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Kaelyn Kae is well kind of out of character. She's not near so chereful as she usually is, actually she's down right pissed off, though that anger is somehow tempered, or maybe just sucked down deep. Those Red eyes of hers actually seem to glow on their own at this point as she marches north. When the group gets to a covered area in a copes of trees, Kae finally speaks up. "So, here's my plan, they've hit a number of ranches and farms allready, they gotta be operating from some central location. There's also no way they kidnapped all these people and not left traces.. We're going to head to the most recent incident sites and try to get some kind of tracks... We're bound to find something they're moving too fast.. When we figure out where they are, I opt we sneek up then hit them with everything we got. Don't pause, I really don't care too much about prisoners, but if you can take one or two alive, we're good... When we're done with them? Well do whatever it is you want to with em.." Yup, this is Kae having flipped the switch from nice to completely pissed off bitch. The fact that everything she says has almost no sense of emotion behind it, and the whole cold stare with those crimson eyes of hers she might even raise a few hackles.
Alasa Alasa moves along, following with little the stop, she brings her bow around and nods. "Yeah, I don't see a real need for prisoners..not after everything that they have done..I'm all for that...I'm betting they got a staging area somewhere close."
Cleo "Fair enough," Cleopatra says as the group stops in the copse, mechanically checking her firearms one-by-one to make sure that they're fully loaded, then pulling her combat knife from her leg sheath and running a thumb along the blade to test for sharpness.
Vuk Vuk was traversing with the group, the methodical thud of his power armor and the hiss of air being recycled marking his presence as infact, not a robot. "Acknowledge, the minions of Satansoft must pay." He says, gently running a gauntled hand over a large caliber sidearm. It's loaded, he seems sure of it.
Kaelyn Kae looks to cleo, then Vuk, and finally Alasa before smiling a bit... "Oookay folks... lets get moving." she says and starts making a quick trip toward one of the most recent sitings. Kae isn't really messing around at this point, and though she is moving quiet she's moving fast. Almost a jog.
Cleo With her carbine held at a low ready position, Cleo moves quietly, eyes on the ground ahead of her to keep a look out for obstacles and debris that might give away the otherwise soft tread of her boots in the dirt. She remains silent, not saying a word; her eyes have a distant and tired look in them.
Alasa Alasa moves along through the the brush...easily keeping up, one does tend to stay in shape when they are out in the wastes.
Vuk Vuk doesn't feel fatigue, to be fair, the power armor soaks up most of that expenditure of energy. No, he has to keep moving with them, ready to open fire on short notice. "If the Enclave is involved, there may not be any one alive whom was taken. They are..rather..prone to killing any they judge mutated."
Kaelyn As the group arrives at the Cabin, Kae looks around and moves to the house its self... "Scatter out, lets find some clues, anything coming and going..." Kae says with a slight frown... She then glances to Vuk and tilts her head... "Yaaah, I'm in trouble... " She says and tilts her head before she kneels down near the farm building, the girl looking around.
Vuk Vuk will not comment on him self, and what he is, it's not worth explaining. "Find those who are responsible, I will purge them." He says, taking up a defensive position in cover, scanning the area for any approaching vehicles. Even with the heaviest of weapons he has, he lacks any thing capable of truly countering heavily armored vehicles.
Cleo Vuk's words cause Cleopatra's jaw to set and her brows to flatten low above her eyes. She keeps her thoughts to herself - if there are any to be kept - and keeps her eyes to the ground to watch for something as the group nears the cabin. Unfortunately, her focus on whatever it is that she's looking for is such that she's not really in a position to notice anything else.
Kaelyn After a short look Kae's voice then pipes up "Got something!" she cals out, know squatted near something her finger down as she shines the light from her helmet on it.. It's glistening and in the dark appears black.. "Got some blood it looks like, going off this way..." She says and points to the northeast.
Vuk Vuk will turn to begin tracking Kaelyn's voice. "Fresh blood? Are you sure it is blood? Not oil?" he asks, curious more then concerned.
Kaelyn Kae dips her fingers in it and holds her fingers up... They're smeered with something kind of geletanized and dark red going toward brown... "Don't think Oil does this..." She says and shrugs "Also got several sets of tracks, and several sets of drag marks.." She says and stands before moving over and showing where there's dual sets of scrapes in the ground with military boot tracks on either side here and there.... "Whatcha make of this?" she asks, now glancing from Vuk to Cleo and back.
Cleo "I make that we're under manned and under equipped," Cleo says with an exhalation as her carbine rests back against her shoulder. "But then, we're also short on time. Not much to go on here." She looks to the cabin. "We should do a quick clear in there before we pursue. Check if anyone managed to hide."
Vuk Vuk will kneel and let his auto senses zoom in. "I doubt wild animals did it..likely raiders..or Enclave thugs. We should follow, at once."
Kaelyn Kae frowns and looks to Cleo "We can, in theory come back here, we know these guys have at least two folks.. "So we can try to find any survivors here, or go and try and rescue the two we know they do have... We can still come back here and hunt for survivors." Kae says and sighs... "No good, but I'm seeing blood out here and no body... It's not much either... Am thinking we should follow these tracks and move quickly, come back here and maybe see if there's folks hidden..."
Vuk Vuk will disengage the safety on his sidearm when Kaelyn mentions a rescue. "I say we get the two we know they have. Perhaps those two know where others might be..or where those they did not take from their homes hid...but we should move quickly."
Cleo Cleo scuffs at the dirt with the toe of her boot before taking hold of her carbine with both hands. She starts to make her way forward along the tracks on the ground.
Lee     Lee, looking worn if someone could see inside that armor, would come shuffling up to the group, that sledge out and ready as he'd slow a little, recognizing who it is that he's coming up on. The HUD really helps there. Getting a little slower, he'd click on comms for Cleo. "LT. Lee reportin fer duty. They said ya'll might need some backup here.. so, consider me cavalry and we'll go from there.. yah?"
Kaelyn Kae nods.. "We have a possiblye kidnapping, we need to move and maybe try to see if we can get to these folks before the Enclave makes em dissapear.." Kae smiles back at Cleo "We'll come back here and sweep this place, ok? If there's anyone hiding, they'll still be here. Immediate need is in front of us.." Kae then turns her lights on and swithces on her NVD goggles, the woman moving up to take point while she also shoulders her carbine....

After about a 10 minute walk or so, IR smoke actually shows up on Kae's goggles... She blinks and lifts the goggles then puts them back on... "I got IR smoke, I think... Ok folks, fan out, we're close..." She says and looks around, it's a wooded area, with a bit of a hill leading to a clearing, one possibly big enough for a vertibird...
Vuk Vuk can see the IR smoke, he is sure that is a dead give away of the Enclave, and thus he'll bring to sprint into it, HK CAWS held at a low ready. "In the Name of the Electric Father, Minions of Satansoft! Avatars of Be'alza-Gates, you will return those you have taken! May Saint Di Ode Protect Me in this hour! Saint Sony guide my righteous fire!" He barks out at those..he is now leaving behind.
Lee     Lee's armor still head that HUD and that gave him the same view as the other. Infra and NV showing that there's IR smoke ahead. Hand tightening on that sledge, he'd keep moving with the others. There was an attempt by those not in armor to hide. He'd just grit his teeth and keep going. The armor was loud enough, he wouldn't even try to hide. What's the point?
Cleo "Good to have you, Lee," Cleopatra says to Lee with a half-smile when he arrives. As the group moves further on, she holds up a hand, speaking more quietly. "Got voices. One of them sounds synthetic. Could be in power armor. You two, take the -" And then, Vuk is charging off. "- fuck it. Lee, keep up with the lug with the big gun! I'm going to move up along the right side to those trees, and Kae can use the trees on the other side up - dammit, she's gone." Cleopatra frowns and heads for the trees. "Draw them this direction!" she calls as a final instruction to Lee before disappearing toward the copse.
Kaelyn If anyone else has radios, Kae can be heard saying "Gonna try and grab a flanking position and get word to you guys, heavy hitters? Just race in and let em have it when I give you word. Cleo? Can you get their other flank from some good cover?" She asks curiously as Kae tries to slip through the undergrowth... The thing is, with the trees and the valleys the sound of the power aror is echoing and all... So as the group tops the little little hill, they can see a group of unknown men dresse din dark outfits, between them is a woman and man all trussed up, the guy has a a wet spot on his head, and what appears to be a wound in his thigh... Seems someone tried to put up a fight... Meanwhile the guys are looking around, having not really caught exactly what direction everyone is coming from...

There appears to be a squad of folks, about 6 men with no real mark of rank on their shoulder, all carrying Mp5 smg's and pistols... Another fellow with 3 chevrons and a shield on his shoulder. He's got a pistol, but it appears to be high tech. And Another fellow with a similar pistol and an FN FAL held tight, all the fully auto weapons appear to be Silenced.
Lee     Lee grunts and kicks it up into high gear. "Roj LT. He's a wild card. I'll do what I can ta pull em this way fer ya." With that, Lee would take off after Vuk and while Vuk would take up that supressive fire, Lee kept going, rushing at the group with that intensity gathering in him, tightening his grip on that sledge. "Time ta show ya'll why ya dun mess with El Dorado!!"
Vuk Vuk braces one foot forward as he begins to pound out the heavy shot from the HK, there is no suppressor on his gun, why would there be? "Death to the Minions of Satansoft!" He barks out, why does it seem he is as nutty as Ashur? Well..
Cleo Cleo crouches amidst the trees, using one of them as cover as she raises her carbine up to eye level and peers down the barrel toward the group. Identifying what appears to be the highest-ranking officer amongst them, she takes aim, then fires off a shot. The bullet goes wide as the ensuing chaos from the shotgun charge causes the soldiers to move to action.
Kaelyn Kae's on the radio... "Hit em!" she calls out not that she needs be heard really... Then Vuk opens up with a fully auto shotgun, spraying the hell out of the Lieutenant and the Seargent. They're realing and really lucky for the heavy body armor. As Kae sees Cleo line up a shot, she picks out her own, siting in on the Sargent before cutting loose with a burst from her own gun, draining half her magazine with a long couple second burp from her assault rifle... The Rounds stitch the sargent up the upper chest, and well catch the sargent with several rounds to the head, caving his face end and dropping him where he stands...

It's now pretty much bedlam, many of the under solders now devoid of some order all dive for cover, bringing their silenced smg's in the direction of their attack... Ok, they're actually pointing maybe at Lee... Ya know power armor charging in on them... The fellow in the space-age armor then rights him self, now ducking behind a falen log, as the two victems simply lay over on their side, screaming while gagged and trying to get as small as they can. Then the enemy's LT calls out "Check the flanks, focus fire on the power armor and the man with the Shotgun!" He shouts out, yup someone knows a little bit about tactics....
Vuk Vuk is already dropping the empty drum from the shotgun as one of the men drop, pivoting on the spot to slam out another swarm of shot and fury as he braces for it. His power armor is put in sharp relief. Empty casings spew out as he begins to cut into the Enlisted ..Commandos? He is unsure of what they are. "Some one go free their hostages, I shall keep them..entertained." He says in his booming mechanical voice.
Kaelyn The Lietenant is trying to call out orders, as his soldiers are peppered by more pelets from Vuk. He then turn son Vuk and opens up with two long streams of fire, many missing, some rounds striking but seeming to do no damage. Kae frowns and still wanting to cut the head off the snake, she cuts loose with two double taps, w rounds catching the man in the torso, two in the leg, dropping him down but not killing em....
Lee     Lee grits his teeth as he'd get closer. Sure, guns firing all around him? That's nice and all. He'd shift that grip and with a leap, he'd slam into that mass of guys with that heavy skull crushing impact of the sledge slamming into the first commando. The piston within the sledge fires right on time, making the guy splatter, not just fall. Lee swirls in that melee, another swing has him impacting the chest of another commando and with the enemy LT looking weak from the others shooting him, Lee would finish with that backhand swing to knock the guy back, sledge firing in that impact to send him flying and take him out of the fight. "Surrender and we might let ya'll live! Put em down! Or die!!" Lee would yell at the rest of the guys.
Cleo From her place behind the tree, Cleo carefully pushes up to her feet, keeping the trunk between herself and the opposition as the night lights up. At this point, with Vuk and Lee fully stuck in, shooting into the fray would serve little purpose other than to put her fellow militia-member at risk. "You've got this, people. Don't let up! We've got to secure those prisoners, whatever it takes. Lee, move right to open up a fire lane for Kaelyn. Tin can, move left for a partial flank with Lee, but make sure not to hit him. Their officer's down, clean it up!"
Kaelyn And as their numbers are just getting thrashed throught, the rather fanatical troopers left, the Lieutenant havingt his head smashed in not withstanding, just scream and continue to fire away at the people trying to hit them. Yep the crazies are in town and they are going to take as much with them as they possibly can.
Vuk Vuk sends another snarl of shells out at the remaining soldiers, seemingly, quite confident this engagement will soon be won. "Do we any secure way to move these people back to safer places?"
Kaelyn Kae frowns "This is just sad..." she mutters and as the soldiers continue firing, Kae turns and fires at one, pumping 2 rounds into his torso, and not paying attention to what kind of damage she's dealt she cuts loose with 2 more rounds, hitting another fellow in a torso... She then calls out "Just finish them guys!"
Kaelyn Many more shots, Kae finally finishing with hers as VUk takes down two more.. Then she fires at thre, knocking them down, before Cleo fires, and then directs her next shot... The last guy goes down, and Kae is dropping a mag out of her rifle and popping in a new one as she tacticly walks into the clearing, making a Bee-line for the survivors... She un-gags one and listens near them as the talk to her... "Cleo! Vuk, Their Kid's hidden underneat the foundation of their house in a scram room..." There's more talking and Kae is working the ties free... "Make that 2 kids, The husband needs medical care, Vuk, can you and Lee get the injured man back to town? Escort the mother too... Cleo? You and I will go back to the farm and grab their kids before we take em back to town.." she says while she looks at the Lieutenant, and begins searching him for intel.... It's not long before she gets his pip boy and has just enough time to look it over before it dies... She stares, pale... "They're hunting Eldorado folks for a specific set of genetics, when they find em they're going to hit us with everything they got.." she says and frowns... She did make sure to get a coppy of the little bit of a plan, and makes her wya over to Cleo before she shows her a copy of the info on the screen of her pipboy.
Vuk Vuk can easily help support the weight of an injured man, though he seems wary when genetics are brought up. "FEV." He says to him self, quietly before starting to help get the man back towards El Dorado. "A shame we didn't bring a truck with us.." Or for that matter? His Harley.
Cleo "Confirmed, Kae," Cleo says as she moves closer to help free th civilians with the use of her knife. "We need to get them out of here before the others come looking for the lost squad. Did you manage to get any sign of where they're operating from, or where else they're hitting? We need to get more information..." The sight of the husband and wife, though, causes her to frown. "I'll go ahead and head back to look for those kids, if you want to take a look here before you come with."
Kaelyn Kae frowns... "What I'm seeing here is this is the only squad, they're doing what they can to create the most amount of havoc they can.... " She says and sighs, looking things over... "That's really all I can tell... Less they're operating in cells... Anyway we need to be going before we face a vertibird and a door gunnery." she says, then with a bit of a smirk leaves the Enclave a note.... She uses one of the men's knives to pin it to the LT's chest after she lays the bodies out in such a way that they spell F U to anyone looking from the sky... Next she moves on with Cleo to go grab the kids... "We prolly should hurry."