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Camilla     Overwhelmed. That's the only word that describes the very young, and very much exausted looking, you woman running the Shanty Town Clinic. She's rushing from one room to the next, checking people in seats, barking orders at the people she's just turned in to nurses weather they wanted to be or not. Doing her best to Triage properly and get the people who can get back out on their feet to help, back out on their feet to help.
Vuk Vuk hasn't been here in some time...normally when he was? He got confined to a bed of all things! Though to be fair, he was normally confined to a bed because he was near death on any given day. But the unmistakable thump of power armor can be heard outside, the sharp disengaging of seals and then Vuk is entering the clinic, dressed in simple wastelander garb. "Iris told me there was a change of overseeing medicae?" He suddenly asks.
Camilla     Camilla spins about slowly, her hair looking like a complete mess and still covered in the dirt from the explosion debris. There's also some visible blood from a few bits and pieces of debris hitting her. She's just finishing bandaging someone up when she looks at Vuk with icy blue eyes, "Yeah.." she replies plainly as she /pfffts/ her hair out of her eyes. "Are you hurt?"
Vuk Vuk rolls his shoulders a bit at her question. "Not from the explosion, but yes, from previous incidents, namely in Dunwich. Every time I go near that town..I suffer new and wonderfully unexplainable injuries. Cars trying to eat me..or the glowing Deathclaw.." He says, approaching Camilla.
Camilla     "Then perhaps you should build some survival instinct and not fucking go near that gods damned city?" she snaps back at him, startling everyone else in the room. Poor thing is very, /very/, Overwhelemed. She coughs and exhales deeply, "So..sorry..." she replies to Vuk. "I've got a small break for the moment, so, Room one please.." she adds thumbing at it as she leans back down to finish up a bandage on a Militia soldier. "I'll be in there in a moment."
Vuk Vuk knows the clinic well it seems! No questions asked about which one that is..hell, he even will eye up his old cot. "I should also avoid super mutants, and infested bases. I also know the siren call of adventure draws all of us to it." He says almost cheerfully!
Camilla     Yeah, Cami's not in the mood for cheerfull. She slides in to the exam room, closing it up and moving about to grab all the things she'll need to give Vuk a once over. "Algith, so, what happened?" she asks of the man. "Anything I should know?"
Vuk Vuk has to consider which wounds he actually considers most important before removing his shirt, revealing some peculiar burns and ..what looks like a large claw mark along his back, near the spine. "Like I said..weird ...glowing..Deathclaw. At first I thought it might be radiation..but no long term effects in that regard, just slow to heal."
Camilla     "Ok, right..." replies Cami plainly as she goes to work. "Remind me to never, ever, in any situation or circumstance, go to place, at all, ever.." this long winded response said as she goes about her routine. Vitals. Range of motion. Checking the wounds. Cleaning. Applying salves. Bandages. Et all.
Vuk Vuk holds still till she's finished and begins to put his top back on. "Iris says far worse, she routinely threatens to beat me senseless when I bother visiting Dunwich, or some other places I go. Or she'll tie me to the damn bed, she threatens that alot upon me." He says to Camilla..alot of candidness in his voice. "How much do I owe you then?"
Camilla     "I'll be threating you with that to, the next time you come in here..." retorts camilla with a rather annoyed tone in her voice. "Oh, Fifty.." she adds. "I'd give you a break on this one, but I need all I can get to get more supplies for everyone else. Hope you understand."
Vuk Vuk doesn't seem upset to be paying Camilla, it's expected after all. "You'll be needing alot..I don't think the attack was random, nor by a few raiders. Some one with alot of interest in this city is coming. Armored vehicles, the last time I saw those.." He just shakes his head. "Brotherhood of Steel used those against us."
Camilla     "I, to be honest I think it could be anything from the Legion, to the Brotherhood, to even the Enclave considering what we've done to them.." replies cami. "Please, just stay safe ok?" she asks of Vuk.
Vuk Vuk holds up a hand when she mentions the Legion. "Unlikely the Legion. They do not have the technological advantages to have proper armored vehicles. Many of their soldiers still use..spears." He says as he moves to shift, apparently, he's pretty sure she'll need the cot in here soon. "But, I will endeavour to not find my self in here, nearly dead any time soon." He promises with a slightly deranged grin.
Camilla     "Point taken..." she replies to Vuk about the legion. To the second statement, she blinks but nods. ", shoo, I have work and more people who need me."