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Owner Pose
Esscast Esscast enters the bar cradleing hex like a child before setting her down "a bottle of wiskey for me and a glass of milk for the kid" he says smiling knowing full well hex is not a kid
Hex hex growls and continues to squirm, "I'M NOT A KID, YOU BASTARD!!!"
Qwillis     The click of metal step echoed by a booted step has Qwillis come in behind Ess and Hex. He'd pause, watching Ess set her on her feet.. then order her milk. Looking over Hex, then to Esscast, Q just shakes his head and heads for the bar himself.
Esscast "oh hey q, how you doing?" esscast question while distincing himself from the vry angrey hex who just recived her milk
Hex Hex glares at the milk, grabs it, and throws the contents at Esscast while muttering 'not a kid' under her breath.
Qwillis     Q smiles towards Ess, nodding lightly. "Well enough, Private. Yourself? Who is your.. companion?" Q would blink as Ess ducks aside from a glass of milk that would peg Q right in the chest. He'd stumble a step and get soaked in the white liquid. Fortunately, his arm doesn't look like it shorts out or goes dead. Qwillis looks at it a moment himself, flexing the hand and then, realizing, he just got hit by milk! "Hey! I didn't do it.. why are you hitting me?"
Esscast Esscast says "sorry q i didnt want to get soaked, meet my gi- im mean friend hex"
Hex "We're lovers." Hex deadpaned, ordering herself a shot of vodka.
Qwillis     Q looks beteen Ess and Hex, blinking. He'd scratch his cheek with that metal fingertip. "I. uh. I see. Well. Uh. Nice to meet you, Miss Hex. I'm Qwillis. I.. uh.. congradulations?" He'd frown, glancing between Ess and Hex. "What do you say in response to such a thing?"
Esscast Esscast shrugs "nothing i guess" as he looks down to hex then back to quillis "if you must know shes of age"
Hex "Did you think I was a kid, too?! What's wrong with you, people? I'm 19!!!"
Qwillis     Qwillis blinks, looking between hex and Ess, before both hands, one metal, one flesh, are held up. "I did not think or wonder any such thing. I don't know why you had to point such out to me, Ess." Shaking his head, he'd sigh and look at Hex. "Please, Miss Hex, do not be upset. I'm sure that wasn't for me. You do have a youthful beauty to you."