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Owner Pose
Iris Lark Iris sways in the middle of the store, her hands on a broom as she sweeps dust towards the open front doors. Her dancing is awkward, like someone who hasn't danced a lot in the past. She stumbles once or twice, but she keeps trying, her hair swinging out as she does a pirouette, her leg swinging out as she poses. Yeah, she's a dork. The floor is eventually swept clean and she puts the broom away, grabbing a bottle of water from the cooler near the back door.
Lincoln There's a good chance that Lincoln should probably learn how to enter places... and actually make sounds. He pops into the store without making a sound and is lingering near the front doorway, arms crossed over his chest and wearing a smirk that says he's been watching some of this dancing for quite a while. He hasn't touched any of the objects in the store but he has made it a point to come by and see the person he met the other day. Which is why he's just going to stand there and wait to be noticed. It's a little creepy but he's hoping his playful smile will make it less so.
Iris Lark Iris pads slowly towards the counter, untwisting the top of her water bottle and then suddenly - Lincoln! Iris freezes, her eyes on the man in the doorway as she gives him a slightly awkward smile and wave. "Uhm, hello.. how long have you been standing there?" She asks, swallowing visibly before she pushes her hair out of her face. She clears her throat, sets down the water and walks towards the door, whilst taking a breath. "Welcome to the Acme General Store, if we don't have what you're looking for, we'll try to help you find it." She offers a smile and gestures for Lincoln to walk further in.
Lincoln "Ah, m'lady, I think you've everything I could want... and more." Lincoln says this with a bit of a smirk on his lips as he pushes off the wall and gives her a bit of a bow. It's a quick bow, though, before he decides to move the next moment to take a quick glance at the nearest part of the store. He's not dodging her so much as just wanting to make sure that she gets a chance to react to his random flirtatiousness while he's doing a quick browse. "I've only just arrived. I can honestly say that I didn't see you dancing your cares away." Or maybe that just means that he did. Oh, Linc. Always so playful and riddle-y.
Iris Lark Iris shifts on her feet, folding her hands behind her back as she warily watches Lincoln make his way further into the store. "I would be embarassed, but I don't feel like I did anything wrong so.." She lets the thought trail off as she almost orbits Lincoln. Staying away from him, yet keeping him in sight. "We've everything someone might need, with the exception of food, our stores are nearly depleted. We've water though, and other supplies."
Lincoln "Aye, food has been scarce. I've been wondering how to fix that." Lincoln drags a finger along the nearest wall as he glances back at her every once in a while. He's just doing some light exploring and maybe even keeping his hands where they can be seen... for reasons. "I wanted to come by and see you. And your store! Since you were so kind and gracious to invite me." Linc grins a little bit and looks up towards Iris. "Speaking of which, you wouldn't happen to have any..." Linc uses his elbow to nudge the quiver on his back. "... arrows, would you?" Maybe he's willing to do a little shopping as well.
Iris Lark "Well first off, getting to the people who blew it up might help." Iris murmurs, taking light steps to keep him in sight as he walks down different isles. "I'm glad you found Acme all right, and that you stopped by, we don't get a lot of customers all at once." She says and then she taps her nose a bit as she considers. "Arrows, what kind and how many are you looking for?"
Lincoln "Well, if I'm going to single-handedly find the ruffians that ousted our supplies and best them... I think I'm going to need as much as I can carry." Linc hops over towards the counter and leans against it to make sure that he's looking as clever as possible. He's also just wanting to make sure he gets the best look at the arrow selection that she has to offer. He also takes a moment to toss a small pouch of caps onto the counter to show that he's definitely got some money to pay with.
Iris Lark "Well we have a selection of just run of the mill arrows." Iris rmarks, leaning against the counter to smile over at Lincoln. She slides a list of ammo over to the man, pointing at the arrows she was speaking of. "They're relatively cheap, and honestly you can find them anywhere." She props her chin on her palm and allows a subtle little half smirk. "Is that something like what you were looking for>"
Lincoln "There's anywhere and then there's here with you." Lincoln grins and pushes over the small pouch of caps to make sure that she knows he's intending to buy things from her. He's definitely going to try and make sure this happens on a regular basis. "I'll give you one guess on which place I'd rather be." Looks like Lincoln has found his favorite place to shop.
Iris Lark Iris turns pink and she smiles at Lincoln, pushing the caps towards him again. "I would feel bad selling you the arrows, they would be more expensive than elsewhere." She protests, her cheeks still showing her embarassment. "I'm glad you did come by though, to look around." She tilts her head at the last part of his statement and she waits a moment before she guesses. "You woudl rather be at home?"
Lincoln Lincoln has to put on a frown because he's trying to give her caps but she's trying not to take them. This is one of those weird cute stalemates that happens. He's heard of this happening but he hasn't actually had it happen to him. So weird. "Ah, I could be home anytime." That's all he says, not really wanting to tell her that she guessed wrong. He's not being obvious enough with his flirations and grabs the pouch again, tucking it away. "Tell you what, I'll try to send some more of my brethren your way then. Perhaps they will be able to provide you with enough currency to keep your establishment afloat." Yes, he's already devising a plan for such things.
Iris Lark "I..uhm, okay." Iris says, her teeth scoring her bottom lip for a moment as she takes a step or two back. "Thank you, the help is very much appreciated." She takes a few steps towards the back room. "Anything else, I can look into for you while you're here?"
Lincoln "Nothing that I can think of, m'lady! Just know that your shop is and forever will be under the protection of Lincoln Fox!" And with that, the archer turns to make his exit out of the place. While musing to himself that he really needs to find a better name for his heroic self!