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Iris Lark Iris is behind the store in the fenced in yard tying some dummies to a wooden post. A few of them are armored, some are blessed with goofy smiley faces. One just looks downright mean. She backs away from the silly looking things, pulling her hair up into a pair of buns and pinning them in place. Once that is done she plops down on the ground, pistol in her lap as she carefully cleans and reloads it.
Sparky "Oy, Senora? You here?" hollars Sparky as he makes his way out back. "I got your message." He comes into the back area carrying something under a towel, "I bring you a little something, eh? Token of my appreciation for all you do for me." He smiles as he sets it on a large rock near where the woman sits.
Iris Lark Iris pushes to her feet and grins towards Sparky as he walks into the back yard. "Hi, me something?" She gazes warily at the towel covered something and shifts on her feet. "That's very nice of you, but uhm..what is it?" She pushes her pistol into a loop on her belt and tentitively reaches out to tug on the towel.
Sparky The towel slides off of a round tin, in which sits a pie. Of some sort. It's piping hot, though, and the crust appears to have been baked to a flaky golden brown. "Esta meat pie. With some root vegetables, and.. y'know.. stuff." he offers shyly.
Iris Lark Iris stares at the pie and then glances towards the dummies, a slight frown on her face. "You make nice, hot food and then expect me to ignore it for a lesson. Cruel." She scoots a bit closer to Sparky before she kneels to gently break off a piece of crust and pop it in her mouth. "Did you make this yourself?" She asks, and then she starts chewing and her eyes close. "It's unique, what's in it?"
Sparky "It's uh.. best you don't ask questions you don't want answers to. It's called 'Siege pie'." Sparky grins and shrugs, "But no, I expected you to eat, while you show me how to.. y'know... gun." and he takes his own laser pistol out of his tool box. Because where else would he keep it?
Iris Lark "Okay, well let me show you the basics and then you can go to town." Iris says, a slight grin on her face as she moves to face the first dummy, her legs spread slightly as she takes her stance. "With a laser weapon, you almost always want to shoot a little ahead of your target if they're moving. They're so quick. You know?" She raises her pistol to aim and squeezes off two shots towards the dummy, her eyes narrowed.
Sparky Sparky nods as he watches, then assumes a similar position. Though, for some reason, his legs are bent, like he's riding a fake motorcycle, and he closes one eye, his tongue hanging slightly out the right side of his mouth as he lines up his shot.
Iris Lark Iris walks around Sparky as he makes ready to shoot, trying to stifle a soft giggle at the tongue hanging out of his mouth. When he does squeeze the trigger, she claps and points at the dummy, slightly on fire around its head and torso. "You hit it, see?" She squints at him and giggles then. "Are you sure you need practice?"
Sparky Resuming a more natural stance, Sparky shrugs, "Well, this is a dummy, y'know? It just sits there. And besides..." he points at where his second shot ricocheted off into the sky, "Only ONE did anything useful." He smiles wanly. "And if these things were shooting back, it would be another story."
Iris Lark Iris moves a little closer, looking down Sparky's line of sight to gaze at the dummy. "Yes, when they're shooting back it's somewhat different." She shrugs a shoulder and raises her pistol to the already hit dummy and squeezes off another shot.
Sparky Sparky nods a few times, chuckling, "I'm sure with some more practice, I'll be okay. I was always quick to learn things. Old dog, new tricks, and all that, huh?" He grins impishly. "Speaking of dog.." he glances towards the pie.
Iris Lark Iris glances at the pie and then tilts her head up to gaze at Sparky. "You made the pie out of dog?" She asks, reaching out to tickle at him. "I'm going to make you a pie, out of chicken, and then you'll be hooked." She chuckles and moves back over to the pie, pulling off another piece of crust. "The tubers are a nice addition though." She pops the crust in her mouth and chews slowly.
Sparky Sparky grins, "No, no es pero. That'd be mean. It's radroach." He says the latter with a perfectly straight face. "Though, truth be told, there's a dog that keeps coming sniffing in the alley where I've been sleeping at night. I think he suspects I'm food. I hope we don't have to fight it out over which of us is higher on the food chain."
Iris Lark Iris folds her arms over her chest and squints at Sparky. "Why are you sleeping in an alleyway?" She shakes her head and lets out a soft sigh. "Not safe, especially now where people are shooting, blowing up things and just being generally ..unsafe." She kneels near the pie and takes another piece of crust. "At least you're armed now so that they won't rob you and leave you for dead." She mutters under her breath.
Sparky "Eh, I told you, I'm a refugee. It's not like it's the first alley I've slept in, Senora." Sparky grins, "Like I said, things settle down? I find an apartment or hotel. If I can find work, anyway. Mostly I've been scrounging around for bits to sell out in the near wastelands. When I can sneak out past the Enclave putos. Esta bien, don't worry, hm?"
Iris Lark Iris doesn't look happy, rolling her eyes as she turns to put out the fires on the dummies. That done, she pads back over to Sparky and props her hands on her hips. "You can find a cheap hotel in Shantytown. You can also stay here if you'd like." She gestures towards the shack. "It isn't much, but I sometimes work out of there, so there is a cot to sleep on." She gazes down at her feet as she speaks next. "I would let you stay in my guest room, but people will probably start to gossip if I did that."
Sparky The man waves dismissively, smiling, "No, senora, I couldn't impose. You do so much kindness for me already. Shantytown isn't much safer than the alley, no? In these times, a bomb could go off and blow up a hotel just as quick as someone could stumble down my alley." he holds up a finger quickly, "But, if it makes you feel better, I will find one of these hotels."
Iris Lark "It's not an imposing. I don't use this place all that often." Iris says, flicking her fingers towards the shack. "Plus, there is a carport where you can keep your bike while you fix it." She pulls Sparky by the arm as she walks into the garage space. "This was all built for Vault Team Six, but it doesn't really exist anymore and it's pretty much going to waste." She grins up at him and gently bumps him with her elbow. "You would be doing me a big favor."
Sparky The man looks thoughful, hmming softly, nodding slowly. "I have to admit, the carport would be nice to work on my ride." he grins, "Maybe sometime I take you for a cruise on the highway, no?" he rubs his fuzzy chin thoughtfully again, "Alright. But I pay you... como se dice.. ah, rent? Si, rent. You tell me how much. And also, for this gun, I give you money now." He hefts the weapon, then puts it back in his tool kit.
Iris Lark "Food is in short supply, you need to save your money." Iris says, as she gazes at the carport. "How about we call it fifty resources each month, and if you help out at the store every so often. You don't pay rent at all." She crooks a finger as she walks towards the carport. "You pay me for the gun after the seige is over, deal?"
Sparky The man grunts, sighing, "You know, for a nice lady, you can be very stubborn." But he grins as he finishes, then nods, "Si senora, deal. We'll see about the store." he shrugs. "Maybe we work it in, I fix things for you and for others, and it all comes out. But for now, I insist I pay you some caps. You're right, food is in short supply. You need to eat, too." he reaches into his pocket and begins putting counting caps into a makeshift pouch, crafted out of some twine and fabric. "Here. Fifty, to start."
Iris Lark Iris gazes at Sparky and she sighs deeply. "" She passes through the threshold of the carport and points around at the various tools and equipment there. "I uhm, I have plenty you know, you really didn't have to pay me up front." She shakes her head and gives him his caps back. "We'll figure things out, you're doing me a favor by doing here - it'll keep people away who might rob me otherwise. You understand?"
Sparky "Dios mio! Madre me conceda paciencia con esta mujer enfurecedora!!!" He takes a deep breath, shakes his head, and sighs, then smiles, "Okay, senora. As you say." he looks around the carport admiringly, nodding. "Esta bien. No malo, no malo. Maybe we could make this work." he shrugs a bit, then hmms, "Vault Team Ciete? Que esta?"
Iris Lark "It was a group a friend of mine founded, to help keep the peace around here." Iris remarks, loosely folding her arms over her chest. She aims a tight smile at Sparky before she walks around the small space. "If yuo're asking for patience, by the way, it's useless - I'm more stubborn than you might think." She points towards the store. "There is food in there, water and some cola. You're welcome to it. Just leave my chems alone, if you would."
Sparky Looking hurt, Sparky holds up both hands, "Hey, I don't even smoke that wasteweed you give me before, eh? You think just because I'm latino, and I ride a motorcycle, I'm some sort of chem-head?" He puts his hands on his hips, indignantly. "Mi cabeza has too much good stuff in it to go scrambling up with that stuff, senora."
Iris Lark Iris frowns at Sparky and she shakes her head. "No, I don't think just because you're latino and you ride a motorcycle that you're some kind of chem-head." She says with a slight roll of her eyes. "All I'm saying is don't move them, they're volitile, and the last person who messed with them got burns on their hands." She shakes her head and turns away from him, picking up her rucksack. "Do I seem the type, after how polite we've been to each other, to just accuse you of being a thief and a druggy?"
Sparky "Eh eh, okay okay, I was joking, eh? Maybe not so funny." He yawns a bit, "And maybe it's been a long day. Lo ciento, senora. From my heart, I apologize." he chuckles, "As to volatile chemicals, you'd have to more worried that I make something to blow up enclave, than anything else. I know my way around, huh?"
Iris Lark Iris relents and offers Sparky a wan smile. "Just..make yourself at home, let me know if you need anything. Okay?" She says, pulling her rucksack closed. "If there is anything I can do to make things more comfortable here, you just .." She shakes her head and pulls at the pins in her hair. "Uhm, in any case...stop by Avalon tomorrow at some point, we'll have dinner?"
Sparky Sparky tilts his head and grins, nodding, "Si, senora. I bring some more of those tubers. Maybe I find some opuntia, huh?" He rubs his chin. "Actually, I was thinking, sometime, maybe try to sneak a small group out, try to do some hunting. Find some wild creatures to bring back." he shrugs. "We'll have to go pretty far, to get away from these putos outside, making all that noise. Maybe we get lucky, though, find some brahmin."
Iris Lark "Never say never." Iris says, reaching out to pat Sparky on the arm. "I'm going home, try not to get into too much trouble here in Acme." She gestures towards the north. "There is a bathhouse in town here, it's nice." She pulls a hat over her head and grins. "See you later."
Sparky The man sniffs at his arm pit as his companion leaves, wincing. Yeah. A bath would probably be a good idea.