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Vera Reports come in from some outlying farmers of an unusual problem.....first it was missing vegtables detected in the mornings.....the next night a glowing mass was seen moving across the fields, before disappear into the night. Clearly whatever this was, was what was taking the food. Someone has to deal with the problem, and thats where you come in. It night you ready yourself by a field of carrots....
Sparky Having heard of this mysterious going on as he was sitting at the Diner, Sparky decided to take a look. Food has been scarce in the town, and the last thing that's needed is something taking away from what is left. Not being much of a fighter, he none-the-less is a problem solver, so he grabbed his favorite wrench, strapped on his tool belt over his coveralls, and decided to take a look. Besides, maybe there'll be a reward that he can put towards fixing his bike.
Bobby the Kid      You can almost hear western music. Bobby stands at the edge of the field, chewing on something and spitting an ungodly amount. He heard about the gig from that old farmer woman. Said it would do him good. Might put some hair on his chest. He didn't care for that much, but it sounded like a good place to make a name for himself. Nobody likes being the new Kid in town.
Vera A cool wind blows across the land, the midnight hour is close at hand. Off in the distance a coyote howls into the night. Suddenly there is a woosh of air, and the sound of wings something dives towards the field, the flies up again.
Sparky     Squinting against the darkness at the blur of motion, the dark haired man grunts, assuming some sort of bird of prey. Still, Sparky grips his wrench until his knuckles whiten, which makes them stand starkly against his bronzed skin, and he keeps one eye on the skies.
Bobby the Kid "My god..." Bobby mutters, his accent thick. Some sort of emphasized John Wayne. He squints even more than he usually does and slowly draws his pistol. "What in tarnation is that...?"
Vera From a nearby grove of trees, a greenish glow begins to build. Like water dripping into a bucket. Then like someone kicking over the bucket, the glow begins to flow towards the field.
Bobby the Kid The cowboy, emphasis on boy, draws in a quick startled breathe of air. "Well I'll be. Some sort of bird, or somethin'!" He mutters to the others, "Ya'll see that?" The glow catches his eye, "What in tarnation...!" He repeats. He grips his revolver tighter, squints more.
Sparky     Not having actually noticed anyone else, Sparky jumps as he hears a voice in the field. He decides to take a flashlight out of his toolbelt and clicks it on, aiming it towards the source of the voice. Spotting first the young.. boy?, then the glow, he moves to join Bobby. "Anything what glow like that, and moves, can't be nothing good, amigo. Might be mole rats, or rad scorpions. Maybe even ghouls." He shakes his head, looking around, "Maybe we should get outta here."
Vera The glowing puddle of movement continues to flow closer and closer, finnally flow onto the field of vegtables. It seems to settle there, but its mass continues to ebb and move.
Bobby the Kid BLAM! Like that, and without thinking much, Bobby fires off a shot. It goes far. Pretty far actually and the distant sound of the bullet binging off a rock and the shrill sound of a cat can be heard. "Dang! We in a tough spot, partner."
Sparky "Well, now we are. You gone and let em.. whatever em is, know where we are." Sparky chastises the other. All the same, he raises the wrench up slightly, as if ready to defend his provisional cohort should the glow come towards them.
Vera Yes..the sound of the gun going off does draw the glows attention...and it draws it right to the light from Sparky's flashlight. The glow begins to get brighter, and starts to move towards the pair..much faster then before. Yes, the glow is coming!
Lucette     Rumours and mail often come Lucette's way. Working at the post office afterall. Where had she been, since the watch started was anybody's guess. She's going to assure everyone that she'll take it easy on the sarsaparilla, her bladder can't handle it well anyway. She moves in to note... glowing things, gunfire, and takes out her Colt. "Here I thought it was people having a bad reaction to Jet." she mutters, getting to a nice position to survey and ready up.
Bobby the Kid Again. BLAM! Bobby closes one eye, bites his lip, and fires off a second shot. Hit! Some glowing stuff splatters up into the dark.
Vera As the glow gets closer, you can see thats it not one solid thing...but many small furry things. Now its clear what the owl was hunting for...but of course these bunnies look pissed off, as they stamped the location of Sparky and Bobby, leaping at them and trying to kick them with there legs...the glow enveloping them from any outside viewers.
Bobby the Kid "Oh look, they're just cute little bunnies. Glowing bunnies! That's all." Bobby says, holding up his gun as the bunnies head towards him. One gets close, and bites him. "WHAT THE...!? Ow, god dang that's some stuff!" He aims his gun down at the things, "They ain't friendly, friends!"
Sparky "Dios mio! Conejito de diablooowwwwwww!" the bunny bites Sparky on the shin, and his eyes go wide. He grips his wrench in both hands, bringing it down towards the bunny, who, alas, evades at the last moment, baring blood coated incisors in a feral snarl.
Bobby the Kid Bobby blasts off another round, cussing under his breath watching another wasted bullet hit inches away from the evil bunny. "God darn, nasty little critters we got here, pal!" He yells over to Sparky, retreating a few steps unconsciously.
Vera The bunnies seem to dislike the loud noise the one seems to keep making....focusing a bit more on the other one as the continue to swarm around the pair. A couple on the outside edge seem to go flying as they are hit by bullets......
Bobby the Kid "This is the end of line for you, god dang rabbits from hell!" Bobby hollers, firing off his gun again at the rabbits and maintaining a slow retreat.
Sparky "That's enough of this. Mi papa didn't raise no fool." Sparky thrusts his wrench back into his toolbelt, and beats a hasty retreat back towards the city.
Lucette     Lucette shakes her head. Team started shooting, swarm's pissed, no glowrabbits might make good stew who knows. She fires off a single round into the crowd straight on. Then she makes a wide aim and cracks a round off in the distance. It ricochets a few times before zinging to hit its mark a moment later while she raises her Colt again for another target to lock onto.
Bobby the Kid A crazed look in his eye. BLAM! BLAM! Bobby fires his revolver twice more. The darkness is momentarily lit up with a splattering of glowing bunny blood.
Lucette     Lucette notes one comrade is trying to escape, and the other is in the thick of it. "Keep your head level over there, stay back so I can pick'm off." Luce calls out to the remaining combatant.
Vera The swarm continue to move..though its thining out quite a Bobby finds out though when Sparky runs off...the bunnies focus on him....though there thining numbers just can't hit him.
Bobby the Kid "God damn, mother of mary! Ya'll gun get it!!" Bobby screams as the bunny bum rush him, flying through the air left and right, the Kid weaving and dodging like a badass. "Leavin' me to the monsters? Eh partner? That's just fine. I got this." He squints and squeezes the trigger twice more.
Sparky It's not pretty, running in the dark, especially after having been exposed to lights. Sparky manages to find a jut of soil and goes flying ass over elbows, landing with an "oof". Today doesn't seem to be his day.
Vera As Bobby fires again, the heard of glow bunnies breaks, and starts to flee into the forest..well the ones not dead on the ground nearby. Untill the glow leaves the land.
Lucette     As the carrot's menace flees from the night, Lucette stows her piece and moves quickly over to Bobby with a nod. "Not dying on us yet, are you?" she asks while eyes move to survey the glowing things laying motionless on the field.
Bobby the Kid BLAM! A bunnies head explodes and green glowing goo covers Bobby's cowboy boots. The rest of bunnies get the idea. "Nice!" Bobby says gleefully, his accent breaking just slightly as he slips his revolver back into the holster. "You ok partner?" He shouts back over his shoulder, checking on Sparky. "I think it's safe."
Bobby the Kid Bobby puts his hands on his hips, squints into the distance and nods, "All in a days work." And like that, he runs off into the dark.
Sparky Spitting out a bit of dirt, Sparky pushes himself up, groaning softly. "Just glad that's over. I'm sticking to my garage, where I belong."
Lucette     Luce adjusts her kit and rolls her shoulders. "Should be alright now. Don't think they will return tonight." she murmurs, checking her piece for a moment, slotting another round into the magazine before sliding it back into place and stowing it again in the waistband of her jeans. Smoothing out her poncho and turning to leave. "Something about burning the midnight oil.."