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Iris Lark A fair is in full swing. People are dancing under the lighted trees. Others are eating and drinking while sitting at the long tables. A colorful jester is dancing around the crowd, juggling and telling colorful jokes. In the midst of it all is Iris, sitting on a bench, watching the craziness with wide eyes. A dark haired man bows before her and hands her a paper flower, which makes her laugh. Shortly after a bar wench puts a pint of something honey-hued in her hands. She takes a sip and turns to face her table, nibbling on the rations that were passed out not too long ago.
Lincoln "Nothing like a party to keep the spirits up, 'ay?"

Lincoln Archer Fox, in all of his suddenly arrived splendor, has plucked an apple from a random tray of food that was nearby and is tossing it between his hands when he sits down at the table which Iris has also chosen. He's just making himself at home. It is, after all, his home. Avalon. Kind of. He just flashes one of his signature grins at her, y'know, to show his goodwill and his jovial spirits. "We haven't smiled this much in a long time." Immediate sympathy card played. "It's good for us, I think." And then he takes it away with a quick 1-2 convo punch!
Iris Lark "This is certainly a nice diversion." Iris remarks, offering Lincoln a friendly smile. She raises her mug in a bit of a toast and takes a sip, blinking for a moment before she gazes into the glass. "This is pretty good, mead..she called it, I think?" She shifts and crosses her legs, leaning against the table as she picks at her food. "Something like this is good for everyone involved, do they do this often?" She asks, something colorful to the side capturing her attention for a moment before she focuses back on Lincoln.
Lincoln "Aye. Mead. Delicious, isn't it?" Somehow, Lincoln's managed to snag a mug of the stuff himself. Maybe he's just got quick hands. Or maybe it was already on the table. Either way, he's not about to let her drink alone and thus has made sure to raise his mug at the same time. Toasting to the deliciousness with ease. "We used to. Before..." Lincoln doesn't finish that and instead drinks from his mug once again. "And we will again. This is only the beginning, I dare say. Avalon will rise from the fallen ashes of Camelot. We will be great once more." He says that as if it is the most important thing right now. Fire and passion on his lips.
Iris Lark Iris looks amused, not just by Lincoln but by the whole spectacle before her. The women all start to get to their feet for a circle dance and the Healer ducks her head as she listens to Lincoln for a moment. "The mead is delicio.." Suddenly she's pulled to her feet and a portly women with an apron tied around her waist hands Iris a paper flower crown, every maid has one now, and they're all pulled into a fanciful circle dance around the tables. This goes on for a few rounds and when it's done Iris collapses back on the bench, flushed with a very big smile on her face. She leans in and pats Lincoln gently on the arm. "Sorry about said, uhm..that lived here for a long time?"
Lincoln Linc watches the shenanigans go on with the paper crowns and it is just damn hilarious. He's smiling and laughing at the dancing before he finishes off his own mug of mead. He keeps a steady eye on his conversational partner and when she returns he's ready to give her some more of the information. "Not here, but these people? I know them. From before." He gives a quickly dismissive wave and smiles. "Nothing to worry about. It's old news. We've come to a new land and we're starting over." He raises a new mug of mead and offers a wink in Iris' direction. "And I must say that I'm quite enjoying this new land very much now."
Iris Lark Iris fidgets with her crown, pushing it to the side a bit so it doesn't slide off her head. "Well I'm glad that people settled here, and I'm happy that I did as well." She gazes around again, finding something new to see every time she looks around. A wench kissing some man before backing off with a laugh and handing him mead. The jester standing on his head, making balloon animals for a group of kids. People still dancing, handing out food and drink, their outfits colorful and unique. She glances down at what she's wearing and looks slightly embarassed for a moment and then shrugs, turning towards Lincoln again. "I live down near the tavern." She says, pointing towards the southern part of town. "My name is Iris, I'm one of the local healers." She holds out her hand to shake, a polite smile on her face. "You are?"
Lincoln Linc is already reaching out to take that hand. He doesn't shake it. Instead, he goes for the classical romantic move of the twist and hand kiss. "Lincoln Archer Fox. At your service, m'lady." He's even managed to rise from his seat long enough to offer a proper bow to the woman that he's been chatting with. "And might I add that'd be whatever service you may find yourself in need of." He lets the holding of her hand linger for just a moment longer before he relents and sits back down. "It is very nice to meet you, Iris."
Iris Lark Iris blinks as he kisses her hand, not being familiar with that move at all, but she's charmed nonetheless. "It's nice to meet you Lincoln Archer Fox, my..that's a name and a half." When he releases her hand, she picks up her mug and takes another sip of her mead, at a temporary loss of words. She mulls over the introduction and the flowery body language for a bit more before she remembers herself and starts to speak again. "Likewise. I mean..I'm a healer, and if you ever find yourself injured, you feel free to come to my home or to the Acme store and I'll patch you up as best as I'm able." She flushes pink and glances askance at someone juggling nearby. "Do you know how to do any of that?" She points to where the entertainers are gathered. Dancing, juggling and balancing things, lots of laughter and cheers sounding in the air.
Lincoln "It is, isn't it?" Lincoln realizes he may have just given way too much information. But then again, he's got nothing to hide. He is what he is and that's what's going to make him the hero he's destined to be. The hero that his mother wanted him to be. "You can call me Linc, if you'd like." With a reluctant pull away from her face, Linc turns to look at the others that are doing what they do. "Ah, yes, they are quite talented, are they not?" Linc plays the humble role next. "I'm afraid my talents are a bit lacking in those areas. Though, I dare say that I've got a bit of an eagle eye... should you ever need it?" Oh how he hopes she doesn't know what that means.
Iris Lark Iris follows his gaze to the entertainers and her gaze rests there for a moment, but it's clear that she's paying attention to his words as she watches people juggle. After a few moments she turns to face Lincoln again, smiling gently. "Linc, I can do that.." She takes another drink of her mead and then suddenly she blinks, jumping to her feet. "Oh uhm..I .." She huffs out a quick sigh and whispers. "Shit.." She takes a few steps back and bows towards Lincoln as speaks. "I..uhm I have an appointment, I need to go, but..I'll see you again? I'm sure I will!" She calls out before she turns and rushes off, squeezing through the crowds before she exits through the park entrance.