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Vault Girl NOT LONG AFTER THE ATTACKS - See Scene 757 for Details.

It's been less than 12 hours since the attacks and El Dorado is on the verge of Anarchy after a night of terror. Throughout the nights there had been looting and rioting that had occupied most anyone who could help break it up, and it wasn't just 'insurgents' or the new refugees; some of the troublemakers were local rabble-rousers.

The Jail was full.

There had been no choice but to start deputizing some of the prisoners who had sobered up and so the cycle continued.

Esscast had been rumored to be training people to defend themselves with the more defenseless who had been brought back to Vault Town, including as many children as possible.

Out of the entire set of sub-areas that made up El Dorado, it was Vault Town alone that had remained completely orderly. Those Vault Dwellers who had been selected by the G.O.A.T.. to be security guards did their job with pleasure, keeping anyone who looked suspicious out and stopping trouble before it began.

The most troubling thing to happen since the bombing was the rumors of kidnappings that had been occurring throughout El Dorado, Rural El Dorado, and Shantytown by Enclave Vertibirds.

People known for their heroism around the city and area were among those taken, but so were children, adults, even the old. There had to be a purpose to it, but it seemed to be unknown to all but those behind it.

Without air defenses properly in place, the Vertibirds, which had been identified as Enclave were able to act with impunity while the city continued to descend further into chaos.

The West Walls were rumored to be dealing with a large force of mutants that had been /air dropped/ and were currently laying siege to the city, while to the South, an Enclave Armored Division had taken up place outside of El Dorado; waiting and further demoralizing the defenders.

In the North, in Rural El Dorado, guerilla commandos depoyed by the Enclave perform terror attacks and target families to be seized wholesale.

El Dorado had a chance, but only if those who lived here stood up and worked together to take advantage of The Enclave wanting more than to exterminate the city. They were after something and that time you were afforded until they found it was all that was keeping El Dorado alive.

Colonel Sanders' white suit was stained with soot, dirt and blood as he held a cavalry rapier aloft, guiding Militiamen from the Town Square.

The Lone Star Caravans were also present, providing whatever food and aid they could to people from a central location defended by the Militia, it was also safer than doing it near the western walls which could go down anytime.

The losses had been staggering in the past 12 hours alone, with over 200 dead and most of the Sheriff's Department missing, dead, or unaccounted for as some of the first targets by the insurgents.

Word is that Mayor Caine was stabilized and is under guard in Vault Town, but Joe and Lilly Caine were among two of those already taken by the Enclave along with several other members of the Caine, Drake, Wayne, and Romero Families.

With friends and loved ones alike among the missing, what would you do?
Matt ||Town Square(dancing)|| Matt has taken up residence within Lone Star Caravan's depot, helping organize and disperse relief goods to effected parts of the city. After awhile though, most of everything has been assigned and people are starting to take it and go, so Matt wanders out from a tent to track down anybody in the Militia that he might know, to get involved.
    After awhile of moving through people, he eventually tracks down and joins up with Cleo, wherever she might be.
Esscast Esscast covered in mud blood and soot stands in town square with those he trained and still wanted to fight to protect their home Esscast stood before those people trying to bring up their fighting spirets "look i know your all scared scared is good it helps you survive but we dont run i cant promis you all will make it threw this day ...but if we have to give these bastards our lives we give them hell before we do"
Alasa Alasa hasn't gone far from town square, since the first explosion. Helping the wounded, or trying to combat any fires that may have poped up. Occasionally hearing reports from other sectors of the city as people move through. "This was planned, and well executed..I'll give them that...they hit right where they needed to...obviously we have traitors within the town. Prolly watching us right now..." she shakes her head a bit.
Camilla     Camilla had, alongside Iris, done the best she could for those people that had been taken in to the shanty town clinic. For now, it was obvious that her skills with a rifle, as crap as they were, alongisde her medical skills, were needed elsewhere. So, a few people got told, /You're a nurse, congratulations, do this and this and this../ and drug in to medical duty if they had any first aid knowledge at all. Trusting that those people would keep everyone looked after, she packed up her gear and headed for the town square with as many medical supplies and bullets as she could carry.
Iris Lark Iris showed up at the town square, her arms folded across her chest as she listens to the others converse amongst themselves. She offers Camilla a smile as she joins the group and turns to listen to the conversation.
B B's little shack by the lake hasn't been hit by kidnappers. Could be that her place is too small a target, or that they just haven't made it to her shack yet. She's in the crowded square, arms around her two rescued girls and baby in a sling around her body. She looks to Esscast and hugs her girls tighter to her. Alasa's words have her looking around, suspicious of her neighbours in the crowd. With a thin laugh, she shakes her head. "Maybe there are traitors here, or maybe only victims. We need to band together alright, but I don't know that shooting anything that moves is necessarily the right answer. We," here she indicates the children with her, "came into the city because it's safer than outside of it."
Rexus Rexus showed up at the town square a wee bit behind Iris. Always helps to be dramatically late. "They came for a reason." he offers, "Kidnapping may help with thinning our ranks and improving theirs.. if they are using the FEV on them..." he says, throwing that out there as he settles with his arms across his chest, listening to what others have to offer."
Kaelyn Kae can be seen coming in from the north, the woman frowning as she is dressed in all the armor she has, she has a pair of pistols on her hip and her AR on her back... She glances around and frowns, then sighs "We need to find a way get this insurgency shut down.. Probably starting in the north... Get those assholes before they spread much more fear, We get the folks inside first, we can start really focussing on what's outside I imagine." Kae says as she gets near the group... "Odds are most of the people stirring up stuff were with the refugees that came in, but there might be people who've been inserted before then..." She says and frowns a bit as she glances around.
Moonshine Moonshine more or less waltzes into town. He sits casually atop a mule with a shotgun in his lap, a fiddle on his back, and a cigarette in his mouth. The mule drags a small cart covered in a thick canvas. With every bump and jostle the cart clinks and clanks like a bunch of glass jugs filled with...liquid. The old man puffs on his cigarette, blinking away at the dust, and surveys the scene. "Dang."
Eden Eden had been sitting on a nearby porch step resting. She had been working for most of the hours since the attack- clearing debris, putting out random small fires, and helping find places for as many as possible in vault town. She overhears the conversation and is especially concerned about the idea of the FEV used on those kidnapped. Not even knowing what the next task to do is, Eden continues to listen and tries to think of anything that might help. So far, unsuccessfully. She has never been one for strategy.
Ashur Ashur crashes into the square with the subtlety of a storm; he's all wind and rain and thunder, cloak billowing in the winds heated and moved by Dorado's fires, a loud-stomp train of a man. One arm is folded behind his back, the other over his stomach, braids hanging loose. "The Enclave are looking to do more than burn this town, lest they already would have," Ashur rumbles. "And the only things of worth here I've ever heard of are the Vaults, and information about them. I want to break the Profligates in the north harassing the farms and people," and sure, one of his wives' has land up that way, so it's personally important to him, "and turn west, and contact New Rome. El Dorado helped when they were under attack-- the debt should be repaid."

Whether the place could endure that long, well, who knows. Ashur's not a strategist. He punches things.
Cleo Like many others in and around El Dorado, Lieutenant McKinsey hasn't slept all night, and she has the dead look in her eyes to show it. She's been working for Colonel Sanders to help get militia teams organized to try and secure the city. Most recently, though, she went to see the Lone Star encirclement, in part to help coordinate the protection of the supplies and collect a status report, and in part to see her father, Ian McKinsey, a dispatcher for Lone Star, and make sure that he was okay.

He wasn't there.

Now, she's back at the Colonel's side, hands folded behind her back as she listens for orders and stands ready to take charge of the next task that calls for her attention, but there's definitely a distracted look in her eyes. They turn toward Ashur at his arrival and announcement. "If we can take a team out north to deal with the kidnappers, we might be able to make contact with Roswell and find out the situation there, too. Might be able to use our people there to help secure the north," she mentions, loud enough for the Colonel or anyone else nearby to hear.
Vault Girl Those close enough to Sanders could hear him receiving reports from Militia Members and Civilians who had been getting word from the outside; the gist of it was that there was nothing what-so-ever except for scattered reports of kidnappings from places like Acme, Gohauq and Roswell with no means to defend themselves.

Sanders moved over to Kaelyn upon hearing her words and said to her, "Damn good idea, ye strange lookin' girl. Why don't you round up some folk and get out there and do what ye can? Lieutenant Mickensey!" He nodded to Cleo, "Go out there with her. and oversee things."

Suddenly every single radio and communications device in the area blared static before a cultured-robotic voice began to speak, "Greeting Mutants of New Mexico. This is President Z of the United States of America. Too long has New Mexico suffered the intrusion of your kind. You have taken our towns and our cities. That comes to an end now."

Those who had experience with Zax-52 would recognize the voice of the insane A.I. who used to oversee the Enclave's Roswell Facility.

"It is advised you stay calm. Those who resist the rightful rule of the United States of America will be dealt with swiftly and harshly. Do not allow yourselves to be destroyed like El Dorado due to your hubris and pride. Accept the judgement and guidance of your untainted superiors. Together, we will forge a brighter, better future. This is your leader, President Z, long live America and long live The Enclave!"

The radio transmissions cut-off before returning to static. Minutes later the transmission would repeat...
Kaelyn Kae Ummms and nods to Ashur... "I'll be happy to take a group of people to the north, lets put a little terror back into those jackwagons kidnapping folk. LEts also see if we can't get some of our folks back.. We need the people, and the state of mind..." She says and rubs at the back of her neck... Oddly CORA is silent, though her avatar is nodding and she even has these little red chibi-eyes... Seems the A.I. is seeing red as well... Kae nods, then adds "It's a long shot, but we may be able to get a hold of that group that's evidently making more folks based on me and a few others... They might be able to get help down here too..." Kae offers and shoulders her rifle now.
Matt "Fuck whatever the fuck that was." Matt sure as hell knows *he* isn't a mutant. But he does step towards Cleo and Kaelyn as they get voluntold to get moving up north. "One more rifle needed for your hunt, ladies?"
Alasa Alasa blinks as she hears her radio, " thats a crazy voice, for sure. Evil overlord out to take over the world...I think we have our winner of idiot of the week." She shakes her head a bit, "I could stretch my legs a bit, if your heading out..."
Moonshine The old moonshiner pulls his cart around first to the medics, dropping a few unintelligible Appalachian slang words as he unloads a few hefty glass jars of crystal clear shine from his cart, then brings the cart around closer to the gathering militia. He climbs down again, still puffing his limp hand rolled cigarette, and heads closer. "Gwan! Let an old man thru." He mutters, pushing past some tough looking militia dudes, "Dang little woblets..."
B B recognizes that voice. Cringing a little, she nods to the person next to her. "That's us .. mutants in that broadcast. Looks like we're to be an example. We have to fight back." She nods to Kae, "We need to get those people back too. Maybe we could set up a camp here in the square? Shelter for those outside the wall, and for those people you plan to rescue. Could maybe set up some kind of cooking tent too. It'll be hard with a lot of the emergency food stores gone, but if we all help out, we might just pull through."
Camilla     Camilla has no clue what's going on, or who that was, or what this Enclave nonsense is really about. She's only heard passing stories and rumor mill and hasn't ever really been fully told. All she knows is people are dying, someone is attacking the place she calls home and she has medical supplies and bullets. "Ok, so, fuck who ever that is. Someone point me in a direction where you can use me. I'm a combat medic, so, yeah...tell me what to do and where to go.."
Rexus Rexus keeps his arms folded as he looks over at... Colonel Sanders and.. Kaelyn, amongst the others. "If you're going to go north and do that, fight the kidnappers, you might want to get going now rather than sitting here and clucking like a bunch of hens."
Eden Eden seeks out Rexus. "I had a thought. I don't know if it would be helpful or not, but... They knew exactly where to strike to hurt the worst. If their goal was to find something then wipe out the town, would us gathering people down into a single location make it easier for them to search, and then only have one main area to focus bombs on? Maybe I'm just panicing, but- has anyone looked through Vault Town to try and check for sabotage areas? Do you know?"
Rexus Rexus looks over at Eden. "Be better to get everyone underground to avoid the airstrikes. I've not been to Vault Town, I've no idea on its status." he says, glancing at the fires that seem to be growing. "Well, while you lot go north... I'll take a crew and start getting these fires under control... might help ease the panic. Get the people focused on the task at hand and working together."
Kaelyn Kae peers at Rexus "Well whoever's going with me, c'mon, Am going north." she says and starts to walk toward the north. "Those coming comeon...
Cleo "...Understood, Colonel," Cleopatra says to Sanders before drawing a deep breath in through her nostrils. Her cheek twitches and the corner of her lip turns downward as Rexus speaks. She raises one of her arms and covers her eyes with her forearm, as if wiping her brow, but she keeps the limb in place, then lowers it. Her coat, her hat and her guns are close by atop a crate; she moves to collect them in preparation for the task at hand.
Alasa Alasa moves over near Kae, "I'm with you..thats my playground out there...think I can help."
Camilla     Cami slides over near Kaelyn as well, and since no one gave her orders, she's just gonna go with her anyway. "You'll need a medic..."
Moonshine "I'm knowin' a thing or two about fires, kiddo! And I can't let this wagon get near it, or I'll be fucked!" Moonshine blurts out, stealthily slipping away his flask and wiping his lips dry.
Rexus Rexus is already mulling a plan over in his head while he waits for the groups to disperse to their areas. "No, Moonshine... but we'll need wagons that have water capacity to act as firetrucks... fire wagons.. whatever you want to call'em. And spare barrels if there are any... going to have to start hauling water in." he motions to the fledgling firefighters, "Let's get ourselves organized..."
Vault Girl Elsewhere in New Mexico - Ranger Outpost

"This is Ranger Station Charlie Echo Bravo Sierra Nine requesting support, we're under attack by the Enclave." The sounds of gunfire almost drowned out the voice of the radio operator before the man's head was torn off by a gauss rifle round that tore straight through the outpost wall.

Across New Mexico, every similar such Outpost was under assault by the Enclave.

Elsewhere in New Mexico - Brotherhood of Steel Bunker 'Falcon Pride'

The Enclave had hit the Bunker hard and fast, just as the patrols were resupplying for another sortie out in the wastes, finally ready to make contact with their Brothers and Sisters in the region. It was too late for them though.

Nearly half a dozen Bunkers that the Brotherhood had established were hit with overwhelming force as the Enclave finally made its move, doing what it could to wipe all other factions in the region off the table.

Elsewhere in New Mexico - Utah Border

The Broken Legion of Lanius had been holding their ground and consolidating their territory until the attack by the Enclave.

The southernmost portion of the State was overwhelmed by Enclave robotic forces in a matter of hours, with every Legionnaire that could be found put to death...

Back in El Dorado

Colonel Sanders, unfortunately and much to his chagrin stuck in charge for the moment bellows out, "Well, git to it!" He nods to Rexus and the others, "And! SOMEONE SHUT OFF THAT INFERNAL RACKET!"

The dirty-suited Colonel was turned away to deal with a new report incoming even as new groups of townfolk came and left in their search of supplies and food.

The food crisis was definitely wearing on people and the Siege was going to be the straw that broke the proverbial camel's back at this rate.

Fires burned throughout the city and a Vertibird flew overhead, sending minigun fire into the Militia position before disappearing behind some buildings elsewhere. A few were wounded, two were dead.

A squad was dispatched to intercept it.

The Siege continued.
B B nods to Rexus. "I've a wheelbarrow down by the lake and some spare barrels for storing water. On our way past, we can grab them. Just let me set the girls up with a sitter and I'll come with you." She heads off through the crowd to do just that.