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Rexus The fires, they are raging! Well, sort of. The fires are fairly spread out, but have already engulfed several buildings and threaten to spread if not contained and extinguished. The flames leap high from several buildings, already severely taken over by fire and beyond hope.

     Rexus steps up to the plate, speaking in a firm voice that should be loud enough for everyone to hear. "Right, we're gonna have to do this the old fashioned way. Those houses..." he points to the really badly burning ones. "Are beyond hope, leave them. We have to create fire breaks around'em so they don't spread. Grab up anything flammable and move it back, dig ditches if you have to... houses, carts, grass.. anything.. get rid of it."

     He kicks at the dirt, "Going to need another team to start the bucket brigade. Get a wagon.. cart.. anything with barrels, fill'em with water.. there's a lake nearby ain't there? Somewhere? I hope so... start a relay, get on the small fires that can be contained. Rest of us are going to form mobile fire brigades in case anything new flares up. Got to get to them before they grow worse."

     Rexus allows a brief pause, surveying the crowd to make sure everyone has at least a partially understanding look on their face. "You can do this. Slow is smooth, smooth is fast, don't rush into things. Defend the city, we'll make it through. Any questions?"
Iris Lark Iris doesn't have any questions and she immediately takes up a shovel and starts moving anything flammable that's in the way. She's not very strong but she's tenacious as she starts to pull, push and bodily move anything flammable away from the path of the fire. Several join her and soon they're all working together to clear a path. She pauses only briefly to pull her hair up on a messy bun and tie a bandana over her mouth in case of smoke, and then she's moving again.
Matt Matt moves away from buckets and water and uses a pickaxe to start pulling wooden barrels and scrap wood away from the almost completely gone burning buildings to hopefully keep these spots contained. Its grueling work, however but it seems theres enough people to make it move quickly!
B B nods in agreement to Rexus' words. "There's a lake up to the north. I'll take anyone willing up that way to go get some water in anything portable and fillable." She's left her kids back in the square with a friend. Their safety is important, and if these fires aren't brought to heel then it won't be any safer within the walls than without. She has no questions, and waits to see who will join her before she'll head back out of town to get water from the lake.
Eden Eden says to B "It looks like they have all the hands they need to clear. I'll go with you to fetch water." She quickly looks around for any containers to add to the mix and returns to B's side.
Moonshine Moonshine takes another long swig of his special stuff before he rips into action. For a man of his age, he's fairly nimble! He jumps right in along side Matt and Iris, moving debris, stamping what small fires won't consume his boots. He considers his cigarette in his mouth for a moment be he tears a piece of his shirt off to wrap around his face too, tossing the smoke into a nearby flame before stomping them both out.
Rexus Rexus nods as Iris and Matt start working.

     "Good." he says to B, "Gather whatever you can. If its a small fire, use dirt or sand... save the water for the big fires. This city is full of people, many hands make for short work people! Everyone lend a hand!" he barks, growling at a group of frightened looking civilians. He points to B, the little group shuffling over to offer their help to B. Really everyone.. man, woman, child, mule or horse is roped into the effort, the entire city offering up to help in unison.

     Rexus takes a moment to get some more folks to assist Iris and Matt with clearing a firebreak. "Good." he says to Moonshine.

     Soon enough, there is at least one wagon loaded with barrels of water that can be seen riding past to another fire... complete with a small child riding ontop, squealing, "Bee-daw Bee-daw Bee-daw Bee-daw." in a vain attempt to imitate a firetruck siren.
Iris Lark A good bit of debris and other stuff has been pulled away and cleared and Iris continues to work alongside Matt and Moonshine. She is still limping from previous injuries but she doesn't complain as she hauls stuff off to the side. Some men have started digging ditches and she offers up her assistance. She's not as fast and strong as they are, but she digs anyways, putting forth effort to get the ditch dug quickly.
B "Come on, people," says B, gesturing for Eden and the others to fall in step. Safety in numbers, after all. They're not gone long, but it is quite a walk to the lake and back. When they return, it's in a group, just like before, each person with water. Some have buckets in each hand, some push wheelbarrows, and some drive carts with barrels in the back. There's even two little tykes pulling a wagon loaded with plastic sand buckets with water in them.
Eden Eden pushes her wheelbarrow with sand and water buckets down the line, checking in and around each building for small fires and stifling quite a few of them as she goes. Like everyone else she is running on only adrenaline at this point is glad for the wheelbarrow. After she finishes the row she started she heads back to center to check where the next spot to work in should be. "Where to next?
Moonshine A man stops his shoveling to catch his breath and Moonshine is there to relieve him of it. "Dang young'ns! Don't know the meanin' of work no more!" He joins in shoveling ditches and throwing dirt and sand on the closest most important fires, sweat beading on his forehead and dripping off his dirty ash covered face.
Matt A pickaxe is more useful than a shovel in the initial diggings of a ditch, and Matt moves to stay just ahead of the group and drives the pick of his axe down into the ground and dislodges chunks and unsettles the dirt further down to make it easier to lift up and out. During a momentary pause, he stands straight up again and heaves a deep sigh, then stays still for a moment before turning towards the burning building near him. "Hello?!" He moves towards the building and tries to peek in through the windows a bit, trying to locate the source of something. "Someone is still in here!!" Matt pulls his scarf up and over his mouth and nose before he uses his pickaxe to dismantle a door thats already in cinders, before kicking it the rest of the way in.
Rexus Rexus nods as B and Eden arrive with water and other sundries. His attention is grabbed immediately by Matt's call of distress, pointing to Eden and B. "Bring the water to'em, so they can get inside and rescue, quick quick. Make sure anyone who goes in gets doused so they ain't so likely to catch fire themselves!" he calls.

     And, as if things couldn't get any worse.. in the very distance, the thrum of engine rotors can be overheard, rumbling in the distance.
Iris Lark "I hear them too." Iris says, clambering out of the ditch and heading with Matt towards the building. "Someone with tools come help us carefully make a path." She calls out, as she grabs a bucket with water in it. "Hurry!"
B B pushes her wagon over to the the burning house. After Iris tosses her water into the flames, B's right there to trade it out with a fresh one. "We're coming! Hang in there!" she yells out, glancing to the door now and again, hoping to see Matt coming out any second now. Wouldn't do to have two people in a burning house to rescue.
Eden Eden quickly pushes her wheelbarrow over to Iris and Matt. "I have some tools. Douse yourselves, I'll work on the path!" Dousing her self first, Eden carefully goes to work pulling apart anything in the way. When she feels her clothes drying she runs back out for more water.
Moonshine Moonshine dashes over to help Iris, using the shovel to move a large piece of burning front porch. "Well god damn! This town's seen some better days! You-" he points to a man nearby, "help me move the rest of this here piece of burnin' fuck-all out of the way!" The man's eyes bulge slightly at the profanity, but it spurs him into action.
Matt Matt gets doused by a bystander and follows up the rest of the water that batters down the flames enough for him to push through the doorway and into the inferno. Smoke curls into his lungs and immediately tickles his throat into a short cough, followed up by a staccato of more coughs. But a hand in a back room beckons him forward and he follows the hand and brings its owner down onto the ground, "Stay down out of the smoke, miss."
Iris Lark Iris covers her face as debris shifts and bits of ember fly from where the people are working. Another bucket is handed to her and she immediately tries to douse some of the hotspots to help clear a path. She reaches down to pat at her medical kit, and as the people keep working to free the people inside she sets up a small, quick triage. "Over here, when they're free!"
Rexus Rexus keeps an eye on the rescue party, though his attention must be divided by the rest of the fire fighting efforts. Most of the far-gone buildings are isolated and contained.. they will burn well into the night no doubt. The other small fires are fought by the men and women of El Dorado, using buckets of sand.. shovels, water, anything to hand. It's a real unifying point for the people. Slowly but surely the fires are brought under control.
B B is quick to help, dousing people at their request and sharing what little water she has left. Once her barrel's run dry, she picks up a discarded shovel and gets down to digging, tossing the dirt back towards the house. Won't put the fire out, but maybe it'll buy them a little more time before is spreads to the neighbouring building. "Everything okay in there?"
Matt A crunch and a whine from the beams overhead signal the burning build's impending doom and it rouses Matt enough to lift up the waif and he starts to stumble through hallway, bumping into a doorjamb or two. As he exits the threshold of the house, everything crumbles behind him and fire booms out the windows from having a ceiling fall and press it out. Matt is propelled forward and ends up in the dirt a few feet from the cinders of a house.
Rexus The little girl, about eight by the looks of it, looks to be in rough shape. Certainly not as rough as if she'd been consumed by the inferno. Her clothing is singed and black, with black soot about her mouth and nostrils from all the smoke inhalation. There are some minor burns on hands and feet as well, from crawling around inside a burning house.
Eden Eden is actually making good progress at keeping the entryway open and dousing when she hears the beams starting to crack adn sprints back out the door. She makes it out in time- she hadn't had far to go. Thankfully Matt and the girl are outside too! "Is everyone out now?"
Iris Lark Once the girl is free, Iris gets her to the triage area to tend to her burns and the other issues that she's dealing with. Aloe and salve help soothe the burns and bandages help with the cuts and scrapes. She carefully cleans up the wounds with alcohol infused water before she dresses them, quietly talking to the little girl the whole time. She asks some questions, trying to figure out where her parents might be and who she is, trying to be as comforting as she can.
Rexus So far, the fire fighting efforts are having some effect. The little girl is rescued, her parents nowhere to be seen. Abducted? Fleeing? No on knows. The burning house is too far gone to save, but the ditches and firebreaks will prevent the fire from spreading to other houses. There are still other fires to fight, and small smoldering areas that need tending to... it will likely take all night.

     Rexus continues to survey the effort, "Keep an eye on the spots even if they're out, don't want another flare up to reignite the thing." he grunts.
B Relief washes over B when Matt and the girl make it out of the house just before it collapses. She pauses, shovel blade end down in the dirt. Lifting her eyes skyward, she takes in a deep breath. Hang on .. her brows furrow. "Guys .. I think we may have trouble .." She points to a Vertibird in the sky, circling round and round. Like they need -another- thing to worry about right now.
Matt Matt regains his feet and shakes his head "Nobody else in there" is croaked out after a few attempts and he just starts coughing and coughing. He archs his back and wraps his hands around the back of his head and tries to take in deep breaths, eyes on the sky as the vertibird begins to move closer and closer.
Sparky Turning his own gaze towards the heavens, watching the vertibird with a mixture of awe and apprehension, Sparky walks along the side of the street. His toolbelt clanks as he walks, or staggers a bit anyway, hanging from his waist.
Rexus There is indeed a Vertibird off in the distance. The people of El Dorado don't seem to be getting any respite as the lone machine rolls over on its wing, dropping lower as it moves towards the street where the main group is focused.... those door-gunners depressing their barrels menacingly towards the ground.
Moonshine Moonshine tips back yet another swig off his flask and wipes a sleeve across his sweaty brow. He looks up at the Vertibird as B points, a frown appearing on his lips. "This ain't got me feeling tolable like!" He shouts to no one in particular. "You think we can take that bird down? I got a cart full of molotovs if anyone can think of an idea to launch the suckers.
Iris Lark Iris looks up from the triage area and she moves to put her body between the girl and the vertibird above. She tries to find her pistol, but mostly is wincing as she waits to be fired upon. Her hands finally close around the pistol that she's looking for and she aims it towards the sky, trying to get the Vertibird in her sights, but failing.
Sparky "Is more fires what we really need right now, senor?" questions the man in the mechanic's overalls. "I'd say what we need to do, right now, is hide!"
B B reaches behind her for her rifle, only to find the familiar weight still missing from her frame. Cursing under her breath, she pats her pockets. "Only weapon I have on me is a flamer. Don't think that'll be much use right now." She glances to Moonshine and heads over to his cart. "Except maybe to light these up."
Hardman "Fuckin' Hell..." Grumbled the grizzled Hardman as he made his way as careful as possible through the burning wreckage that used to be buildings. His normally prestine uniform was tattered and smothered in various layers of soot and grime, nearly like he had inentionally tried to camoflauge his face. "Could this get any fuckin' worse?!" and - well - it could, by the presence of a Vertibird now circling overhead, as he enters the area, his green eyes squinting around the environment, spotting a familiar face or two. "DON'T!" he shouts, the site of Iris raising her pistol toward the sky.
Moonshine A light bulb goes off in his head and Moonshine smiles wickedly, "Let's gone build a big old slinger! Come on ya'll, lets start lobbin' stuff up at that birdy!" He nearly clicks his heels together as he scoots about, gathering pieces and looking for parts for some awesome contraption.
Rexus Rexus isn't quite as enthused as the others to fire at the Vertibird with molotov cocktails or flamers. "Get down!" he shouts, diving for cover as the Vertibird noses down.

     The Enclave craft is about 50 feet up, miniguns on either side opening fire. It looks like a firebreathing dragon is going over the street, lances of tracers kicking up the ground as they seek out their victims. Really anyone drawing attention to it is going to get a nasty surprise. A lone militia soldier raises his rifle to retaliate, getting off a few shots with his lever-action before being cut in half by the return-fire from a minigun.

     And with that, the Vertibird is gone from sight.. not gone gone.. just out of sight, the droning sound remaining as it starts to turn round for another pass.
Eden Eden pulls a few nearby items together quickly. Working with her tools to attach them she finishes and calls out, "This will launch it up if you want to take a molotov shot, If that's what you want to do. I think it's coming round again soon!"
Sparky Putting action to words, Sparky begins looking around for cover, his eyes roving the streets for other, more surmountable threats.
Matt Great. Run out of a burning building, *still* have to shoot at bad guys. He pulls his rifle out but knows its not gonna pierce armor that easily, instead crossing the street and pulling anyone dumb enough to stand out in the open with him against a building's wall. Matt waits out the vertibird.
Iris Lark Iris winces when she hears shouting and then at the sight of the poor soldier being cut down she holsters the pistol and gathers the girl in the blanket, finding cover quickly. The girl is understandably upset and is weeping. Iris tries to calm her down, murmuring softly to her as the others make ready to try to bring down the Vertibird.
Moonshine The old moonshiner stops in his track, watching Eden find the parts he needed and builds a contraption far better than what he had in mind. "That's beautiful m'girl!" He glances over to his wagon full of moonshine and scratches his head, "So, who's gonna do the deed? Can't miss. Can't fuckin' miss..."
Hardman "God, fuckin....damn it" Hardman grumbles, his carbine slung across his torso as he limps his way toward the contraption constructed in the street, "Load a fuckin' Molotov, can none of you fuckin.....FUCK!" he shouts, clearly disgruntled at the situation, he peels his carbine from his torso and slings it along his back, looking over the contraption, "Call out that fuckin' Bird when it comes back into view!"
B B crouches near the wagon of shine, using it for partial cover but the vertibird passes her by harmlessly. Once the makeshift molotov firing weapon is finished, she's ready with her flamer to light one up. "Someone should take a shot .. someone with better aim than me." She ducks back behind the wagon, waiting for someone to step up.
Moonshine "This deserves a tune! It'll help with you're concentration!" Moonshine cries, grabbing the fiddle on his back and jumping right into a nerve-racking fast-paced hillbilly jig, stomping his foot right next to the jury rigged slingshot.
Eden "I made it, I'll try it. Here goes nothing!" Eden takes an unlit bottle and loads it into her slingshot. Doing her damndest to aim just a bit forward of the center of the vertibird she yells "ok light me up!". Once lit, she checks the line up again, hits the release and prays for a hit.
Rexus Eden's heroic shot.. falls... a little short of the mark.. ok well short. The projectile goes about five feet up, spinning in mid-air so it loses all velocity and plummets back to the ground with a little thud.. not even breaking the bottle.

     The Vertibird meanwhile screams back round, flying low and fast with guns blazing as it rockets over the street and disappears into the distance... with the group being on the ground, no elevation... and the sides of the streets blocking most of their lines of sight... it means the Vertibird gunners didn't quite get to see the failed attempt at launch.. all for the best.
     Either way, the Vertibird can be heard heading off into the distance, not turning around anymore.. the group is safe, for now.

     The fires have been extinguished for the most part.. all that is left is to pick up the pieces and prepare for the next battle.
Sparky Sparky steps out from behind his cover, tilting his head to one side. "I suggest you hombres get off the street, a'fore that death machine comes back this way."
Sparky Sparky again follows his own advice, and moves to make himself scarce, while also continuing to watch for threats from outside the city.
B B lights up the bottle and waits, breath baited. Up, it goes aaaand then thud. Right back down. She darts over to pick up the bottle and put it out before it explodes right there. Pulling the rag free, she returns to pass it back to Moonshine. Waste not, want not. "Looks like we're in the clear for now. I should go back to the square to check on the girls."
Hardman Stepping back from the scene at hand, Hardman, straight backed and looking around the area, barks out a heavily bellowed, "This is a fucking SHIT show!" at the scenario, reaching behind his back, he rotates his sling, drawing his carbine to his chest anewedly, "Let's fuckin' get going, everybody Evac the fuckin' area before that goddamn bird comes back!" He barks, a man clearly used to - what he defined as 'shit shows' and grunts under his breath, raising a free, calloused hand to point two fingers toward Iris, "Eye, Let's go!"
Iris Lark "Someone has to take care of this girl until her parents can be found." Iris says, moving slowly out from cover. She sighs and begins to gather up her supplies and medical kit, stuffing it back into her rucksack and pulling on the ties. "Any volunteers or shall I take her to the town hall?"
Rexus Rexus moves towards Iris, "I'll take her to the town hall, see that she gets looked after." he offers, "Keep the streets clear, watch out for any more fires and keep a watch going in case somethin starts up." he shouts above the din, offering his arm down for the child.
Matt Well. Matt lives for a few more minutes, and relishes it by coming off the wall and dunking his head into a bucket of water for a bit before wiping his face off and heading back towards wherever the evacuation is going. Heading towards the triage area, to track down Iris and the rest of the group that scattered after the vertibird. "We moving back to the town hall?"
Moonshine Moonshine's jig trails off to a slow sad halt as the molotov lands harmlessly and uneventfully on the ground. He looks bummed. The fiddle goes back onto his back and he fidgets with the strap grumpily. "Damn! Wrong tune, wrong tune...should've played Stinky Pete..."
B "I'll go with you," B offers to Rexus. "I'm heading there anyway." Crouching a little, she nods to the girl. "Hey there, let's go find your folks, alright sweetheart." She gestures to Rexus' arm and gives the girl an encouraging smile. Then she's headed back to the town square to check on her own girls.
Eden Eden hides her blushing face as she runs to the nearest wall. It... almost worked, right? doesn't matter, bird is gone and fires are out. Still, She's pretty proud of her little creation and has pulled it with her toward the wall. Maybe next time someone else should aim though. "can I have a swig of whatever that is please." Eden sinks to the ground as the adrenaline starts to fade out of her.
Moonshine "Help yourself miss, you earned it I thinks." Moonshine mutters, offering a cheerful wink to Eden that curs through his gloom.