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Iris Lark Iris was working at home, cleaning and the like, when someone knocked on her front door. She wasn't expecting visitors so when she opens the door, she is surprised to see Sparky. "Uhm, hello!" She says, taking two steps back and gesturing for him to come in. "Welcome to my home."
Sparky After having shared warm beverages with Iris in El Dorado, and seeing her medical concern over Rexus, he has figured her for a fix-em-up of some sort. After the night's encounters, he's apparently in need. His pant legs are torn and shredded, and blood can be seen around the edges of the tears. He somewhat limps in, nodding, "Gracias, senora. I'm sorry to disturb you at this hour, but I'm in need of your services." He offers her a wan smile, despite his condition.
Iris Lark Iris nods and she turns, gesturing for the man to follow. She steps into her workroom and moves to the cupboard, pulling supplies from her cupboards as she points to a cot. "C'mon in Sparky, have a seat on one of these cots and I'll take a look at your injuries. Don't worry about the hour, I get called on at all hours of the evening, and I don't mind it much."
Sparky Offering mostly a grunt, Sparky moves over to the cot and eases himself down, hissing softly at the pressure on his lower legs. The wounds are fresh, and while not extensive, there are a couple deep gashes on one leg, likely from some sort of stab or bite. "Aye aye. I do appreciate it, though." He looks warily at the supplies, wrinkling his nose. "I think maybe this is going to hurt. The cleaning. But I knew I'd better get it done. I saw a guy with infection once. He died real slow, and real ugly."
Iris Lark Iris walks back over to Sparky, pulling a small rolling table with her. Some supplies have been placed on top and she shrugs at his words, offering him a kind smile. "I don't mind, ever, keep that in your thoughts." She grabs one of the rags and begins to clean the gashes and the bites, the alcohol diluted in water meant to make sure everything is cleaned well. She sinks to her knees to put salve on the wounds before dressing them. "There, how does it feel now?"
Sparky "Dios mio!" he hisses at the alcohol, biting his lip and squirming a bit. He then sighs as the salve is applied, "That's better, senora, gracias." he frowns down at the wounds, "The things that did this, conejito de diablo, they were glowing, like with the radiation. Do I need to worry?"
Iris Lark Iris shakes her head and when she leans back, she folds her hands and rests them on her lap. "We deal with radiation every day, unfortunately, it would take a very large amount of it to cause you any great or lasting harm." She murmurs, pushing the table away a bit. She smiles up at Sparky and sighs. "I hate to say this, but it's ..likely that you'll see quite a bit of this. It's fairly dangerous around here, I'm sorry to say."
Sparky Sparky sighs and shrugs, "Well, there's noplace else for me to be, now, so I guess I'm going to have to learn to deal with it. I wonder if that other hombre, from the wall and the diner, might teach me to use a gun. I really donno the first thing." he grins a little, "Maybe some boom booms, I can do, but mostly in a fight, I just lose." he coughs, "Maybe I should look into some armor, too, though."
Iris Lark "Well, he uses energy weapons, like me." Iris remarks and she gets to her feet, folding her arms over her chest. "I'm not sure if he can use guns, I never really asked though." She glances towards the door, her brow furrowed slightly. "I can ask around though. If you need a simple gun to keep yourself safe, let me know, I run a shop in Acme and I'm happy enough to give you something to get you started."
Sparky He follows her eyes to the door, and then hurriedly stands up, "Oh, I'm sorry. It's late, and I should let you get back to your rest. Ah, what do I owe you?" Sparky tilts his head to one side, thoughtfully, "Energy weapons, eh? Maybe that would be more my style." he grins, "Bullets are so damn loud."
Iris Lark Iris waves at Sparky, laughing softly. "No no, I'm just..thinking to myself is all. I'm trying to figure out who would best be able to help you." She walks over to the cot and takes a seat, her nose wrinkled. "I hate asking for resources. How about ten?" She asks, smiling over at him. "If you do decide to learn how to use energy weapons, let me know, I have several that I'm not using and I can set you up with a good one."
Sparky Sparky smiles and eases himself back onto the cot, somewhat cautiously. "Ah, so few caps, eh? Please, I can do more. I'm not destitute, and you do good work." he tilts his head to one side, "I think yes, I'd like to try some eh, energy weapons. Something lighter, I think, you know? Not that I need both hands to use."
Iris Lark Iris chuckles softly and she shakes her head, leaning back on her hands as she studies Sparky. "No, I insist, ten caps will do just fine." She flashes a grin in his direction and then tilts her head up as she thinks to herself. "I have a pistol that will do well against the mutants that are coming. Tell you what, I'll give it to you now, no charge, and if you start to do better, you can pay me what you think it's been worth to you later."
Sparky "That seems mightily kind of you. I suppose, given the state of things, it's in your interest to see every hombre and senora with something to shoot, hm?" he chuckles softly, "You have a deal. But only if you let me cook you dinner sometime, too." he winks, perhaps ever so slightly flirtatiously. "If you'll tolerate a grumpy mechanic's company." He frowns, "What about, uh, ammunition, for the pistola? Can I buy that somewhere in El Dorado?"
Iris Lark "Yes, you can get ammo most anywhere, honestly." Iris says, and she pushes to her feet, scooping up a sleeping piglet that was sleeping in the corner. "This is Bacon, I'm going to bring him with us." She says, gesturing for Sparky to get up and follow her. "I'll take you to Acme and give you the pistol so you can get a feel for it, if you'd like." Her cheeks go pink and she shifts on her feet a bit. "You don't seem all that grumpy, maybe you can teach me how to cook something new though, yes?"
Sparky Following the lead of the woman, Sparky stands up, smiling at bacon, "Have you ever had juevos rancheros, y bacon?" his smile turns playful, "Lo ciento, I kid." he nods, "Aye, let us go to this, Ack-me." he hrms. "I wonder if I could find plantains around here." then moves to hold the door open for the woman, "As to the grumpy, you haven't seen me before my coffee. Or, mother forbid, after the coffee runs out."
Iris Lark Iris gazes down at the piglet and after a moment she tucks him gently into her jacket as she pulls the hood up. "I'm sure you could, people grow the strangest things around here sometimes, I eat better here than I ever have ..well..where I was before I came to El Dorado." She tugs her jacket around her and gestures for Sparky to come a bit closer. "Off we go."
Sparky After their stroll, Sparky looks around the shop with interest, but keeps his hands in the deep pockets of his overalls, not wanting to seem obtrusive or invasive. His eyes roam over the hats, and look interestedly at the boots, glancing down at his own worn soles. He grunts and shrugs, then smiles as Iris comes back from the rear room. "Ah, so here it is, hm, the instrument of doom." he chuckles, "If mi papa saw me now." and a little shake of his head.
Iris Lark "Well.." Iris says, as she walks towards Sparky. "A Star Paladin used this, it's been a bit modified and will do more damage to mutants." She holds out her hand, giving the pistol to him. "It's fully loaded, of course." She dithers for a moment and then chuckles softly. "I hope you find as much use for it as I did, and it serves you just as well."
Sparky Sparky looks down at the weapon as he holds it in his hand, feeling its heft. He makes sure to keep the business end pointed away from either himself or Iris. He chuckles, "I hope when you say that, that you've never had much need to use it." and he winks again, then shrugs. "But I'll be sure to keep it handy from now on. Though, I still better take some lessons on using it."
Iris Lark Iris chuckles softly and she grins up at Sparky, shaking her head slowly. "Unfortunately, I have had to use guns far too often." She shrugs and walks over to the small seating area, grabbing two waters from the cooler and handing Sparky one. She settles down on a seat, pulling her feet up and grins. "Keep it on you, you'll find a need to use it, and when you get good at it..all the better. Here, this is what I'm using."
Sparky The man whistles as he inspects Iris' gun, "This looks pretty fancy, senora." then hands it back, carefully. "I really do appreciate this. Here, let me give you a few caps, and also some bullets I found out in the wasteland, I have no use for em. Maybe you sell em, maybe you trade em, no?"
Iris Lark Iris shrugs and chuckles softly. "it does the job." She says, and she blinks as he hands her the ammo. "Oh, I can use these, certainly, thank you so much." She says, standing on her tiptoes to kiss Sparky on the cheek. "You're far too kind."
Sparky "Ahh, senora, este nada." says the man, shyly, coughing and turning aside. "Just, y'know, hope it helps someone put down some of these putos outside the wall. I still think they're the ones who shot the tire out on my bike." He turns to the side and makes as though he's going to spit, then stops himself, and just coughs instead.
Iris Lark Iris blinks and she pushes the water towards Sparky. "Are you okay?" She asks, apparently concerned. "I didn't mean to make you cough, is.." She sniffs at herself and her eyes narrow a bit as she tries to figure out the last time she has showered. "Uhm, feel free to have a seat or..not." She scratches at her nose and shifts, opening her bottle to take a drink.
Sparky Sparky takes the water, twisting the cap off and taking a small sip. He then chuckles, "No, no, senora, I cough because I almost do something very rude in your store." he smiles sheepishly, "Lo ciento. Eh, I'm sorry." He then moves over to lean on the counter, half sitting. "So, you know where I'm from, but you don't sound to be from here. How about you?"
Iris Lark Iris tilts her head as she watches Sparky. "It's okay, honestly, you'd be surprised how rude people can be here. Without even trying." She chuckles softly and then shifts in her seat, pressing her legs closer to her chest. "I'm not from here." She admits, her nose wrinkling. "I was raised in a camp, near New Vegas." She glances down at her hands and then smiles before she looks back up to Sparky. "A Legion camp."
Sparky Taking another sip of water, then tilting his head to one side, Sparky hmms, frowning softly. "It doesn't look to be a comfortable topic, so I won't press if you prefer, but.. no entiendo this 'legion'. Que esta? Bad hombres?"
Iris Lark Iris swishes her water around in her bottle and she goes quiet for a few moments and then she pushes her hair out of her face. "I guess it depends on who you ask." She begins slowly, her voice quiet. "They believe that the men are superior, and that women and the weak are to be subjected and controlled." She gazes at Sparky and she gets an embarassed look on her face before she looks away. "I was born there, and I don't know who my parents are..probably won't, and.." She shrugs and her voice falters. "It wasn't a good place for someone like me, I ..won't tell some of the worst stories, but suffice it to say - it's shaped me into what I am now."
Sparky "What? Una kind hearted, bonita senora? Eh? You understand, bonita?" Sparky smiles at the woman, then sighs, "I never knew my parents, either. Mi madre, she died giving birth to me. Mi papa never forgave me. I mean, I knew who he was, but he didn't raise me, sabes?" He reaches over and pats the woman on the shoulder, "Truly, you are a good person. Why do you think I come to you when I am hurt? I mean, besides the fact that I know nobody else here."
Iris Lark "I can be nice, I suppose, but I don't think I got that from being with the Legion." Iris says, and she leans against the back of the chair, listening to his story with careful attention. She places a hand over the one on her shoulder and gives it a light squeeze. "I'm a decent person, I can say, but I'm not sure about good. Not always." She giggles softly and leans in a bit, murmuring. "There is a clinic, so when I'm not around, you go there. I used to run it - it's a nice and gentle place."
Sparky "If you're not around, and I am dying, I will go there. But if it can wait, then I'll look for you." He smiles softly, "Good, eh, what's the term en Engles? Bedside manner?" he grins impishly at the jest. "My point is, it's not where we're from, but who we are, that is important. Mi familia, aye mi. They're all so Catholic, it is to make you sick." he shudders, "I am the only one with the brains to see it is the world we live in that is important, not the one we go when we die."
Iris Lark "Just be safe, and I'll be happy." Iris says, and her cheeks flush pink when Sparky compliments her. "I uhm..thank you. I try to be nice to others, especially to those who need gentle care." She chuckles softly and her voice turns slightly rueful as her brows draw down a bit. "Where we're from isn't always so important, but it does do a lot to shape a person. I ..pretend a lot, about what and who I am, and try to forget where I was and what it did to me." She gestures towards El Dorado and grins. "If we don't focus on the now, we don't really get to enjoy it that much and that is a real shame."
Sparky "Exactamundo, senora! It is the right now that is important. Tomorrow may not come. Though, for many, there will be more tomorrows because you are there to help them." He grins, "Me? I just fiddle with things." he pats the wrench on his hip, "People, I don't usually do so good with. I like machines. Wires. Old technology." he hefts the laser pistol again, "Sometimes I like to read about history and such, and how we got to here, but it is not as important as where we are, and where we go." he nods sagely, "Now then, this talk is sad stuff. What do you enjoy, hm? Besides tormenting old men by pouring agua de diablo on their wounds, I mean." a twinkle in his eye, though he manages to keep a straight face.
Iris Lark Iris rolls her eyes and though it's clear she tries not to, she bursts out laughing, even letting out a soft snort. "I uhm, like ...this is lame, please don't judge me.. " She says, looking slightly embarassed. "I like sitting on my back porch, watching the wind. I never really had a home of my own, a place of my own. Now that I've got that, it's so easy for me to sit there and enjoy it. Cook in the kitchen, clean and dust when it gets a bit dirty." She glances out the window and grins. "There is also this place, I enjoy helping people." She points at Sparky and the pistol she had handed him. "Being able to help, that makes me pretty happy, to be honest. If I can keep anyone from being in any kind of situation like mine - I enjoy doing it." She shrugs a shoulder and slouches a bit, gazing at Sparky over her knees. "Trust me, if I didn't use what I do, you'd end up with a nasty infection and then you'd be a sad sad man."
Sparky The mechanic stands up, holds one foot in his hand, tucked under his rump, "You mean like this? My name would not be Sparky, anymore, it would be Stumpy!" and he hops around on one foot for a moment, before doing so reminds him of the bites on his legs, and he hisses softly, moving to find an actual chair, "It is not so, uh, lame, senora. A home is what every soul wants. What every heart wants. A place to belong, something that is ours, and perhaps just a little bit safer, for having four walls." he shrugs, "When I was young, all I wanted was adventure. Now that I'm older, this.." he gestures around, "And back there.." vaguely waving towards the road where they come from, in the direction of Iris' house, "These seem like treasure. Watching the wind? Now that is lame. You cannot see the wind! It is just the air moving!"
Iris Lark "It might be the air moving, but it makes the plants move too." Iris gets to her feet and holds out her arms, swaying back and forth with her eyes closed. "Everything moves in a rhythm when you watch, it's like music in nature." Her eyes snap open and she grins sheepishly. "I always wanted a home and a family, but I never figured that any of it would be so complicated as it turns out to have been." She retakes her seet, pulls her feet back up on the chair and wraps her arms around her legs. "Your name would still be Sparky, we'd only call you Stumpy behind your back, honest."
Sparky "Ha ha ha!" Sparky belts out, genuinely and loudly, "Well, that is good to know, senora." he glances at the door, then yawns. "I really should be going. I appreciate the company, and the assistance. All of it. If there's ever anything I can do to repay your kindness, just ask."