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Sarah Sarah Wayne has let it be known she is cleaning up Old Sheriff Wayne's home in the city for the decendent's of the Wayne founders to move in. The woman is outside washing down the old picnic table, varnish nearby to protect the ancient wood. She currently wares and old cotton dress, or possibly just slip.
Lee     Lee was off duty, so wasn't in his normal getup of the power armor, salvaged or otherwise. Instead, in a private's uniform with that duster to ward off the weather, he'd head over to where he heard Sarah was at.
    Looking up at the house as he'd approach, there's a low whistle of appreciation given. Spotting Sarah over at the table, he'd turn from walking up to the door to stop near where she works. There's a moment's pause, admiring beauty of course, before Lee gives a light wave. "Oi.. heya, Sarah? Was hopin ya might help me out, yah? I'm a bit messed up from em regular patrols I'm doin.. so lookin fer someone ta help me feel better.."
Sarah Sarah looks up at the whistle, grinning when she finds it was meant for her. A towel is picked up and she wipes her hands off, "Thank you." The woman says in her soft smooth voice. "Good day, Private Lee. Please, join me on the porch." A motion in that direction, a head shake and a hand brush through the silken black hair. "My bag is up there." She comments as she walks towards the steps. The old doctor's bag sits in one rocking chair. "Let's see what we have here."
Lee     Lee flashes a grin at Sarah and nods. He'd shoulder that x-bow, cinching the strap to make sure it goes no where. Stepping up onto the porch, he'd look around then to Sarah with a small shrug. "Ain't nothin major.. justa buncha lil crap, yah? Bruises, sore muscles, so on. Gotta couple of cuts, but ain't nothin too serious.. just worn and draggin me down.."
Sarah Sarah takes the time to re-wrap the bandages, and applies ointment to the bruises. She is gentle and careful, judging each issue seperately. A bit of a tissue massage and acu-pressure. "There now, that's a start.. But." The woman says with a smile as she straightens, "Looks like there is some more I could do, it would fix you right up. If you have a little time." She offers pleasantly and adds a playful brow lift.
Lee     Lee nods his thanks to Sarah and shifts a little to test the bandaging. Looking over to her at her offer, he'd smile slightly and nod in response. "Ah.. I think I'd like that, Sarah.. I'm off duty.. so, I got plenty of time, yah?"
Sarah "I have more tricks than the medicine bag contains. You know, I was rather famous in New Reno." She brushes herself off and offers a hand to the young soldier.
Lee     Lee chuckles and takes Sarah's hand, getting to his feet with a nod. "Hmm.. well.. then I'll be happy ta put myself inta yer gentle services, Sarah.. Ifn ya can help me out, makes my life easier, fer sure."
Sarah The young man is lead through an ornate sitting room decorated with many pictures of the Wayne family, and a grand fire place with a pair of couches for talking. Right into a door off the side. It is well, a large kitchen. Dutch oven, Franklin stove, counters lined with wash basins and other things like a hotplate. A table that would seats six in motioned at with a hand wave. "Make yourself comfortable." She sets about getting out butter and flour. A little water. The dutch oven is lit. "So, how are things for the militia, Mr. Lee. Is that your first or last name?" She asks as she brings the Franklin stove up, light the wood stored inside.
Lee     Lee follows after the lovely woman. He'd look around as they'd head in and take off that duster to leave by the door as appropriate. Nodding to Sarah, there's a small smiel given. "It's just Lee.. I ain't been much of anythin fer a long while.." He'd muse, then shrugs slightly. "Eh.. I've always just been Lee. Lost my family a long time ago.. ain't had new ta be too bothered with tryin fer a family name. As fer the militia.. this last bit a crap ain't nothin ta scoff at. Burnin farms and rottin food? Bad stuff comin, fer sure."
Sarah "Fair enough, Lee." Sarah steps back into the pantries, coming out with a bundle of spices and a few mason jars. All set on the counter. She pulls down some skillets. The pans are buttered, then puts them on the stove to heat. "Yea, it has been a mess. Fortunately, I started fixing the house up before that happen. First move, stock up the kitchen." The woman says, cleaning the counter and dropping the flour mix down. A little water, then she pats up the dough, flattening it back out with a rolling pin. Cutting circles out, recycle before loading them to the oven. "Comfy, I can whip up some coffee or tea, or I have whiskey."
Lee     Lee smiles back to Sarah as he'd watch her set up to cook that dough. "Mmm.. I'm a coffee man, fer sure.. but I ain't ever gonna turn down whiskey. Always been somethin I've enjoyed." He'd shake his head a little. "Do ya know 'bout my past..? I dunno how far around that's gotten.."
Sarah As the tortillas are cooking, she slices up the sausages, peppers, wild onions and adds them to a pan. Precooked beans to another. "No, haven't heard about it, Lee." A pot brought down, and she adds water from the pump. Rice seasoned, and mixed with maize is added to the water, that added to the stove. A stir here and there and a check of the torts and frying pans as she listens.
Lee     Lee watches Sarah work. Huh.. this? This could be easily gotten use to. He'd blink after a moment and shakes his head. "Ahh.. sorry. Uh.. well.. I was a merc 'fore the War. Got frozen in a vault, yah? I woke up ta the whole place trashed.. I was left fer dead too.. so.. I had nothin left. Now.. I'm just parta the militia.. went from a leader ta.. nothin. A grunt. heh."
Sarah "Really, before the war? What was it like, most ghouls I have spoken to, and I admit it has been brief, they don't say much? Did you have a car? A robot? Was medicine really a lot more advanced than we have recoved?" Once the tortillas are finished, they are pulled from the oven. A large platter taken from the cupboard. Several are put aside, but two cover the platter. His whiskey is fetched and poured. Then she is back to the stove, stirring again, a hint of oil added to the meat with a sizzle, beans mashed with a wooden spoon and stirred and flipped. The rice maintained till the water boils. It is drained over the sink. The content then dumped on the sizzling meat and mixed. While that heats back to a popping, she shreds the cheese. A cup of the cheese added to the hot pan. Mix till it melts, pull from the heat. Healthy portions added to the two tortillas. Wrapped tight and close, then she serves with a fork. A lean to his ear, "That should be a bit better than militia food."
Lee     Lee chuckles quietly, grinning at Sarah as he'd watch her finish that cooking. "Hmm.. I had a car. And a robot. Medicine was pretty good.. but I was a good 'nuff merc ta not get shot up that much, eh? Armor was better too.. fer sure.." Lee smiles warmly to Sarah and nods his thanks. He'd take up the food and carefully eat it, savoring every bite as he'd enjoy immensely what she cooked for him. "Delish.. I know who ta come to fer thanksgivin now.."