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Bodies are everywhere, and it's not pretty. People are missing limbs, people are deceased, and a lot of injured folks are crammed into the small space of the medical clinic. A chorus of moans and pleading can be heard as the few people who have medical knowledge wade through the disaster, trying to restore order.

Iris is kneeling next to a man who lost an arm, trying to treat his arm so that he can be fitted with a prosthetic later. Camilla is somewhere in the back, helping perform surgery on a young boy who was too close to a blast, and has shrapnel stuck in his chest.

It's clear that they are overwhelmed, and help is sorely needed.
Jacqueline No doctor, and not as first aid-qualified as she'd like to be, Jackie Wayne is staying close to the action, providing some rear-line protection for the hardworking medical professionals. Shotgun in hand, she watches the door from the street, knowing that if any Enclave troops get into Shantytown, this is the entrance they'll use for the clinic.
Lee     Lee, for his part, was in the assault on the Armory. As such, even with that power armor, he still was pretty messed up. Having got relived of duty only recently, he would make his way to that clinic. The horror and distruction there is just as bad as anywhere else. Gritting his teeth, he'd hold his middle as he'd nod to Jackie in passing. "Oi.. I'm guessin it's a mess.. They said ta get patched up 'fore they'd let me work again.. I dun mean ta jump line.. but it's worse at the medic place fer the Militia.. ya think they'd see ta me?"
Iris Lark Iris finally gets the man stitched up, she has preserved as much as she could and then she sees to his other wounds, allowing for him to be moved to an exam room. She gets up then and moves to another patient, this man doesn't have long left, and there probably isn't much that can be done for him. She does offer him pain relief though and holds his hand as he clearly is gasping out his final breaths. The drafted nurses move him almost as soon as he stops breathing, bringing Iris a little girl with some serious cuts and abrasions. A few of them will need stitches. She gets to work immediately, looking like she might have been at this for a while. Weariness comes off of her in waves, and every so often she glances to the door, waiting and hoping for someone else to show up and help.
Jacqueline Surprised to see an injured militiaman here, especially in the wake of the fighting lately, Jackie winces in sympathetic dismay. "Ooh... I guess it was bad where you were," she murmurs. "It can't hurt to ask. I'll try to find Doc Iris," she promises, and slips into the clinic proper.
Not far away, near one of the windows, a few wounded folks see a chubby brown bird with black and white wings and tail settle to rest on the windowsill. "Whassup! Whas-sup?"
Lee     Lee nods slightly and would remove the helm to head inside with Jackie. He'd glance at the bird with a small grunt. "Pain.. lotta lotta pain." Shaking his head with a weak chuckle, he'd step in and be very careful of where that power armor would step. No need to make someone's life worse than it already is. "Ahh.. sorry.. Just needin a quick patch job.. yah? I.. I gotta get back on Duty.. but they ain't lettin me back without bein fixed up.."
Iris Lark Iris reaches out to reassure the little girl before she starts to stitch up her wounds. A few quiet words are exchanged and after a few moments the little girl is good to go. Iris gets to her feet and wipes her hand across her face. A mixture of sweat and gore makes her look like she's been in a fight herself, but it's almost all from clearing up other peoples wounds. She slumps into a seat, and spotting Jackie she offers her a wave. "Jackie, when did you get here?"
Jacqueline "Iris!" Not having expected to find the doctor so soon, Jackie hurries to greet her, gesturing to Lee to follow her. She offers a quick smile to the departing little girl, but it turns to dismay at the sight of her red-haired friend: Iris looks like she's been at work for far too long. "I've been here for about an hour, out front," she replies, giving the healer a quick kiss on the cheek in lieu of hugging her. That'd leave them both covered in blood.
She nods in the direction of Lee, though she doubts anyone will have any trouble noticing him. "Militia... he was in the thick of things," she explains. "Can he be patched up, quickly? He's needed out there."
And on that windowsill, Whassup's holding court to a few wan, but now smiling, faces. "Hey! No lyin' down on the job!"
Lee     Lee would pause a bit inside the door and with the proper commands given, has the PA open, unlocking so he can slip out of it. Stumbling, he'd hold onto the metal frame as that red stain across a bandage already on his middle darkens some. His uniform looks torn up too. Seems he wasn't always in the armor when he got into the fighting. "Ahh.. sorry sarge.. ain't gonna lie down.. not til given the order." He'd grit his teeth and glance at the bird. A weak chuckle is given as he'd look over to Jackie and Iris. "Ahh.. I'm sorry.. Yer busy.. worn out.. Ifn.. ifn they hadn't told me ta get patched up or get lost.. I'd still be out there.. yah?"
Iris Lark Iris pushes herself to her feet and shakes her head, her eyes hollowed and tired. "It's fine, really." She says, moving towards Lee as she pulls open her rucksack. She starts to pull supplies and arranges them as she gestures for him to show her his wound. "Have a seat here on this cot, and I'll get you patched up, best that I'm able." One of the pressed into service nurses brings something caffinated in a mug and Iris takes a quick sip, grimacing at the taste, before she sets it aside. "What happened to you?" She asks Lee, aiming a wan smile in Jackie's direction. Bacon trots out from the back room, and he spots Whassup, which causes him to sprint into a little trot towards the door.
Jacqueline Jackie returns Iris's smile as encouragingly as she can, moving to help Lee with his armor. "Doc Iris is the best healer I know. If she can't patch you up, you can't be patched up... and I know she can," she adds hastily, trying to be encouraging to both patient and healer.
The Whassup Show is in full swing now, and he paces on the windowsill, click-click-clicking as he regards his audience. "Good evening, ladies and germs!" The sudden arrival of Bacon, complete with clattering hooves on the floor, is met with a little beat of his wings, and he leans down, touching his bright yellow-orange beak to the piglet's squashy little snout. He remembers the squealy thing well!
Lee     Lee would push off the PA, it doesn't budge, to move over to the cot as directed. With a low groan of pain, he'd settle onto it. "Oi.. easier tell ya'll what ain't happen ta me.. and that'd be happy lovin feelins, yah?" Shaking his head, he'd sigh. "Been messed up.. I was guardin the Armory when it blew.. and I've been runnin from one spot ta the next, tryin ta help how I can.. I got jabbed by someone snuck up on me. So got under the plate.. Ifn the armor was legit power armor, prolly be a different story, fer sure.."
Iris Lark Iris nods and she strings a needle with catgut and begins to sew up the wound, slowly. Her small stitches could be her signature now, as her careful work has been seen by a few folks in Shantytown and elsewhere. She doesn't speak as she works, just keeping her hands moving so she doesn't sit down and fall asleep somewhere. Once she has the sewing done, she cleans the wound with an alcohol and water mixture, wiping away the blood and gore before she dresses the wound. "Tell me how that feels?" She asks, as she cleans off the other small scrapes and abrasions. Once she's done she takes a few steps back, slumps back in her chair and after a moment, yawns.
Jacqueline "Sounds like you've been seriously busy," Jackie says sympathetically. "Thanks, mister, for what you've been doing. I'm not sure I could've done it." She glances worriedly at Iris, seeing the signs of severe fatigue.
Lee     Lee watches Iris as she'd do her work, a grunt given in pain now and then, but he keeps still enough. There's a weak grin flashed at Jackie with a slight shrug, relaxing for a moment after Iris finishes up. "Ahh.. Name's Lee. Private Lee. I've been fightin fer a long time.. I'm just glad it's worth somethin 'round here.." Lee would flex some, then nods, checking himself out. "Yah.. ya got it fer sure. Thanks Doc! Whatcha needin fer cost? This'll keep me goin fer a bit longer at least."
Iris Lark "No payment necessary." Iris slurs out, shaking her head slightly before she lets out a soft sigh. A few other folks with first aid walk in, arriving to help with the wounded. "Jackie, do you think they'll let me go home?" A beat. "If so, do you think you can give me a ride?"
Jacqueline "Jackie Wayne. It's good to know someone who's out there fighting for us," Jackie replies, giving the Private a smile. "Kick theirs, protect yours, okay? Trust me, this clinic's full enough!"
She nods to Iris, looking around at the patients awaiting treatment. "The shape you're in, they'd have to be crazy to say no. Besides, someone's got to come in and relieve all these other folks who just got here," she replies. "And you can ride with me anytime. I owe you a lot more than a ride once in a while."
Back at the window, Whassup is enjoying the attention, letting a young woman close to the sill brush tentative fingertips over his sleek head. "Ah, my little chickadee..."
Lee     Lee smiles to Iris with a small nod. "Ahh.. thank ya then fer sure Doc.. I appreciate it." He'd get to his feet, shudder a little and with a shift of his feet nod, straightening up. "Alright.. ya got it fer sure, Miss Wayne. Kick theirs, protectin mine.. That'd be why I'm walkin in a tin can, yah?" He'd shake his head and chuckles, moving back to the PA to step into it so he can close it back up. "Ya'll stay safe.. try ta avoid the mainways. They're still ambushin out there.. and I'd rather not have ya'll get caught in this fragfest. Leave that to us they pay fer it.."
Iris Lark Iris gets to her feet and limps towards Jackie, her movement nothing more than a sleepy shuffle. "I really appreciate this Jackie." She turns towards Lee and gives him a slight salute. "Be careul out there."