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Fern     The time and place was set, and Fern is waiting. Early, of course, 'cause how else would she have had time to reserve prime seating for the ladies and herself? Fern is seated at a table for one near the back, and she's got herself an old menu that's propped up before her on the table. the food on the menu doesn't even exist anymore, but that doesn't matter. The menu is doing its job of hiding her identity!

    A table jusssttt far enough away, but within earshot of any conversation, has been set up with two chairs and a little vase of flowers (picked from some roadside, from the looks of it). It has been reserved by Fern's threatening of 'kicking asses' if anyone tries to sit there.
Tina Tina arrives in the early evening, looking around for Fern and not immediately finding the elusive urchin. "Maybe she's been delayed," she murmurs, moving to the bar and bowing from the shoulders to the counter girl. "Good afternoon. Or I suppose it's evening now."
Abigail Caine There's Gale. It's a bit of a transformation. She isn't covered from head to toe in clothes, for a start. The armor is much more circumspect and the bandana isn't around her neck at all. Gale's removed her glasss so her blue eyes are visible and as she approaches the table she pulls off her hat. The diminutive sout takes a deeep breath and holds it for a few beats before nodding slowly. "Good evening, Tina," the woman begins slowly. She takes a deep breath. "You look - nice..." She doesn't quite mumble but it's clear that this sort of pleasantry isn't Gale's strong suit.
Fern     "Psssstttt!" comes a loud hiss from the back. Fern's eyes are peering over the menu. She looks at Tina and then jerks her head towards the empty table, nodding towards it. And now it's not so empty anymore! There's a shift of her brows into a low expression. It's one that's usually seen when Fern has that devil's grin on. Good thing only her eyes can be seen.
Tina Tina glances back at the sudden hiss. She given Fern a slightly confused look as she finally recognizes her, then looks at the table, now occupied by Gale. And then she moves to join Gale, smiling faintly at her greeting. "Good evening to you, too, Gale," she replies warmly, if softly. "Thank you," she continues, blushing faintly at the compliment. "You look pretty, too. I hope you've been well lately."
Abigail Caine "I've been alright," Gale replies quietly. She squints at Tina for a second then pulls out a chair for Tina before moving to take her seat. "Thanks," the woman adds after a moment.. She turns slightly to settle her blue eyes onto Fern and then takes a deep breaht. "So... Let's get something to eat, I guess." She's siad before she was a bad conversationalist and she seems to have meant it.
Fern     If only they had earpieces. Well, shit. The nosey Fern is listening as best she can, and she scowls lightly at something. She pushes her menu aside so it.. sorta blocks her face from Tina's view, and she starts mouthing to Gale: 'YOU ARE PRETTY TOO' and other things of that nature. Fern bats her lashes and smiles wide while pointing to her eyes and smile. 'PRETTY EYES' and 'PRETTY SMILE' are exaggerated in Gale's direction.
Tina Tina takes the offered seat with a grateful smile. "Oh, thank you! That was so sweet. I've only ever seen that done in the old films, but it was always so charming." As Gale falls almost silent, Tina gently lays her hand over Gale's nearest hand. "We should, perhaps. I don't think I've ever been here. Can you recommend anything?" she asks softly.
Abigail Caine     "The roasted raroach is supposed to be good, To be honest i don't usually go out... So it'll be an adventure, I guess." Gale turns her gaze onto Fern and then frowns for a second before shaking herh ead. Then her eyes snap back to Tina's and she blinks a few times. "Alright... So I guess we should order." Nwo Gale glances down at the menu. "..Gecko pomodoro?" She pauses for a second or so. "Okay. Let's- mmm." An other beat follows. "You have really nice -... Eyes? Yes. I like your eyes." Now she's flushing a faint red and fidgeting slightly. "Drinks?"
Fern     At first Fern looks annoyed that Gale is ignoring her! But hey! There comes a compliment. Good. Fern smiles and starts to relax. She sits back and keeps a close eye on the two.
Tina Tina notes Gale's glance past her, and glances back at Fern, just barely catching the edge of some of the exaggerated speech and facial mugging. "Is she all right?" she asks, looking back to Gale with a little concern.

The compliment draws her attention fully back to Gale, and she blushes, bowing her head slightly. "You're so sweet to say so. Thank you. I like your eyes very much. The color is so much like a winter sky on a clear day." The menu is given a glance. "Hmm... I wonder if the gecko pomodoro is any good? Actually, I'm not sure what pomodoro means, so this will definitely be an adventure."
Abigail Caine "I doubt it's anything like what pomodoro was when these menus were made," Gale rsponds in a dry tone. She nods once, however, and then glances over the menu once more. "I am pretty sure the girl is fine. Just in a mood..." She eyes Fern one more time and then finally takes a deep breath. "I Guess we have that ten." She gestures for the waitress an clears her throat before ordering. Gale still isn't smiling much. She's fidgeting, however, which is definitely a departure from her usual actions.
Fern     Fern is now making eyes at Gale. 'SMILE, DAMMIT!' she mouths to the woman. She tries to then act normal. At least normal for her.
Tina "It must be an odd mood indeed," Tina muses, glancing back at Fern once more, then shrugging. "Ten?" she asks, briefly confused, but looks to the waitress to place her order, making sure to say please and thank you. "And for what it's worth, I think you are right; it isn't likely to be like the pomodoro from the original menus. But it's not radroach, and that's a fine first step any day."
Abigail Caine "...Right! Ten. We have- ten.... options for drinks..." Gale responds slowly. She glowers at Fern rather than smiling but then quickly turns her attention back to Tina. "It doesn't matter now seeing as we've ordered." The woman takes a deep breath and then nds once. "I hear that. I do a lot of my own hunting and such outisde otwn and I'll go a day without eating before I catch a roach." She ameks a face at that. "Like we ain't all irradiated enough already, right?"
Fern     Fern looks between the two.. her work is done here! Not exactly, but she's a busy girl! Things to do! Maybe she has her own hot date! Bwahahaha!
Tina "True," Tina replies, smiling wryly. "There's supposed to be a way to cook them that draws out the rads, but not everyone knows it. I know I don't. I can do it with most non-bug animals, though. Bugs are always the worst for that."

She glances at the drink menu thoughtfully. "Maybe we can order something to drink when the waitress comes back?" she suggests, her small, soft smile returning in force.
Abigail Caine "If you like," Gale agrees. When Fern slips away she relaxes visibly but there is still isn't a smile. She just isn't the smiling kind apparently, at least when she's nervouds. Gale looks up when the food arrives. It's roasted gecko with vegetabless. She nods once at this and shifts her weight from left toright again in the seat. The food is stared at for a bit and then Tina gets a nod. "So... We didn''t really talk about what you do for fun. You've been a nun for awhile, you were saying? Tell me about it a bit..."
Tina "Thank you," Tina says to the waitress when she returns. "This smells really good. Oh, by the way... can you recommend anything from the drink menu?"

"Nuka-Cola is the safest. Our drinking water purifier needs a new filter," the waitress suggests. "We've also got some stronger stuff," she adds, then blushes as she remembers Tina's habit. "Um, if you prefer such things, I mean."

Tina can't help a giggle. "It's fine, really. I think I'll just stick with Nuka-Cola." She looks back to Gale, shrugging. "Mostly I do chores around the church and a lot of praying, when I'm not helping with services. But I do have a little time to read and occasionally practice my dancing and singing."