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Martin The Super Mutant Hoard threat is looming and growing closer. The food shortage plauging the area, is helping with anyone feeling at ease. The wasteland is choking the good and the life out of people. And the immortal radiated gifted ghouls that still have their souls and minds with them, are equally afraid of the Super Mutant Hoard. They've formally reached out to the gleeming city on the hill, El Dorado. They've been constructing walls and its been going fantastically so far. The Ghouls attempts haven't been going as well. They need help. Supplies. Blue prints. Strategic planning. Anything. And ED Answer. With Grover and Cleo. How will they help? The GM doesn't know, but wants to find out!
Grover Grover comes in carrying his axe on his shoulder. "Did someone need trees cut down?..or are we doing this the proper way, with bricks and mortar?"
Cleo Cleopatra is no expert on wall construction. She's been assigned to Roswell area patrols for some time, though, and so she learned early on of the ghouls' desire for protection. She's volunteered to act as a delegate from the militia while the walls are being worked on. Her intent is four-fold: to act as a liaison with the ghouls, to keep the area secure for the construction, to provide a sense of leadership, and to discern and address supply needs for the project. She's dressed in her black officer's uniform.

"That's a good question," she says to Grover. "Once we find the leader here, we can work out what we'll need and what needs doing."
Grover Grover looks around, "Well, I'm thinking the locals won't be much help..."
Martin The pair walk into Roswell, though its been cleared of a lot of the ferals, the town still doesn't quite feel like a town. A place where folks call home. As they walk and talk, eventually they see some Ghouls, wearing clothes, and aren't bolting after them to devour them alive. And then one of the ghouls in a nicer ish brown pre war suit calls over to them in that ghoul gravely smoker like voice, "Hey, smooth skins." He says, gesturing them over to picnic table. "Over here."
Grover Grover blinks, "Smooth skins.....sounds like the name of a hippie bongo player" He shakes his head a bit, as he moves towards the picnic table.
Cleo Upon being greeted by the ghoul in the brown suit, Cleo nods her head slightly back at him. "I'm sure you'd be surprised. People are usually willing to put in work when it comes to protecting their livelihood," she says to Grover as she starts toward the picnic table. Her carbine is slung across her back and her other firearms are tucked away in her coat.

"Lieutenant Cleopatra McKinsey, El Dorado Militia. Logistics. You requested help with building your wall?"
Martin He smiles at them, or at least thats the impression. He doesn't have too much of lips and his left cheek is missing, but whats left of the skin stretches upward, exposing more of his teech. In that same gravely smokey voice, "Provisional Mayor Bob, of the fair folks of Roswell." He then gestures for them to take a seat on the picnic table. "Yes, we have. It's very unlikely that the Hoard when it comes through this area, will leave Roswell unmolested. And we haven't been a township for very long. We havent even gotten a lot of homes made up yet, and seems we need to drasticalyl change focus."
Grover Grover takes a seat at the table, the seat creaking a bit. "Yes, I've seen the horde up close...they don't leave anything untouched. So everwhere is unsafe when they show up."
Cleo "Nice to meet you, Bob." Cleopatra settles down onto one of the benches, leaning her elbows against the tabletop. "Walls won't be all you need if the mutants come knocking. Most they'll buy you is time, if you don't have the means to fight back," she muses. "And there are security concerns inside Roswell, too. Patrol duty up this way is always interesting." She offers a reassuring smile.

"That's part of why I'm here, though. Assessing the security you've got in place and advising on how we can make it better. First question I've got for you is: what's your manpower like? How many of you do you reckon could fire a gun, given training?" Then, she adds, "If you want, we can start on a walk-around of the perimeter to see what we have to work with and what we need. I'm sure the scrapyard could provide us with some materials - if your people would be willing to work on gathering supplies from there, it'd be helpful."
Martin Bob the Mayor says, "Well, we do have some able bodies that know how to shoot, and more that can learn how to shoot. We lack enough arms for every able body though." The mayor says. He stands up. "And yea, lets talk a walk around what we hope to defend. Its smaller then what we were hoping to make Roswell as. But beggers can't be chooser." He starts to lead them over to the edge of town. " We got the some supplies in junkyard. Though the deeper you go in, the more feral the ghouls get... and its." He pauses, and turn his head down and shakes it. "Its a lot harder on us ghouls to take down a feral ghoul. A lot of time, someone knew them. They were friends, lovers, neighbors. For decades."
Grover Grover says, "so, let me get this straight...even if you build a wall to keep out the could be attacked by your own people inside the walls, that aren't all quite there. Right...rock meet hard place.""
Cleo "I'll see what supplies I can requisition from the armory. We'll need to provide oversight of any equipment lease-lent, though," Cleopatra says as she picks herself up to follow Bob as they begin the tour. "Do the ferals attack when your people try to gather supplies in the junkyard? If they're a problem, I'll try and arrange security for salvaging ops while we're working with you." She draws in a breath through her nostrils. "Lot of work to be done. It's a shame I can't be in two places at once. Do you have a working long-range radio around here?"
Martin Mayor Bob shakes his head. "No, no. Well not usually. We dont really know why they dont. Sometime they will. Most of the time, they'll just stand or just stay laying on the ground. Some of them, are kinda territoral. Like there this one feral we call Two Car Joe." As he continues to walk around the hopeful permitter of the Roswell. "Two car Joe, is a feral. He can't talk. Usually just stands. But if you get near these two highman, goes fuck'in nuts. Starts yelling, rushes at you. So far, he hasn't actually attacked. But the problem is, that if you trigger Two Car Joe, and he starts yelling, it attacts all the other ferals. They all get agiated. And it takes like two or three days for the entire lot to calm down. And Jody in town. Jody, a sweet gal. Hopes to open a shop. Well, see. She knows Two Car Joe. Or did. They were married before the bombs. Well, taking care of Two Car Joe would mean killing Josy husband."
Grover Grover says, "Well, knowing that could be useful.....if the mutants do end up getting in, and they could somehow be funneled to where the ferals are, the ferals would take up the fight...they'd just attack anything it would solve a lot of your feral problems after wards...yes..nice.""
Cleo "That's... a pretty awful story," Cleo says as she subconsciously runs her hand against the weight of the ten millimeter pistol under her coat. "Y'all must've been around a long time. I can arrange for the Joe problem to be resolved, if he's guarding parts that we'll need." She bites her lip. As she walks with Bob and Grover, she's keeping an eye out for vantage points that might be used for shooters to defend the area from, both before and after a wall would be put up. "You'll need sniper nests with eyes over the wall, if we can get it done. Do you have any spare accomodations here that we could use to move in a long-term detachment for security and training? I'll be willing to lead it, if I can convince command to give us the go-ahead." She turns to Grover, quirking her lips. "That might be true. Walls in the infested areas should be a lesser priority. Get them up in the secure zones before we start clearing the ferals out."
Martin Bob pulls out a note pad from his jacket, and starts jotting down notes. "I'm not in favor of using the ferals like that. I dont think a lot of folks in town will be too. But if you two feel strongly that is something we need to do, then we'll bite the bullet. I dont really know how big the hoard is. We were freighten when we saw the mushroom cloud a few months ago." Makes a note on sniper towers. "And we can make room for folks sure. It might not be fancy. Just a tent city, but we can make due. It depends on numbers of course." Says Bob. "Now do you have thoughts on what we do if we lose Rosewell? Can we go to El Dorado?" Bob asks
Grover Grover says, "Oh, I don't see why not...maybe we should just move you all there now, and just leave the ferals here...yeah, they could be bait....just set the whole town to explode after it gets invaded...I like how you think mayor!""
Cleo Bob's question gives Cleo pause - she actually stops in her tracks for a couple of seconds. She lowers her head, then picks up her boots again. "I'll be honest, Bob. I don't have the authority to say for sure. I think we could find a place for you in Shanty Town. Maybe even in the militia headquarters. I'd say that if it were my call, we'd be willing to cross that bridge when we come to it. But I plan on doing everything we can to make sure Roswell doesn't fall."

She looks toward the south as they walk, lips pursing while Grover speaks, before chiming in again. "That's why I was asking about the radio. If we can make arrangements for Roswell to be able to hold in a siege situation, then a radio could let us call for reinforcements to break a siege. A lot of settlements have roads leading to here, too, so I'd like to have this as a fallback point for them."
Martin Bob nods. "Well we don't have a fancy radio tower like we you have over at Dorado. But we can figure out a signaling system anyway. Runners. Smoke signals. A pony express system. So you can run horses as hard as possible, and then get a fresh a horse then run it as hard as possible, until it go to ED. Your radio tower is strong enough for us to listen, so we can send a courier and get instructions. But if we can make a radio, that would be swell. I dont even know if thats possible." Bob says as they're about half away around Roswell.
Grover Grover listens, as he pictures the ghouls riding horses..."Ghost riders in the sky...trying to catch the devils herd across the endless sky....yippie ka yea, yippie ky yo..,.yeah, I could see ghouls on horses...." he shakes his head a bit, as he wanders off.
Cleo "We'll get something arranged. Things are getting stretched thin with the arsonist attacks on the farms in the outskirts, but Roswell is important," Cleo says as she sweeps the area with her eyes. "I'll make a personnel request. Put out feelers for building contractors who're willing to stay in Roswell until the walls can get put up. We'll need tents, guns, and food. I'm going to call in all the favours I can on this. Hell, I'll oversee the operation personally, HQ willing." She looks to Bob. "I'd like to meet as many of your people as I can make time to so that I know which of your people to put in touch with which of ours. Who's in charge of security?"
Martin And Bob and Cleo and Grover finish the premiter walk. They talk about arming the citizens, getting them guns, how to build wall, and it should be strong, signaling to Dorado, and possibily retreating to Dorado if Roswell were to fall.