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Carter Griffin The patrol was simple enough. Carter had been leading a member of the Militia to counter some people who had been threatening the western part of town. The town had been under siege, and now it seems that everybody was a potential threat.

Carter had spotted them approaching the walls, at first they looked like they were refugees, like the ones he'd rescued a few days prior...But then one took a pot shot at him with a sniper rifle. Not cool at all.

"Keep your head down!" He yells at Lee, as he draws his pistol, "I'm not sure what they want, but we can't let them near the town."
Lee     Lee got deployed to go with Carter for dealing with something off that west side. He'd show up with Carter and lean up against the wall as the 'refugee' would take a pot shot. Gritting his teeth, he'd draw on that sledge with a shake of his head. "Ifn ya can cover me? I'll rush em.. 'tween us.. we can make sure this group ain't gettin in, yah? Just gimme the order and we'll go with that, fer sure.."
Carter Griffin These guys, they may have been refugees at one point, but they're hostile as all get out. The group of them sets up as soon as they fire at the group, and continue to open fire. Carter ducks behind a stone and then peeks out, just in time to take a round to the helmet. It knocks him off his feet and he lands hard.

The leader seems to have some kind of LMG, as he takes a knee and opens fire at the scavenged power armor wielding militiaman. One of the raiders rushes at Lee with a pipe wrench, but his arm gets blown clean off by one of Carter's first shots.

The Ranger turns his weapon towards the second Raider he spots, and fires at him, striking him clean in the chest. The leader turns towards Carter with his LMG, trying to get a bead on him and leaving himself open. The two veterans are smart enough to move to cover, with the sniper getting set up for another shot.
Lee     Lee? Oh he was getting use to this. While Carter would take cover, lee would surge outward, legs pumping as.. well.. he'd yell a lot. That leader with the LMG Was the one he pounded feet to slam into. Knocking the guy back away from the gun with that extra impact of the piston in the sledge, Lee yells. "DIE!!!" And with a mighty swing, actually not just crushes the guy's chest, but implodes it, sending bone and viscera out in a bloody spray behind the leader as that piston from the hammer timed perfectly with impact. Panting, he'd glare at the crumbled body, then the others. "Well??" He'd roar at them. "Ya'll want some? Or ya gonna surrender?!"
Carter Griffin Carter turns his weapon towards one of the veterans, the one with the sniper rifle, and looks down the sights at him, "Don't do it. It won't end well."

The second one, he was close to the leader who's entire torso just exited his body violently through his ass. He is splattered all over the rocks and the desert sands, and the second wannabe refugee, who only had a pistol, throws his hands up and his weapon down, "Don't kill me man, I just wanted a place to sleep that was safe from those crazy guys in the power armor!"

The other one emerges from behind his cover with his rifle down, "Yeah they said this place would be easy pickings! Who the hell are you guys?!" Carter moves towards the one with the rifle to remove it from his hands, keeping his weapon drawn on him, "Hey, you're the militiaman. Your call on what we do with them."
Lee     Lee eyes the guys as they'd surrender, grunts and shoulders the sledge. "Private Lee. I'm onna the guys makin this place be not easy pickins. Ifn ya'll are lookin fer sanctuary, then ya'll quit this crap and help us fight! We'll kick their ass and ya'll can be heroes instead of.." he'd motion to the bloody mess. "Mush. yah?" Glancing to Carter, Lee nods, and motions. "Let's go. Ya'll are recruited in ta the Militia. Ifn ya can shoot, ya can help.. let's secure El Dorado, rather than squabblin, eh?"