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Owner Pose
Camilla     The Clinic is a sight to behold for anyone walking in. The rooms are full. The floor is full. People in various states of hurt and bloody and overall messed up are strewn about, and the only currently active medical person is a tired, tattered, and downright exausted Camilla. She sits in a small chair in a corner, dozing.
Lee     Lee thumps in with that salvaged power armor. It's not got any of the powered components to it, so it's more his strength moving it, but he doesn't seem to mind that much. Looking about, he'd click open that helm and take it off with a soft sigh. "Here too.. blast.." He'd grunt with an arm going around his middle and shakes his head. "I'll have ta find someone else.. that's all there is ta it.. fer sure.."
Camilla     Camilla is startled awake from that blasted armor thumping in. She raises her head slowly and gives Lee a look over. She stands up slowly, and seems to be mostly on autopilot. "What's wrong Lee.."
Lee     "Huh?" Lee glances back, winces and smiles apologetically to Cami. "Ahh.. sorry.. I didn't mean ta wake ya.. I got torn up by some rioters on a patrol.. I was hopin ta get patched up 'cause it's startin ta smell like blood in the armor.. but.. yer full up and worn out.. I can try ta find someone else ta help, fer sure."
Camilla     Camilla sighs, "Shut up and out of the armor..." she snaps at the man. She turns on heel and goes to grab her medical bag, which she brings back. "Let me get a look at you, and see if I can't get you patched up and back out there."
Lee     Lee meekly nods and would hit the proper controls to have the power armor let him out. He'd step out, stagger and grab the armor to stay up. His middle is stained red from a stab wound that seems to have slipped between the armor plates of the suit. "They got lucky on me.. butcha should see the other guy, yah?" He'd lean against the armor and wait, letting Cami work. It's not a deep cut, but gut wounds can always be nasty.
Camilla     Work she does, "This is going to hurt..." she says as she starts to clean out the wound, and stitch it up. "I've got chems if you want the pain gone.." she adds, "but I'd only recommend them for pain."
Lee     Lee grits his teeth and just nods to Cami. He'd hiss in pain as she'd fix him up, grunting only after she's done. He'd shift on his feet and shake his head. "I can't afford ta lose the edge on senses.. I gotta get back out there.. We gotta get ahead of this chaos.. fer sure.." He'd flash Cami a weak smile. "Thank ya fer patchin me up.. I'll get outta yer hair now, yah?"
Camilla     "Yeah, I understand that..." replies Camilla plainly as she leans back from finishing up on Lee. "Please, stay alive?" she asks, ignoring the rest of his statements. "We need everyone..." she adds. "Now, shoo, and get back to work.." she adds with a big ol grin on her face.
Lee     Lee climbs into the armor, a certain sense of being worn out to his actions. Then the armor seals for him and he'd flash that grin at Cami. "Fer sure. Alive and workin, as ordered Doc!" He'd salute, don his helmet and those metal steps has him thumping back out into the streets.