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Owner Pose
Iris Lark Lots of new wares ar on the shelves of the general store, from food, water and other non perishables to armor, clothing and lots of shiny holodiscs. Several people are already at the counter discussing prices with none other than Iris Lark. She is seated on a tall stool, still bandaged from a previous encounter in the wasteland, but seemingly in good spirits. She haggles with a younger man over one of the shiny holodiscs, countering his numbers with a few of her own before an agreement is had and a grin is on both of their faces.
Kaelyn Kae wanders in, the woman glancing around curiously.. She smiles and tilts her head "Heyo!" calls out the pointy-eared woman... "Whatcha up to?" She asks now, the woman now wandering up to the counter before asking "Got any new cool stuffs in?"
Iris Lark "Plenty of new things." Iris says, sliding a manifest over towards Kaelyn. "Eerything from power armor to chems." She says, offering the taller woman a smile. "Hope you're doing well."
Kaelyn Kae grins and motions to her chestpiece... "Ya got something maybe a bit less restrictive here mebbe?" she asks curiously... "Also I came into a bout 100 rounds of .308 and all was wondering if ya had anything I could look at that would fit it?" she says with a smile.
Iris Lark "We just have basic armor, besides the power armor. So if you're looking for something ..that won't protect you as much. Yeah, we've got that." Iris murmurs, gazing down at the list of items. "We have a sniper rifle, hunting rifle and automatic rifle that takes that kind of ammo."
Kaelyn Kaelyn nods slowly "Can I see the automatic and hunting rifle? " Kae says and hmmms... "Ya don't have any upgraded combat chest pieces?" she asks now curiously and tilts her head then rubs at the back of her neck.
Iris Lark "The chest pieces that we have are all leather, and have a rather low rating. They're basically starter gear for folks who haven't been around these parts too long." Iris mentions, sliding off of her stool to walk back and get the rifles.
Kaelyn Kae blinks and looks over the Hunting rifle curiously, she tilts her head, then picks up the automatic weapon now to, looking it over... "Ya have any recomendations?" She asks curiously... "Also do you have a semi-auto .308 sniper? Or is the sniper you have a bolt like the hunting rifle?"
Iris Lark "Well it depends on what you're comfortable handling, let me see if the sniper rifle is an automatic." Iris says, hefting the two guns as she turns towards the back room. "One moment, and I'll check."
Iris Lark "The sniper rifle is a single shot." Iris says, hefting it up and setting it on the counter. "But the sight allows you to aim better, and call out where you're aiming at." She says, taking her seat on her stool again.
Kaelyn Kae nods slowly and taps her chin "Ah well... " she says with a slight grin... "Mebbe some day I'll find something... I remember reading about a PSG-1 it took .308 ammo..." she says and grns a bit. Kae settles on a stool and asks curiously "Sooo ummmm how've you been doing?"
Iris Lark Iris pushes the rifle aside and shrugs a shoulder slightly, folding her hands in her lap. "I'm doing okay, still recovering from being jumped in the wilderness." She says, wrinkling her nose slightly. "I was shot and stomped on a bit, not my idea of a good time."
Kaelyn Kae blinks curiously.... "Shot and stomped on? By what? And why did they jump you?" Kae asks curiously... She then grins slightly "And trust me I know the feeling, I was out on one of those burned farms trying to fix stuff when some loonatic jumped me..
Iris Lark "Mercenaries, honestly and I think they were after something that I have." Iris answers, her cheeks going pink as she shift on her stool. "But I have it well hidden so I don't think they'll find it anytime soon."
Kaelyn Kae oooh's and nods slowly... "Oookay... I imagine I don't have anything folks are after, I just poke my nose in places that it's evidently not wanted." She says cheerfully. Kae yawns and stretches her uper back before starting to head toward the door.. "Y'have fun now, try not to work to hard okie?" she asks curiously.