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Vault Girl Late Night in El Dorado (Sometime in the future)

It was not one, or two, but three massive explosions that were felt and heard throughout the city of El Dorado and the surrounding area.

The Shantytown Wall which was under construction was the site of the first explosion, presumably killing dozens who were on the night shift of construction duty.

The town grain stores, housed near Town Hall were the site of the second explosion; the force of the blast demolishing near half of the Town Hall itself; with no accounting for who might have been dead or lost in the blast.

The third blast occurs at the Militia Base itself where the armory is targeted. Unlike the other two explosions, this one is the longest continuous stream of explosions likely due to the ordinance and weaponry that had been caught in the explosion and set off.

The old air raid siren is sounding across the city and DJ Wild Bill is urging residents to stay inside or somewhere safe until it's known what is happening.

There are three possible locations you can be or head to. Please preface/put at the top of your pose where you head. These are SHANTYTOWN WALL, TOWN HALL, & MILITIA BASE.
Vuk Vuk had little use for the proper parts of El Dorado; he had how ever, spent...long hours in Shanty Town. When sound of danger comes, he'll respond to that, power armor whirring as he approaches, scanning for danger. Scanning for signs the medical clinic might be under attack. Which is the closest thing he has to a home in this place.
Guardian Caldwell MILITIA BASE

Caldwell was in the Militia base, just returning from a standard patrol around the El Dorado Wastes, when the explosions go off. He looks around hurridly, worried about the armory and if anyone might be injured trying to go about their day protecting folks. To which he waits until the explosions are done then proceeds to storm the armory, looking for any signs of injury or death. "Is anyone in here?" he asks, raising his laser musket.
Walker Town Hall/Walker had been trying to sleep, or at least had a few beers towards that direction when the explosions went off. Nothing ruins the need to sleep more than explosions and instantly he is up on his feet. The ranger doesn't really care where the explosions are coming from but Town Hall seems close and that is probably where people might gather to form a defense. He heads that direction as quickly as possible, grabbing Gwin to go along with him.
Gwin TOWN HALL: Drawn outside by the noise, Gwin looks around her yard. She probably should stay inside, where it's safe, but for all she knows, it could be on the list of places to blast. She drifts out onto the street proper, and then down towards the Town Hall to see what happened, and how she can help. That's about when Walker grabs her arm to hurry her along. Shooting daggers at him with her eyes, she yanks her arm free and can walk herself, thank you very much.

    Camilla was currently out of the Clinic, that being quite literally her home. Tonight she had made the choice to check on the night shift people at the Shantytown Wall, bringing her medical supplies, and any other basic supplies she could carry with her. No doubt, she's now flat on her back and her ears are ringing from the force and noise of the explosion at the wall. Her first order of buisness will be to check herself, then move to begin triageing everyone else.
Alasa Alasa makes for the Town hall, when she hears the the explosions. Coming from the direction of the gold digger, where she had been trying her luck at the tables. "Oh good...bad luck at the tables, hopefully this will balance things out.."
Iris Lark Shantytown wall

Iris was already at the clinic when the explosions went off, and she wasn't sure what was happening but decided to take a peek. Rubble was still plinking from the sky, settling with the dust, and bodies were lying everywhere. She immediately moved to assist Camilla with treating the injured, ignoring the possibility that another explosion might happen at any time.
Esscast the wall: Esscast was in the local bar chatting with a local when the explosions hit "shit" he grabs his lmg making sure its loaded before loading his bulletbelts on himself "cathren get the people to safty im going for the wall running as fast as his legs could carry him he makes it to the wall climbing the little bit still standing and cocking his machein gun "bless it be thy loard and train my hands for battle"

Ashur was at none of the locations initially; he was taking a midnight stroll during his trip to El Dorado, planning to catch a caravan ride the next day back to New Rome to rest and recuperate. Curing the virus had taken a grievous toll on his body, leaving him exhausted and listless; he's been vegetating at Celeste's ranch since.

When the explosions begin, lighting up the night sky, Ashur follows the fires-- draws to them like a moth to flame, until his feet find him brought to the militia base with all haste. Clad in toga and cloak, with naught on him but a power fist, he isn't exactly in combat shape.. nevertheless, his instincts tell him that if there's an attack, the militia's armory is what will be raided. They hardly should want vagabonds and villains stealing from them.

Lt. Cleo McKinsey is at a desk in the militia headquarters, her head laying face-down against it with a list of supplies on a piece of paper on the desktop under her when the room shakes from the force of the nearby explosion. She snaps up, eyes opening blearily as she looks around. "Shit..." When the explosions keep coming, she scrambles to her feet, knocking over her chair in her haste to grab her hat, her coat and her gun before she rushes out into the night.

The first thing she does is move to the barracks to get reinforcements. "Up and at 'em, people! We're under attack! Arm up, we need to secure the armory!"
Eden Militia Base: Eden was in the Militia base working on tune ups when the explosions start. She dives into the backseat of the nearest car to hide from anything falling until the booming stops. Once quiet, she gingerly steps back out and starts making her way out of the building- or to find anyone who can say what the heck just happened!

Fiona watched the explosions rise in the sky from the North Gate, wincing and blinking. A rare and meaningful kick is give to her palimino stallion to urge it to speed. Not a wild gallop, but a healthy stride. The militia woman by passes the base, full of trained soldiers and disciple warrior to head south down the street to the Town Hall. She draws around the assault carbine off her shoulder in preparation for combat. A quick survey from her elevator position, holding back just a moment.

Also at the Shantytown Wall, Rexus was heading out from the Medical clinic... his armor clinking along as he trundles down towards the wall, drawing his pistol as he does so. He's still injured by by god he's going to help!
Matt ||TOWN HALL||
    Matt was roused from deep slumber, tucked away in a back-alley that nobody knows is his current home. "Pops is blowing a stump up." Spoken groggily to himself as he tries to get back to sleep, but another explosion and another rouses him up and he remembers what state he is in now. He scoops up his rifle and slings it across his chest before he heads out onto a main street, then turns towards the Town Hall. The wall is too far, and the militia base is full of trained soldiers. Town hall is where he turns and hustles for to render assistance as best he can.
Vault Girl SHANTYTOWN WALL (Vuk, Camilla, Iris, Esscast, & Rexus)

Several sections of the Wall in-progress have been destroyed (If only all those folks who got investigations about saboteurs had done SOMETHING!) and there are at least two dozen corpses worth of body parts, charred and extra crispy scattered throughout the area.

There are at least twice the many survivors, like many of the workers, they are the disenfranchised poor of Shantytown which really have nowhere else to go other than in the shadow of El Dorado. Many of them are refugees who came here from Mexico to start a new life, one tragically cut short.

MILITIA BASE (Caldwell, Ashur, Cleo, & Eden)

Surprisingly, despite the fact that it had been the site of the initial blast and many after-explosions, the gunmetal grey above-ground Bunker that served as the armory has been turned black and is mostly intact. The smell of gunpowder is strong, but given the hour it's unlikely anyone had been working.

There is no sign of the bomber but there are multiple soldiers who were near-by and hit with debris that are screaming for help and even several people rolling on the ground trying to put out fires while several more troopers run around screaming in panic as they burn.

TOWN HALL (Walker, Gwin, Alasa, Fiona, & Matt)

The grain stores are utterly destroyed along with most of the 'City Food Stocks' that are kept there, not just for use in trade but also for distribution through the city and emergency usage. This only made the current food crisis work.

Town Hall seems to have also been badly damaged and many of the Town Council Members who had been in a late night session with the mayor are among the dead or missing. It's Walker and Gwin who spot the unconscious and badly burned form of Mayor Caine not far from them in some of the rubble along with several others who seem to have been caught in the blast.
Vuk Vuk will kneel before the wall, observing the damage...and taking note of the various body parts. "Form an orderly line to be processed for medical assistance!" He suddenly booms out at those who were near the wall, injured..or -involved-. "As medical personnel become available, you will receive attention!" He barks out in the mechanical wash of his power armor's voice, slowly beginning to stride towards the wall. If he was a Raider..which you know, he sort of is? This is when he'd send an assault team to raze Shanty Town!

     Rexus waddles up to the Shantytown walls, bedecked in his power armor.. if anything it might help to boost morale. His voice modulator amplifies his voice.. letting him bark over the din of wounded and cries of confusion. "Walking wounded to the rear... Medics up front... the wounded who ain't screaming go first." And he's walking past the wounded and towards the walls. "Rest of you get on the walls... this is a perfect chance to get through." he adds as he draws his pistol.

Gwin jabs Walker with her elbow. "Look! It's the mayor! I wonder if she's okay." She doesn't wait for his response before heading that way. Armed with only her basic first aid skills, she tries to find a pulse on Ms. Caine's neck, gaze sweeping over the other bodies nearby, wondering how many of them will turn out to be corpses.
Camilla     SHITTY WALL

    Cami spots Iris and exhales deeply, good, she's not alone in handling the survivors. No time to talk, no time to check on Iris, long as she's moving and not hurt, the both of them have work to do. Camilla's responding to those closet to her first, allowing Iris and any other medical personell to respond to those closest to them as well. Triage, is going to save the day here. Help those that can be helped with the least ammount of time, effort, and resources /first/. The others, will have to wait.

Iris stops Esscast from moving the bodies. "There are medics here, they shouldn't be moved." She murmurs quietly, as she kneels down to work on helping some of the injured. She opens her rucksack full of supplies and starts to pull out bandages, catgut, needles and her stimpak. She turns her attention to one of the screaming men, his leg gone, and tries to stop the bleeding. Her usually steady hands shaking slightly as she works.
Walker TOWN HO

Walker runs up to the Town hall and begins to look for survivors among the wreckage. Not much he can do about the destroyed grain and he never was much of a firefighter. Fortunatly he is a trained combat medic, maybe not the best around but good enough to help in a pinch. He recognizes the mayor imediately and kneels down beside her. Hopefully there is something he can do for her, otherwise he will have to move on to someone he can save. "Well she doesn't look ok darlin'. " With a hand he shoos Gwin away and moves in towards the injured woman. "Let me take a look."
Alasa Town Hall

Alasa picks up speed when she sees whats left of the town hall. "Ok, this was one hell of a blowout...and why do I smell oatmeal cooking." She looks around, as she moves towards the wounded and does what she can to help out. "If your hurt, and can call so..."
Matt ||Town Santa's Ho Ho Hos||
    Matt does a cursory sweep for combatants first. Bombings tend to be the beginning of an attack, not the end. At least, it'd be nice if he had someone to shoot, so far none of that has happened and he tucks away the rifle to try and help the injured the best he can, which is really just words of comfort. He is competely lost, and instead latchs onto a familiar face like Alasa. "Hey..where do you need me?"

Ashur strides through the smoke and gunpowder, storming past wounded troopers, men engulfed in flame, and others pinned under debris. It is the last of those the Goliath can assist-- he comes to one whose leg is likely broken, crushed beneath a chunk of roof or what might have once been a shelf, and stares down at him. "Cease your weeping," he tells the boy, who can't be older than nineteen, pimply and sunbaked. "It is a womanly gesture, and unfit for a soldier. Bite your knuckle; when I move this, it will hurt."

Ashur spreads his legs and squats, hooking his fingers beneath the rim of the debris. With a deep breath and a tightening of his stomach, he moves to lift it, and free the wailing child.

Coincidentally, he's near where Eden's lurking, separated by a small fire!

Fiona surveys the damage for a second, calling out "Get the wounded clear. Every one be careful." Then she slides from the stallion's saddle, wincing as she lands on her feet. Another glance around, the the horae is flap tethered across the stree out of danger. Fiona trots across the room, glancing up a couple of times. "Every body that is wounded but can move, cross the street.." That ed, Fiona heads for the city , "Kate! Somebidy find the mayor!".
Guardian Caldwell Militia BAE

Caldwell looks at the soldiers as they burn, he couldn't order to them to do anything, he didn't have much knowledge in being a leader. The only thing he can do is yell out "Stop, drop and roll damnit! Stop running around and panicing or you're going to fry!" hopefully a bit of encouragement in the form of not dying would be useful. He wasn't a medic either, so this would be very bad for the soldiers. There wasn't anything he could do for these poor sons of bitches except watch. Watch..and look in horror as El Dorado's finest die in front of him.
Esscast Esscast stays on his perch on the wall aiming down the sights of his lmg looking for any contact in this time of need "common were are you?"

Cleo doesn't stand around waiting for the soldiers to rouse. The sounds of men screaming draws her back outside, her boots pounding dirt as she makes a dash for the armory. When she sees a nearby soldier on fire and panicking, she screams at him, in a commanding voice: "Hit the dirt, soldier! Roll it out!" She whips her coat off with one motion, getting ready to use it in an attempt to help smother the flames.

"We've got to get water teams to the armory. EVERYONE! IF YOU'RE ON FIRE, DROP TO THE GROUND AND ROLL!"

Her eyes are peeled, looking for signs of further damage to come. "If you're not injured, help get anyone who can be moved away from the fire and to the medics!"

She turns toward Caldwell. "Guardian! Help people out of the debris! Your armor should let you get to people the rest of us can't!"
Eden, not sure of what else to do, grabs a blanket, wraps it around her, and looks for the clearest path to the door. Going towards it, she rounds a small burst of fire and runs directly into Ashur. She has no idea why he is there, but is glad to see him. 'Did you see any buckets?"
Rexus Shantytown

Rexus clambers up onto the wall as high as he can, trying to get a vantage over the walls and out into the wastes. "Careful Iris... someone might clack off a vest... secondary trap and all." he says, not that it's terribly helpful in a time like this. But, he looks out over the wall, keeping an eye out for anything suspicious.
Vault Girl SHANTYTOWN WALL (Vuk, Camilla, Iris, Esscast, & Rexus)

People begin to listen to Rexus and Vuk, mostly because they were an intimidating sight and could be heard easily over the panic and the fires. As told, those with the sense to, began to line up for medical treatment.

Esscast spies a lone figure running away from the wall off towards the Wasteland from his position, he might even have a shot if he took it now.

Camilla is able to provide medical attention to many who might not have made it otherwise, but there are far too many injuries that are going to require the Shantytown Clinic's facilities as well as Vault Town itself.

Iris, like Camilla is able to help several of the wounded and provide some comfort to those who might not make it, like the man with no legs but unless they got the wounded to the Clinics, they stood no chance.

MILITIA BASE (Caldwell, Ashur, Cleo, & Eden)

Some of the soldiers listen to Ashur, but several more who were not wounded or injured in the attack give him suspicious glances.

Guardian Caldwell is afforded a far greater degree of respect though and many of the soldiers who had failed to heed Ashur's advice, listened to him. He was positively inspiring!

Likewise at the orders of Cleo, the soldiers begin to form firefighting teams and medical teams begin to move out to treat or move the wounded as nessecary.

As Eden rounds the burst of fire, there is a man rolling on the ground in front of her crying for his mother.

TOWN HALL (Walker, Gwin, Alasa, Fiona, & Matt)

Gwin finds that Mayor Caine has a pulse, but most of the others who were there for the blast don't seem to have fared so well. There are few other survivors, but not all of the Town Councilors are accounted for.

Walker with his more advanced training will see that Mayor Caine is alive, but barely. Most of her skin is burned and it's a miracle the woman has survived at all. They would need to get her to Vault Town's Medical Facilities immediately if she was to survive.

Alasa's words are true, it does kind of smell like oatmeal, burned oatmeal, burned beat, all kinds of burned food, and even burnt flesh.

Matt spies a little kid, likely one of the homeless street rats around the city standing and watching. When they notice Matt has spotted them, they run off.

Fiona will not long after her arrival find Gwin and Walker over Mayor Caine, who is badly wounded.
Vuk Shanty Town Wall

Vuk would take position in one of the larger gaps in the wall, his weapon ready to fire at any who approach from the wastes. Let them come, he hasn't murdered any one in some time. "I will be so happy when my farm begins to produce it's own food in abundance." He says to him self, in an annoyed tone. "If only food and bullets were the same.."

Gwin gets back to her feet to look around. That's when she hears someone calling to locate the mayor. "She's over here!" she shouts, cupping her hands around her mouth to help the sound travel. Giving Walker room to work, she moves to check some of the other people littered around on the ground, searching for people well enough to move clear of the debris. She bites her lower lip, finding few people with a pulse to help. She doesn't know who's who when it comes to the Councilors, but she can tell some are missing. "I think there may be some more people trapped inside still."
Rexus Shantytown

Rexus waits for the bulk of the garrison-type troops from wherever to make their way up to the walls. When things seem well in hand, he trudges down from the walls, holstering his pistol before meandering through the crowd, making his way towards Iris and her little triage station, careful not to step on anyone.. or any pieces of anyone for that matter.
Esscast esscast takes aim and fires his gun at the runner most likly a scout

Iris gets to her feet after staunching the bleeding on a few wounded. She begins to direct people who are barely injured or untouched to help move the injured towards the Clinic. She turns to glance up at Rexus, her brow furrowing a bit. "Are you injured again? Were you here when things blew up?" Not waiting for an answer she moves to help people who are starting to gather the dead, directing them to where they should take the bodies.
Guardian Caldwell MILITIA BASE

Caldwell begins to start lifting up rubble and freeing trapped soldiers, grunting as his servos work to their maximum, freeing as many not-dead soldiers as he can. Throwing rubble off to the side trying not to hit anyone.
Walker Town Hall

Walker frowns as he examines the wounds on the mayor's body and then turns to give Gwin a small shake of his head. "If she has any chance at all we need to get her to the medical facilities right away. I'm not sure exactly where that is.." He trails off then stands up. "IF we don't have a stretcher near by then I'll just carry her there as fast as I can. Those burns are just too severe, not much I can do." There are more people that need help but there are also more people coming in. "It's that or help out here with everyone else but then she won't have a shot."

Ashur tumbles the fallen stonework off the boy's crushed leg. When it strikes the ground, it lands upon a small fire, suffocating it with a rush of hot air and a fog of sparks that dance like fireflies. "Degenerates," he spits, literally, a wad of phlegm dark-colored from the smoke in the air landing near one of the soldier's boots. Said soldier has largely ignored Ashur, but responded to Caldwell.

It's at this point Eden stumbles upon him, and the brute turns, looking down at her. "The militia will find buckets," he says, irritated. "Come, Eden; it isn't safe here. Let's get you outside, down into Vault Town."

Lousy gits. They can all burn.
Rexus Shantytown

Rexus looks down at himself, frowning. "What? This? No this was from an Enclave patrol... shoulda seen them though." he says, chuckling as he removes his heavy helmet, tucking it under an arm. "I'll be fine, help these townies first.. they need it more than I." The big galoot kneels, doing his best to help one of the injured with bandaging her leg. "I can help a little...."
    Cami pipes up as loudly as she can, "I want everyone to help move patients to the Clinic!" she snaps out in a full yell. She points at anyone walking and talking and not half dead or hurt, "You, you, and you, you've just become nurses. With me.." and she turns on heel to start running towards the Clinic to get it open and ready. "Iris! I'm heading to the Clinic!" she yells out again, trying to get her close friends attention as she does.
Alasa Townie Hall

Alasa moves around to those that she finds, and does what she can. "This isn't too bad...few days rest..." moving onto the next, "Wow, thats not good..." As she grabs a couple pieces of wood, and starts t make a splint out of them. She contiues to help the wounded with her native ways.

Fiona knows little past bandages and slings, so she has no issues with grabbing the first moaner near the destruction site and lifting them on a shoulder to carry from the debris. Heavy steps have the militia woman limping. Soon as she can get him to the wounded zone, Fiona starts back to the point of attack, a hand reaches to her pocket and she draws up a flask. Paler and clamy, she takes a swig for strength. It is then she finds Gwin and Walker tending her cousin that happens to be the mayor. Kneeling to check on Katherine, "Down, that's where we take her, to Vault Town. With the Militia headquarters in trouble, take her to the Vaulties. Help me carry her, please." She pulls a canvas oug if her gear, a poncho of sturdy material, "We'll use this to carry her as a stretcher." She waits to get enough to lead a routine down to Vault Town with her cousin.
Eden starts to follow Ashur out, but sees another soldier on the floor "Wait!" She stoops and pulls her blanket off her back and throws it on the burning soldier. "Roll!" She yells to him, "And then get outta here". Taking a few running steps to catch up with Ashur she is still keeping an eye out for another blanket or water source as she moves toward the exit.

The fire and medical teams are starting to form, and the Guardian is following her orders and making use of his power armor. Cleopatra exhales deeply as she finishes patting out the flames on the soldier she's assisting and stands up to make room for medics to help. "This doesn't make sense," she mutters to herself as she steps over the injured trooper, moving closer to the main entrance to the base. Her eyes move between the burning bunker and the entrance. "Why would they destroy the armory if they were...?"

A sense of uneasiness spreads across her features as she draws her sidearm and moves toward the entrance, looking for signs of anyone suspicious leaving the base. It may be far too late, but...

"Hey! Where are you going?" she yells at Ashur, taking her pistol in both hands at a low ready.

One of the refugees near-by nods to Vuk and says in broken English, "I work at your farm. I not steal. Hard worker. Big muscles." The /woman/ flexes her biceps which are bigger then all of Vuk's muscles combined.

Lone Star Caravan Guards and Sheriff's Department members begin to move into the area, doing their best to keep law and order; but they were stretched thin. There were riots starting in Shantytown, and looting. It was uncertain who was inciting it.

As Esscast takes aim, he is able to catch the runner and take them down. The LMG rips the man's back open and sends him tumbling to the ground dead. Nobody would ever know if he was a bomber, a scout, or even just some poor bastard running in panic.

Camilla and Iris's directions are heeded and the wounded who can, are taken to the clinic while the dead are respectfully gathered.


Gwin hears moaning from inside of the wreckage, not the kind of moaning from people having sex but people dazed and in pain. A handful of people can be seen crawling from one of the holes in the side of the Town Hall building, likely a bit further away from the initial blast.

A group of local drunks who had been sobered up by the explosion step forward and nod to Walker, "Vault Town, we'll help get her there. You see about the wounded here if you can Doc."

Thanks to Alasa, several people who would not have otherwise lived or been saved are able to be treated and got moving; their shock dealt with or bleeding staunched. Those who are splinted are quite grateful.

The drunks looked back to Fiona and nodded, "We'll follow your lead Miss Caine. Let's do this!"


Caldwell is able to free several soldiers, his heavy armor allows him to perform feats that regular soldiers could only dream of. There are still more to free though and enemies to be found, today was just a start for Caldwell's reputation to grow as a Guardian of El Dorado.

"Lousy Mutantface." One of the soldiers called after Ashur before going to find some buckets to help with the firefighting. Another soldier spies Eden who is supposed to be part of the Militia and leaving before calling out, "Hey Private! You can't desert, we're in the middle of a crisis! Get back here and help with these fires."

As Cleo takes aim at Ashur, several of the soldiers who had been in the area but not immediately engaged in relief also readied weapons in Ashur's direction. Had he been the bomber..?
Vuk Vuk is still filtering information when the lady offers to work for him, an interesting offer. "I will consider this, for now? Help those who need help here. This day is the beginning of some thing. No one would merely waste this much powder for naught. Then, when things here are settled, you may follow me to my farm and begin a life anew." He says, at least he hasn't yelled about his gods yet?
Esscast esscast resloads his lmg to full before hopping down from the wall and checking the body of the man who ran
Matt ||Town Hall's Hoodlum's Hot Spot||
    Matt is an em-passe. There is much fire and pain here, but he really can't help much here. Instead, he follows the oh-so-suspicious bread-thief-street-rat trying to stay one jump ahead of the sword. If anyone was gonna see something, it might've been him (or her, not sexist here).
Alasa Town Hall

Alasa continues to help any wounded that she can, moving around the area...yep, that whats she is doing alright. Stablize people, and move on...
Walker Town Hall

Walker smiles to the local drunks and lets them take her. Ok they might not be the best caretakers but they should be able to transport her. "Just make sure she gets there quick. I'll go check on the others but..don't call me doc, I'd might barely pass for an EMT if that." The ranger turns around and looks for wherever Gwin has gone off to. It only takes a moment before he is dashing over to help people out of the building.

Gwin shouts, "Hey, over here! There's people inside still!" She'll leave Walker and Fiona to take care of the mayor. Rushing that way, she offers a hand to help a rotund man covered in plaster dust. Directing him to steer clear of the wreckage, she offers her hand to the next person climbing out of the hole.

A pregnant silence deafens Ashur to all but the sound of his war-drum heart beating his chest. All the times he's endangered himself for the sake of El Dorado-- slain its enemies, taken bullet and claw meant for one of these weaker locals, and still his reception is chilly, suspicious. Avoidance at best and this naked accusation at worst.

His teeth clench so hard they might break, and his hands tighten into fists like concrete slabs. "Eden," he says, forcing calm. The pulse drum still sounds in his head. "I do not want to have to murder all of your friends."

Fiona gather her routine up after gingerly transfering Mayor Katherine to the litter. Then she offers quick thanks to Alasa, Walker, and her fellow bearers. They start to head into the depths to carry the mayor down to hopeful safety and the care of the Vault Town beneath the chaotic streets of El Dorado. Focusing on one family member, she get the job done before worrying over the others and her militia comrades.
Rexus Shantytown.

Rexus rises up to full height, squinting out at the damage to the walls. "I suppose they're going to have to increase security... acts of sabotage are going to be difficult to ferret out." he says, hands on his hips as he scrutinizes the walls, trying to figure out the method to their madness.. or if the holes bear some tactical significance.

Iris follows Camilla and when she arrives at the clinic she automatically starts working triage. As the two medics seperate the wounded into catagories, a few others start compiling resources and supplies so work goes smoother. It's chaos, but mostly organized chaos at this point.

"Private. We need all hands here, and abandoning your post during an act of sabotage won't look good. You're in engineering, aren't you?" Cleo addresses Eden in an even tone. "You might be able to help us work out how this happened and salvage what we can." She keeps her gun toward Ashur, but glances to either side at the other soldiers raising weapons. "If you're not helping the wounded or putting out fires you should be securing the perimeter. I've got this under control."

She looks back at Ashur. There's something familiar about him. "If you want to prove you're not responsible for this, stay here and help her."
Eden Eden looks around at Cleo "Would you put that thing down and help find buckets and blankets" For the first time she is every bit as annoyed as Ashur. She hadn't been leaving, she had been finding a clear path and water source. She now has no desire whatsoever to explain that to anyone yelling at her or pointing guns at Ashur! Without another word she continues doing exactly what she had been doing anyway. Pissed off, she continues behind ashur- still looking for buckets, blankets and water sources as she keeps behind ashur, who just by walking through is creating the clearest path to the door. Best way to get people out is through a clear path.
Camilla     Camilla is, well, busy. She's no doubt going to work herself to the point of complete exaustion trying to save lives over the next twenty four hours or so.
Ashur With an irritated grumble, Ashur concedes. "So be it. I didn't know you joined the militia, Eden; I'll help you for now."

The situation is mostly stabilized in the base and the old Colonels have come out of their hidey-holes, most of them in their extravagant uniforms modelled based on pre-war individuals.

Colonel Sanders, descendant (so he claims) of the Great Hero of the Pre-War Period Colonel Sanders of the KFC Regiment is the first on the scene and he begins barking out orders, "SUFFERIN' SUCKATASH! WHAT IN TARNATIONS ARE YE BOYS DOING! GIT TO ALERT POSITIONS! MAN THE GUNS! AND MOST IMPORTANTLY WE'RE GOING TO NEED SOME FRIED CHICKEN!"

It was the meal of choice of the Militia, 'Fried Chicken', it was made with a special blend of herbs and spices that Sanders himself provided to the cooks. Sadly, it was rarely Chicken that the fried chicken was made from.

Sanders looks between the confusion with Ashur and Cleo, he knows Ashur by reputation and he pats the big man on the arm as if they were old pals despite never meeting, "Ashur, Boy. I need you out there on the walls, anything tries to get in this city, you smash'em. Ya hear?"

"Lieutenant McKinser, or whatever it is! I want you organizing patrols, Eh-Es-Eh-Pee. Get to it!" He wandered off to begin barking orders at others and assembling the Militia for war in his white suit with a Colonel rank on it.


Fiona and the drunks are able to get Mayor Caine to Vault Town even as the others present help with the wounded and get them treated as best as possible before more medics move in.

The street urchin reveals to Matt that she saw a group of men dressed in Militia uniform doing something suspicious before the bombs went off.


There is no clue who the man who was shot might be might be, but an advance scout on a horse returns and informs the group out at the walls that he is the last survivor of a patrol that ran into some kind of armored vehicles. Bigger than the one the Militia brought back from Mexico and armed with large guns.

The poor man, a member of the Romero family passes away from his wounds not long after delivering the message.
Vuk Vuk will listen to the scout report..vehicles, this will be fun, seeking treatment is now a needed outcome for the upcoming days. He was hoping to just flee to the out, but no. Now he suspects the farm will be hounded if any one follows him. Damn them all!
Rexus Rexus heads off towards the clinic himself... he's already got too many boo boo's to worry about, needs to get fully healed up before he does anything serious about defending the walls.
Cleo Cleopatra doesn't hesitate to lower her weapon when Ashur assents, quickly sliding it back in its holser. She'll worry about the breach of the chain of command later. For now, there are saboteurs to catch.