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Camilla     The Clinic is a complete disaster, a total ramshackle mess. There are still wounded strewn about on various make shift cots and beds and blankets. The /nurses/ that Camilla pressed in to service have long since collapsed from exaustion, and Camilla herself has been tending to everyone as best she can. She, still dirty and covered in blood from her own small scrapes with the explosion, hair tattered and matted, and eyes distant and worn out, is currently applying a damnp washcloth to a young soldiers forehead. This one no doubt already dealing with a possible infection from his wounds.
Iris Lark In another corner of the Clinic is Iris, and while she may not be as completely worn out as Camilla, she is running on fumes at the moment. She is sitting on the floor next to a bedroll, patiently sewing up an older mans wounds. He's in enough pain that he's beyond caring how it feels, but she still is gentle and as neat as she can be with each stitch.
Camilla     Cami almost forgot Iris was here with her. That is until she takes a moment to stop and look around, and notices that in the confusion and chaos of it all, they both had been here with each other the whole time. Doing what they do. She exhales deeply and moves to grab a pitcher with water in it, which she takes over to Iris and slowly hands towards her. "You ok?" she asks of her very dear and close friend with as warm a smile as she can muster. "I'm, I'm sorry that I've not slowed down to check on you until now.."
Iris Lark Iris accepts a glass of water, but continues to work on the man after giving Camilla a brief smile. "I'm fine, as fine as I can be." She murmurs, picking up more catgut and strings it onto her needle. "You don't have time to be sorry, we've got more important things to worry about than me, honestly. More bodies than we can handle at this point." She glances at the door and frowns slightly. "We might need to press anyone with even general first aid knowledge at this point."
Camilla     Camilla flashes another brief smile of her own in return and nods as she takes the pitcher back. "If you and I fall, then who do we have to help these people?" she asks of Iris. "You taught me that. Remember?" she asks of Iris. "So yes, I do have time to worry about you. If you collapse, I'm on my own until I can find Row, or Sara, or anyone else. Not to mention that I might not be able to find them and they may well be focused elsewhere."

    She turns about and looks around the wounded and then back and nods, "We'll need to reach out, I agree. We need anyone with any basic first aid understanding and up, though, I'm not sure how we can get the help. Or, if there is any, considering how much damage we've sustained.."
Iris Lark "First thought would be to contact the Militia medics, see how overwhelmed they are and help them as they help us." Iris murmurs, leaning in so she doesn't have to squint. She finishes her stitching and leans back for a moment, rubbing at her eyes. "I contacted Sparrow, she's helping out on the ranch, there are bodies and wounded there as well, from other parts of the city." She pushes to her feet and moves to tend another patient. "We'll figure something out."
Camilla     Camilla exhales deeply and nods. "If there are any of them left alive..." is her first reply, a little bit of depression setting in from all of this chaos and death. She exhales a second time and shakes her head back and forth, trying to shake the bad thoughts out. "Well, at least she's alive and doing what she can. Maybe, when one of the people who are the least hurt or not hurt wakes up, we send a runner. Find out what's going on and get supplies and help. That, or I can go.." she adds, lost in thought a moment. "Perhaps it's better that I go, you have more experience than I do. Also, I can see with my own eyes what's actually going on instead of trusting a runner who might not understand."
Iris Lark "You should go, get some air, I've had at least an hour or two of sleep." Iris remarks, and she gestures to her rucksack. "I also brought in the supplies I had in Acme and Avalon, plenty of chems, bandages and whatnot. It'll dwindle quickly I'm sure." She picks up an alcohol soaked rag and starts to clean the wounds of the patient in front of her.
Camilla     Camilla sighs, and nods. "Yeah, I should.." she replies plainly, her eyes glancing to the rucksack. "We're running low overall, so, I'll see what else I can get from the Militia. I'll, I'll be back in a few ok?" she smiles warmly and sits the water pitcher down next to Iris. She turns about and grabs up her medical bag, and slings her rifle over her shoulder just encase. "Back in a bit.." and with that, she's out the front door and in to the thick to see what's going on.
Iris Lark Iris is sitting on a chair in the corner, her eyes on the people treated. She nods off now and again, her forehead resting on her knees as she snores lightly. Each time a person wakes up and asks for a drink she mechanically gets to her feet and pours them some of the clear liquid before she retakes her seat.
Camilla     Camilla's gone for quite some time, upon returning she looks just about as past exausted as Iris does. "Go, sleep.." she say to Iris as she enters and begins to shamble about the clinic and returns to her routine of checking on everyone. "It's not good out there.." she adds.
Iris Lark Iris nods and she retreats into the supplies room, pulling a bedroom down and curling up on it. She pulls another bedroll atop her for warmth and drifts off to sleep.
Camilla     Camilla sighs and follows Iris to make sure she's ok, helping to tuck her in and cover her up. She kneels down and gently runs a hand through her hair, "Get some rest.." she says softly before standing back up and turning to leave the supplies room, she closes the door and takes the spot Iris had on the chair.