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Hanzhou It is an early Thursday morning on March 31, 2282 and there is periodic light showers, that adds to the cold water of the puddles on the ground.

Hanzhou has been up for a few hours already, he started making the soup base for his Ramen and on a slow boil in a large pot. Now, he is making the noodles, using a knife to cut strands out and place them into several large bowls. He's whistling some sort of jaunty tune as he works, which is methodical in nature and it looks like he does so with a practiced ease, much like his swordsmanship. He's dressed in a simiilar fashion but without the armor and has his cowboy hat on though, that weird mix of western fashion meets eastern flair. The apron he wears adds to the oddness but seems to suit the Wasteland Samurai very well in this role.

The Noodle House isn't really open but the door isn't locked.
Clara Caine To interrupt the chef, the door opens and thuds closed, in a hurried sort of fashion. There is a small scuffle, like something is being dragged across the floor. The person doing this is Clara Caine. She had drug a chair to the window, and stood up on it, peering out of the edge of said window. Hand is near her gun, those blue eyes express her seriousness, even that charming smile isn't there.
Saeko      Saeko was in town...somehow. The girl was pretty much the epitome of sneakiness, but she'd made her way back to Acme at some point. So when she's about to step into the noodle house only to be almost barreled over by Clare, the woman who'd seemingly appeared from nowhere steps through the doorway moments later, clearing her throat as she looks up at Clara. "There is a problem?" she questions while adjusting her cloak, revealing a glimpse of her figure-hugging attire and most importantly: her sword.
Hanzhou "Morning...oohh, we are closed but ah, it is always good to see the Sheriff of El Dorado...but perhaps you are aren't here for the noodles are you?" Hanzhou turns and gives all those enter a slight bow, but then realizes there is trouble a foot.

"Ahh, Saeko. Hello. Excuse me for a moment." He says to the ninja with a shy smile and then quickly ducks into a door behind the counter, leading to a back room.

You hear something that sounds like another door or a chest being opened, then shuffling and a grunt or two, as if there a struggle going on in there but the door is now locked if anyone tries to open it.
Clara Caine Clara eyes Saeko a moment, then looks over to Hanzhou, frowning. "Sorry darling, didn't mean to disrupt." She looks back out the window a momemt, hand near her gun. She slowly lowers to the floor, gloved hand grabbing the back of the chair. She goes to say something when there is commotion and the sounds of what could be a fight? "Dammit! Did that asahat get in through the back?!"

There is a huff, a hand smooths out the braid over her shoulder, the sheriff going that door to find it locked. The next option, she bangs on it with the palm of her hand.

"Hey there, you okay?!" Tone reveals her worry.
Hanzhou There is not answer for about a minute only silence, but then the door opens and Hanzhou is wearing his armor and has his Katana on his back as well as that fancy revolver on his hip. "Yes, sorry for the causing you concern. I was just getting changed." He says in a soft but matter of factly tone and steps out, closing the door which locks behind him. You catch a glimpse of what looks like a bedroom, with a low mattress bed, very little other furniture and although sparsely decorated it is very feng shui-like.

"Is there a problem that I can help you with Clara?" He looks outside the window, making sure to duck a bit in case there are shooters outside.
Saeko      Well, if ever there was an indication that a fight was about to occur, it was such panic and prepartion. "You are tracking someone?" Saeko questions lightly, fiddling with the strings that tie her own cloak in place. "This is a criminal?" Her tone is even and calm, but she does incline her head a little with a glance towards Hanzhou. "Someone to be taken Alive, or Dead?"
Clara Caine Scooting back the acting Sherifd blinks as Hanzhou steps out?, but gives him a big grin. "Noodles and swords, I'm gonn like this place." He's tossed a wink, before Clara turns easily on a heel to face Saeko. "Alive, if you could sweetie, will need them for questioning."

Turning fully with her long leather jacket swaying around her she hops up on the chair and looks out the window again. "See the problem here is, I'm pretty sure these guys out here are waiting on this man to come out of that house across the street. I saw the men before, doing some deeds that would make the devil blush. I'm waiting for them to make a move, so when I give the order, we run out, tackle them and cuff them. Then haul their swine like asses to jail." Grabbing her gun, she uses the end to tip up her hat some, gaze steady on the men outside, waiting for them to make the first move.
Hanzhou "Hai." Hanzhou replies with a slight nod after Clara finishes speaking, not really reacting to the humor about the noodles and swords. Glancing towards Saeko, "Guess, my noodles can wait and the soup has to boil for another four hours anyways before it is ready." He then crouches down on his knees, shuffling closer to the door and awaits for Clara's signal. "I'll be ready." He says in a calm but soft voice, his eyes narrow slightly when he looks over towards the house.
Saeko      "Alive," Saeko repeats, nodding her head. But that doesn't mean that she's going to leave them unharmed. You'd be suprised what one can live through! Drawing her sword in a single, smooth fashion, she shrugs out of her cloak and lets it fall along with her pack. Freed now in her kunoichi attire, the assassin stretches lightly and holds her sword by her side, a shrug of her shoulders. "I do not 'tackle', but these men will live for you to haul."
Clara Caine Clara keeps her attention on the two men, narrowing her eyes, using the tip of her gun to lift her cowboy hat and bring her face close enough to the glass that she is nearly smooshing her face against it. "Well damn." The acting sheriff whispers, in way of a curse and shakes her head. "If this didn't need to get more complicated."

Standing upright and pulling down her hand she checks her gun then looks up. "I don't care how you stop them, just don't kill them. We need them able to talk." Voice is low as he says this, something about them suddenly got under her skin, playing into a heap of displeasure and worry. Yes worry.

"There, the guy is coming out! Okay on thee you two, run and get them just don't get the old man!."

"Three," She reaches for the door handle, hopping down. "Two." Her gun is lifted, at a ready. "One!" And the door is thrown open for them to go.
Hanzhou Hanzhou blinks when Saeko, sheds her cloak to reveal her kunoichi clothing mouthing the word, "Woah" but doesn't reach for his sword hilt, since there is no fighting going on just yet. He studies Saeko's blade at first, as if appraising it but then watches the way she holds it, her movements and the ease in which she carries it.

Then glancing towards Clara once more, he nods once and when she tells them it is ready, he springs into action. Once Clara opens the door, he springs into action, spring out he doesn't draw his sword since he won't be needing it for now.

He rushes out to stand in front of the three men, "Stop! We can do this peacefully and there is no need for anyone to get hurt. I'm assisting the Sheriff and you are all wanted for questioning." Yes, the Wasteland Samurai seems to follow some code of Honor, choosing to intimidate rather than fight at first, since they have not drawn any weapons yet. Stupid, perhaps but honorable nonetheless in this day and age.
Saeko      Saeko's sword is held one-hand, confident and fluid. She'd used it many times, and likely she'd use it many more if she wasn't cut down. For the moment however, she has to fight her urge to simply rush in and cut the men down. Partly because they were wanted alive and she intended only to disable. They could be jailed without their hands or fingers after all...But the others were trying to give them a chance to surrender. "Otherwise, we will take your limbs along with your freedom." She speaks calmly.

Yeah, the Kunoichi could try for intimidating.
Clara Caine Well, Clara follows along, because the two are taking another approach. A hand comes up, tips her hat up some, the hand with the gun resting on her hip. She seems delightfully amused. "You two know how to turn a girls heart."

Their tatic works, but the men who see the sheriff tense. Said sheriff walks forward, moving between Saeko and Hanzhou, gun at her side in her hand. She goes up to one man, and grabs his hand, twisting it some and leaning down as he falls to a knee. "You're in big trouble you know." She nods to the tattoo on his hand. "See them two behind me, they'll slice you up, so you lot best come with me, else you'll have more hell then I'll rain down." Blue eyes are hard, the men seem to get the undertone of the statement and nod helplessly.
Hanzhou "It is in your best interest to listen to both of these ladies." Hanzhou says in a soft voice while inclining his head slightly. He appears very calm, almost too calm in fact and his hands are down by his sides rather than holding a weapon at the ready. Is he stupid, overconfident or can he move fast enough that he can draw and attack in less than a second? He watches the men carefully, especially their hands and their posture. Those would be indicators of their actions more than their eyes would, even though some say they are the windows too one's soul.

What stories does Hanzhou's eyes tell.
Saeko It's perhaps for the best that the men disarm themselves. Saeko was going to take it a little more literal in her method. Only after the men are unarmed and restrained will she sheath her own sword in a single fluid motion and exhale a breath, shooting Hanzhou a sidelong glance as she turns herself back towards the noodle store and her gear she'd left within, one hand gently tugging at her outfit to straighten the tight material back into place.

Bending to retrieve her cloak, she glances back at the pair. "Is this a normal occurance?"
Clara Caine Clara makes quick work of dealing with the men. "Thank you Saeko." She says and looks to Hanzhou. A brow lifts as her eyes meet his. "And thank you too." She remarks, yet with a slightly curious tone before looking to the men.    
Hanzhou "Your welcome and it was an honor to assist you." Hanzhou replies in a sfot voice, bowing his head slightly, breaking eye contact with Clara and seeing as she's got all the bad guys restrained, he takes his leave back towards the Noodle House. He's got lunch to prepare after all and he's the only chef that can make his meal.

He falls in step with Saeko, glancing towards her and saying. "Your a tad early but if you don't mind waiting, I can make you a snack before the Ramen is ready."
Saeko "Certainly," Saeko nods as she picks up her coat, slinging it around her shoulders once more and concealing her gear and attire both. "I intend to return to El Dorado soon, I just wanted a place to get some food and perhaps water for the walk." Not everyone has a horse in these parts, and Saeko certainly fell into that catagory. It was a good thing she was used to walking long distances!

Those eyes of mixed ethnicity turn back to Clara as she bows her head, offering a light chuckle. "I did nothing more that speak words, for that those men should be grateful. Moreso that you desired them alive...or there would have been no words to speak." Awfully confident, the asian girl.
Clara Caine Clara lifts a brow as the two walks in, she isn't going to interrupt. So she makes sure the guys are cuffed, and begins to haul them to the local jail area, because, this is more than a simple angry group of men now, at least in her mind.
Hanzhou Hanzhou turns and looks back towards Clara, "Do you require any assistance to transport them? I would offer but I must continue preparations for lunch." He stops short of the front doors to his shop and then turns his attention to Saeko, "You are more than welcome to stay for some Ramen if you have time and you can refill your canteen with some clean water that I have for your journey back to El Dorado." He pauses as if wanting to ask something else but chooses not too at this time, glancing towards her sword for a brief moment and then looks back towards the part-time Sheriff.
Saeko      Saeko's sword is hidden by her cloak once more, but she'd worn it openly only moments ago and it was easily remembered. The design was simple, little in the way of ornate markings on the tsuba, for such artwork offered little in the way of advantage for those who struck from the shadows most frequently. The blade itself however? It was a masterpiece of craftwork made all the more important to the woman by its history. The sheath was simple black-painted wood. It was an understated weapon when not drawn, not made to catch the eye as others might until it was needed.

     "I will stay, if the ramen is not too expencive, but I will try to be on my way before nightfall. There is much to do in town."
Clara Caine Clara just gives a wave, and is off, because these guys need to be questioned!
Hanzhou Hanzhou did study the sword, while it was visible and has never really seen many like it besides his own, Alice's priceless one that she found as loot and now Saeko's. His own blade, well the hilt of it anyways it nothing that special, just a simple one, carefully wrapped in cloth and with a oval hilt. It looks very old, but well cared for and like your's is kept in a wooden scabbard on his back. The revolver at his side, is much more interesting and clearly finely made with a black metal finish. But he rarely even rests his hand on it, treating it almost like a back-up weapon or merely for show.

"I will charge you only five caps for both the snack and the ramen since you are my first customer of the day and you've travelled very far to come here." He says in that soft voice, and opens the door to the shop for you to enter first if you so choose before stepping in himself.

He walks behind the counter once more, motioning for you to take a seat at one of the stools or a table and goes back to making noodles. "So, what brings you to Acme today if I may ask?"
Saeko Saeko seemed to pause at that price, if only for a moment before she nods. Caps were a precious resource for her, without the promise of contracts to keep life afloat as there had been for the Settlement, she'd have to ration things smartly. But neither could she go hungry. "You keep looking to my sword," she speaks softly after a moment, crossing her arms over her chest with a raised eyebrow. "It is similar to your own, yet you seem unnerved by it. Why?" Direct talker, this little Kunoichi.

"I came back to Acme to look around the wilderness not far from here for supplies, this was a good stopover to catch my breath before I returned to the larger town."
Hanzhou "It is very well crafted and you are mistaken, it does not unnerve me." Hanzhou replies in a respectful tone and moves over to the pot to stir the soup. Putting the noodles he just finished making into a bowl, he then starts to make a snack for Saeko. He first washes some vegtables, then cuts it up into small portions, putting it onto a small plate, then starts making a small omlette with some eggs, putting the vegatbles in and then serves it to Saeko with a bowl of some sort of rice-like dish for carbs. "I hope this will tide you over until the Ramen is ready." He says and then nods when you talk about looking for supplies and then coming to Acme for a break. "You must have left El Dorado quite early then. It is quite the distance if on foot." He's made the trek quite a few times himself but then again he's used to it, having wandered the Wastes alone for many years now.

"But yes, your sword is simlilar to my own and to be honest I haven't seen too many like it you." He adds.
Saeko      "I oddity," Saeko says simply, leaving that rather nice and vague an answer to the man's words with a smile. She takes the offered snack with a greatful nod and takes her first bite. Unnerve or not, she isn't going to turn down the meal. She slides the caps over lightly and then rolls her shoulders. "I am accustomed to travelling on foot for long hours. If you are swift and silent enough, most of the creatures of the wasteland can be avoided even in the dark. Their eyes are better than ours, but they are not flawless."
Lilu You can't wander forever, and so, the night brings in another customer to the shop. Pausing, just inside the door, the dark skinned woman in ratty clothing, speckled with blood on its knees and up her arms, looks around. She notices at least one figure she met before hand, giving Saeko a flail of a wave; hand up, hand down. Pulling at her scarf facial covering, she inches closer to where the food is being served. She sniffs, and then again, a smile pressing gently on her full lips. "C'n I get s'm of dat?"
Jacqueline A bit off her usual patch, Jacqueline Wayne still has to eat. And really, the smell coming from that little shop is seriously good. She slips quietly inside, shutting the door carefully behind her. Radroaches out here, after all. Best not to leave them an easy way inside.
Seeing that the place is occupied, she casually salutes the room with two fingers, a hint of a smile crossing her face. "Howdy. Is the kitchen still open?"
Hanzhou "I am sorry...I meant no offence. I would...well, perhaps one day..." Hanzhou seems to stammer a bit as he replies to Saeko, not really able to get out what he wants to ask but then he's saved by Lilu and Jacqueline as they both enter the restaurant.

He turns to the newcomerd, giving her a slight bow as she enters and offers her small smile. "Hai, welcome to my noodle shop and yes we are open, however the Ramen won't be ready for a few hours. I can offer to make you some breakfast items though." He motions to the meal that Seako is eating, which consists of a vegtable omlette with some rice. "Morning. My name is Hanzhou. You are more than welcome to stay until the ramen is ready though and I assure you there is nothing like it."

The Wasteland Samurai is dressed rather oddly, a mixture of Western cowboy and Asian sword wielding warrior with a Katana on his back as well as a fancy revolver on his hip. Adding to the mix is an apron that he has just put on. Not many Wasteland Samurai noodle chefs around, that is probably for sure.

Now that he has more customers, he focuses on making the two new customers some breakfast and after he serves both Lilu and Jacqueline, he will go back to preparing his ramen, checking on the soup that is slow boiling in a big metal pot and making more fresh noodles in that meticulous way. He's too busy to converse much but is happy listening to have customers speak to one another.
Saeko      The two asian sword-slingers will have to continue their discussion another night, for now it seems that the chef has food to attend to and Saeko was more than hungry enough to let him focus on that. Now? she turns her gaze to the two faces of passing familarity, bowing her head in greeting even if she only knows one by name. "Lilu, it is a pleasure to see you again," she offers before the question of food earns the 'snack' she'd been tiding herself over on offered out to the dark-skinned healer. "More is being prepared, but you are welcome to share what I have."

Once more she was wearing her cloak over her gear, having replaced it before the others entered. Jackie gets a nod too, but her name had remained unknown as they'd passed by last time.
Lilu Lilu saddles up to where Saeko is seated. Shifting a bit on her seat, she looks at the food that is given her way, both from Hanzhou and Saeko alike. Pushing her plate closer to the Asian woman, she smiles and nods. "De same t'you. Don' wanna take all y'food. Eat, n'if y'need more, y'c'n have s'm of mine." Comes her promise, along with a lift of her hand that pulls down her scarff made mask. She nods to Jackie in a kind enough manner before starting to dig into her meal. Big bites, full cheeks, the woman goes silent as she turns herself into a chipmunk like rough face from the Wastelands. "T'ink...t'ink dat fella let me work wit'm? I c'n grow s'm nice stuff, y'know." She wonders aloud, silencing herself with as much rice as she can fit.
Jacqueline "I wondered what that aroma was. With how good it smells outside, I'm surprised there aren't more people here," Jackie replies, a backhanded but nonetheless sincere compliment. She bows her head to the distinctively dressed chef. "I'm Jackie. Cool to meet you, Hanzhou, and breakfast would be great. I'm sure your noodles are every bit as good as you say."
The dark-skinned healer and the woman in the cloak are both vaguely familiar, though she only knows one name. "Lilu... hey again," she says simply, bowing her head politely. Saeko gets a bow of the head, too. "Hi. I'm Jackie... have we met before? I'm sorry if we have; it's been a seriously busy couple weeks for me."
Saeko      A shake of Saeko's head. She's more than willing to share. Besides, it never hurts to have a healer on your side, especially when Saeko was still carrying her own share of scrapes, cuts and bruises on that pale skin. "I am alright, and there is more to come." She trails off, whincing a little as she raises her arms up over her head to strech her limbs and looking back to Jackie. "I am Saeko," she offers with another bow of her head. "I am also new in town. It has been...busy for many people."

     Her blue eyes drift back to the kitchen, source of heavenly scents before she exhales. "Busy, and tiring."
Lilu Lilu waves to Jackie once more. "'member you. Y' was wit dat big fella out in de wastes." She nods, giving a slight wiggle of her finger passively. The brusing around Saeko doesn't go unnoticed, but most folks have their own scars and cuts to bare. It's not until her body actively protests to her movements does the woman straighten. "S'wrong?" She questions, setting her spoon down, speckles of rice settling on her heeks and corners of her mouth. Dragging her sleeve across it, she moves to stand. "Where y'hurtin'?"
Jacqueline "That's right. I remember that time," the fix-it girl replies, grimacing faintly at the memory. "It was probably good you left when you did. We had some trouble a few minutes later. I'm glad you didn't have to share it," she adds sincerely.
"Saeko... cool to meet you," Jackie replies with a smile, one that fades a little as the other stretches, displaying signs of pain. Hanzhou's still cooking her breakfast, so she looks Saeko over herself. "Not feeling so hot?" she asks softly.
Saeko      "The road between here and El Dorado is...tiring," Saeko says a little slowly while Jackie and Lilu look her way, but the medic's question earns a frown like she intended to deny such injury, but thought the better of it. Opening her cloak, the woman's attire beneath was revealed, form fitting in most places but with an exposed lower midriff that now sported a noticable tear in the undershirt and a rather large bruising beneath it. Along with attire and injury, there was no missing the sight of the sword that rested at her hip, slung low for an easy quickdraw and looking very much like the same style of blade as Hanzhou wore openly, but clearly styled to be more understated and simple.
Lilu "Yeah? What happened?" Lilu questions softly, her eyes never leaving Saeko for an instant. Now with a better view, she leans closer and moves her hands up. "M'gonna jus' have a look see, ok? Y'tell me where it hurt de most." She explains, standing back if only to set her bag aside. Then, should the ninja allow her, she'll press tenderly around the bruised area, searching for any signs of swelling, distress, broken bones and the like.
Jacqueline "I can attest to that," Jackie agrees, grimacing in sympathy as Saeko opens her cloak, showing that bruise. The sword is noticed, certainly, as Jackie's dark eyes stray to it for a long moment, then to the back of the working noodle chef.
But there are more important things going on. She returns her attention to the wasteland ninja's visible injury. "That couldn't have felt good. What happened?" she asks, wincing in sympathy and lightly rubbing the faded, dirty blue scarf showing above the collar of her gecko-hide jacket.
Saeko A pause, the question itself was innocent, but the memories it brought up were painful. She pauses, a tilt of her head offered before she finally decides on words. "There was a fire, an explosion. I was fast enough not to die, but little more than that"
Lilu Lilu pauses at this, resting her hands onthe woman's side and eyeing up at her directly. "M'sorry." She murmurs, nibbling to her lower lip and shaking her head, sending a few stray sweeps of rust-jet hair swaying. "Y'know, seen m'fair share 'f trouble wit fires. M'fam'ly, n' where 'm fr'm?" Reaching for a jar as she pauses, she applies some forest green pulp over the woman's wound, the feeling akin to a rush of icy chill followed by prickling heat. "Dey all ashes now." The woman concludes, finally moving her arms to wrap fabric around the coated area. "Lift y'arms s'little? Easy now, don' strain y'self." She instructs maternally.
Jacqueline "At least you're fast enough to get patched up later," Jackie says softly to Saeko, watching Lilu work. She still has trouble understanding the woman's dialect, though she gets most of the words. "Where are you from, Lilu? I'll understand if you'd rather not answer."
Saeko Poor Lilu, she couldn't know how close to a nerve her own story touched for the Kunoichi survivor. Saeko is left silent, not so much as a hiss or whimper at the applying of the salve. Her eyes shut and her breath slows, but not a word is said outwardly while she attempts to quiet her mind of images too raw a recent, that might always be such.
Lilu "Ok, ease'm on down, now. Y'done. Might ache a bit, but dat salve should numb it up real good." She promises, setting the bottle down infront of the woman. "Y'run out, I c'n make more. Jus' gotta wander f'de supplies." Dragging her hands down the front of her pants, the woman returns to her seat, and her food, tossing her bag down to her feet. "Hmm? Oh, I don' know no more. Been wanderin' 'round afta dat f'ages now. S'mwhere out dere. Sorry, I know dat ain' helpful, Jackie. How 'bout you? Y'a local 'round here?" Back to the rice she goes.
Jacqueline Just the shutting of those eyes says something about how the kunoichi feels. Jackie hesitates, then reaches slowly over and carefully takes Saeko's hand once she puts her hands down, squeezing it reassuringly.
She nods to Lilu's explanation. "I understand. Lots of places, one place looks a lot like any other. Nobody's made many maps since whatever happened so long ago."
The question draws a wry smile. "I'm a local, all right. El Dorado born and bred," she replies, tapping her midriff. There's apparently something injured under that gecko-skin armored jacket, because she winces at what was supposed to be a light tap. "Ow..."
Saeko Saeko nods to Lilu's words, easing her cloak over her Kunoichi wear once more and looking down as her hand is taken with reopened eyes. She doesn't pull her hand away, but she does look suprised.

"Thank you," she says after a moment to the pair. "I am feeling better."
Lilu Stalls in eating, one cheek rounded out as she smirks ruefully Jackie's way. "You, too, huh? 'lright, lemme see." More rice down, she slips off her seat again, digging for a bottle of alcohol in her bag before drizzling it over her hands, 'washing' them off. The exchange between the two women isn't missed, but all the dark haired woman with mad hair can do is watch and keep to her silence. "M'glad, jus' don' push y'self, 'lright? Y'gotta let y'self heal." She advises Saeko's way while moving closer to Jackie.
Jacqueline "It's nothing," Jackie replies modestly. "I'm just glad you are."
Lilu's sudden instructions bring her attention back to the healer. "Me, too," she murmurs, blushing. "Is this really a good place for treatment? I mean, there's food around," she adds, a weak defense at best. Half the food in the wasteland used to crawl or fly, after all, and sterilization is a thing of the past. She sighs and unlaces her armored jacket, pulling it open. Beneath, there's a clean but hastily-applied bandage at her midriff, the contours visible beneath an old tee that's a bit too small. Another peeks from beneath the scarf wrapped around her neck. "Do you need to check all of them?"
Saeko Saeko herself watches the exchange with a smile, taking her time to examine the wounds herself before she stands, silent and soundlessly slipping for the door. Maybe she was only able to take so much before memories overcame her...or maybe the Wasteland ninja had places to be.
Lilu "Nah. Don' gotta touch 'ny of dem if y'don' want me to. Jus' havin' a look." She explains, leaning down to look at the bandage. She sniffs at the wound, trying to see if it was cleaned, or at any risk. If not, she'll simply dig in her bag and rest the covering, making it tighter and creating a better seal. "De same goes f'you, too, Jackie. Don' push y'self while y'healin'. Jus' make t'ings worse." She explains, smiling at Jackie and finishing off her rice. Then, there isn't a Saeko, and this causes some alarm on the woman's face. "Where de...Maybe I should get goin', too. Y'take care now, Jackie. C'm see me if y'don' feel good, ok?"
Jacqueline A bit caught up in her treatment, Jackie misses Saeko's exit. She lifts the hem of her tee for inspection, sighing in relief once it's over. "Thanks, Lilu. It does feel a little better now. I'll be careful, promise. See you in a few days."
She pulls on her jacket, finishes her breakfast, and slips out, leaving caps for Hanzhou on the counter. There's stuff to do, hurt or not.