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Owner Pose
Silver The night is dark, cloudless sky. Thousands of stars twinkle in the night sky. A beautiful carpet of pin points of light. All of which is lost on Silver as his sweeping gaze as he walks down the old street scans the area for trouble as he patrols.
Silver Silver senses something wrong and stops.. scanning the nearby rocks he spots that some of the rocks in the dark are in fact people with evil entent. He raises his rifle and says in a loud voice "Who Ever the Fuck you are, show yourself of get filled with fucking holes."
Silver One of the rocks stands and starts to clap. "Oh good one Silver you're the height of sofistication aren't ya? Well I hear ya got a pretty big bounty for your head back in the Apps. An we plan to collect on it." More rocks move and show their form. Two guys with knives and one with a slightly broken baseball bat. Mohawk aims his gun towards Silver as trying to prove his point.
Silver Silver moves with lightning speed seeing Mohawk start to draw his bead on him and Shoots the closest Raider charging him in the head then shifting shooting the leg off of Raider 3. The leg goes flying and blood starts to gush out as the raider falls to the ground and going into shock.
Silver Mohawk firest his pistol at Silver and times seems to slow down a little as the Sniper dodges the first shot, he tries to do the same with the second shot from Mohawk but the bullet strikes true this time right in his left arm right above the elbow. Mohawk laughs at seeing his shot score "It's only time Silver, we're goin' have your pretty hair on the from of our truck."
Silver The raider runs up towards Silver and swings his rusted knife with a great deal of force, missing Silver by such a small fraction that a long cut is placed in his fatiuges.
Silver Silver shoots the Raider in the elbow, bits of bone and flesh spray out as the raider falls to the ground screaming in pain asking why he deserved this.
Silver The rocks can only protect Silver so much as the hail of bullets from Mohawk's pistol finds home in the upper flesh of Silver's right arm. "You goin' give up yet? I got more boys coming and they'll be here soon..."
Silver Silver s skill in the rifle is well deserved even with all the weaving that Mohawk was doing Silver was able to sink two bullets dead in his chest. As the raider lays dying in the ground blood pouring from the wound he says as blood wells up in his mouth "There will be more." The ever thoughtful Silver kicks his face over and over getting his rage and his frustration out until he's just kicking a skin bag of broken bones.
Silver Silver then goes looting the bodies for anything off worth before draging them off to slightly out of sight of the road in the wasteland. Nature will take it's course.