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Rexus Word has it that the Vertibirds have been causing a bit of a ruckus. They seem to come in almost daily, which has given a few folks the impetus to put up some defenses! This time.. the people of El Dorado will be prepared! Rexus has had some basic defenses created. A few barrage balloons are ready to go up, along with a variety of crew-served weapons and some smaller bunkers have been constructed. Enough to give the people a fighting chance against the Vertibird Miniguns. Rexus himself stands at the base of one of the towers along the walls, overseeing final preparations.
Iris Lark Iris came with Rexus, always wanting to help. She sets up a small triage under cover, but she's armed - but probably not dangerous. She is on her knees, pulling and setting out supplies for when they're needed, her hair up in a messy bun.
Sparky Once, Sparky came across an entire book about a phenomenon secondary to nuclear attacks that wiped out electronics. The book also talked about how this effect, electromagnetic pulses, could be replicated with super magnets, without needing a nuke dropped. Since a close encounter recently with the vertibirds, and wanting to assist the city where he's found himself a refugee, he's been trying to think of a way to weaponize such a creation. If only he could find the right parts.
Grover Grover comes in carrying a box of rockets..."These might come in handy...anyone strong enough to throw them at the enemy..." He looks around, "No, I guess not..still not a bad idea..." He shrugs a bit..."What ever we do, we need to concentrate our fire not on the bodies of the craft, put on the props..I know from experience...that if you can damage one of those enough, the things can't stay in the air..."
Rexus Rexus nods in agreement with Grover. "That's precisely the plan.. the nets an wires will snare the props and bring down the aircraft. Probably won't help a super ton to have'em landing in the city but.. beggars can't be choosers." he mutters, kicking at the baseplate for one of the balloons. "Just make sure to ring them up just as the Vertibirds get close so they don't just shoot them all down before they get here." he laughs. He looks over at Grover, "If you find a launcher for those.. that'd be easier.. might be one laying around. Iris gets a nod of approval, "Hope we won't be needin any of that today...."

     And for Sparky... the battles have been going on for awhile, plenty of stuff laying around to pick over but... one better hurry up... the Vertibirds can be heard in the very far distance, a tiny hum on the horizon.
Grover Grover says, "A launcher..yes, that would be easier to send them at the enemies. Course given enough time, we could build some catapults or trebuchets...low tech, but a nasty hit.""
Sparky "Launcher?" Sparky looks up from a rubble pile he was picking through, trying to find a last couple components for something under a tarp. "We might be able to improvise something." He looks vaguely eager. "But first... I need a satellite dish. About yay big..." he holds his hands about 36 inches apart.
Iris Lark "I hope not too." Iris says, shaking her head back and forth slowly. She pulls out a pistol, just in case and hunkers down, making catgut and bandages for when they're going to be needed.
Sparky Several grunts can be heard from the hispanic man as he rummages in the pile, discarding bits of electronics, detritus, and mayhem to either side. "Aha!" he exclaims, tossing an old busted launcher tube onto his makeshift wheel barrow. He dives back in, and a few moments later seems to almost moan in delight as he finds a satellite dish. This he sets on the cart as well, then picks the launcher tube back up, examining it carefully. He opens his tool kit and bites his lip, "Dios mio..." he mutters as he opens the rocket's firing mechanism control panel. Finally, a few moments later, he approaches Grover and Rexus, "Oy, senors, one working launcher of rockets." He hooks his thumb back at his pile, "Now, let me see if I can put that EMP cannon together, no?"
Grover Grover looks around at the stuff in the area, "One of these things is not like the others, one of these things just doesn't belong." Though he finds nothing really usefull.
Iris Lark Iris sits at triage, watching the building and ideas coming together. She leans back on her hands, keeping an eye out at the surroundings, and listening for any random birds that could be heading their way. She isn't a builder or inventor, so she's happy to just watch.
Sparky More muttering and tinkering, tools clanking merilly away, and after a time, Sparky steps back, pulling a tarp off his cart, which was nowhere near the device he's now showing off, for dramatic flourish. "I present to you, The Sparky EMP blaster, Mark 1!" Upon a tripod sits a long cylindrical... thing...with lots of coiled wires, and his pilfered satellite dish on one end. "I can't promise more than a few shots, but if it's aimed right, it should shut down every electrical system in a bird, knocking it out of the sky."
Sparky He adds, "Heavy as sin on the soul, though. Going to need to be mounted, or held by a couple real strong hombres. Maybe one'a them powers armor."
Rexus Rexus sits next to Iris's little triage station, "You could go full USO and put out some orange juice and sandwiches Iris." he teases with a little grin, eyes shifting over to Sparky and his.. Sparkatron 2000. "Better off putting it up in the tower, no? Better firing arcs.. what's the range on that anyways?"
Grover Grover says, " can dead stick a rotary aircraft, and land it safely if you know how...loss of power isn't always a kill"
Sparky Sparky shrugs at Grover, "Eh, if it's out of the sky, it's out of the sky. Better than flying at you. Take a good pilot though, and they won't be expecting it."
Sparky Sparky then turns to Rexus, "Only about 200 feet, so they'll have to be close esse. So yeah, tower is probably best bet, and maybe keep it out of sight until they get close."
Rexus Rexus points to the tower behind him. "Well that one's free. Get it setup and we'll see if one of those Enclave Vertibirds will wander closer to give it a testfire, eh?"
Iris Lark Iris grins over at Rexus and she leans in to nudge him with her elbow. "I did bring food, but don't tell anyone, I don't want my stuff to get blown up before we have a chance to eat it." She chuckles softly as she shakes her head, pushing a lock of hair behind her ears. "USO..hmmph.."
Sparky Sparky grunts and nods, "Give em hell." he then grins, and begins loading the EMP back onto the cart, flagging down a couple passers by and gesturing, soliciting their help to take the device up.
Grover Grover moves over to look at this odd laucher, "Not what I'm use to...but if it throws rockets.
Rexus Rexus Hmms as he considers, "Could put time delay fuses on those rockets.. no? Get'em to blow up in mid-air like a flak burst? Just a thought." he offers to the man. Iris gets a chuckle, "Like in those posters.. with the little white hat and aprons..." he says, sighing as he settles back, closing his eyes, "I can picture it now..."
Iris Lark Iris glances down at her outfit and smirks, getting to her feet to watch the show. "You're trying to turn me into one of those little fancy nuns, aren't you?" She mutters at Rexus, propping her hands on her hips as she gazes at the other working. "Think this'll work?"
Sparky Up on the tower, Sparky can be seen holding the tripod in place as he guides two workers into lowering the EMP canon on top. He makes some vague motions to the two, perhaps showing them how to aim. He then makes holds his hand out, palm down, and motions forward and down, mimicing a falling aircraft. He then waves and scurries back down the tower.
Grover Grover picks up the launcher, and gets it ready...."Be nice if we could get one of these for us afterwards. The sky is nice place to be."
Rexus Rexus scoffs, "Nun? Nah.. pinup girl from a poseter? It's a work in progress." he teases before looking up at the Tower. "Well we'll soon see... really... even just a few shot down Vertibirds is enough to keep them away.. they are difficult to get and they won't want to waste them if they know we can shoot'em down...."

     And, as if on cue... two Vertibirds can be seen approaching from the west, lazily heading towards the tower... nothing can hit them at all, right?
Sparky Hearing the birds coming, Sparky scurries back up to the wall, watching their approach, eager to see the fruits of his invention.
Rexus The Vertibirds are getting closer, they aren't firing yet.. but they're about 200 feet away... moving nice and slow, trying to find a nice big juicy target to aim at...
Iris Lark Iris ducks under cover, watching the vertibirds get closer. She takes a breath and keeps her pistol close to her chest as she watches to see what happens. "Steady on, I don't think they see us yet."
Rexus Rexus decides to hobble up to the top of the tower. "Right.. what do I push." he says as he gets behind the big.. EMP blastcannon of doom. "And I hope this thing doesn't backfire and fry my bits, I ain't had kids yet." he says warily as he sights in on the Vertibird.
Sparky "The red button! PUSH THE RED BUTTON!" Sparky yells, hopping and pointing at the vertibird as it approaches ever closer.
Grover Grover loads up the rockets, and brings the launcher up to his shoulder. "What goes up, must come down...spinning wheel, got to go round...."
Rexus Rexus sights in on the lead Vertibird. There's a bit of an electronic whoosh, as the thing spits out a nice big neon blue EMP beam that flies out and strikes the Vertibird. Sparks fly as the Vertibird sputters, trailing smoke as it tips downwards to smash into a vacant street, down for the count!

     But, not is all well with the cannon that did the business. Something shorts out, sending a counter blast back into the user.. Rexus... throwing him backwards and down, leaving him unconcious.. TKO!
Iris Lark Iris jumps when the blast flies toward Rexus and she scrambles out to check to make sure he's not, you know, dead. She gives him a good shake before she drags him towards the cover she's set triage up under. He's pretty heavy but she manages it eventually, a slightly worried look on her face. "Always getting hurt, damnit."
Sparky Up on the wall's parapet, Sparky makes a few hip thrusting motions, complimented by fists being pulled lewdly towards his groin, "Ya vato! 'Ow you like me now, eh? Oh chit...." he then dives down behind the wall's top, as the other vertibird seems to sight him.
Grover Grover hmmms, "Pretty light show...but lets do this the old fashioned way..." as he lines up the seconds birdy in the lauchers scope. "I take no joy in this...oh hell, sure I do..." as he pulls the trigger.
Rexus Poor Rexus is down for the count, looking a little signed as Iris drags him to cover. He'll recover, but he'll be very sore and grumpy when he wakes up so.. good as new!

     Grover's missile streaks out towards the next Vertibird that is in the beginnings of evasive action. Not quite enough, and with the range.. that missile hits straight on into the cockpit, blasting the Vertibird into a big orange fireball that plummets to earth, slamming into an old burnt out building with a thunderous crash!
Sparky Looking over the wall, Sparky 'hmmms' to himself, "I wonder if there's any useable parts left on that thing....." Loss of life? Pffffft.
Grover Grover watches the shot zip home, "Wow, that worked...worth carrying it all the way back from mexico.
Rexus Any other Vertibirds in the area clearly get the message as they.. well.. clear off.. the El Dorado folk have guns that can kill them! Run away! And the only casualty is Rexus.. kind of... it's been a good day indeed!
Iris Lark Iris leans in with smelling salts, making an attempt to get Rexus to join the land of the living again. He'll probably have a concussion, but hopefully nothing worse. She applies a cool cloth to his head while she waits to see if he'll come to, her eyes glances up at the sky in case any of the aircraft come back.