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B B hasn't had much luck lately. Derk would know .. he's the one that heals her up after every near-miss with death. But now they've stolen her bag of caps, and she needs them back. So she's tried to gather a posse to help her .. retrieve them without much luck. But, as Derk would know, that won't stop her from going after them herself, flamer in hand.

B's tracked her hitmen down to a camp a couple of miles west of the lake. With all the craziness going on around El Dorado, they've decided to hunker down and wait it out in a hollow. Now she's flat on her belly, spying on the camp. It's night, so she's not too worried about being attacked. They probably can't see much beyond their fire's glow.

Two men sit on a pair of rocks, roasting pieces of mirkelurk meat over the fire on sticks, drinking something that she suspects is filled with liquor but can't tell from here.
Derk Wrangling up a posse has been a lot more difficult since the bomb blasts. People have been bunkering down and the friendlies have been a little less, well friendly. So it is that Derk puts his foot down, having caught B about to run off on her own, cause everyone knows she would, and at her side, he approaches the camp with her, crawling to make the observations while also staying close by so that he can take care of her should something happen. As he gazes down at the men eating and drinking, he whispers to those who are present, "Any ideas? And do you see anyone you know, B?" the last obviously directed at the woman mentioned.

His rifle is in his hands and he's sighting over it towards the camp, just in case.
Martin And there is also Martin, the other guy, who happen to be caught in this as well, and just happen to be involved just in the nick of time for the conflict. And he is also armed, though that is not as much of a happenstance, the shotgun is cursed and has a (un)healthy complusion to carry it with him everywhere. Even in the shower. Especially the shower. It weighs on him almost as much as finding that god damn gold mine.
Martin has had some interest in meeting B, and her kids. Being one of the few distillers out here around ED, he was hoping to have her supply his little known night club with locally source, and ergo cheaper booze, then what he has to import.
B B wouldn't know anything about a weapon she can't put down. That's not why she's here .. okay, maybe it is. They stole her rifle, and she's here to fetch it .. and the bag of caps they took from her too. Martin can probably appreciate what it'd be like to loose his. But, I digress.

B glances back over her shoulder to Derk, and then Martin on her other side. "So .. " she says, clutching her flamer in both hands, "I'm not a tactician. I figured we'd just go down and get my stuff back? I know that's them. I'd know their faces anywhere." Her lips are pressed in a grim line as she says this. "Don't think I have the range to fire on them from here .. and not really sure if I could just open fire on them without them knowing. Seems shady on one hand, but on the other, it keeps them from firing on us first. What do you guys think?"
Derk Derk shrugs a shoulder slightly, "I suppose you are saying that I am the one to figure this out then?" he asks of B as Martin closes in. "I mean it would seem a might be ugly to just pick em off from here, would be a bit of a snap and probably easier than going down to say howdy, then again, as you say, probably easier to just go down and let em know who's a coming." A pause as he looks to Martin then looks back over the scene before them, "Nope cant think of anything else that'll work here."
Martin Martin takes a gander at the folks below, "Well, something I've learned in my far to many travels, is if you got in a fair fight, someone messed up. So if we can get'em without'em knowing, that is the best outcome." Suggests Martin. "I can also go down there, try to see if I can just ask real nice like, for it back."
B B arches a brow at Martin. "I don't think that'd work. I mean, if someone came to me asking for a bag of caps I stole, I certainly wouldn't give it back. And I'm pretty sure that if they saw me upright, they'd open fire on me. But .. Martin does have an interesting idea. If he could get close enough, we could flank them. I think there's only two. Hard to tell with the tent though." I thought I remembered more, but it happened so fast, and they could have split up." Hopefully their prize is here.
Derk Welp that seems to settle it, though Derk nods along with Martin, "A'ight, I don't see why not, ya know? If he goes down there, has a little speaksy and we stay here, maybe see if we can get a better line on the folk, then he can get up to that gab and perhaps talk em into giving it all back, and if things go awry, well we'll just shoot from over here and hopefully not hit 'im in the cross-fire." Derk nods again, seeming to like this idea a little more and more. "I think we have a plan, B, unless you want to fan out a little more?" He asks, though he does seem ready to do just as Martin had suggested, the man has a persuasive way about him, and all that.
Martin Martin takes out his 10mm pistol, and loads it up. "And after taking a look, I am pretty sure there one more in the tent, counting brahmin. And I can server as a distraction while you two get into a better spot. And don't worry about me. You dont walk all over the wasteland without being able to handl yourself."
B And with that, a plan is formed. B nods to Martin, filled with hope, and scuttles back so she can circle around and fan out a little more so she's not right next to Derk should things go south.

Down in the camp, the two hitmen continue to converse and drink while they're slowly burning the flesh of their meals, oblivious to the three stalking them in the darkness.
Derk Derk lowers his Night Vision goggles down over his eyes and takes a pan of the camp one last time before shoulding his rifle and waiting for Martin to head out and talk to the hunters. He gives the man a partial salute and a nod, then gestures to B, expecting her to move with him as they go to find a better vantage. "Let's see if we can find the one who's missing," he tells her, raising his goggles so as not to accidently catch sight of the fire and blind himself.
Martin Martin does a wide circle, coming into the camp. His shotgun leaning against his sholder, being held by the stock in open flat of his hand, while his other hand is open and visable. He causally walks up the campfire, where the two hitmen are and says quitely but directed at them, "Hey there." He says. "I hope I'm not intruding. Just been walking some distance, and could really use a rest near a fire, and get something in my belly. Dont need yours, have my own. But with the Enclave in the area, being out on your own seems like a damn fools errand."
B Down in the camp, the hitman with a rifle strapped to his back stands to welcome Martin into the camp. He doesn't seem alarmed by the sudden appearance of a stranger in the night. "Sure .. have a seat," he says, gesturing towards the rubble, "Not very comfortable, but it works." Grin.

The other hitman, the one with a pistol narrows his eyes at Martin, not quite tursting him but his boss does, so there's that. He pulls his mirelurk meat from the fire and tears into it with his teeth, keeping quiet.

Meanwhile .. B nods to Derk, following him as best she can without drawing any attention to herself. With both men focused on Martin, this is pretty easy. "I don't see another," she says to Derk in a voice that doesn't carry far, "Maybe he's in the tent?"
Derk Derk gives B a nod, though he's a bit mesmerized by the way Martin sidles in and acts all non-chalant. Such persuasive ability! His gaze sweeps the camp after he manages to extract his vision from the Martin and then he's moving, attempting to find a place that will give them a look in the tent, or some sort of good line on whatever may be inside. It'd be a troublesome situation if they weren't able to take all three for their wayward actions. A nod to B and he moves slowly, still circling, the opposite side of Martin, so as to keep two sets of eyes looking in the wrong direction. That said, there's still the third and that's got Derk all sorts of wary. His gaze sweeps out behind him and into the darkness and back again, dropping goggles over his eyes to look out in the wasteland around them, and raising them again once he's looking back at the camp. "We should probably get in position," he adds with a quiet affirmation.
Martin Martin rests his shotgun beside him, its gnarly flame paint job, playing with the dancing flames from the camp fire. He starts to make small talk with them. And then Martin starts to sing a soft song to the both of them, not wanting to wake the person on the tent. Waiting for the other two to get into place before the murdering happening. The delicious delicious murdering.
B The leader of the two who has .. hey wait a second! Isn't that B's rifle strapped to his back? She couldn't tell before, but it's unmistakable from this angle. B points it out to Derk, glowering harmlessly at the hitman.

The leader of the two engages in the small talk with Martin while the other guy, the one with trust issues, doesn't. He makes a big deal out of ignoring his boss, and eating his mirelurk meat. While he does, he glances around, but his back is to Derk and B, and he has no reason to turn around. Yet.

Back up on the hill, B nods to Derk and readies her flamer, even though it doesn't have the range to do much. Looks like she'll either have to get closer, or Derk will have to do the shooting. Either way, she's in place for whatever's going to play out in the camp below.

And in the tent, the third hitman continues to snore softly.
Derk Derk nods to B when she points out the rifle on the man's back and there's a moment that Derk's about ready to go somewhere else, what with that rifle being it's own source of problems. "Are you sure you don't want him to just keep that rifle?" He whispers back at B, but then he's never been one to really say no to a woman and so as Martin sings and B realizes her weapons rather ineffectual range, he raises the rifle to his shoulder, taking a steady bead on the man who's chewing on mirelurk meat, the one who seems all sorts of interested in making Martin look all sorts of untrustworthy. "So..." he whispers back to B, "Do you think Martin's had enough time to talk all friendly to them? Should we spice things up a little?" He asks, his gaze never leaving the horizon of his sights. His finger rises and he puts two pounds of force on a three pound trigger, ready to fire now that he's locked in.
Martin Keeps on that singing, singing wasteland folklore songs about folklore, that happens in the wasteland. His shotgun at the ready, to do that sweet, sweet murdering and revenging. Murder revenge.
B B nods to Derk. "I think it's time. I don't know how much longer he'll be able to keep their attention with his singing. Mind you, he's got a real nice voice.." Shaking her head, she reaches up to tuck a dark lock back behind her ear. Hopefully she won't be needed to rush into the fray with her flamer, but she's ready just in case!

In the camp, the leader listens to Martin's singing appreciatively. Even the less than interested flunky seems to be having problems not paying attention to Martin.
Derk Derk lines up his shot and there's the last pound of pull on the trigger and with a bang, the shot goes off and he... misses. There's a puff of dirt on the ground in front of mirelurk eating man, and the medic curses, "Never was that good with this thing, he adds, but then he's quickly taking stock again, firing quickly, to try and make up for the fact that he's missed. Blam Blam!
Derk Derk's shots are all over the place and now that he's given awareness to the situation, he's shooting at more dirt, and there's a puff of dirt near Martin's feet as Derk wildly fires and still can't hit anything, "Really need to get better at this," he curses.
B The hitman with trust issues splutters. He thows down his food and grabs his gun. Aiming it towards the shots fired, he fires one back that hits home. Fortunately for Derk, it doesn't penetrate his armor.
Martin Martin hears the shots go off, and they aren't doing a lot. Though the jib is up, so Martin grabs his shotgun, levels it on the Leader Hitman person thing. Pulls the triggerl. The cartridge discharges. And... and.... and... Fucking misses. Martin heart heart spikes at this, as he then leaps for what cover he can get, and considers if he should reload the gun or pull out his 10mm pistol.
Derk Inspired by B, Derk takes another shot, but just like the last three, he's still hitting dirt.
B The Leader grabs his (cough B's) rifle and uses it to fire at Derk. That shot hits home, penetrating through his armour where his comarad's hit had failed. Out stumbles the other hitman from the tent, own rifle in hands as he tries to figure out what the heck is going on. B uses this time to call out inspiring words to her allies before she charges into battle herself, guns be damned.
Martin MArtin rolls onto his knee, leaving what cover he had, and because of whatever witchcraft B has, he manage to fumble and reload the shotgun in quicker time then normal. He levels the shotgun on the leader hitman, presses the trigger. The recoil jerks into Martin's shoulder, as the shot goes through the Leader left leg. Probably alright. He's got two. How many legs does he need, really? Probably being selfish with all those legs he has. Then Martin quickly rolls over, as a shot is taken on him, striking at the dirt beside him.
Derk Derk's really good with a rifel, honestly, he's shooting away and hitting the dirt EVERY SINGLE TIME! It's like he was aiming for the dirt, just pow pow pow, dirt dirt and more dirt. He's the best darn dirt shooter in all the land. Every shot hits dirt, every /single/ time. Look at Derk go. He's a god when it comes to dirt shooting. Just pow pow pow.
B The hitman who stumbled out of the tent recovers quickly. He fires a shot at Martin which sticks in his armour, and another at Derk which goes wide.

B charges into battle and squeezes the trigger of her flamer. Liquid fire wooshes out and climbs up the Leader's leg, leaving him screaming until he draws breath no more.
B The second (or first since he was outside the tent the whole time) flunky swings his weapon around, firing once at B and once at Martin. He misses both times and curses himself loudly.
Martin Martin cocks up the barrel the shell pops out, skirts his face, giving him a streak of a burn across his cheek, as he slides in the next shell. He then starts to shimmy and shaw, keeping out of sight of the guns, as he (somehow) draws careful aim on the Hitman that merged from the Tent who then took a shot at Martin. He lines up the shot squarely with his head.
B B snatches her rifle from the fallen leader and turns it on the nearest enemy .. the one recently eating mirelurk meat. Sadly, her shot goes wide and she retreats a couple steps to put some distance between her and him.
Derk Derk, waving his rifle and running in, joins the fray as B rushes to her rifle, now forming a stanza of three attackers versus the two hitmen, he grins and readies himself for another shot... at the dirt.
B The man near the tent fires again towards the two crazies already near the fire. The chick takes one to the chest, but it doesn't make it through her armour. The singer he misses completely.

That leaves the mirelurk hitman to take two shots at Derk. Two shots that both land.
Derk Derk continues to hit a lot of dirt, it's dirt that he's so good at shooting and shooting dirt he continues to do.
B B tries her hand at firing at such a close range, but misses. That's okay though because Martin blows the head off the other one, so this one turns tail and flees into the darkness. He's surprisingly speedy, and gets clear of the camp, no doubt to go back and report to the person that called the hit out on B. Looks like it's not the end of this story ..

In the tent, B finds her bag of caps. Yay! They find some other minor loot and then retreat back to their own homes to heal .. mostly the injured doctor.