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Iris Lark Puffy clouds are spread across an otherwise clear blue sky, the sun high and shining bright. Iris is curled up on a porch swing, her legs tucked underneath her as she nurses a large mug of something emitting steam. A large white bandage is wrapped around her head, while another bandage is tied around her left thigh. The swing moves slowly, back and forth, a small piglet sleeping underneath.
Camilla     "I can see that I picked a good time to come and check on you..." says a soft and familiar voice. Camilla finishes peaking around the corner and without asking, she makes her way on to the porch proper and starts to give Iris a look over. "Good gods" she spurts out once she gets that good look. "What in the world happened?"
Iris Lark "I'm honestly not sure, a bit..fuzzy on the detais." Iris murmurs, raising her mug towards Camilla as she shifts on the swing, giving the woman room to sit down if she would want. "I just know that a medic found me in the wasteland yesterday, patched me up and got me home." She sniffs her mug and takes a sip. "How are you doing, Camilla?"
Camilla     "You don't remember?" replies Camilla with a rather worried and suprised look on her face. She moves forward and plops her medic bag, the one she always carries with her, on to the floor. With that, she starts giving Iris a very close look over. "I was fine until I found you in this state.." she replies plainly. "How are you feeling overall?"
Iris Lark Iris winces a bit, her shoulders jerking in a shrug. "Sore, but okay." She mumbles, setting her tea on a table. "I don't remember much, I was travelling along the settlements, I remember seeing three men, and..someone called me Sparrow? Then I woke up, and it was just ..pain."
Camilla     "Have you talked to the sheriff about any of this? If three men jumped you, we need to try and find out why. If they called you Sparrow, they might have mistaken you for her, and she might be in danger..."
Iris Lark "No, I haven't spoken to him about it yet." Iris says, her eyes on her knees before she glances back up to Camilla, giving her a slight grin. "I don't know how they could mistaken us, I'm..not blonde." She blinks a few times and then sighs. "I will tell them, and she has been in danger in the's just.." She shakes her head and rubs a hand over her face. "I wish I could just stay here sometimes, and not have to go out into the world."
Camilla     Camilla sighs and nods as she listens. "Yes, well, who knows. Maybe they thought you were disguising yourself.." she adds as she reaches in to her medic bag. "I, I know Iris.." Cami add as she pulls out some new bandages. "I'm going to take a look at your wounds, and make sure that other medic didn't miss anything ok?" she asks of her very close friend.

    "I'm not sure that sitting in one place, stagnant, is the right thing for any of us to do."
Iris Lark "Honestly, I just want my life to be less complicated." Iris says, and when she shifts on the swing she winces and sighs. "Sure, go ahead Camilla, I haven't looked at them, I haven't wanted to." She stays still so the other woman can work, keeping her eyes fixed on one of the plant boxes so she doesn't flinch.
Camilla     Camilla exhales deeply and nods, "Yes, well, you and I both.." she replies plainly. "That's just not how the world works though Iris, we both know this." She stops talking at that point and goes about taking off the old bangages, checking the wounds, cleaning, new bandages, et all. "There, feeling any better at all?"
Iris Lark "Thank you Camilla, yes.." Iris says, smiling up at the woman. "I think I can make things less complicated for myself, and ..I'm going to make an attempt to do it." She says, picking her tea up again. "Might fail, but hey..I might also succeed."
Camilla     Cami smiles warmly and plops down on the floor, no doubt wanting to let Iris have the swing all to herself. "I, wish I understood exactly what you were talking about. I suppose all I can do is wish you the best of luck and tell you that I'll always be there for you and if you succeed, maybe you can teach me how to make my life less complicated."
Iris Lark "You don't want to know the complications I've managed to ensnare myself in." Iris says, grinning at Camilla as she settles to sit. While she's wounded and slightly pale, she does look somewhat at peace. "How are things going at the Clinic? Are people being kind?"
Camilla     "You don't know that I don't want to know.." retorts cami as she sticks her tounge out for a brief moment. She smiles brightly and shrugs her shoulders to the set of questions. "Slow, thankfully and well, yes, they are being kind. I've met a few people as well and well, I guess everyones just gotten used to having me around."
Iris Lark "I don't even want to hear it, and I'm living it." Iris says, and she drapes a leg out from under the light blanket on her lap and sets the swing in motion again. "Are you happy though? You're not overwhelmed?"
Camilla     Cami nods to the first statement as she finds something to lean back against, stretching her legs out. "I am happy, happy enough anyway. As to being overwhelmed? No, not really."
Iris Lark "If you'd like, when you're bored you can help out in Acme." Iris says, taking another sip of her tea and grinning at Camilla. "There is a lot going on there at the moment, and I could always use the help."
Camilla     Camilla smiles again and nods. "Ok, I'll do that. I've, actually been thinking of trying to purchase some land and build my own home out here in avalon as well."
Iris Lark "Yeah?" Iris says, a smile on her face. "Something small or something bigger?" She asks, setting aside her tea before she leans down to scoop up Bacon. "I wish I were able to grow things, I kind of want to start a small farm."
Camilla     "Something small, but homely..if that makes any sense.." camilla replies plainly. "I'd like to have a bit of a farm myself."
Iris Lark "It does make sense, it's pretty much what I've got here." Iris says, glancing around the porch, a happy smile on her face. "Though, I'll be honest and say that I have considered just going out, and having someone dig me a bunker in the middle of nowhere."
Camilla     "Well, if you do, save me a room in that bunker please?" asks Camilla with a bright and doofy looking smile on her face. "I, ask, because you're literally the only person I feel safe with and comfortable with, so, yeah.."
Iris Lark "I'll save you a space." Iris says, matching grins with Camilla. "We'll have to keep an eye on each other, because obviously I can't heal myself well when I'm injured and you need someone to talk to." She giggles softly and leans in to poke Camilla. "Plus, board games are boring alone."
Camilla     "Well, I can't heal myself when I'm hurt either!" she retorts with a huge gigglefit. "Oh, and talk to, that's always nice." She giggles at the poke and pokes back, "What's a board game?"
Iris Lark "It's a game, where the board sort of tells you what to do and when." Iris says, stopping the swing so she can push herself slowly to her feet. "I'm going to grab a fresh drink, do you want something?"
Camilla     "Ah, ok, well, you'll have to teach me about that..." she replies plainly. "Hmm? Oh, yes, tea is fine. Do you have anything to eat?"
Iris Lark "I do, I'll just be a few minutes." Iris murmurs, limping towards the back door with a grin. She slips inside and movement can be heard and when she walks back out she has a medium sized plate with some sandwiches on it. Two glasses of juice in her other hand. She sets the sandwiches down on the swing and hands Camilla her drink. Easing herself back on the swing she sighs. "I'm glad it's a decent day out today."
Camilla     "Thank you Iris.." replies Cami softly as she watches the woman limp off, and it suddenly dawns on her that she should have offered to help. Stupid cami...real stupid. "Thank you very much, and me to.." in regards to the day being nice and all that.
Corwin     From the front comes a knocking. Outside the door, Corwin is mysteriously without her power armor. Instead, the woman is wearing her normal brotherhood jumpsuit. Padded with rings, belts, and other accessories in the classic maroon and black colour configuration that gives the suit its distinctive look. The suit is semi-unzipped and she's fanning herself with some papers.
Iris Lark Iris hears the door and she walks around the porch until she spots Corwin. She raises her hand to wave at the woman and then beckons her to follow. "How are you doing today?" She says as she limps back the way she came from. "We're sitting out back here, enjoying the weather." As they round the corner to where Camilla sits, the piglet Bacon spots someone new and trots over to take a peek.
Camilla     Camilla is just sitting on the floor, drinking and munching. Corwin will get a warm and friendly smile followed by a wave.
Corwin     Corwin waves when she spots Iris and follows her. "I'm doing well. I know I'd said we'd talk earlier," she pauses and smiles, spotting Camilla. "Ah, hello. It's a pleasure to meet you, I'm Knight Corwin."
Iris Lark "How have the wastelands found you?" Iris says, settling on the porch swing, before she pats the seat beside her. Camilla is sitting on the porch itself, her back resting on one of the posts. "It can be a bit scary out here, to be honest, so I hope you haven't been having too hard of a time."
Corwin     Corwin sits next to Iris at the indicated swing seat. Gently, she begins swinging forward and back, laughing to herself a bit. "It's been relatively harmless. A few ghouls, a few radroach exterminations. There is always work to be had helping out the homestead. I hope things have been going well for you. You mentioned we might have work together?"
Iris Lark "Well you said you were a medic of sorts, yes?" Iris asks, leaning back against the porch swing, a smile still on her face. A large white bandage on her head stands out a bit, but she doesn't seem to be bothered by it much. "We can always use more medics around here, it keeps us from all getting overwhelmed and grouchy."
Corwin     Corwin nods, "Not a field medic, but a surgical doctor, yes." She smiles in return after looking back to Iris, "There is always a demand for doctors. People are always getting hurt. Speaking of, have you been taking care of your bandages?"
Iris Lark "Yes, people have been keeping two eyes on me, making me take care of myself." Iris says, chuckling softly as her fingers come up to touch the bandage gingerly. "So you're a surgeon? That is amazing, you've knowledge of anatomy and the like?" She asks, her eyebrows quirking upwards a bit. "I've been wanting to learn more about anatomy, honestly, my education is mostly what I've been shown from other Healers."
Camilla     "I just changed her bandages" pipes up Cami softly from her spot on the floor. She looks up at Iris and grins, "No touchy on said Bandages /doc/" adds cami as she keeps that grin on Iris. "Terrible patient, amazing doctor..." she adds towards Corwin with a smile.
Corwin     Slowly, Corwin's swings decrease in momentum. "Good," she laughs, "we don't need any new wounds opening." She nods in response, "Absolutely, and I'd happily give you a hands on lesson regarding anatomy. But I usually charge for that." She winks, then looks over to Camilla. "You did a great job with the wrapping. Nice work."
Iris Lark "As long as we don't need to dig up any bodies." Iris says, looking a bit squicked at the prospect. "I am not a terrible patient, I'm just.." She fidgets, pulling at her sleeves with her long fingers. "..I just am used to the doing and not the having things done, you know?" She pushes her plate towards Corwin. "If you're hungry, please, take a sandwich."
Camilla     Camilla smiles warmly at Corwin, "Thank you.." she replies plainly, that smile turning in to a bit of a beaming facial expression. Someone seems to enjoy hearing that she did good. She turns slowly to Iris and smiles at her, "Yes, I know, but you're just going to have to deal with it..." she adds with a stuck out tounge.
Corwin     Corwin takes one of the offered sandwiches, "Thank you! I'd love a sandwich." She takes a bite out of it and watches the exchange between the two, before adding, "There won't be any corpses involved, don't worry."
Iris Lark "Oh good, I heard about a man who used to dig up corpses to study the insides of them." Iris says, shuddering as she takes a sip of her juice. "We used to hear stories about it, something like a boogey man in the camps. If we died, we wouldn't pass to the light because he'd take our insides." She grins at the pair and rolls her eyes. "I shouldn't be swayed by something so silly, I know."
Camilla     "I heard something about it in my camp as well, though it was in passing and just as a means to keep us in check I imagine..." Cami replies to Iris plainly. "Who knows though, maybe there is someone that digs up dead people?"
Corwin     "We had all kinds of scary stories about outsiders," muses Corwin. She starts swinging again to build up momentum. "Though it's just to prevent us from leaving the bunker. As you'd expect. Only the soldiers really get to leave for supply missions."
Iris Lark Iris wrinkles her nose as she gazes at Corwin. "Well, have you found any of the stories to be true?" She asks, a curious look on her face as she sets her drink aside. "I mean, I don't know that I would have prefered a bunker to a camp, either way it seems.." She shakes her head and lets her voice trail off, squinting thoughtfully out at the wasteland.
Camilla     Camilla just blinks a few times and at this point, it seems she's decided she doesn't really have much to add to the conversation. As such, she retreats in to her own little world and goes about sipping on the rest of her tea and listening to Iris and Corwin talk.
Corwin     "Well, there are monsters in the wasteland, but the people aren't one of them," Corwin replies. "What about you two? Have your stories been true from camp?"
Iris Lark "No." Iris responds, a frown forming on her face. "The Legion looks down on anything that isn't male or useful." She says, her voice quiet as her shoulders tense up. "The way that Caesar's people did things.. they were not okay, they're still not okay. There are people who think that it is - and I hope they learn better at some point in their lives."
Camilla     Camilla looks up to Corwin as she makes the commet about people not being monsters, and without saying anything, she stands up and heads inside the house with what ever dishes she had in her hands. No doubt to clean them. It seems though that Corwin just said something that really, really, upset Camilla and for now, she's excused herself from the conversation.
Corwin     "Oh, we're not talking about camping with friends." Corwin says, oblivious and blinking. "The Legion are monsters, but I've only read record on them. I'm so sorry."