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Iris Lark Iris came back from her trip this morning with a pig and a lot of mud. She's clean now, and clad in clean clothes and there is now a clean piglet running around the clinic making happy noises. She opens the door to the small business, letting others know that she's now open for business.
Manuelito The doors to Iris's clinic swing open, depositing none other than the Navajo named Manuelito. Walking inside, he takes his hat off and hangs it on the rack before proceeding further inside. "Good afternoon Mrs. Lark, how are you." He says.

At the squeal of the pig, his eyes shift to it. "Uhm, what for is there a pig in your shop?" He inquires, eyes shifting to look at Iris peculiarly.
Clara Caine A second after Iris walks in, so does Clara. She is moving stuffly, and not wearing her long leather jacket. Looking around under her askew cowboy hat. She wears a sheriff badge on her top. "Looking for the doc, got an old bullet wound that needs tending."
Flint Athens     Flint recently got slightly banged up while digging out in the wastes. Nothing too major, just some bloatfly bites and some banging and bruising from a nasty fall, but still nothing to let linger too long if you're going to be out and about on the regular.

    "Ah. Mornin', Sheriff." He nods his head to Clara and then nods to Manuelito, "You too, sir."

    "Is the doc around? I also got some scuffs need lookin' at."
Iris Lark Iris turns to see people at her door and she bounces on the balls of her small feet. "Come in, come in! I'm happy to help. Oh..Sheriff! Grab a bed, right over there!" She hauls a large rucksack on to a side table, and begins to pull out and arrange her tools. As she gets prepared she grins at Manuelito. "There were pigs loose this morning and this one took a shine to me, so I kept him." She says proudly before she waves happily at Flint. "Hi, I'm the doctor, get on the other table!" She chirps happily, oddly enough as she pulls a rather large and wicked bonesaw from her sack.
Sparrow Sparrow gets her horse tied to one of the posts outside and it isn't long after the others who've come in. Seeing the door open Sparrow steps inside and quickly away from blocking the door pulling her hat off her head and pressing it to her chest. "Afternoon, Iris." Sparrow greets with a nod of her head. The contented porcine squeals and grunts making Sparrows usually stony demeanor break for a moment. "Checkin' t' see if you needed a hand today?"
Orathio      The clinic is going to get crowded by another person. The door opens up rapidly, with Orathio stepping inside. The Shantytown was another part to explore of the city, which was something of a problem. This place is, much to his delight, far bigger than he expected!

     He comes inside, taking his hat off politely and holding it by his chest, looking inside. "Good afternoon!" He lets out, firmly... and he stops, to look at the pig, then back up. This is probably not sanitary. Oh well. "This is the local clinic, yes?"
Tobias Tobias is a step behind Sparrow and the filthy scrapper stands out like an obvious grease smudge against the otherwise clean(ish) enviroment of the clinic. He doesn't have a horse and he has been trailing after his friend on the journey over here, stopping before he reaches the door of the clinic to examine a piece of scrap metal in the dust outside. He pick it up and turns it over in his fingerless leather gloves with a dour expression. Leaning over he taps it on the ground and a loud, 'clinkclinkclang' echoes from outside.
Manuelito A small amused smile crosses Manny's lips as he nods at the revelation of the pig. "Well, I do hope Achilles does not decide to make bacon out of him." He teases before heading further in. "I am in need of some small medical attention. I got banged up down near the Pecos River during my patrols. Hope maybe you had some stuff to treat slight cuts and abrasions?" He inquires before looking to Clara with a slight flush in the cheeks. "Clara.. Who decided to shoot at you?" He asks curiously.

As the others begin to walk in, he hmms. "Ya know, seems like this place is fillin up fast doc, maybe I should come back later. These little nicks will just heal over time; no need for me to take up supplies and room for such minor things." He notes already back up toward the door.
Iris Lark Iris smiles over at Sparrow, a bright smile on her fae-like face. "Yes yes, I could really use your help today. Look at all these people!" She doesn't look bothered though, she looks pleased to see people in the clinic. She moves towards the Sheriff, humming as she drags her table towards the bed. "A bullet you say? Is it still stuck in there?" She asks Clara as he eyes move towards the door. "This is the clinic, please come in and find a place to get comfortable." She says, looking over the wound her patient has. "You're welcome to stay Manny. Most of these owwies are pretty easily dealt with." She glances at the pig and then at Achilles. "Don't eat Bacon." She waggles her finger at him before she goes back to tending Clara.
Flint Athens     "Ah. Nice to meetcha, doc," Flint says as he hops up onto the other table. He unsnaps the heavy combat vest and armor he was wearing before setting it down next to him. He doesn't seem that intimidated by the bonesaw, but he's definitely keeping an eye on it.

    "Nothin' as bad as a bullet on me. Just some fly bites, a couple ghoul scrapes. Basic scavenger nonsense."
Achilles "I won't." Achilles promises as he steps in from the back room. The giant has seen better days clearly, as it looks like he pissed off either a sentry bot or an entire Brotherhood squad with all the different laser holes in him. Regardless he makes his way over to his spot, leaning back and looking around the room. "Busy day."
Sparrow Sparrow checks over her shoulder at the sound shaking her head as Tobias gets distracted with a little shake of her head. "Looks like I'm hangin' out here today, Tobi. I'll catch you later this afternoon." She calls to her traveling companion and sets her hat off to the side out of the way before moving to wash her hands up. "Sure thing, Iris, want me to get this one while you tend the sheriff?" She indicates Flint with a tip of her head in his direction. She dries her hands off but she waits for the Doctor to tell her how best to help out the clinic today.
Tobias Toby wears a large four and a half foot tall steel frame travel pack with an endless multitude of pockets, flaps and zippers. His goggle covered face pops in the doorway when Sparrow speaks to him, "Doing the good work!" His filthy hand snakes up to tuck the piece of metal he found into the bag on his back. It bulges in various places and seems to wriggle in annoyance when something sharp is added. "Alright, I'll swing around at nightfall and see if you're still here..." A tight lipped grin with something approaching manners is the only acknowledgement anyone else gets before he trundles off admist the sound of jingles and jangles.
Iris Lark "Yeah, Sparrow. Do what you can for him and I'll come stim him up a little bit if it's needed." Iris says, watching Flint's armor as it comes off. Huh. She uses salve and bandages up Clara's old wound, and after a few minutes she takes a few steps back, nodding with satisfaction. She turns then and scampers over to Achilles, giving him a gentle hug around his neck. "How are you feeling? You want me to tend to some of these?" She asks quietly, leaning in to look into the big man's eyes.
Orathio      Orathio steps out of the way of the entrance, looking around with a bemused smile, keeping his hat at his chest. For now, he does not indulge in moving forward or interrupting anybody. His own aches are very minor, for that matter. He is here for another reason completly, after all.
Clara Caine A hand would of slapped Manny on the back in greeting on her way to taking a seat. "How's is going?" She asks him, those blue eyes fixed on him a moment.

Looking to Iris, the cowgirl shrugs a little, buy winces in pain while doing so. "Likely, I shoved a cloth with some ointment in there to stay off infection, just kept forgetting to come in and have it tended to proper. I'm a bit stubborn like that." The doctor is given a charming smile with a wink. "Fish it out all you want, just don't make me a screamer."

Smirking at that she looks to the others, and spots Flint, raising a hand and pointing his way. "Hey now we need to have words, I want to hear more about those flying lights!"

Back to Manny - all others would of been given her charming smile and nod in greeting too. "Oh some jackass, threw me off my horse and everything. And I don't want to hear a word of me not coming sooner, or I'll curse off your rabit stew."
Manuelito "I am doing good Clara." Manny replies softly with a warm little smile on his face. "Met the new NCR Ambassador." The smile switches to a frown. As she tells him what happened, he nods. "I'm glad you are okay, Clara and I know you are more than capable of taking care of yourself." He adds politely.

"Oh it is fine Mrs. Lark." He notes, seeing way too many people already. Manny just wasn't a stickler for large crowds and gatherings. Not unless it was in the wasteland doing patrols and tracking down people. Hat in hand, he slides it back on, tipping it to her. "I'll be back later." He says again with a small charismatic smile.
Flint Athens     While waiting for treatment and sitting on the table, Flint rolls up his sleeves. Under his combat armor, he was wearing a suit, dress shirt, and tie. It's an odd combination of outfit, but it seems to work pretty well. He looks over towards Clara as she raises a hand and points his way.

    "Ah. Finally coming around to the truth of the world, Sheriff? What changed your mind? I got the sense you doubted me at first." He wags his hand at her, "There's not much more to say. I've got a few leads on where they might be the most common. One is right near by, other's some aught nine hundred miles away. Might head that way when my work here is done."

    "When I heal up a bit, might head back out west and see what more I can dig up. Found a holo-disc earlier, but haven't had the time to see what's on it."
Sparrow Sparrow lifts a hand in farewell to the gearhead as she strides across towards Flint and rolls up her sleeves and moves over. She looks over Flint and then gets to work with what she has on hand. She listens to the conversation around her but per her usual demeanor, she doesn't interrupt the conversation while her fingers investigate wounds exposed by Flint rolling up his sleeves, clean and salve them. The blue eyed Rancher doesn't even look up when Manuelito decides to step outside though her head does just tilt to the side. "Anything, in particular, bothering you? Just the arms?" She asks Flint quietly so as not to interrupt the flow of conversation and give him the option of pointing out any other work he might need.
Iris Lark The pig squeals as it runs around underfoot but Iris is used to this behaviour already and she steps over him as she makes her way to Clara. She peels back the bandage and she withdraws a wicked looking metal thing from her rucksack and after a few moments starts to dig into the bullet hole, looking for the culprit. She's as gentle as she can manage, but this isn't exactly something you can take it easy on. A few minutes go by, the only noises in the clinic being the quiet conversation and the sound of people being tended to. Iris suddenly holds up a small metal object. "Got it." She says, hopping down from the table and moving to deposit it in a small metal bowl.
Clara Caine "See ya Manny!" Clara calls out to him, offering a quick wave.

"Well now there darling, I'm not to sure. See you got me curious and all, but, little skeptical yet. Want to see this with my own peepers. But I'd glady go with you and see!"

Eyes follow the pig a moment and she laughs. "Well damn if that isn't adorable, a pig for a pet." In an amused fashion her head shakes from side to side. Watching the doc a brow lifts and the cowgirl cringes some, should have came when it happened. "Well I'll be doc, look at you go. Next time I'll not wait so long to get your hands on me. Fine job." She winks to the doc, then looks over to Sparrow, then Orathio. Deciding she is done, she goes to slide off the bed.
Flint Athens     Flint looks to Sparrow as she applies the salve to his arms, "Yeah, mostly. Got some bloatfly bites around the neckline, but the rest is fine. Combat armor does a good job." He gives her a smile as she works on his wounds, "What'll I owe you, anyway?"

    His attention is drawn back towards Clara as she says she wants to go see it herself, "Sure 'nuff. We can take a trip northwest to the leftovers of Roswell. That's where I saw them spaceman craft last, shortly after I got here. Wasn't a Vertibird for damn sure." Flint gives her a grin and adjusts his sunglasses.
Iris Lark Iris moves towards Sparrow and Flint and she passes Orathio as she walks. "Hop up on the table when you're ready." She murmurs, priming the stimpak on her arm as she regards Flint with objective eyes. "How's he doing?" She asks Sparrow, a grin on her expressive face. "He gonna need a..did you say spaceman?" She blurts out, and then her cheeks go red and she looks nervous. "Green ones?" She nearly whispers.
Orathio      Orathio pushes himself off the wall,giving a smile. Naked people don't bother him. Why should it? Now, he think that maybe some partitions might be useful to have in a clinic, but he's no doctor. "Of course. Thanks you." He says, moving up to the table, seating up, with his stare going off at Clara Caine. There's a pensive look on his face for a moment, before he asks. "Excuse me. Might you be the new Sheriff, then? That is fortunate. I wished to speak with you."

     He pauses, to look at Flint, tilting his head, setting his hat on the side. "Spacemen?"
Sparrow Sparrow's brow's drawn down in concentration as she works. "I'll see if I can't get the irritation down on them, least keep from infection." She tells Flint with a upward tick of her lips. "I'm just here to help Miss Iris out and get some practice in. You'll wanna ask her what the damage is." She replies when he asks about the payment. She moves around to his other side to get at the insect bites.

"He'll be all right." To Iris, to Flint the serious-faced young blonde says, "Ya should maybe take a day.." But then there's a talk fo 'spacemen' and Sparrow's brow lifts in disbelief as words finally catch up to her.
Clara Caine Digging into her pocket, Clara pulls out the money and puts it down on the bed. "Thanks doc." She days, post payment.

"Well then Flint, we'll head that was as soon as I'm right as rain, tomorrow are you free? I got some work a head of me."

She turns to Orathio then, blue eyes fixed on him. "Well darling, I'm the intern sheriff, hoping to be the full one. I'm here to listen and help, what do you need?"
Flint Athens     A lot of people seem to all be interested in Flint's ramblings! That's more than usual and he seems somewhat surprised. He looks towards Sparrow first, "Ah, thanks. Ya've been a dream in getting me patching up and set away. Thank you kindly."

    He looks towards Iris and Orathio next, "Yes. Space men! Men in flying saucers that make lights in the sky. I've seen em. I'm huntin' em." He says eagerly, rubbing his hands together a bit, "I saw one of their craft in Roswell not long after I first got here some years back. And they're more grey than green, all honest with you."

    He looks towards Clara and smiles, "Sure. Tomorrow, yeah? I can come with you, then."
Iris Lark Iris looks serious for a moment and she glances around, but before she leaves Flynt to Sparrow's tending she leans in and whispers. "I saw them up close last night." Bacon runs past squealing then and it makes Iris jump and she turns quickly to deal with Orathio. "So tell me about your injuries, what happened?" She says, her voice back to it's normal volume. "Didn't I see you the other day when that guy was giving noodles to people?"
Sparrow Sparrow inclines her head, "'Course. Happy to help." Her words contrast only slightly to the blonde's reserved mask. She still looks fairly doubious about this whole space alien thing. Her expression pinching at the eyes and she does a quick cursory glance over Flint's head just to make sure there aren't any lumps, bumps or bruises. Until she catches Iris' comment and she gets a curious look too. She's quick to get the last bit of the salve onto the bloatfly bites.
Orathio      Orathio lifts his eyebrows at Flint. "Truly... spacemen." He mumbles, scratching his stubble of a beard. This is a light in his eyes as he tries to think on it. This could change a lot. "I see... I wish you luck in your hunt, then, as they have clearly shown to be hostile. May the Lady's Light bring clarity to your gunsights."
     Orathio takes off his cloak and jacket for examination. It's mostly bruised and some other superficial wounds. Mostly rest, some bandaging and he should be right as rain after a day or so. It's the rigours of travel.

     Despite being bare chested, Orathio remains straight backed. "I'm afraid I don't have an outstanding story to tell, Ms. Lark. I've walked far from here. Minor injuries, attacks of the unfortunate. Wild animals. I know how to treat myself, but it does build up." He looks to turn at her, smiling. Controlled, yet geniune. "You have. They were some good noodles, too. Perfect after a long journey."

     Orathio turns to look at Clara, giving her a brief bow of the head. It's respectful. "Of course. I am Father-Torchbearer Orathio. I come from far to spread the word and insights of the Lady of Liberties. I wished to ask your permission to hold speeches in your city."
Flint Athens     "I won't daudle around here too long!" Flint says as Sparrow addresses the last of his wounds with her salve. The hired gun smiles and reaches into his pocket, pulling out a handful of caps and placing them on the stand next to his table, "And here's my payment."

    He seems to be gearing up to leave when Iris whispers to him, looking a bit shocked, "Ah! We should talk again soon, then. If you need any help, feel free to ask me."

    When Orathio offers him a blessing and wishes of good aim, he nods his head, "They're dangerous. They may try to invade while we're recovering from The Fall. I have... theories. Theories about why they need humans." He narrows his eyes a bit and then shakes his head, grabbing the armor he'd taken off.

    "Y'all have a great day! I'll be seeing you!"
Iris Lark Iris slowly tends to Orathio, her steady hands dealing with the small wounds with quick ease. She spreads salve over each wound after she finishes washing it and then wraps them with clean bandages. She takes a few steps back, looks over her work and quirks a brow. "So uhm, does that feel better?" She asks, the begining of a smile curving her lips upwards.
Sparrow Sparrow cleans up the treatment area and her hands glancing back to Flint and then Clara. "Good luck with your huntin'." She tells them both though she's still seemingly thrown by the topic of their hunt. With Iris taking care of Orathio Sparrow's left to wait for the next comer to the clinic so she drifts to find a spot against a wall to hold up, though she does slide down to offer a more personal greeting to the pig.
Clara Caine Rocking back on her heels, Clara gives a nod to Flint about going space man hunting. She then looks to Orathio. "Well darling, tell you what, I don't mind people talking about their beliefs, but, if I hear that people are feeling pushed, or that they are dislinking or its generally disruptive to the fine folks of this town, it comes to an abrupt end. Consider it your chance to show that you're not some pushy religious salesmen. Make enough sense to you?"
Orathio Orathio don't seem to wince or cringe at the sensations of small wounds being treated. There's just a sort of tensing of his muscles, if anything. At Clara, he stares into her eyes, before giving another firm, polite, humble nod. "Yes, it make sense. All have the right to belive what they wish, as long it does not impede on other's lives and freedom. It is one of the Lady's core tenets." He smiles briefly. "Thanks you. It is my firm belief that Her words can bring solace, courage and inspiration to your people."
Iris Lark "You're a better patient than most." Iris comments as she continues to work. She finally finishes her work and takes a step or two back. "Going to be staying around El Dorado?" She asks, glancing at Orathio, a curious grin on her face. "I love seeing new people who settle here."
Orathio Orathio flexes his shoulders for a moment, rolling them testingly, before grabbing his shirt to start putting it on again. The compliment is not spoken of, not directly, but it is acknowledged. "The Lady have led me here, and I have found a promising omen. It was my initial goal to finish to reach to California, as it was called in Before The War, but I might delay this." He put his shirt on, smiling at Iris. "I will stay for a while here, at the very least. I shall see how people are receptive to Her word."
Iris Lark Iris nods to Orathio and she flashes him a kind smile before she starts to clean up from the mess that people made. "I hope you stick around for a bit, you seem like a nice fellow and you can't really get to know someone if they go away." She pauses and glances back towards the man. "What is in California?"
Orathio      Orathio put on back his shirt, then around goes his cloak as he gets off the table, adjusting his clothing. He turns to face her again, bowing his head in thanks. "It is not what is in California, as much as what it is connected to. It is the Ocean. It was said that, before, the Lady's Virtues reached accross the land we know as America, beyond to the Seven Seas and Continents of the world. We wished to do the same. It is symbolic, you see."
Iris Lark "I don't see, but it sounds really pretty." Iris says, looking slightly nervous as Orathio speaks. "Thank you for coming, I hope you come to visit a time or two..maybe?"
Orathio Orathio smiles further, bowing his head again. "I might, wounded or not. Thanks you for your kind work." He says, reaching into his pockets, taking out a small pouch and handing it over to here. "For your services." He explains.
Iris Lark Iris takes the pouch and holds it close to her. "I'm happy to do it. I hope your travels are safe." She says, stuffing the pouch in her apron. "Don't be a stranger!"
Orathio Orathio tips his hat, tapping the seven 'spikes' on it's edge. "May the Lady's wisdom be with you today. Good day!" He prays, before turning around and walking out.