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B B stumbles back home, worn and weary from a busy day of putting out fires. Too bad they didn't get that horse yet. It would have saved her a bit of walking. The girls are safe in town, tucked away beyond the grasp of kidnappers .. for now. Pushing the wheelbarrow up path through the garden, she abandons it near the door. She mounts the steps, walking like an automaton with stiff joints in need of oiling. She pushes open the door and enters the shack that's growing more and more like a home with each nail and plywood scrap added
Derk Derk's working the garden this day, turning it into a regular farming space. Now that they've got some walls up and some ground cleared, it doesn't take much effort to get it to start growing some of the more hardy stocks. He gives B a nod as she goes by, but then he notes the stiffness to her walk and he arches a brow, putting down his shovel and following her into the shack, "Hey there, something bothering you with that leg?" he asks, looking at her and then back towards the door, then her again.
B B would totally flop down on a couch and veg if they had one. Instead, she eases herself down into a chair at the table. "It's nothing," says she, adjusting her skirts, "just stiff is all." She's been stiff ever since her trip to explore the mists of Dunwich. Who knows what attacked her there. She's not even sure, and she was therer.
Derk A couch, they really could use one, instead B will have to do without as Derk moves to the table with her, "It ain't nothing, that ain't right," Derk tells B, moving to her and putting down his back while moving closer still until he can kneel beside her and look at her leg, his hands touching her flesh as he haphazardly moves her skirt up in the proccess.
B With a sigh, she relents and gathers up her skirts. It's those same suction cup wounds as before. They're all red and inflamed as they wind up her leg from her ankle to high on her thigh. B leans back in the chair, likely awaiting her most recent admonishment on taking care of her health. Not that she doesn't deserve it. Trouble just follows her everywhere.
Derk "It's nothing she says," Derk mimics B and then points with his fingers towards her leg, "That's not /nothing/ I told you to come see me when things weren't right, okay?" Derk reminds her, looking up at her with a softenss in his eyes before he sighs and reaches into his kit for the injector and the medicine that he's found to work with such marks. It's a slow process, pressing the injector into each ring and letting the medicine do the work until all the marks are gone, though there are small natural bruises that remain.
B B watches him work with interest. It's amazing how it's such a simple process to rid her of such an annoyance. "It wasn't that bad. Didn't bother me that much so long as I don't overdo it. Just like being pregnant, but without a baby, of course. She wriggles her toes in her shoes, watching her calf muscles flex experimentally. "Besides, I figured you were busy helping with the bombing victims. I was hardly injured as much as they were."
Derk "Yeah, but you need to be at your peak physical form, you never know what could be out there waiting... besides, it's something I can take care of... we can take care of, so don't let it linger... okay?" He asks with sincerity, his hands resting on her knees now that he's done. "We can help with them as well as everyone else... yes it was a mess... but that doesn't give you an excuse. You're not a martyr, okay?" He gives her knees a squeeze and he rises slowly, leaning in to place a kiss upon her lips before he is fully standing.