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Iris Lark It's dusty, and kind of windy in Avalon today. The animals are restless and kind of skittish. Iris isn't fazed by the wind, or the coming storm, at least not enough that it's driven her indoors yet. Instead she's doing something slightly silly. She's sweeping the back porch with a broom while her little pet piglet, Bacon, follows her around squealing in protest. Every spot that she's swept so far has accumulated more dirt, but she's nothing if not persistant - and probably a little stubborn.
Nikki The storm wasn't anything new to Nikki, but she had her eyebot to look after as well. Dink following just behind and over her left shoulder, but with the wind and dust picking up, she didn't want to be spending a hundred hours cleaning Dink's insides out. None the less! She wanted to come to Avalon and look through a few shops - particularly on the lookout for something that would please a certain Deputy, but this storm was going to put a hamper on such. Glancing around, she spies a woman hastily sweeping her porch and ears perk at the squealing sounds from the pig who wasn't helping matters. Nikki turns and heads up towards the woman and her wayward sweeping. "Allo! Uhm...would it be alright if Nikki shelters herself from the storm here?"
Iris Lark Iris blinks as she catches sight of Nikki and she ducks her head, nodding slowly. "Of course you can, it's going to get worse before it gets better." She leans her broom against the door and scoops up her piglet as she waves at Nikki to join her. She walks through the door, into the kitchen and when Nikki makes it inside she closes the door, leaning against it for a moment before she releases her pet. It trots into the living area, curling up on his fluffy little bed. "What brings you out to Avalon?"
Nikki Nikki nods and shifts to step onto the back porch before heading thru the door that leads into the kitchen. As the door shuts behind her, she looks over to Dink who makes a series of beeps and boops which causes her to glare at the robot. "It's a place to be for right now because Nikki doesn't wanna spend time cleaning you she doesn't have to." Saying that much before glancing back to Iris. "Nikki was going to go to the market and see if she could buy something for her boyfr--her friend."
Iris Lark Iris puts out two white mugs, both a bit chipped, and sets some petals inside of them. She adds hot water and a tiny amount of honey before she pulls one of the cups towards her. "There are lots of interesting things here in Avalon to shop for." She says, her head tilted slightly to the side. She smiles at Nikki and takes a tentative sip of her tea. "I'm sure your friend will like whatever you bring him." An eyebrow quirks slightly as she adds. "What is he interested in?"
Nikki Nikki blinks at the cup being scooted towards her. Leaning down, she sniffs at it before lifting the cup and takes a tentative sip from it. Making a face for a moment before she sips at it again. "Aye, Nikki's been here to look around Avalon before. Uhm..." She thinks and then shakes her head. "Nikki doesn't really know. He likes to drink...and he's a deputy for the sherrif in El Dorado.." Saying this much more before she looks to the mug again. "What is this?"
Iris Lark Iris leans on the counter, and the tea has cooled a bit letting her take another sip. "This is..tea, of a sort. Not too many fragrant leaves around here to make proper tea. So I pick flowers to steep." She says, slipping onto a stool and crossing her legs. "Sounds like a proper job." She says, grinning at Nikki as she props her chin on her palm. "I run the general store in Acme, do you know if he has a Pip? I have some holodiscs you can give to him as a present, or..I also have some alcohol.." She lets her voice trail off, a friendly smile still on her face as she gazes at Nikki.
Nikki Nikki nods. "It's interesting?" Saying this much more before taking another sip of it. "Nikki's never had tea before..." Then she's glancing back to Iris. "She means like this?" Holding up her arm with a pip-boy attached. "Nikki's never seen him with one...but Nikki wouldn't mind giving him hers as she never uses it anyway.." This much admitted before she looks to Dink. "Nikki's not sure...she was also thinking of buying something for herself that's for him. Like an outfit she saw once.."
Iris Lark Iris looks thoughtful for a moment or two as her crossed legs swing back and forth. She takes another sip of her tea and nods slowly. "A friend from the Clinic introduced me to the wonders of tea, and I'll be honest when I say I wasn't a fan at first." She grins and leans over to grab her ledger from her rucksack and slips it towards Nikki. "Here is a list of the items I have available,'re looking for..a..sassy type of outfit?" She giggles softly and nods. "I might have something you could use.."
Nikki Nikki ah's a little, sniffing at her cup again before taking another drink. "Clinic? Is she a doctor?" Asking this much and then she tilts her head one way before taking the offered ledger to give it a glance over. "Sassy. Sexy. Something like that. Nikki wants to look good...and to..." She pauses then, shaking her head. "Not easy to explain..."
Iris Lark "I understand." Iris assures Nikki, reaching out briefly to touch the woman on her arm. She nods at the question and smiles. "She is a doctor, as am I...well.. I'm not a doctor, really. I'm a healer." She gets to her feet, her bottom lip caught between her teeth as she puts up a hand, one finger raised. "Don't move." She says, as she dashes through the living area and down the hall. When she returns, she has both of her hands behind her back and she blushes pink. "Do you think this would work?" She asks, pulling her hands from behind her back and showing off an outfit to Nikki.
Nikki Nikki blinks, looking to the hand that touches her arm before it's withdrawn. A look of confusion settles a moment later and then she nods. "Nikki meant...she.." Pointing to Iris. "Nikki doesn't know her name so her is she and she is her...but...she is a healer. What's the difference?" Medical professionals might be able to sense that something is...wholly different...about Nikki. The way she speaks and how she acts sometimes, but none have ever put a finger on it - or even tried to. Then Iris is gone a moment and Nikki sips at her tea while Dink makes noises and gets responded to. When Iris returns, and holds out that outfit, Nikki only flushes pink. "..N-Nikki thinks...that would do well. Does...does she want anything for it?"
Iris Lark Iris tilts her head as she listens to Nikki speak, and it is almost as if a lightbulb goes off and Iris nods, a smile on her face. "I'm a healer, I ..don't really have any schooling so I don't like calling myself a doctor. I'm..Iris." She rests a hand on her chest for a moment as she hands Nikki the silky outfit. "The only thing I want is to help, and if you think this will do. Then I would like you to have it." She ducks her head as her cheeks are tinged pink. "I hope it puts a smile on his face."
Nikki Nikki blinks. "Nikki fixes robots but she never went to school for it. Is school so important?" Asking this before she shrugs and finishes her tea. Though she observes how Iris is acting and gives a curious tilt to her head. "Is Iris alright? Why is she clutching her chest...does she need a doctor?" Perhaps that was the difference and yet, Nikki takes the outfit as it's handed to her. "Did Iris ever wear this?" An innocent enough question from one such as Nikki.
Iris Lark "I don't think school is important, if you know something, you know it." Iris says, and she blinks, letting her hands drop to her sides as she retakes her seat. "No no, I'm fine, I promise." She says, and when Nikki asks her question she goes red in the face and her head ducks a bit. "It was made for my job, so I wore it..twice, but I've washed it." She assures hurridly, a crooked smile on her face.
Nikki Nikki tilts her head in a curious manner. "Nikki thinks school is...weird. Nikki was never made to go to school. She just knew how to fix robots and so she started fixing them." Admitting this much before she takes a breath to let out slowly. Dink makes all sorts of beeps and bloops behind her and she scowls. "In a minnit Dink, Nikki's busy.." Responding to the robot as if it would ever actually answer back. "Oh, ahm...Nikki is...feeling kinda tired...can..can she stay here a bit?"
Iris Lark Iris nods, and gets to her feet, leading Nikki further into the house. "There is a guest room, you can rest here. If I'm not around when you wake up, you can let yourself out." Shes ays, offering Nikki a smile as she opens the door.