my shop supplies." She reminds him, and she pauses, smirking up at him. "Don't make me put on more tape than is necessary as a punishment of sorts."
Hardman Hardman reaches out and brushes his fingertips against the side of her left leg in a tap, "How's the leg?" he asks, glancing his green eyes up toward here in a sort of concerned curiosity, "..and use as much tape as you need. Just don't lie to me about how rough you are, it's not fair to your victims" he grins abroad, his teeth flashing through his coal black beard. "You know...I gotta say..." he pauses, looking over Iris as much as he can from his position, "You look almost as good as you did covered in vomit, doc"
Iris Lark Iris pulls a few strips of tape, enough to keep the bandage secured and gets things situated. At the tap on her leg she glance down at it and wrinkles her nose a bit as she shrugs. "Hurts to walk, but I'm too mobile to stay still for very long." She purses her lips and lets out a snorting laugh, tossing the bandage back into her rucksack. "So you prefer your women covered in vomit, blood and mud? Noted."
Hardman Blink. Blink, blink, "Oh..." Hardman pauses, his cheeks raising with a subtle smile, likely blushing a bit under the hidden flesh of his face by the presence of his beard, "Sorry, I'm uh...bad at this. I meant you're MORE pretty than when you're covered in vomit..." he nods, though squints, furrowing his brow then, looking at Iris, "Not that you aren't normally, like now, you're pretty...uh...pretty" he nods, affirming his own words, then clearing his throat, a low grumble coming from his throat, "I'm just gonna...yeah.. shut up while you patch me up now"
Iris Lark Iris gaze up at the taller man, grinning at him as she gently pats the bandage. "I'm sweaty, probably need a shower and I wouldn't be surprised if I smell, but you calling me pretty warms me, and ..thank you." She scoots the stool back a bit and gets to her feet, leaning in to give Hardman a gentle kiss on the cheek. She hooks the stool with her foot and kicks it back towards the counter. "Leave the armor off for a bit, let yourself get some air."
Hardman Hardman reaches up and drags a calloused thumb along his whiskery jawline, a low gritty strum as he does so, "Huh..." he mutters, sitting down on the cot finally, as if he was intended to do to begin with and waving out his shirt a few times before tugging it on with a low wince, and continuing to fan it by pinching it with his fingers and billow it around, "I mean...I'm sweaty, you had to help me pull off my armor, and...I walk around the wasteland under the most brutish sun ever...If you an tolerate that and still take a compliment, I'd say that's pretty amazing even before we talk about your looks" he notes, leaning back against the wall near the cot with a exhale.
Iris Lark Iris glances back at Hardman, an amused look on her face as she hefts the rucksack back up on the counter. She grabs the last of the supplies and stuffs them into the rucksack with the rest and tugs it closed. "Do they have showers at the militia?" She asks, her head tilted slightly to the side as she takes a seat on the stool, giving her patient a bit of distance for a bit. "If they don't, you need to try one, at least once, or even just a hot hot bath that doesn't require schleping water from a stove to a bathtub."
Hardman Blink, "What?" he poses, canting his head to one side slightly, "Yeah, they do. I have full access to the militia barracks. But I'm not really...militia, I mean, sort of. It's complicated." he explains, shaking his head, "What's wrong with schleping water from a stove to a bathtub?" he inquires, lookig over Iris with pursed lips, "Is this you trying to tell me that I stink terribly?"
Iris Lark "No, I was just making conversation." Iris says, smirking at Hardman as she shakes her head. "I just discovered showers not too long ago, and now I'm hopelessly addicted. Imagine only getting to wash up when you were near a stream or a lake, and camps don't move fast so that didn't happen often." She laughs softly and winces. "It wasn't great, and when I was brought to El Dorado, I discovered baths. They were amazing, but hot water piped down like rain? That is magic."
Hardman "Maybe you can show me the secret to great showers sometime..." and with that, his green eyes shot open, his slouched position went a bit upright with a wince, and he glances toward Iris, fuck...did he just....did he say that...? He squinted, glancing around, up, down, left, away, anywhere but directly at Iris. Even with his beard, the blushing was evident this time, and stopped fanning his shirt as he did so. Clearing his throat as he slowly climbed to his feet off the cot.
Iris Lark Iris blinks as the tall man gets to his feet and she clambers up off of her stool, her eyes a bit wide. "Are you okay? Did something happen to the bandage?" She starts forward, and not noticing the blush she pulls at the shirt, trying to peek underneath. "Well no, it's still in place." She says, and she pushes gently at Hardman. "Sit back down, the bandage is fin.." She pauses and she gazes up at him, her brow furrowed. "You want me to show you a shower?"
Hardman Hardman looked confused for a moment, at the gentle pressure he sat back down on the cot, "uh...what..?" he remarked, a bit aloof - was this really happening? "I mean. ...sure? Yeah?...uh....Yes?" he croaked out, canting his head to the other side, "I mean...Yeah. Certainly. You clearly have a uh...passion, for showering. I don't even know how they work, just...that we have them" he remarks, his eyes surveying Iris for a moment, surely she was....she was joking right? "Are you.." he squints, his eyes flicking over Iris as if he was surveying a potential threat, or attempting to find something out of place, "Are you real?" he mumbles.
Iris Lark Often socially confused, it can sometimes take Iris a while to catch on to something. Right now it's almost as if a lightbulb has gone on above her head and her cheeks go pink as she smiles, shrugging a shoulder. "I am almost certain that I'm real, yeah." She takes a step or two back and she leans against the wall, electing to stand rather than sit back on her stool. "Showers are..absolutely amazing, and you're right. I have a passion for being clean now." Her fingers tap against the wall as she gazes at the floor. "It's nice, you know?"
Hardman Disbelief, that was Hardman's current state of being. His eyes blinking a few times as she speaks, and eyes her, still as if unconvinced as to her 'reality' - "I..." he opens his mouth, intending to say something sincere, and charming, and probably funny - but instead he fumbles out a "You're fucking amazing" he bumbles, shaking his head a bit, though not nearly as taken aback as he had been when he - literally - asked Iris to show him a shower. "I think...did you put something on that bandage cause, I... - if I injure myself will I get to keep seeing you to patch me up....I...i think I could do that" he admits freely - it's clearly been awhile, a long...long long....long...while since Hardman has interacted in any sort of flirty manor, and he's clearly...well, right shit at it.
Iris Lark Iris pushes off the wall and she picks up her rucksack, grunting at its weight. "Well if there aren't any other medics to help you, yes, you would have to see me to be patched up." She drags the sack with her as she moves and she lets go of the strap to fold her arms over her chest. "But don't hurt yourself to do that, you're welcome to see me if you'd like. I'm always at home, or here at the store, not hard to find." She tilts her head to the side and studies Hardman as she tries to make sense of things. "I did put a poultice type of thing on the bandage, you know, to help speed up the healing a bit."
Hardman Hardman shakes his head and grabs his armor, slinging it over his shoulder rather than over his head and on. "So...I'll hold off on getting hurt, and just...come see you, uh...instead. Yeah. The real you. Who's totally really real" he nods, shaking his head, "Fuck. Just... ignore the shit I'm saying, I'm bein' an idiot right now" he grunts, raising a calloused hand to rub at the back of his neck, scraping against the low trimmed hair there, then straightening upright, and nodding once, "You're awesome. I like you, and I will absolutely come see you on occasion when I'm not walking around the wastes. And yes, a shower would be amazing." he spits out, another nod to affirm his own words, he'd found his backbone again after being confused as to how to talk to a pretty thing, sort of, anyway.
Iris Lark Iris looks completely bemused and she reaches up to gently pat the taller man on the cheek. "It's okay, I'm pretty awful at .." She clears her throat and her cheeks go pink. "Anyway, I'm..yeah..usually at home." She picks up her rucksack, turns to go and nearly trips over the bag she's about to heft up over her shoulder. "Smooth." She mutters to herself as she steps out of the shack and into the yard.