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Katherine Caine The arrival of the NCR didn't bug Katherine like it did some others, the pair of ambassadors was no different than the pair of rangers who had arrived in the recent month; things wouldn't change, not overnight or anytime soon so she just went about her business as usual. Pouring herself a shot of whiskey as she stood behind the bar after helping some patrons she took a moment to relax now that everything was handled.
Carter Griffin After having a very productive meeting with the Ambassador, Carter has decided to go get himself a drink. He enters the Gold Digger, helmet coming off, and moves up to the bar proper, sitting down and putting his helmet down next to him, "Evening Miss Kitty. How's business?"
Katherine Caine "Evening Carter." Katherine replied back with a smile, "You know how business is, always booming, especially now that the NCR has decided to send some rich gentleman down to El Dorado overflowing with caps and bucks to spend. How's ranger stuff?"
Carter Griffin "Oh not too bad, you know how it goes. Rescue a lost kid here, fight a massive horde of geckos there. Can I get a Whiskey and Nuka?" He settles into his chair, "So don't take this the wrong way, but you remind me a lot of a Ranger I knew back in the NCR. Helped with the Bullhead City mission during the initial Mojave pacification."
Katherine Caine Katherine went about getting the drink for Carter, setting it down in front of him with a smile, "It's possible, wasn't as much for socializing in those days though. Can't say your name wasn't familiar when you first rolled in here."
Carter Griffin "That's fine." Carter says, "I mostly kept to myself, I was the epitome of the Lone Ranger." He says, "I've loosened up a bit since then. But it's good to know you were a Ranger. Your brother too, if I remember correct." He says, "Don't worry, I'm not in the business of turning in folks...At least not the ones that I know are good men."
Molly Brown Molly Brown had a weapon to sell off, Molly knew she had the arms of a limp noodle and the melee weapon she'd found would be pretty much usless to her, so she'd been out to find someonewho'd want ot buy it. That person would end up being Katherine. She's cleanred up from eailer today s she enters into the Saloon with her hips swaying abit as she does so. She'll take amoment to look aroun for Ms Caine whom she's here to mke the deal with.
Katherine Caine "He was, but mostly because he thought it would get him some 'sweet loot'." Her brother really did talk that way, Katherine took a drink of her own whiskery before smiling, "I got out officially, as for Archie? Well, I'm not sure the name he wrote on those enlistment forms was ever real." She raised her glass to Carter before stepping down towards Molly and smiling, "Hello again Miss Brown. Heard you were still looking to sell something you found on the expedition?" She must have looked quite different to Molly, a big change from the woman who was blasting apart a cannibal chieftain like swiss cheese at least.

When Tobias arrives he finds the bar packed as usual for mid-day, Carter and Molly at the bar near Katherine as music plays in the background.
Tobias Tobias looks like he just trundled in from a trek through the Wasteland. He is a scruffy grease monkey with a pair of odd goggles pushed halfway up his forehead causing his short dreadlocks to stay out of his eyes. He inhale sharply as he strides through the bat wing doors with a flourish of his arm. "Smells like whiskey and-" Before he can add the rest his eyes fall on Miss Kitty.

Tobias grew up in these parts so his grubby face is a known fixture in the saloon. "heaven. Miss Kitty, nice to see you love." He tips an invisble hat her way and keeps his large steel frame pack on his back. The rig on his back is huge and covered in a multitude of pockets, flaps and zippers.
Carter Griffin The Ranger takes the alcoholic drink passed to him, turning to look at the arrival of some of the new patrons. He sips the drink, "Yeah, well, 'sweet loot' is a reason I have not ever heard for joining up, especially to come all the way from here to the NCR to do it.."
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "I was Miss Caine, got a machete, I'd like to sell off. It's hefty enough and in decent condtion. I can show you it if youd like to inspect it first also may I join you for a spell?" Molly's not looking to drink, she is however being fairly polite.
Abe     That door is earning it's pay as ever. Not long after Tobias, in comes another, paying stiff. Not too tall, kinda round, done up in Scribe fatigues that seem to be made more out of pockets than anything else. On his back is a somewhat deflated rucksack. His face warms with the passing of a working girl... and about lights up when a 'bot hovers or lurches past. His eyes linger on one longer than the other before he gets it in his mind to make his way to the bar proper and stop cluttering up the doorway.
Tobias The smaller statured Tobias is already on his way over to the bar and he plops down on a stool not far from the conversations about machetes for sale. He cranes his neck down the bar to eavesdrop openly before he offers, "If she doesn't want it, I might, I can do lots of good things with scrap metal." He turns his gaze back to the bar though and goes about ordering a drink while the others talk business.
Katherine Caine "Sure. Just set it down on the bar and take a seat, wanted something to remember blasting that cannibal dickfaces dick and face apart by." Katherine said with a grin to Molly before nodding to Carter, "Archie is an interesting man. We didn't really join the NCR because we set out to, ran into some trouble in New Vegas and well, the safest place from mobsters is a group of people with more guns." Of course there had to be something more to it than that for Katherine, being a former Ranger.

Her attentions turn to Tobias who has recently stepped in and she smiles warmly at the local, she had babysat Tobias before she ran off as a teenager more than likely even, "How are you doing today darling? Anything I can get you?" The brotherhood scribe doesn't go un-noticed, but El Dorado was open to anyone with caps, just like the Gold Digger!
Tobias Tobias beams at Miss Kitty with crooked yelllow teeth in an effervescent grin bubbling up with natural cheer at the offer of booze, "Same 'ol is fine."
Molly Brown Molly Brown nods takes a duffle bag off her backa and pulls out a wrapped item, which turns out to be the weapon in question. She's clearly took her time to make sure no hostile intent is taken andthe weapon is now laying there for inspection by Kitty and Molly moves to sit down to listen. "The NCR huh? So someone's trying to make something again. Nice to hear but I think we're doing pretty well on our own, though they might be good neighbours from what I heard. I know they have some troops hunting raiders."
Carter Griffin Carter turns towards Molly, "I'm from there. It's actually doing very well.." He neglects to mention how the current President seems intent on expanding well through the wasteland, however. "I'm one of those troops hunting Raiders."
Abe     The Scribe doesn't seem worried, rubbernecking this way or that as he bellies up to the bar, unslinging his back and letting it rest there against his leg. He works his shoulders for a moment, working them free of the burden for a moment before he turned his attention to the pip boy at his wrist. Just a switch of a dial or the turn of a nob here and there before he tried to catch the attention of the bartender, fishing into this pocket or that for a pair of caps to lay upon the bartop.
Katherine Caine The machete is examined by Katherine and she nodded, "I'll give you a hundred caps for it. I'm sure it will come in handy." Guns were more her thing but the thought of using a machete to cut off some jerks you know whats? Well that was just exciting!

A nod is given to Carter as she takes another shot of whiskey for herself before ashot of whiskey was poured for Tobias and another for the newcomer as well. Shaking her head to the caps she said to Abe, "First one is always on the house. Name's Miss Kitty, you new around here?"
Tobias Tobias is a resourceful fellow and he puts two caps down on the bar without missing a bear when Katherine plys him with booze. He takes a tiny sip to nurse his drink and sets the glass back down with smudgy fingerprints visible on the outside. "I can sharpen that for ya Kitty, if it needs it." The man offers with his elbows on the bar top. His own large pack is NEVER removed and he seems content to carry his burden as three straps across his torso keep in place with various buckles.
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "You have your self a deal then Miss Caine, it's all yours now good doing business with you." Molly will leave the weapon to Caherine and will accept her capt beofre moving to put the cash away in her dufflebag and zip that up. She seems pretty pleased about the whole deal honestly.
Abe     Brown eyes narrowed pleasantly behind a set of slightly crooked glasses. "That how this goes?" he wonders in reply to the woman behind the bottle. His head bob in thanks as he takes the whiskey between the fingers of his left hand. Inching the caps forward with his right, "Then I'll pay for the second now." he offered, head bobbing in answer, "Just wandered in, heard there'd be work enough. McDonald." that last bit was likely a name, his hand lifted off of the caps and extended to her, "Scribe Abreham-" the Rs rolled slightly into a brief purr, "Mcdonald. Saw outside that there are rooms for let?"
Carter Griffin Scribe? Carter tilts his head a bit towards Abe. Another Brotherhood member. Seems to be more and more of them lately. He puts his drink down and turns around in his chair. For now, he tries to be friendly.
Katherine Caine The Machete is accepted from Molly and Katherine holds it in her hand, "Nice doing business with you Miss Brown. You sure you don't want a drink or anything?" She eyes the machete once more before handing it to Tobias, "Sure sweetie, make sure it's sharp enough to cut the wings off a fly. That would be real lovely." Some free booze no doubt flowing for Tobias from that little favor.

For Abe another drink was poured and set down in front of him before asking, "So what brings you to El Dorado?" While she awaited a reply she began to wipe down the bar.
Tobias Tobias takes the machete from Katherine and studies the edge closely before wrapping it up again and shoving it into his pack. The pack -almost- seems to wiggle as something sharp is thrust into it. "I'll have it back in the morning, the good whetstone is back on the farm." He leans on his elbows and continues to nurse his booze with birdish sip as he listens to the saloon chitchat with an idle expression.
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "Fraid I don't have the caps to spare on things like that I'm afraid. I'm shopping around for better hardware at the moment I'm afraid. You can get how that goes, right?" She needed to gear up and she knows it, the sale of the wepaon will help her in that task a whole heck of alot, the more she thinks about it. "When I do have the caps though this will be the first place I'll come to."
Abe     "My feet." that crook of his lips meant it was supposed to be a joke. It didn't mean it was a good one, nor one she likely hadn't heard before. His crooked smile dimmed a bit as his head bobbed in thanks for the second one. It lingered longer than the first, he could still feel it burning it's way towards his liver. "Just about everything, really. El Dorado looks like it's in the middle of a lot of things right now... Now about a room, Miss Kitty?"
Carter Griffin "What sort of hardware are you looking for?" Carter asks, as he looks over at Molly, "I've got a few extra peices laying around, I might be willing to part with one for the right price."
Katherine Caine "On the house." Katherine said to Molly in reward for a trade well done! A shot of whiskey for her to, because once you tasted alcohol you would want more, that's how it worked, right? She hoped so most of the time.

"Sure thing Tobias. No rush at all, don't plan on using it anytime soon." Katherine smiled at the man before returning her attentions to the Scribe, "Sure, I've got the best rooms in the city. You looking for something to stay in for awhile? I can get you setup if that's the case."
Tobias Tobi leaves an extra cap on the bar for Kitty and slips out without much fanfare. He's an odd fellow and he's gone before anyone is apt to notice him sneaking off.
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "Armor, mostly I might make this vault suit look good but it won't stop a bullet I find." She'd not got hit /yet/ but she knows her luck can't hold out ofrever after all.
Abe     As converstions shifted, Abe took note of people, faces, any eyes he caught were exchanged with those little nods of acknowledgement that just seem to happen when strange eyes meet across rooms or by chance. A lock, a nod and a drifting look before his attention met Kitty's again. He smiled, tight-lipped but warmly, "Yes Ma'am, Miss Kitty." he answered, "Thought it a good idea to have a place to lay my head before I get up to whatever foolishness there is. Hearing your rooms were the best around is exactly what brought me here." Not entirely the truth but not entirely a lie either. This was a brothel and it had been a long trek, "I don't need anything fancy, Ma'am. Just a bed, four walls, and a roof'll do me. Bit of company for tonight as well wouldn't hurt."
Carter Griffin "Armor I'm not much good for." The Ranger replies, as he taps his chestplate, "This is all I got. I'm overloaded with weapons and other gear, though. But I suppose that's not a bad thing, gives me a lot of leeway to bring what I need when I need it."
Molly Brown Molly Brown says "I'm goo for guns for the moment and yes. Never know what ammo will be for sake, or what you'll pull off a raider either. So your from the NCR? Has the West Coast seriously managed to get some level of law an order beyond large cities such as El Dorado here?"
Gordon Again without escort, the NCR ambassador enters the Gold Digger Saloon. His imperialist steps tapping against the wooden floor as he came closer to the bar. Two faces stood out to him from the crowd, Carter Griffin and Katherine Caine. As he passes by he offers both of them a polite nod of his head before settling down on the bar. The ambassador wears his NCR armor, perhaps indicating that he hasn't punched out. At the bar, he glances around ordering something to drink.
Katherine Caine Katherine let Carter and Molly do their thing while she focused on Abe, "I can give you a room up on the second floor for a hundred caps and well." Katherine smiled and tilted her head towards the various girls around, "You just let me know who catches your eye and I'll have them sent up. You look like you could use some tender loving care after all that time on the round." A key is retrieved from beneath the bar, one of a dwindling supply of rooms that were left and set down on the counter.

The arrival of Gordon catches her eye and her smile widens just a little, "Well, don't you look dashing today Ambassador."
Carter Griffin "Oh yes. The NCR is one of the most secure places you'll ever see. We've established a working system of government.." As if on cue, that's when the Ambassador enters, "As well as law enforcement and a military. Even have a prison near the town of Primm in Nevada."
Abe     The key is drawn back and secreted away into one of the Scribe's plentiful pockets. "Just a little bit, Miss Kitty, just a little bit." Those footsteps had about put the steel back in the Brother's spine. Sharp and cracking. He could just hear the voices of old instructors or Paladins ringing in his ears. His head craned around and he cast a wary glance from beneath the brim of his scruffy looking field cap... When he saw no hint of cog, sword, or wings, his shoulders eased, draining of tension.

Downing the second shot, he got to the business of draining his caps for the room and eventual company. It's a fair price but a fair bit of counting too!
Gordon Gordon chuckles and shakes his head, "You are just saying that because of the uniform." Two fingers raise and Gordon says with his low like grinding rock voice, "Two fingers of whiskey." His gaze fixates on Katherine before catching Abe for a moment and giving the man an unamused glance over. Taking his seat, Gordon turns away to begin the ritual of starting a new cigar. He pulls out the cigar, cuts the top and chews a bit on the back. Fire is brought cigar and Gordon smokes. He exhales the smoke up, and attempts to relax in his own skin for a moment.
Katherine Caine "Well, anything you ever need is just within arms reach now. I feel obligated to warn you about Tinman.. Knight Caldwell. He leads a local chapter of Brotherhood. You here with Paladin Winchester?" She asked the question but didn't expect an answer and those caps? It was a fair bit of counting indeed, for the most part she just let the Scribe manage counting out all those caps. It was one advantage the paper money of the NCR had over the wastelands favored currency, easier to count.

"Could be." Katherine replied as she turned to recover a bottle of pre-war whiskey, some of the really good stuff as she tried to get on Gordon's good side a little more, pouring a generous glass she asked, "Had much luck with your meetings so far hun?"
Abe     Tik, tak, tik, tak- Abe counted them out into groups of twenty, stacks of five to keep it all easy peasy. He weathered Gordon's glare with the air of a enlisted man. You never meet a glare head on, you look everywhere but the eyes. Him? He had his eyes on his caps as he put pne more on a stack, working towards 7 bunches. "That right...?" his voice wis distant, distracted. His finger lingered on one cap as he froze his count in his head, "Heard a thing or two on my way in, here or there... but No, Ma'am. Heard of a Questing Knight?" he wondered, lifting his attention to her, studying her features for a moment, "I'm something like that only without the metal suit. I hail from off east a ways."
Gordon Gordon leans back on his seat, holding his whiskey with one hand and his cigar with the other. He nurses the whiskey, groaning and rolling his shoulders when Katherine inquires about his work. A forced chuckle escapes him and Gordon shakes his head, "Managed the more important ones but still got some more stuff to square away. The embassy needs some work inside but I am sure it'll look great soon." He takes another hit of his cigar.
John Heavy footfall is heard outside on the boardwalk as a man approaches the batwing doors. Light brown eyes look easily over as the six foot two man stands before them. the batwing doors swinging open as hands push them and an older gentleman walks in. Some in town already have seen him before, and a few knew of his name. His eyes fall upon the people within quietly, hard reserve eyes looking over everyone slowly as he studies them. Then, he decidedly heads toward the bar, drawling out in a smooth near-affection voice "How is my lovely Kitty doing." However, his face misnomer the tone with a placid look.
Molly Brown Molly Brown gives Kitty bit of a grin. "Thanks for the deal I should get going I have some work to. And sir thanks for the information on the NCR, Heh the ability to lock up raiders rather than just put them down. That really is something." With that Molly heads out swaying as she goes.
Carter Griffin His drink finished, the Ranger rises up to his feet, grabbing his helmet off of the bar, "It was good to see you again Miss Kitty. Do let me know if you need any help again." He says, before he locks his helmet back on and heads for the door.
Katherine Caine Katherine nodded to Abe's description of his job, not letting on that she may have had a bit more knowledge of the Brotherhood than the average person from her past, "Sounds like an interesting life with none of the hassles of dying in a metal can. I like it." Her tone was approving, not that Abe needed it.

Leaning down on the bar in front of Gordon she propped her head in one hand before reaching her other hand over to pluck the cigar from the Ambassador's finger and take a few puffs of it, leaving red lipstick on it as she offered it back, "Not bad. Pairs nice with the whiskey." Then John arrived and she was caught off-guard a moment.

John always caught her off-guard, "Splendid. What can I get you John?"
Gordon Gordon glances over his shoulder, an icy glare zeroing on John for a moment before turning to Carter. Gordon flashes a glance to the ranger, motioning over to John with his head. The message, 'heads up, head on a swivel'. This same gaze is sent to Kitty when Carter leaves but is a little reserved as he studied her interaction with the man. Gordon turns to face the bar, grabbing his whiskey and nursing it in silence. A smile creeps on his face with his attention on Katherine and her playfulness. He accepts the cigar when she gives it to him and smokes, "Yes, I did some work for a settlement up in NORCAL, they hooked me up with them as a farewell gift."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine slides in the door, just after seeing Carter leave. She enters the saloon and begins to make a bee-line for her favorite stool, giving the patrons a once-over
Abe     "Yes Miss Kitty, when my day comes just roll me into a hole as I am, no can opener needed!" he finished the last of his counting and pushed it across the bar for her acceptance. The temperature drops... Maybe it's just Abe, it's certainly just Abe. It comes when he glances over his shoulder to the man that had just approached the bar.

The cloak, nothing else really gave it away save that cloak.

Abe was off his stool so fast that it nearly toppled. Old muscles kicked in and the Scribe snapped a smart salute.
John His eyes harden and narrow on Kitty. Had he just heard the young woman right; NCR fuckers were here, in this very room? Turning his weight to take in those around him, his harden, narrow eyes scout over each person again with a cold, icy stare. They fall on Carter and Gordon for a long. As the Gordon, aka NCR fucker, calls out NORCAL eyes narrow more "Fuckin dirty.." The Lilly walks in and his eyes pass over to her as she walks in.

"Well." The man speaks in near lust tone as he looks her over slowly with concupiscence eyes "Aren't you a sight of young beauty." He adds, looking to Katherine. "Is she part of the staff? How much for her, 40 caps?" He asks, hand fishing into his coat pocket.
Finley After a long day of hunting bandits and scrap, Finley was happy to step into the Gold Digger Saloon. She'd cleaned up for the occasion--considering it'd be the first time shed seen any family for a while--. Her brown hair was down and neatly combed to frame her doll-like face. No dirt or dust or splotches of mechanical oil today. Shed even bothered to leave her leather armor at home. Walking up towards the bar, she slid into a chair by the counter, content to listen to other people talk while she drank.
Rose      Not only were 'NCR fuckers' in the rooms, John had met one last time he'd been in the building! Said Ranger was coming down the stairs this very moment after having taken a bit of time to rest and recover after the firefight last night. Aside from a few scratches? She was fine and simply in need of some more ammo. Bane on the other hand had predictably ended up half-dead again, so she'd stopped to check on the big guy first. Stepping down into the saloon proper, the blonde's eyes go a little wide at such a crowd while she's in the midst of shrugging her duster over her shoulders, concealing the gunbelt beneath.
Katherine Caine Pretty much everything else in the Saloon is forgotten when John makes his offer. The caps that Abe had put on the counter? Unnoticed. Her cousin Finley's arrival? Entirely out of her train of thought. There was disgust on her face, "Ewww. No John, fucking no. You have no idea how fucking disgusting what you just said was." It was also an unusual outburst for her, there's no way she could be insulting her own daughter like that. Even Rose with her distinctive appearance is just another patron in their as she narrows her eyes at John, wishing she could shoot laserbeams from her eyes right now.
Gordon Ambassador Gordon Ramirez was not just any fucking NCR soldier. The embodiment of those three letters; N.C.R sits at the bar with a whiskey in one hand and a cigar in the other. He swigs a side along glance to John. The gaze does not stay long as it turns back to his whiskey and then to Katherine, "Is there a problem, Ms. Kitty?" Gordon says, the ice in his whiskey clinking as he brings it up to his lips.
Rose      Rose had planned for another day. A cola, a little chatter, a walk around the town and then to go a chase up some ammo to replace what she'd used dealing with the raiders last night. Then she sees the damn Ambassador sitting at the bar...well that was sooner than expected. Shit. Taking a moment to actually smooth her long blonde hair back so it doesn't look like she'd woken up a half hour ago, the Veteran Ranger clears her throat as she approaches the bar, her eyes slipping to the agitated Ms. Kitty. "Everything okay here?"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine takes a long long path over to her favorite stool, moving the out of order sign off, and sorta settles atop in. She pulls her hood down over her head after a brief look to John.

She doesn't seem to move as carefully as she was earlier, but she still favors her stomach.
Fuchsia     Fuchsia comes down the stairs from the second floor with yawn, rubbing her fists at her eyes as though she's trying to wake up. She deliberately avoids noticing if there's anything important, or better, dramatic going on. The woman glides over towards the bar area without a care in the world, certainly minding her own business. Without a doubt.
Finley Although she didn't catch what John said to have caused the disgust, Finley sure as hell recognized it clear on her cousin's face. So she slid off the bar stool and drifted over closer to the man. Just in case. "What's wrong, Miss Kitty?" Her tone was cheery, but one hand rested on the holster of her pistol hidden beneath her jacket. She didnt think it was see any use but hey, best be prepared.

The brown haired girl grabs the barstool closest to John and sits down in it, gaze flickering between him and her cousin.
John His eyes narrow for a moment as John is taken aback by her response. Surprise filters his face, then shifts to a point of amusement. He hadn't see Kitty agitated before, kind of turned him on. "No? Disgusting?" He mimics with a perplex tone. "Now Kitty, that just isn't like you to no accept cap for a brothel." Then, his mind ponders on this. Arms fold on the counter as he leans forward, looking at her. "So that gets the mind to think. If it is so disgusting, then perhaps the child is your daughter." Leaning back and turning, he looks to Lilly; barking at her "Kid, just how old are you and what is your last name?"

As he looks at Lilly, his eyes took in the room. Many NCR fuckers were at tables, standing. He could probably take them on, but this was not the place. Looking to Katherine, he smiles jovially before looking to the crowd. "Katherine!" He shouts boastfully, "Give these fine NCR Fuckers a round of your best Whiskey, Scotch and beer. On the me!" He says cordial, a jovial smile on his face. "Not every day I see this many in such an establishment outside of the protection of their own borders."
Abe     Standing stock still, Abe had begun to ache. Slowly, the hand lowered, his posture slackened... soon he was confident enough to slide back onto his stool. He fished about in the lighter pocket amongst the multitude and laid another two caps on the bar. "Going to need another fix myself, Miss Kitty." he reported.
Sammy     And in typical Saloon fashion, the doors swing wide and in walks another Stranger In A Duster, because that's common enough fashion. What's not so common is the emblem of the NCR, or the black armor over fatigues of the Rangers. The young man reshoulders his rifle and gives a shake at the door, water from the rainshowers running in rivulets off the oilcloth, with both hands pops his helmet off, slinging on his right elbow by it's chinstrap. He fishes around for a moment in the helmet a red bandanna is pulled out, and he sweeps his black hair backwith it, letting his eyes adjust to the room, letting them sweep, and drink the locations, making mental notes of who's where, and people he might want to talk to, but eyeing an unoccupied spot on the bar as he breaks a slow strolling pace.
Katherine Caine "Everything's just fine Ambassador." She replied to Gordon and nodded to Rose, "Won't be any trouble in El Dorado." She was worried though, possibly worried John would kill every single person who belonged to the NCR here if the man was given a reason to, "Everything's just fine Finley. Why don't you grab yourself something to eat in the kitchen if you like."

Fuchsia's arrival could not have come at a better time and she gently grabs the girl by the arm, "Fuchsia, darling. Could use your help serving up some drinks. Round for all the Rangers and the Ambassador on account of Mister Winchester over there and uh, pass some of the cheap moonshine around to everyone else. Don't want people staring too hard."

A drink was poured for herself and she drank it before pouring another for Abe and sliding it over to him and walking around the bar to grab Lilly by the arm, "Stay away from her John." Leaning close to Lilly she said, "Go around the back of the bar now."
Gordon The NCR officer ring around Gordon's finger glisten on the hand that holds the cigar which he brings to his lips to smoke and then pass to Katherine. He glances once more to John, his lip curling and the bridge of his nose crunching in disgust. He made sure John saw his ring but doesn't respond to John's baiting. He remains quiet, drinking more whiskey. Gordon switches the cigar for the whiskey, taking a sip of his glass. As Rose approaches him on the side, he looks up to her and nods. His attention on her uniform is brisk but he gives her an once over and nods. With the glass in his hand, he motions for Rose to join him. There was nothing that needed to be said, NCR surrounded the littered the bar. After a moment, Gordon raises his glass to thank John for the free booze.
Fuchsia     Fuchsia looks like she didn't even -hear- Katherine tell her to start helping out. It takes her a few long moments before she blinks, puts on her most charming smile, and starts to serving the drinks. Maybe her brain needed a few seconds to boot up or something. She sways over to those mentioned by Katherine and begins distributing drinks. "One for you, and one for you, oh don't worry, one for you too!"
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine nods to Katherine, her face growing serious. Any trouble, any problems. All gone. Lilly turns so her back is to the bar on her super-spinny stool. She hops up on the bar, spins on her butt, then hops down on the other side. Lilly stays down towards the end of the bar, but tries to keep an eye on John without being obvious about it. She's failing horribly, of course.
Joe Caine The door to the Saloon bursts open, as usual when Joe makes an appearance, his back entering first as he hauls the giant hide of a dead wasteland creature, "Wooooh-weee, MA! I kill't me a gia-.." It's around this time that Joe notices how awkwardly full the Saloon actually is. "-ant... well I'll be damned. Howdy folks."

The man waves a bloody hand towards the inhabitants of his mothers bar, "I'll.. er.." Joe quickly shuffles off into the back, before returning, considerably less bloody. Spotting his sister, Joe saunters over, "Heya sis."
Finley As the pieces fell into place, Finleys eyes darkened. The temptation to defend Lily was pretty strong. But! This was Kitty's bar not hers. If her cousin wanted peace, she wasnt going to start anything. Especially considering she wasn't exactly the best shot. So slowly, she placed both of her elbows on the counter and her head in her hands. "As tempting as the food is, it's more interesting out here." Glancing to the side of her at John, Finley took a moment to study him. "So kind of ya to buy everyone drinks." She murmurs. The girl spares a look behind her when Joe walks in, giving him a quirked eyebrow.
John Eyes fall on Abe now, narrowing hard. The man was not of his regiment and yet wore scribe clothes. His brows furrow as a frown crosses his lips. NCR Fuckers are ignored as he stands up fully and his boots hit heavily against the floor as he crosses the room. "SCRIBE!" He shouts in a commanding order. "Get your yellow belly ass over here now." He adds in a sharp voice. "From what regiment do you hail from son!? And under whose fucking orders are you how here on!?" He equally shouts.

His eyes look to Joe as he walks on through. The fuck? He hmm, then looks back to Abe; he would deal with the kid in a second, for now information was to be had.
Fuchsia     Fuchsia, poor Fuchsia, she's just trying to help out. So that's what she's doing when she sidles right up to John and... oh my. He yells at the scribe and she nearly falls over from being so mega-startled. Or maybe she's playing it up. "Hey, big guy, come on. Have a drink." She offers after a few moments of collecting herself. Dramatically.
Lilu With another yawn and quick rub at her eyes, the dark skinned woman with rusty hair slumps down the steps. Once there, and with a quick blink or three, her violet peepers are allowed to finally taking in the surroundings of the bar proper. Then, they round out like silver dollars. Her lips thin, and her teeth settle into the smaller of the pair. Shrinking, slightly, she balls up against the side of the stairwell and just stares.
Rose      "None for me," Rose says at the offer of drinks. Even with the -crazy- night she had prior that few would ever believe, she was still staying off the booze. If others were getting into it? More power to them. Moving up towards Gordon where he'd gestured for her attention, she folds her hands on the counter and tilts her head. "You're early...sir," she says, adding the latter with an afterthought. "I didn't realise you'd be arriving in town so soon."
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine moves from her perch behind the bar to reach out and grab Joe's arm. She hugs his arm tightly, using Joe as a shield between her and John. She squeezes tight, glaring at the man with the courage of having her brother right beside her. In a way that one twin can tell another twin without saying a word, she lets Joe know 'john' is bad and in a really bad way sorta bad.. at Her.. in ways that Shouldn't be at her, or anyone.. but speciall not Her.
Abe     "Lifesaver." he praised Katherine as he brought the drink near and tipped it back, he felt the heat in his throat seep towards his belly. Things started to fuzz at the edges, his eyeballs feeling light in their sockets. That's where he wanted to be, sweet and easy. Now maybe a meal and-


Every last profane word that Abreham had ever heard boiled up in his mind at once. He might not know them all but he knew plenty of good ones and they all hit like a vulgar chorus as he bowed over the bar and coughed into his hand.

There existed a few yards between himself and Paladin Winchester. He crossed them in the blink of a eye. His stoll and shot glass left shivering where they stood in his wake. He stood at attention, rucksack slun over one shoulder, other arm crooked in salute.

Maybe rank didn't play regular here... but Abrehams muscles knew a paladin well enough.

"Western Chapter, Sir. I belong to no Regiment, I am Scribe Errant Abreham McDonald, Sir!" Sharp, clipped, clear.
Sammy     At the bellow from the Brotherhood man, Sammy tenses reflexively, his fingers just about to pick up the beverage slid down the bar to him by Fuchsia, and he gives her an apologetic glance as if to say 'Hold that thought...' and pushing it very gently to the back of the bar and out of harm's way, his eyes narrowing as he re-evaluates the situation a little bit more, glancing to the other NCR personell to make eye contact, and guage their reaction to the obviously overstated bellowing person, and the 'Scribe' to which he was adressing.
    Sammy's brain is spinning, eyes quickly estimating how far and fast everyone might be able to move and at what level of hurry. What tables might stop what level of firepower... And which might make the best chair to swing in case it happens to be a 'friendly' brawl.
Katherine Caine Katherine leaned in close to Joe and Lilly saying, "You should both get going. See what your Aunt Clara is doing and maybe take Finley with you." Then she stepped away and drank that shot she had poured.

Watching the situation with a great level of tension in her entire body she steadied herself on the bar with one hand wishing the alcohol would take effect, "Come on now John. Let the man be, he's just minding his own business."

Remember that Abe, she stuck up for you!
Joe Caine Joe isn't nearly as stupid as he appears, his goofy demeanor tightening suddenly as Lilly squeezes onto him. Gently, Joe pulls his arm away from his sister, as if signaling to her that he may need his arm. He says nothing though, ever the watchful tactician. The calculating azure pools that are his eyes flicker from his mother, then to John, then to the rest of the bar, before finally back to his mother when she asks him to get going, "Ma?" He says nothing else, finally looking back to John, as he seems to be the center of everything.
Gordon Gordon nods to Rose, his gaze lowered to his whiskey as he spins the ice. "Yeah." The ambassador first says with a pause before continuing, "We felt the work you guys were doing here is important and want to be able to give you the support you need." He interrupts himself to drink, his eyes raising to John following him, "When you need it."

Gordon tries to ignore John's outburst but he follows the paladin with his eyes to Abe and watches the exchange. The ambassador meets Sammy's gaze. Sammy getting a relaxed nod as he smokes his cigar and drink his whiskey. Gordon looks over to Katherine and her handling of the situation.
John Mulling the information over, a slow nod is given. "You and I should talk later." John said flatly. The Paladin new well enough not to talk shop in front of the locals; especially dirty little NCR folk. Almost as sudden as his hard nature toward the Squire, a dismissive one appears with a flick of his hand "Go on, get out of my face." He says, shooing the boy off.

Questioning eyes look back to Katherine as she attempts to dismiss the kids. His head shakes before looking to Joe "No, the boy stays." He states calm voice with a hint of request in it. He recognizes the boy, a familiarity he had not seen in a very.. very long time. "I have questions." He adds with a smile.
Fuchsia With her offer of a drink ignored, Fuchsia has only a moment where she looks like she just might stab someone in the sternum with a fork. Then it's gone and she's swaying off to offer around drinks, making sure to be super, duper, ultra extra friendly. Almost like she's making a show of how nice she's treating everyone in John's wake.
Rose      Rose's eyes flick to John and his outburst, but they couldn't and shouldn't really interfere with the Brotherhood mistreating their own. As much as it might leave a bad taste in ones mouth. "There's plenty to talk about sir, but perhaps not all of it what you'd like to hear." Her gaze goes to the very same stairs she'd came down herself earlier, spotting Lilu's slightly slumped form on the stairwell and raising a hand in greeting, a mouthed hello that might not be heard over the bar crowd. "But we'll speak more later. I'm easy enough to find."

Another glance to the stink-eye giving John, the annoyied Kitty and the uncomfortable Lilly, she adds in afterthought to Gordon. "Best to watch yourself sir, just in case." It's only now that Rose's eyes fall on the shape of the similarly dressed Sammy, the Veteren giving the man a nod of greeting. Seems she wasn't alone in town anymore.
Abe     Did you feel that, Katherine? A certain lightness, brightness? You just gained Rep with a faction of one... well, a Sub-Faction of one, a sub-sub-faction...

Okay, so Abe just thinks your swell but it /counts!/

"Sir!" sharp, clipped. As quickly as he was there, he ain't. A figure slumps over the bar, arms folded over top of it, back hunched. He seems to deflate with a sigh.


John Winchester...

Were it not for a lead, he'd consider making a break for it.

The Common Wealth sounds nice...
Finley Really? Yelling? Holding her glass tightly, Finley drank in down in one gulp. She needed all the alcohol she could get to manage the soon to be coming headache. At first the words being spoken didn't matter as much as their volume but eventually it sunk in that they were discussing the brotherhood of steel. She tensed--visibly--delicate fingers going white knuckled around her empty glass.

It was her cousin that seemed to offer an out. Finley slid from the barstool and glanced at Lily, a strained smile on her face. "Yeah, Ill walk you out of here. Get some air, hm?" There was a scared kind of look in her eyes when she looked between John and Abe. She looked like she wanted to bolt and that was a rare expression to see on the girl who claimed she wanted to see a baby deathclaw one day.

Walking slowly over to Lilys side, Finley moved to put a reassuring hand on the girls shoulder if she allowed. Might be an empty gesture considering they've now been asked? Ordered to stay? "They're just kids." Despite her nerves, family comes first. "Can't you question them later?" Her voice wavers slightly.
Lilu Just like the mouse she was pretending to be, the auburn haired woman slips her scarf up and around her face before scurrying toward the front door. She turns, stares for a few moments more. Noting Rose, she offers a hand up, a half-hearted gesture, more so a flail of the limb and then down again. Then, she's reaching for the door's handle and giving it a quick twist. Out she goes, closes the door behind her.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine lets herself be led, moving closer to Finley, eager for the help and the escort. She stops when Finley does, an arm moving around Finley's waist, mainly for support. Lilly tires to stay on the opposite side of finley as John, keeping a barrier between her and the man
Joe Caine It's such a dramatic moment, that Joe just huffs and rolls his eyes, "No, I've got questions god dammit." Both hands angrily land on his waist, not tooo far from the Sequoia, but not near enough to be considered a challenge, "What the actual fuck is goin' on here? Why are you..." He suddenly points to the man who he'd never seen before, "Actin' like everyone here owes you something," The smile just causes his eyebrows to furrow, "And why you smilin' at me, do I know you?" He looks at Ma, his finger still pointing towards John, "Do I know him?" He mouths with a curious expression.
Katherine Caine "No, you don't know him." Katherine replied to her son without any hesitation. As much as she saw Joe and Lilly like little children, neither of them were and they deserved to know the truth as disappointing as it was going to be.

Any time the questions had come up, she had replied, that she didn't know.

She had run away from El Dorado more than once on adventures before leaving for good and on one of those, she had met John.

"He's your father though." It was said to both Joe and Lilly, "Not that it means a whole lot." Which didn't mean a whole lot coming from her.
Gordon Gordon chuckles, placing the glass down on the counter and reaching into his pocket to pull a fresh cigar. He goes through the process of cutting the top and lighting it. As the leaves catch on fire he hands the cigar to Katherine, keeping his old one with plenty of leaf to smoke. "We got your six, ranger." Gordon reminds Katherine, motioning with his head to Sam and Rose.
Fuchsia     Whelp. One moment Fuchsia is there. The next people are talking about baby daddies. Somehow, she's disappeared in this time. Poof. Gone. It's almost like she didn't want to be around for the impending explosion... be it emotional or demolitions-based.
Rose Rose wasn't deaf, in fact it made for a good Ranger to be listening most of the time. So when the little piece of family history is shared? Well it's a good thing Rose -didn't- get that drink or she'd probably have spit it out. Instead those big blue eyes of hers get wider and she turns, looking rather suprised herself.
Abe     Nope.

Nuh Uh, No Sir.

The room rang with silence. Abe tugged at it, the sound of a shot glass being placed upside down. He was done.

Shouldering his rucksack, he made a detour towards one of the working girls and swepty her up, a arm behind her shoulder, the other behind her thighs.

Good Night, El Dorado! He'll be here until he ain't!
John The smile disappears from his face; his eyes narrow, then widen to look at Katherine blankly. The Paladin brows furrow as surprise and perhaps shock cross over his face. The loud mouth, bellowing man with a charismatic flair is silenced by one word - father.

"The fuck did you just say?" Came the words of confusion and anger, a growl rolling off the words as they came out. Eyes cast a look to Joe, a hard-conspicuous look as he took him in. "Well I will be a whore's donor." He said, taking a random glass of untouched whiskey and tosses it back. "Hello Son." He drawls, the words seemingly so wrong coming from his mouth.

A pause, another thought. "Oh fucking god I'm gonna be sick. I just tried to whore my daughter for caps." He adds in dawning realization.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine looks to John, blinking eyes growing wide.. words playing back in her mind as she goes white as a sheet and seems to sorta lose 5 lbs on the spot. "f-father...", her voice flat and faint.
Iris Lark Iris drags Jacqueline into the Saloon and she gazes around, the music and robots making her eyes go wide. A grin spreads across her face as she walks up to the bar and takes a seat. She is still glancing around, her legs swnging back and forth as she takes everything in. It seems a bit tense in the bar so instead of speaking up, the Healer just watches the action, her hands folded in her lap.
Sammy     Of course visibly being reminded by others who were here and play for the same team, at least on paper, that the room is not about to turn into tigers, has a great amount of calming on the Sammy, who sidles onto the barstool a bit, one leg up, the duster pulled back to retrieve a leatherbound logbook, helmet is set on the bar so that he can scoop up the drink as he begins to jot down notes, the pages opened to what appears to be a half drawn map of the city to any onlookers who lean in on the Ranger's note-taking, his duster has long since ceased fresh dripping, so the paper is safe from, well, at least the rain for now. An eyebrow quirks at whom he's determined to be the matron listed in the dossier, and now, the whole fam damnly. The Loud One is John, and Dad. More notes are added to the map.
Joe Caine Well, sometimes you wake up in the morning and find out that you have a dad, and that he is kind of a douche bag.. and that's ok, because having a douche bag father is better than having no father. It's not like Joe had some kind of resentment towards him. Hell, he didn't even know his Mother until five years ago. There's really just silence. An awkward silence, "This.. this is happening way too frequently." He shakes his head and just sits turns around to take a large swig out of the whiskey bottle.
Jacqueline Pulled inside by Iris, Jackie manages a slightly embarrassed smile for the rest of the room and a 'what can you do?' shrug. She 'follows' Iris to the bar, claiming a stool beside her. The place seems just a bit edgy, and the silence is odd, but she's not complaining: She can actually hear herself think!
Still you just have to wonder what can produce that kind of silence, so she looks around, just in case there's some clue on someone's face.
Katherine Caine Katherine wasn't even sure what to say anymore, so she was just going to do her best to let the situation calm down on its own. Her conscience was clear. John had been broken from boisterous to shocked for the moment and she needed another drink.

Gordon's earlier offer had NOT gone unnoticed and she set down another shot in front of him and the newly arriving Sammy, John had offered to pay for their drinks after-all.

"Thanks Ambassador, I appreciate it." She raised the glass to him and slammed it back before eyeing Joe and Lilly to see how they were taking it. She had never asked for any of this, neither had they.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine just sorta blinks and keeps starting at John. She grabs a chair nearby, and just settles down down. No vomit this time, thankfully, but she just sorta has to shut down her legs to sorta process all of this. It's.. a load.
John Well. It is not every day a man finds out twenty years later that he has had a child. Even rarer to find that it was twins; a boy and girl. John stood, eyes on Katherine. "So." He begun, his lips once more attempting a cordial, charismatic flair "So, I suppose this would explain why you ran away after I proposed to you that night. And here I thought it was age." He rolls his shoulders as he takes a few steps back. "Well then. I think I have had enough excitement for the night; unless Kitty you'd like to go a round or two. No caps seeing as you dropped a bomb shell." He gives a jovial of a smile at this.
Finley Finley looks... Well she looks stunned by the new revelation. Her eyes go wide and she looks at Lily next to her, then to Joe, and then to John. Mind blown. "Well, um. What a family reunion, we have here." She coughs and looks towards the door. "Speaking of parents, I should maybe probably get going! What uh thing did you say you were from?" She glances at John, nervously. Smooth, very smooth, Finley.
Joe Caine After downing a quarter of the bottle of whiskey, Joe finally turns around to take John in again. There's another long silence, "I figured you'd be dead or somethin', pretty much told myself that every day growin' up, so my apologies if I'm not jumpin' at the idea of goin' on a father and son outting to the wastelands.. just gon' take some time to process." He shrugs, "I don't hate you though, so there's that.."
Iris Lark Iris looks over at Jackie and she gestures to the rest of the bar. "This is why we need to come here often." She gazes from face to face and takes it all in until a faint squealing sounds in her cloak. She subtly takes a cracker from the bar and stuffs it in a deep pocket and the noise stops. She leans in a little closer to Jackie and murmurs. "So does this only happen in places like this?"
Jacqueline Jackie, listening to the happenings around them, shrugs and shakes her head. "Actually, it happens in a lot of private homes, too. You just usually aren't allowed to come inside and watch it all if it's in somebody else's house."
She glances down at Iris's cloak. "He's gonna be a bottomless pit, huh?"
Rose      "Kitty," Rose speaks, finally taking a moment and a breath. "I'm gonna step outside. You need anything to deal with...anything." She trails off, giving the family reunion a once-over. Compared to this crowd? Her family life was simple as hell. "You know where to find me, and I'll be back later. Going to see if I can find that new doctor to help patch up Bane." Another glance now, this time towards Gordon as rank seems to momentarily go out the window. "Keep an eye on these guys. They're good people."

With that, she's headed out the door.
Gordon Gordon shakes his head, "No, she's busy." He says to John, pulling some bills and dropping them on the counter infront of Katherine. Gordon stands up and turns to look to John, adjusting his officer's coat. His gaze turns to John, zeroing in.
Katherine Caine "Maybe it was because you were an asshole and you still are?" Katherine shot back at the man before wishing she could be anywhere but here for the moment but if she was lucky, John would at least crawl back to whatever Bunker he had dug himself out from. She's saved from replying to John when Gordon makes it clear he's paying for her time.
Iris Lark Iris glances at Jackie and she points towards the other end of the bar. "I think they might start fighting." She says, almost bouncing in her seat. She lowers her voice as she leans closer to the female beside her. "That John guy is mean, if they punch him, I say we help."
John "If it makes you feel better, I did know you fucking existed." The Paladin replies in his vein attempt of fatherly kindness. "Either of you." He adds for clarification. "Western Brotherhood of Steel." Eyes fell on Finley, as he spoke. Then afterwards, to the NCRs, a smile that is almost mockingly in nature is given to them.

A roll of his eyes is given to Katherine. "Well, Mister NCR Ambassador-" A quick salute is given "-Have fun." He says, winking as he walks toward the batwing doors. Looking back briefly, he says "See you later Katherine." It's sincere voice this time, not his usual jackassery tone. Then, he is gone.
Jacqueline "I sure wouldn't rule it out," Jackie agrees, watching the bunch warily. The idea of helping out ends when John steps away. "Maybe it's been defused. I hope so... I'm hurt enough as it is."
Finley With her question answered, Finley detaches herself from Lily and gives everyone a wave. "Gotta go! Have fun everyone and don't get shot, etc!" Her voice wavers and she briskly makes her way to the door. Once outside, she books it. Running as fast as her short legs can carry.
Sammy     More notes go into Sammy's logbook on his map, as he glances at the bar and draws a few more lines on the map, a faintly murmured "Doctor?" and a little Caduceus with a question mark on the paper. He looks up as money is laid down. Seems negotiation times are at hand. He finishes his drink and carefully slides the glass back across the bar. His eyes pan a bit more, and he watches the reactions of the others, rolling the pen back and forth across his knuckles. Something about long tailed cats in rooms full of rocking chairs.
Katherine Caine Katherine smiled at Gordon eyeing the stack of bills but the way John left, it really did truly make her feel bad for him, "Cya John.." She said at the man walked out before smiling at Gordon once more, "You're too kind Ambassador, but I'm not sure how good my company would be in this state." A soft sigh escaped her lips, glad that all of that was over for the night.
Gordon Gordon shakes his head with a chuckle, turning to look around the bar for more BOS hiding among the patrons. "Don't worry about it." The ambassador says to Katherine. "You good to stick around or do you need to lay down?" He asks her.
Joe Caine As John walks off, Joe curiously watches him as he goes, eyebrows furrowing. Shaking his head, he takes another swig from the bottle and heads towards the door, "I'm goin' out for a walk, be back later."
Jacqueline Jackie waves to Iris as the doctor leaves, followed shortly by Joe and he oft-beswigged bottle. Seeing Sammy watching everything so closely, she glances he way curiously. "Something interesting?" she asks, as if the room hasn't been up to now.
Katherine Caine Fuchsia had wandered off and most of the girls were busy and after a night like tonight, she wasn't sure she wanted to leave the bar just unattended; because that's what it would be if she asked Lilly. Katherine shook her head, "I should lay down, but I should also keep an eye on things." Looking between the ambassador and the caps she asked, "Would you like if I came to visit you at the embassy tomorrow?" Right now, she had no clue what she wanted other than to drown the events of tonight away and pretend they had never happened.
Lilly Caine Lilly Caine sorta wakes up from her seat, blinking.. "..walk. yes.. good." and moves to sonambulistically stroll out the front doors, She waves a hand back, "Bye Mom", another hand back "bye Dad", she says sorta zombie fashion.. she is probably gonna go home and lay away and start at a wall while her brain reboots
Gordon Gordon leans back on the seat, looking at Katherine. He takes a drag of his cigar and then looks around, "Apparently NCR is drinking for free today so I am here for as long as the party continues." He looks over to the other NCR, "Might as well take advantage of the lull for now." Gordon sips the whiskey, looking back to Katherine and says to her, "You come visit me any time you want."
Sammy     Directed attention snaps Sammy's eyes up, a smirk curling the edges of his lips as he nods, to her, "I just flew in, with the crew..." he gestures to the other Rangers and the Ambassador, "I'm trying to make a map of things as part of my routine, you make a map, then try and remember it, and redraw it, till you know every rock and tree..." he turns a few pages back in his journal, and basically has hand drawn maps of everywhere along Route 66 from Shady Sands to about the middle of Arizona, with lots of notes about where things like 'water' and other things. No 'Here be dragons' but it's that kind of old-timey mapping. Currently he's got a rough city grid going, with a few locations marked in, 'Town Hall' 'Hotel' 'Saloon' and the North and South gates.
Jacqueline "Ah, I see. So the 'You Are Here' thing would be here?" Jackie asks, pointing at the place marked 'Saloon'. "And something marked 'You Sleep Here' would be here?" she asks, this time tapping the point marked 'Hotel'.
Sammy     The Ranger nods, "Somewhat. I'm not sure if I have a bunk at the Embassy or if I'm on my own, or if I get to go for long walks in the moonlight and prop myself up in the 'Leaning Rest' yet. There's paperwork that needs filing somewhere. But hey, I made it." he unfolds the front-cover of the book, which shows a larger map of the US with all the timezones. It's a pre-war silkscreen on a sketchbook, and it just seemed like the best choice for a travel diary at the time. He smiles to Jackie, and draws an outlined 'H' and a Vertibird near the City Hall. Yay for details. Even embellished ones. "I'm Sammy, and you are?"
Gordon Not wanting to interrupt the Ranger, Gordon does not say anything to Sammy but does make a note of looking to the soldier and letting him know that the ambassador sees him. He turns back to drinking, smoking, and watching Katherine.
Jacqueline "Leaning Rest?" Jackie wonders aloud. But the question focuses her attention again. "Me? I'm Jackie. Jacqueline, actually, but everybody calls me Jackie." She looks curiously at the old map. "I've seen those... I run across one once in a while, scavving out in the Wastes, but I've never seen one that looked this good. Where'd it come from?"
Sammy Sammy caps his pen and nods, closing the book, the pen slides right in along the spine, and then disappears inside his armor somewhere beneath the uniform duster, "Nice to meet you Jackie." he gives her a smile, "I won this in a bet before I left Kalamath. Never bet a Ranger he won't eat something that someone found crawling around in the dark." he makes a face as he recalls the memory, then looks down at the emtpy glass as if to find liquor to wash down the phantom taste. "I tend to try finding all the books I can too when I'm on patrol. It just so happens I got a lift to get here so I'm going to have to head out in all directions to finish my map. You familliar with the good spots around town?"
    The nod from the Ambassador is caught, returned with an affirmative nod of his own to Gordon.
Katherine Caine "Good. I'd like that very much." Katherine said genuinely to Gordon as she actually sat down on a stool behind the bar. Joe and Lilly leaving was not unnoticed by her. It seemed to be the usual fare with her family. If there was ever time to feel like a dissapointment while living in a place founded by your ancestors, a person everyone thought was a hero; it was probably right now. A bottle was put on the counter in front of Gordon and uncapped, "Looks like you're going to have your work cut out with you." She had no doubts that Gordon had heard of Paladin Winchester's abilities and reputation.
Gordon Gordon grins and says as he pours them two from the bottle, "I'm not alone. I have the Rangers." The ambassador says with a hint of pride and takes a swig of the drink.
Jacqueline Jackie stifles a laugh, considering that bet. "I hope it's been worth the indigestion," she replies, grinning. "You're in one of the better spots now, or at least one of the most popular. If you get hungry, my mom's place isn't far away. She's one of the best cooks in town. She can even make radroach taste good. There are a few good shops in town, too. Chips'N'Bits is great, if you don't mind digging through a lot of stuff. I don't think Roman's got any sense of organization."
She pauses thoughtfully, considering something Sammy said. "A lift... like in a Vertibird? Or was it a ride with someone?"
Katherine Caine Katherine nodded in agreement to Gordon, having a hard time not agreeing with that fact. She'd take a ranger at her side over a power armored tinman anyday of the week, which speaking of. She directs her attention towards Sammy and Jacqueline, feeling bad she never even introduced herself to the man earlier but now he was busy and she didn't want to interrupt. A shot was slid down the counter towards him though, it was the most she could do without being obtrusive. Turning back to Gordon she asks, "He come in with you?"
Gordon Gordon glances over to Sammy studying him. He says to Katherine, Still got allot of Rangers out on OPs who haven't reported. I expect him to be one of ours. Carter spoken to you?" His blue eyes gave Katherine an appreciative glance, the idea of battle having set his blood pumping minutes before. He drinks and chuckles.
Sammy When he hears '...have the Rangers.' Sammy reflexively reaches over to his helmet on the bar, and squeezes the commpiece, there's a tiny little *fweeee* noise as the capacitors warm up, he gives Gordon another nod, and switches legs, resting one and letting the other have a bit of time to rock a bit on the bar stool's rungs, "I found that being hungry enough is a great seasoning for many things you couldn't normally handle. I try to stick with things I recognize, that have the right number of legs and other appendages... Well, sometimes Radstag or Brahmin steaks are a thing. I've even seen someone who could make YaoGuai meat taste good, as long as you don't ask about how they did it." he pats his tummy. "I'll have to look into those shops and get them added to the map." he spies the shot sliding down the bar, and it's scooped up without nary a drop spilled, a bit of a bow and a mouthed, "Thank you." to the matron then back to Jaqueline, "They radioed me as I was heading east from the Flagstaff ruins, I met at a rendevous, and found myself getting here a lot faster than planned." he gestures to the Ambassador, raises the glass, drinks.
Jacqueline "Wesley used to say that, that hunger was the best seasoning," Jackie agrees, smiling. "Though, he /did/ say that it wasn't one he cared to use too often, since it meant eating things with too many legs." Hearing the shot sliding down the bar, she traces its path back to Katherine, sending a smile her way. After what happened earlier, whatever it was, she figures the woman could use a little in the way of positive vibes.
Her gaze strays to the map again. "It must be something, flying that way. I've seen pictures of flying machines in old books. I don't know how they worked, but it's something I hope we get back; the ability for just anyone to soar among the clouds."
Gordon Gordon rolls his shoulders and stands up, "I should head back for turn-over. Meet up with Carter when you have a chance, I want to get a special team together that responds directly to me and can skip over the beaucracy, to get shit done." He leans forward and places a kiss on Katherine's cheek, bowing his head respectfully before turning away and walking out of the establishment.
Sammy Sammy nods to Jaqueline and looks to the map, he turns the page back and it's a zoomed out picture, and another zoomed out with roads and mountain ridges and stuff sketched out quickly, "For a lot of people who've been up in the air for the first time it's really humbling, because when you're donw here you can see everything, hear everything, up there, you see how big things aren't. Everything gets small. And individual people, get more insignifigant the higher you go." he looks at her with a head-tilt that resembles avian curiosity, the way a raven might look and consider a shiny thing. "I like it because it lets me see farther, lets me count the mountains, plan good places to hunt for good food, see ways of getting around I might not have. Being high up, if it's on a mountain ridge, or even just up a tree, or maybe a bell tower lets you survey everything, make plans and sometimes it's just as important to know where not to go." he does a few page-backs on the book, and shows where there are red crosses on the map, more than a State away. He then folds the map-sketchbook back up and glances out the door, "I think it's stopped raining enough to take another look around as well." picking up his helmet, and flipping the face guard up as he tucks his hair up under and fastens the chin strap, straightening his duster and standing.
    As Gordon walks out he thinks aloud, "... or maybe I should follow him... Just to be sure..."
Jacqueline "Sounds like an altitude advantage solves a lot of problems, even if it isn't good for how you view other people," Jackie observes, nodding as Sammy pulls his helmet on. "I guess I'd better shut up and let you get on with your job. Nice meeting you, Sammy. Season those bugs well, next time you eat on the trail."
Katherine Caine Katherine watched Ambassador Gordon leave before nodding to Samm and Jaqueline, "Just let one of the bots know if you need anything. It's been a long day and I need a good long rest in a bed all by myself." Caps were gathered off the counter and put away and she headed into the backroom to pass out!
Sammy     He nods and smiles, "I'm sure I'll be around... I can smell good cooking from two kliks away." he grins sheepishly, and closes the helmet unshouldering his rifle, carrying it across his arm, finger to the comms as he closes the visor and the *fweeee* of the signature night vision ticking on. The whole of his body language changes as he stands and walks out the door, the lower edge of his duster slightly tattered, but looking purposefully so as it silences even the slightest squeak of his movement. and he's gone like a mountain lion along the trees.
Jacqueline "Just in case it ever becomes necessary, ma'am, I do fix things for free Sunset Sarsaparilla," Jackie says, smiling and waving her own goodbye to Katherine. Sammy gets one, too... and the fix-it girl stares as he moves out like he's on a mission. "No wonder noboby ever sees them coming..."