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Matt     Its but a day and some hours past the explosive early morning that ruptured the peace of El Dorado and only recently has the chaos begun to get under control. Plans have been made, and people have been dispatched to begin to quell the fires as best they can under occasional Vertibird attacks. After a close encounter with a falling cinderous building, Matt has been delegated to rest at the relief tent. At least for an hour or two to clear his lungs of smoke and gunk.
    Iris Lark, is of course, present in said tent. Shes a woman of infinite compassionate and steady hands to minister to the slightly crispy citizentry of El Dorado. The tent is a hive of activity, and abuzz constantly with the comings and goings of those fortunate enough to still be on their feet and able to help. The main commotion for the moment is the front of the tent, a young teenage boy is emphatically telling the Militia Sergeant that *something* odd is going on a block or two from the main water treatment plant.
    Boy"There were people in militia clothes, going *into* the sewers carrying crates! Isn't that weird?!"
    Sergeant "Maybe, the city is a mess right now, I'm sure they're doing what they've been ordered to do."
    Teenage Boy "Who would order militia members to carry stuff into the sewers? They weren't even carrying militia rifles! They had those SMGs and they had weird accents!"
Rexus Rexus is more or less present outside the tent. It's far too crowded for him to be inside really.. and he's wearing his bulky suit of power armor... better to be outside. He's only got a few dings and scrapes, hardly worth mentioning but... he's just on self-imposed guard-duty, peering at those who come and go with practiced wariness. Move along citizen!
Iris Lark Iris is keeping an eye on the wounded inside of the tent, and it's busy and a bit crazy but she's holding it together rather well. Deligating responsibility to anyone with first aid skill, she's tending to the worst cases on her own, with supplies that she brought in from Acme. She hears the teenager at the front of the tent, and it distracts her she does try to figure out why militia men and women might be taking things into the sewers.
Bobby the Kid Bobby also stays outside the tent. He sits on a crate full of supplies cleaning his revolver, biting his tongue in deep concentration. The Kid squints down through the cylinder and nods to himself, "Good job Kid." He congratulates himself and slips the gun back into the holster at his side. Occasionally he peers over at Rexus, silently admiring the suit of armor but being careful not to be spotted starring.
Matt Matt is sitting at the end of a cot, mostly waiting for people to vacate so he can sneak out. The only real harm he has suffered is the loss of hair in patchy spots. And some pieces eyebrow missing. But he stops and sits upright real quick when he begins overhearing this grumpy teenager complain to the Militia Sergeant. He reachs out to try and grab Iris' elbow as he passes by. "The first wave of bombers were dressed as militia to plant their bombs!" Ah! Scary context! The water treatment plant!
Iris Lark Iris blinks as she's grabbed and she shakes herself loose as she leans in to gaze at Matt. "Did you get bumped on the head?" She asks, checking over Matt, even though she is distracted by everything going on inside the tent. "Things are slowing down here, why don't you send a runner to the militia to alert them, and we can take a quick look down in the pipe to make sure they're not being molested." She moves to a corner and picks up some armor, strapping it on her torso. "Then you can come back here and rest, yes?"
Rexus Rexus overhears some chit-chat near the door. He ducks his hed, poking it through the entrance. That t-45 helmet probably scares a few of the children as he looks over at Iris and Matt, growling. "Keep your voices down.. loose lips sink ships." he grunts... he saw that on a poster somewhere!
Bobby the Kid Bobby gets restless, as per usual, and hops down off the crate and onto his feet. He follows behind Rexus, poking his head into his tent nosily and peering in. "Gosh! You got real messed up, huh Mister? Your face ain't lookin' too hot." He points cluelessly at Matt, his social graces seemingly nonexistent. "I took a few first-aid classes, if'n you need an extra hand around here, ma'am." He smiles cheerily at Iris.
Matt Ah said the children. AH! Matt shakes his head at Iris. "No I did not get bumped on my head, Ma'am. I got lit on fire. A little. I'm fine." He scoops up his rifle and little satchel. (Its a satchel *NOT* a fannypack!) "Lets get over there." He stands up and tries to head out of the tent. But uh, big scary power armor guy. "No. You've got a gun, you're coming with us too. Sergeant. SERGEANT!" Matt snags the elbow of the Sergeant and tugs it with a mean look on his face. "Ya gotta tell El-Tee McKinsey that theres people in the sewers around the water plant." To which, the sergeant simply scoffs. Matt isn't very commanding.
Iris Lark Iris steps out of the tent behind Matt, a slightly disgruntled look on her face. She eyes the Sergeant and quietly speaks. "Do as he says." The man has seen Iris around town for a while, and she's helped the militia plenty. He turns to go towards the compound, grumbling a bit, but doing what he's told. Iris takes a breath and she glances up at Rexus. "Will you come with us? This might be a ...whistle in the wind, but ..what if it isn't?" She blinks at Bobby and offers him a smile. "An extra hand is always needed, but we're.." She gestures towards the sewer.
Rexus Rexus regards the pair through the eyepieces of his helmet. "I don't take orders from......" he begins to say, grumbling, "But i'm not gonna let you lot wander off and get killed either. Have to have at least one professional along." he says, rising up to his full height as he trudges along with the group, "Where's this sewer?" He didn't even know this dump had a sewer!
Bobby the Kid "...going down into the sewers?" Bobby finished Iris' sentence. "Sounds like a dirty job. Well, I ain't got much better to do. Hasn't been smelling right up here lately anyways, can't be too much worse down there. Count me in!" He smiles, now really knowing exactly what he's agreeing to do but happy to be considered helpful none-the-less.
Matt Matt looks around his formed posse and nows to the group. "Thanks guys. I reckon I sound a mite crazy at the moment, but I promise I'm right." Matt looks around the streets for a bit before turning to look back at Iris. "Uhh...Missus Lark? Do you know where the water treamtment plant is?"
Iris Lark Iris takes a deep breath, and after giving Rexus a strange, almost grouchy look, nods at Matt and leads the way. Before they step into the pipe system she mutters. "Try to keep quiet, the element of surprise is probably better than stomping right in there."
Rexus Rexus is the antithesis of stealth. Those big heavy metal boots and clunky frame.. whirring servos and gears.. and the bright light of his headlamp make him stand out... quite a bit.. as he enters the pipe system. "Riiiight." he says in a heavy monotone voice in response to Iris.
Matt     Ah. The wonderful boquet of shit, piss, and drenched underoos. Things squealch underfoot, squeak in the darkness, lit by the occasional bolts of light through manholes above the group. At least, until Rexus' light hums to life and pierces the darkness. The sewers are remarkably well-built it seems. Tight seams between bricks, everything gently sloping down towards something. "Ugh. Fucking crap everywhere." Matt spouts as soon as they make more than three steps in the place, then winces and turns to Iris, "My apologies, ma'am."
    During the walk, eventually something can be heard over Rexus and his damn boots. *TINK* *TINK* *TINK* The sound of pickaxes on brick, then groans. An unfamiliar voice, tinged with some far-away accent complains "Penedejo, watch where you're swinging that. We want the sewers to fall down *after* we leave, not before."
Bobby the Kid "Sneaky, gotcha." Bobby mutters, nodding and falling in line behind the man in power armor. There's a palpable sense of giddiness about him, just to be doing anything with someone wearing armor like that. It makes the kid feel important. He takes up the rear, walking sneaky like despite the noisy armor that clanks and whirrs in front of him as they make their way through the sewer. "SHHH! Hey, ya'll hear that??" He blurts out in a hushed voice.
Iris Lark Iris shakes her head slightly and ignores Rexus as best as she's able. Maybe if there are bad guys inside, and they know that something that makes that much noise is coming? They'll clear out. She pulls a pistol from her jacket and primes it, tapping on her Pip to provide more light. The cat is already out of the bag with the big kitty in power armor, might as well just go full bore. She goes still as she hears the voice and her eyes narrow. "Oh lets make them regret this decision." She spits out.
Matt At the sound of Rexus, the pickaxing stops, and someone shouts, "Whos out there? This is Militia business and you all need to clear out!" He steps out from around the corner. "Set the stuff up, and get clear!" Hes got a *wicked cool* moustache, all waxed to a point on both sides, and is dressed to kill. Literally, desert eagle, combat-type armor and some sort of helmet. He lifts his desert eagle down-range and aims towards a target!
Matt The man levels his gun towards Matt and squeezes off a shot that *explodes* a crate in front of Matt that they must have been carrying the explosives in! Wood chips fly off and back towards the party. Anyone with a good grasp of firearms can tell that was something up near the 50 caliber range.
Bobby the Kid He's young, but he's daring! At the sight of the man with the gun and the exploding box, Bobby is called to action. He dashes right out, his revolver blaring two loud shots down the sewer, aimed at that cool mustache. The first goes wide, tinging and binging around aimlessly about, but the second...hits! A nasty *chank!* as the bullets snags the man's armor, lodging itself painfully somewhere in the chest.
Matt Matt pulls his rifle up, and eyes down the sights. He ignores the exploding crate in front of him and the distractions and lets out a slow breath before squeezing the trigger and sending a round center-mass against the would-be bomber and a puff of blood splashs out from his chest.
Iris Lark Iris is not a fan of people who blow up her home, or former home. She just isn't a fan of explosives and bad people in general. She gets the would be bomber in her sights and she squeezes off two shots from her plasma pistol. The redish bolts streak forward and pegs the man on his arm, and oops, between the legs. He lets out a pathetic squeal and promptly tries to climb out of his skin, but manages to somehow get back to his feet.
Rexus Rexus is just standing right in the middle of the sewer, blazing away in all the star wars glory of a laser show! The red blast of his pistol mixes with Iris's green from her plasma, nailing the bomber right in the dome. He braces with both feet shoulder-width apart, firing away!
Matt Guy Fawkestag shrugs off Billy's hit, but winces and stumbles against the laser-beams that shred into his armor from Iris and Rexus! He retiliates by firing down-corridor towards 3 targets, hitting both! A winged shot into Rexus that he shrugs off, and a center-mass blow to Matt which crumbles the kid with a splash into the water.
Bobby the Kid Bobby smirks, "You've seen your last, compadre." He must be quoting some old western show. Again the kid fires a few shots down the sewer, the sound deafening in the small space. Blam! He lands another shot! His second shot goes wide but the first snags the man's leg in a satisfying clack against the armor.
Matt Matt struggles up out of the water, coughing and coming up in a crotch before tucking the butt of his rifle into the pocket of his shoulder, and decides to finish the job! Two rounds fire, one finishing off mister Gui's bojangles, and the recoil carrying the tip of Matt's rifle up to fire the last round into the eye socket of mister moustache and the domestic terrorists stumbles back upon wobbly legs before collapsing into the water, twitching before falling still.
Iris Lark Iris blinks as the man is shot down and she rushes towards Matt, pulling some supplies from her rucksack. "Are you okay? You took quite a hit there." She says, checking him for lodged bullets. "Someone has to report this to the Militia, so they can take a look at the body, maybe see if they can get any clues from it."
Rexus Rexus watches the bad guy pitch over into the muck. He holsters his pistol and waddles up towards the dead guy, giving a look around for anything obvious. "Ought to check out his bomb as well.. see if there are clues to any more he's set.... or somethin...." trying to be all sherlock holmes here.
Matt Matt settles with his back against the gross-sewer wall as Iris comes to baby him. "I'm fine, miss...fine-ish. I think I rebruised my ribs." Ah, the caring hands of a woman. "You're too good to me hon." He pushs off to walk towards the dead guy, and look across towards the bomb. "Hey kiddo?" He says, to Bobby, who looks all of 3 days younger than him. "Get to a militia post and let'em know theres another bomb here."