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Iris Lark Wenches in red move amongst the crowds, handing out fresh brewed beer and sausages. It's a party here, and the whole town seems to have turned out. In the crowd is Iris Lark, clapping along to the music and the festivities as people dance, barter, arm wrestle and sing. The standout here is that everyone, except a few here and there, are dressed in old style clothing. Almost like they're all set to attend a ren faire!
Jacqueline Jackie Wayne seems to have picked a good time to visit, though she hadn't known about the dress code. So she stands out in her vault suit and armor plating, moving through the crowds, trying not to stare at everything. She's impressed, really; it's just like out of an old holoshow, like that Robin Hood show!
Alasa Alasa finds herself in Avalon today...which isn't really odd, as she gets around to most of the nearby towns. "A party?..well, isn't this nice...they must have known I was coming..." She laughs to herself a bit. "Still, don't want to be rude...lets have a little fun..."
Iris Lark Someone hands Iris a mug of beer and after she sniffs at it and sets it aside. She does take the sausage and bites into it before she's pulled up to dance. The women and a few men dance in a circle kicking and laughing and having a generally good time. Iris spots Jackie and Alasa and she jumps up and down, waving at both of them. "Come dance with us!"
Jacqueline Dance? Jackie blinks in surprise, even though she's glad to see her friend. "I... don't dance, really," she murmurs, blushing, moving to join Iris nonetheless. Someone's getting a hug, for sure."
Alasa Alasa says, "Dance?..well hell ya, turn it up..." As she moves to join in the dancing and fun..."usually this town is fun..but this is real fun.""
Iris Lark Iris twirls Jackie and gives her a quick hug before they're pulled in a circle. After a few turns and twists the circle breaks up and everyone moves back to their seats, breathing a little harder and laughing. A few jesters make the rounds, juggling and passing out balloons and drinks with the wenches. A cheer goes up as a few people start walking on their hands and tossing confetti into the air. People are in the mood to celebrate!
Jacqueline Jackie hugs Iris quickly and does her best to go along, not stumbling /too/ much despite the fact that she wasn't kidding: She /really/ doesn't dance! At last the tor... err, /dancing/ comes to an end, and she can relax and give her frind a /real/ hug. "How are you, Red? It's been a while!"
She waves to Alasa, not knowing the woman well, but not wishing to be rude, either. Not at a celebration.
Alasa Alasa smiles, moving to the music till the music end...."Right, someone bring be a turkey leg!" She laughs, giving a wave back to Jackie. "Gotta have a turkey leg, its some kind of ancient tradtion..."
Iris Lark Iris hugs Jackie close, trying to keep the distress from her face. The name Red doesn't have good memories for her. She shrugs and gestures around. "Getting used to my new home, it's interesting transition from El Dorado." She pulls Jackie down to sit near her and crosses her legs. "what have you been up to? Where have you been?" She leans in and gives her another hug. "I've missed you."
Jacqueline "Things have been quiet... but tense. There's so much going into preparations against the Horde," Jackie replies, frowning quietly. "I've been working on the wall. I just don't know if it's going to be done in time."
Surprised, she still hugs Iris back again. "Missed you too, Iris. Somehow the place just isn't the same since you left. Though I know Camilla tries."
She grins at Alasa's words. "You know, I wonder if they /do/ have turkey. They're not easy to get in the wastes!"
Alasa Alasa shakes her head, "Yeah, hard to get...from what I understand, the got mutated back in the day..which was great, not they got three legs...but hell, there so fast, there hard to catch.."
Iris Lark "I think they will, people have been working very hard." Iris assures Jackie, a fond smile on her face as she gazes at her friend. "I miss the Clinic a lot, if things get crazy I might see if Camilla wants to share the load. I'd be willing to come back a bit." She shrugs, and glances around, pointing at the sausage vendor. "There have these spiced sausages, dunno what they're made from , but they're pretty tasty!"
Jacqueline "It's sausage. Probably better not to ask," Jackie replies, grinning impishly. She takes one for herself as the wenches come back around, though, handing over a couple caps. "But it all keeps body and soul on speaking terms."
She grins at Alasa, nodding. "It does make for a lot of legs... and big one, at that. But you have to catch 'em first! Or be a really good shot."
Alasa Alasa laughs, "Never ask whats in the sausage, just enjoy them." She holds of a hand, ordering 5 sauseges..."And mustard if you got it...yellow, not that brown stuff....thats just weird..."
Jacqueline "Wise," Jackie has to agree, biting into her sausage on a bun. "I think they used to call these hot dogs," she says, once her mouth isn't full of sausage and she can speak again. "Though I don't think they made them out of dog..."
Lincoln Perhaps it is easy to miss the one that is called Lincoln when everybody is dressed the same. Or in these weird attires. Either way, Lincoln Archer Fox comes out of the piles of people, looking about as if he was just trying to get a bit more of the lay of the land. He's got a sausage or two that he makes sure to pass out to some of the younger faces that maybe haven't gotten an opportunity to eat yet. A party is a party and Linc is here to party. And maybe keep an eye on things.
Alasa Alasa nods, as she gets her sauseges and yellow mustard, "Oh, they called them lots of things....depending on where you were...I just call them deliciuous..." as she starts to dip one in the mustard, and begins to eat..."ahh, know...they use to have a saying...if every porkchop were perfect, there wouldn't be any sausages..." As she takes another bite..."Very good, can really taste the tails today.."
Jacqueline Sitting with Alasa and enjoying sausages, Jackie nods and looks around the park. There's something along the lines of a ren faire going on... or maybe this is just Avalon on a good day. There are jongleurs, tumblers, wenches and mead... okay, it's just beer, but it's refreshing. And even a sausage seller! About the only things missing are knights and chargers. But in this day and age, the knights might wear powered armor and the chargers might be well-named rebuilt cars.
Still, it's a party, and you might go a long way and a long time between those anymore. Carpe diem!
Lynnette Sighing a bit, she had somehow found her way from the saloon after just...relaxing....honest. Figuring she'd see what's changed since she was last here, Lynnette decided to take a stroll around....probably not the smartest thing. But she ended up just going all over the place by the time she somehow ended up here. Her eyebrow would arch as those green eyes looked around at the sight before her. "....well then...." A smirk tugged at her lips as she slowly sashayed her way into Still wearing her travel clothes, she didn't really seem to care about not quite matching....adn she saw.....booze! "....okay....this just got better...."
Alasa Alasa continues to eat her sausages, "Thats why I like coming always seems like such a festive place...even when they aren't have a party. All the eth, and squire this, lord that...makes you feels special.
Lincoln Lincoln notices some others that are nearby and heads off in their direction. He's got his hood down so he doesn't look intimidating or anything. He's just wanting to introduce himself. "Ah, fairest maidens!" He gives a bow to make sure that they know he is but a humble servant of their happiness. "Tis I, Lincoln Fox, unofficial welcomer of Avalon. I do hope you all are enjoying yourselves? If there is anything more you require, please, do not hesitate to inquire!"
Jacqueline Jackie has to smile, nodding her agreement. "I think it'd get old if I lived here, but just visiting... it's nice."
She glances up curiously as someone comes over, and grins. "Back home, I'm just the local fix-it girl. Here, I'm a fairest maiden! It's like getting a promotion, kinda." She offers her hand to the 'unofficial welcomer'. "Thanks! I'm Jackie. Might I inquire as to your name?" she asks, having fun with Lincoln's own words.
Iris Lark Iris turns from her conversation, and she sees a few new faces and some friends who've joined. "Hi all, is everyone having fun?" She grins and pulls the mead that she was poured a little closer, taking a sip and wrinkling her nose. "This didn't get any better." She mutters, pushing it away before she pulls some sausage closer. "Oh, hello Lincoln, how are you doing?"
Lynnette Now there was a miscievous smile on her ilps as she cracked her knuckles a bit before slowly pulling her hair back up into a ponytail now. Soon she was close behind one of these wenches walking around then grinned as she found the source. "Heeeyyy.....I would just /love/ one of those." There was a playful wink in her eyes as she waited for one of them to pass her one of the 'meads'. As soon as she did, she'd twirl away, hand in the air as she waved to them. "Thanks, cutie!" And off she was as she walking around the people about. Soon she wasn't far from a group as she was taking a sip and nearly choked on the beer. "...oh....gawd....." She'd stare at her drink for a moment then smelled it. " nothing, I guess...." She talked to herself a lot it seemed.....bad habit she got from her dad.
Alasa Alasa says, "I think he's Knight Who Does't get out much, if he think I'm a fairest maiden....or he forgot his glasses" She laughs a bit, as she eat the third sausage. "Oh, I forget...." As she lets out a loud whistle, "Bob, Come and get it!" As a few gasps and shrieks are heard, and a bobcat makes its way through the crowd. "Come on, dinner time.." As she takes a sausage and tosses it to the cat. Bob pounces on it, and starts to eat."
Camilla     Camilla makes her way in Ember Park, not really sure what's going on here and rather curious. She enters in fully and takes a moment to look around, scan the place over, and see what's going on. She doesn't seem to recognize anyone at the moment, no doubt missing Iris in the crowd.
Lincoln "I am Lincoln of Camelot by way of Avalon." is offered towards Jackie, along with the handshakes of greeting. "Nonsense!" is said in response to Alasa's comment. "The maidens of Avalon are always the Fairest!" With that done, Linc turns to Iris and gives her a bow and a smile as well. "I am well. I trust you are the same?" And then he manages to toss his gaze around to even drag Lynnette into his view. "All of you? I hope you all are enjoying your time here in Avalon. Where every day is an adventure and your story is just beginning..." What is he even on about?
Iris Lark "I love this place." Iris says, clapping her hands as she wiggles a sausage in Jackie's direction. "Have you tried one of these?" She asks, taking a bite before she spots Camilla. She gets to her feet briefly and waves at her fellow Healer, with her sausage holding hand, no less. "Camilla, over here, come have some food and be..err mead!" She plops back down on her seat and takes another bite. "I'm going to sleep so well tonight."
Jacqueline "I am," Jackie replies to Iris, giving her friend a smile. "It seems like I always enjoy my visits. Maybe I should think about moving here, maybe opening a shop in that old Petro-Chico station outside of town... though it'd probably look out of place in this locale."
She bows her head to Lincoln The Ham, and smiles. "I'd settle for some peace and quiet for one day. Adventure can wait that long, I think!"
Alasa Alasa looks at Lincoln, "Ok, what are you selling, and how much does it cost." As she tosses another sausage to Bob. "I mean, this isn't my first time in town.."
Camilla     Camilla makes her way over, after seeing Iris and hearing her call out. Once over she takes a moment to give everyone a once over, giving each person a warm smile and moving to find a place to sit down.
Lynnette Seeing that bobcat running through the crowd, she'd just raise her brow....not really flinching as it landed at a table not far from her. Catching Lincoln's gaze, she would look around behind her before pointing to herself. "Oh me?" Laughing she would raise up the drink in her hand. "I am golden now that I have a drink in my hand....however...." Chuckling Lynnette would just shake her head a bit. "Being called Fair and new....and I've been called many things over the years...."
Iris Lark Iris curls up at her seat and gives Camilla a quick hug in greeting before she winks at Jackie. "I've been saying you need to move to Avalon for a while now. I could use more neighbors." She raises her mead and then sets it down, electing not to take a drink at the moment. She focuses on Camilla for a moment and asks her in a low voice. "How are you doing now? I've not seen you for a day or two."
Lincoln "Avalon is a simple place with simple rules and simple dreams. All we want to do is live." Lincoln offers another bow and then smiles in Alasa's direction. "I am selling nothing more than hope. Should you be in need of my services, do feel free to contact me. I'll do what I can to help." Weird how he hasn't exactly said what it is that he does. Lincoln turns to Lynnette and gives her a bit of a bow as well. "Avalon has that effect on beautiful women." That said, he turns back towards the crowd and even gives Camilla a nodding bow.
Jacqueline Jackie edges over on the bench to give Camilla some sitting space. She's careful not to tread on the feasting bobcat's toes. "I'm just concerned for my folks, Iris, or I'd do it right now. With the Horde out there, and El Dorado not ready for them... maybe once we know if they're heading this way for sure, and the wall's done?"
She gives Camilla a hug of her own. "Welcome to fantasy world, stranger. You're in luck, they're looking for neighbors," she teases gently.
Camilla     Camilla smiles back to Iris at first and then simply shrugs her shoulders in response to the question asked. "I'm fine" is all the response Iris gets, followed by a nod to Lincol and Alasa and returning all the hugs given from Iris and Jackie. Though, it's very likely that her /fine/ is very much a /lie/. Her body language and facial expressions showing someone that appears not to be in the greatest of moods. "I, have been thinking about moving here and building a home for some time" she says to Jackie.
Alasa Alasa says, "ah, so your the local fertilizer dealer?..right, right...well, next time I rotate my crops, I'll remember you." As she reaches down, to scratch Bob between the ears....a purring sound starts. "Its a nice place to visit, but I already have a nice, the wasteland is very good too. SIdes, I travel alot...""
Lynnette Lynnette would sashay her way over near the group as she looked Lincoln over and tilted her head. "....flatter will get you....." She'd raise her brow a bit then as she smirked. "....almost everywhere." She'd look to the group and smiled. "I didn't mean to interrupt...but wondering if they all talk like this here. It's kind of funny...."
Iris Lark Iris squints at Jackie and she shakes her head. "Bring your folks, we could use new businesses here." She gestures towards the entrance of the park. "Heck, we could use a lot of new things here." She blinks when Lynnette makes her way to the table and she glances at Jackie, Camilla and Alasa, wondering what the newcomer meant. "Speak like..what?"
Jacqueline "I don't know how well a Chinese-style restaurant would do here," Jackie admits, knowing her stepfather can't really do hard labor anymore. "Maybe it's worth a shot, though. It'd be a change."
She has to smile, hearing Lynnette's question. "Well, some certainly do. I doubt everyone does, but it's probably on the rise today, what with the festival and all."
And then to Camilla, her expression turning concerned. "Camilla, what's wrong? You look like you've been having a hard week, for sure."
Camilla     Cami just shrugs her shoulders at Jackie. "Nothing.." is her response as she stares back at Iris for a moment and then zones off in to her own little world. "Maybe I should go.." she adds, looking around a little bfore turning back to the group.
Lynnette She'd look over and chuckled as she motioned to Lincoln. "Fairest maiden? This....vernacular is...old." Lynnette wuold shrug a bit as she took a sip of that beer, cringing slightly. "I mean...the last time a man was this sweet to me....well....." She'd look down at herself and laughed. "I kinda got my behind handed to me in the end and back to El Dorado I came...." Looking at the beer she would sigh. "....though I miss some of the stuff I used to drink where I used to work...."
Alasa Alasa dusts off her hands, "Well, as fun as this and Bob gotta get going..enjoy the eths." She says with a wave, and taps the side of her legs to get Bob to follow. Bob leaps to his feet, and moves off with Alasa.
Iris Lark Iris chuckles as she smiles up at Lynnette. "I think he's the only gentleman who speaks like tht, some of the others have odd accents but.." She shrugs a shoulder and ducks her head a bit before she pushes her hair out of her face. "You don't look familiar, if it isn't too forward..who are you?" She says, smiling at Lynnette as she gestures for her to have a seat.
Jacqueline "But you just /got here/," Jackie protests at the idea of Camilla leaving. "At least sit down and have some of the sausages; they're really great. And it's a long trip back to El Dee. You should rest first, for sure."
She glances up at Lynnette, offering a smile. "Well, you chose the right spot to get away for an evening. Or a few days."
Camilla     Takes the lack of response from Iris as a sign, and begins to stand up to leave. Jackie stops her from going outright with her protesting and she turns back slowly and forces a smile. "Alright.." she replies plainly before sitting back down to grab something to eat and drink. Might as well get a rest as jackie suggested.
Lynnette She'd look around a bit as she sat down, sitting down that beer and sighing as she gave otu a laugh. "Noted. I've...never been here. I haven't been to Dorado in a bit and came back after a long trip." Lynnette would then turn to her fully and held out her hand. "Sorry....I'm freaking rude. My name is Lynnette. Didn't mean to crash you hangout..." she'd look to Jackie and smiled. "It's a nice little getaway yeah. I'm dragging my feet on finding a new job but....seems legit."
Iris Lark "Welcome to Avalon, Lynnette. It's a pleasure to meet you." Iris says, offering the woman a polite smile. "You're not really crashing, I'm not sure why they're having this party, it's been going on for a few days now." Turning to Camilla she leans her chin on her palm and speaks up. "You came all this way from Shantytown, and you're going to just leave again? That really doesn't make any sense. If you're going to travel so far, have some fun, get some food. The people here are really nice."
Jacqueline "Well, I didn't see any gates to keep people out of the park. I'd say you're as welcome as anyone else," Jackie replies encouragingly. "If anybody wouldn't be welcome, you'd think it'd be me, in this getup," she adds, gesturing to her vault suit and combat armor ensemble. "But nobody's come after me with a sword yet. I think you're safe!"
Lynnette "Thanks! I think I like it to be honest. Seems really cool here." Now she was just sipping this beer...the flavor would soon wear off. Licking her lips she'd watch the festivities. "And hey...I'd just party with them. If I had known I'd gotten all dressed up for the occassion instead of my travel clothes." Looking over to the crowd for a moment then over to Jackie in her get up. Chuckling she'd smile. "I need to stay behind you if stuff pops off. I'm no use at /all/ if a fight did happen."
Iris Lark Iris glances down at her jeans and shirt and shrugs. "One of the women here offered to give me an outfit, seemed a bit silly so I just came in my everday clothes." She reaches out with a hand towards Lynnette. "My name is Iris Lark, it's a pleasure to meet you."
Camilla     Camilla returns a nod to Iris, after listening to her statement and decides to stay. With that decision made, she goes about grabbing up something to eat, and something to drink. She doesn't really say much of anything though, and just sits there listening to the others talk.
Lynnette She'd nod and point to her own boots, pants, shirt and vest and smiled. "Yeah....I think I'm more comfortable in this. Plus...I'm a little banged up and really don't feel like getting blood possibly on my one nice dress." Yup....she was drinking....while banged up. Why? Why not numb the pain the feeling of being drunk...ish. She'd take the woman's hand then and shook it firmly. "Nice to meet you, Iris.....same here!"
Jacqueline "I'm Jackie, and this is Camilla," the Chinese-American fix-it girl chimes in, bowing her head politely even if she's also giving the newcomer her best smile as she gestures to the resting healer. "Cool to meet you!"
Iris Lark "Banged up, well you're in the right place." Iris says, getting to her feet and opening her medical kit. "May I take a look at .." She gestures wordlessly towards her wounds with a polite smile on her face. "I promise it won't hurt, and if nothing else, it'll be bandaged up so no blood on clothes in general." She pulls out a few supplies and sets them on the table.
Camilla     Camilla looks up with a mouthfull of food and seems lost for a moment before gulping it down and forcing a smile. "Nice to meet you.." she says softly to Lynnette before she turns to look at Jackie, confused for a moment, but it passes. She turns back and watches Iris move to do the medical thing that she does. Her face scrunches up a little as she realizes she didn't notice that Lynnette was /banged up/. Oh well, Iris has it under control.
Lynnette She'd look to Iris and slid back slightly but caught herself. She'd drink some more of that beer before she would look around and shrugged. It was obvious this woman wasn't too shy as she unbuttoned her vest and finally let out a wince. Slowly she would untuck her shirt as she raised it up a bit, not exposing herself but man were there a lot of cuts and even some very crude bandaging job done. "I guess I go lucky....I was going to try and sleep it off." Lynnette would look over to Camilla and smiled slightly; her tight clothes were no long holding her in so to speak. "Same here! Nice to meet you too." She'd look back to Iris and chuckled. "My face is my money at least I didn't get kicked around in my head."
Iris Lark "Kicked, you say?" Iris says as she makes her way around the table, pulling out a flask of water mixed with spirits. She cleans each cut carefully and then spreads salve on the wounds to stave off infection. "You can't sleep something like this off, hon, because infection is a terrible thing that happens quite a bit around here." She dresses each wound, slowly, making sure that all of them are bandaged by the time she's done. "So you work with your face? What is it that you do? Forgive me if you already mentioned it, I might have missed it in all of the hulabaloo."
Jacqueline Granted, Jackie isn't exactly a doctor, but she's also quietly kicking herself for not noticing any signs of injury. She winces in sympathy, but ultimately turns away to give Iris and Lynnette some privacy.
She gives Camilla a quick hug instead. "I'm glad you decided to stay. I would've worried, knowing you were traveling after taking such a long trip already."
Camilla     Camilla will be kicking herself for the rest of the day, it's just what she does. She takes a few more bites and sips and smiles at jackie, "I'd be fine Jackie, I can take care of myself.." she replies as she leans back from the table and continues to watch Iris work on Lynnette. "Thank you though" Cami adds, no doubt thanking Jackie for worrying about her.
Lynnette Frowning slightly she would look down and seemed to be in thought before looking up to her with a smile. "Eh....I got into it with an ex of mine. We had a disagreement." When she would wait for her to finish, exhaling as if she had been holding her breath the whole time and let her shirt down. "I will remember that. But I guess I"ve just gotten lucky....." She'd tuck her shirt back in carefully and buttoned that vest back up. "Well I'm a bartender. You only really see me from the tits up from behind the bar so...." She'd gesture to her face and winked. "Smile and look pretty and you make pretty good money...." When she was finished fixing herself up she would sigh then. "But thank you....for real. What do I owe ya?"
Iris Lark "No charge, really, just keep yourself safe and stay away from this ex of yours. If they do it once, they'll do it again." Iris remarks, and then she furrows her brow a bit as emotion crosses her face. "Hey, guys, I've got to get going, but if any of you ladies want to stay at my place tonight so that you don't have to make the long trip back, let me know." She points at Lynnette. "You should check at the Tavern here, see if they're looking for someone to hire."
Jacqueline "I tell myself the same thing, Cami. But I still don't like to make two long trips back to back, especially in raider country," Jackie replies. "Not even when I can ride the whole way. It's always better to rest in between trips rather than ramble on and on."
She nods to Lynnette, looking up again now that Iris is done. "Where do you work, Lynnette? I don't think I've ever been there, as I'm sure I'd remember you if I had."
She waves to the departing Iris. "Definitely taking you up on that offer. I don't want to have to ride back at night."
Camilla     Camilla smiles back at jackie and nods. "I'll uh, take you up on that offer as well Iris.." she pipes up as Iris leaves. She turns back to Jackie and smiles, "Suppose we can bunk together, so we don't take up so much space in Iris's." To Lynnette she looks over and smiles at her as well.
Lynnette "Oh! Well...thanks! For the help and advice, Iris!" She'd wave before she would look back over to Jackie. "Huh? Oh I don't have a job here yet. I just got back in the area. When I was here before I just kind of kept to myself a bit, you know?" She'd finish the rest of the beer, practically chugging it as she sighed softly and sat down the empty vessel. Looking to Camilla and Jackie she'd nod and smiled. "Oh" She'd sigh a bit as she smirked to herself. "....I should have been left to get back.....screw it. Oh well."
Jacqueline "We haven't left yet," Jackie points out teasingly. "Though it might not be long; my head's a little foggy, and I haven't had any of the beer yet." And probably won't; the smell alone is enough to dissuade her.
The thought of fitting into the same bed as Camilla has her giggling instantly. Her fellow El Dee-an is half a head taller than she is! "We can try," she says, more to avoid hurting Camilla's feelings than because she thinks the arrangement will work. "Think Iris has any double beds? I don't think a single will hold both of us."
Camilla     "Well, Iris did say we could all stay with her Lynnette, so, you can take her up on that offer with Jackie and I.." she replies. She turns to Jackie and smirks and nods, "True.." she adds in regards to the last statement. "I, I mean, I just thought it would..." and that's about all she can get out before she starts to blush beat red and turns away from both of them.
Lynnette Lynnette would look between the two women and chuckled. "Y'all did just meet me you know....I never assume." Smiling she would then laugh. "Just give me a floor and I'll be good....I promise." A tilt of her head as she nodded at them. "But I won't turn down an offer, trust me."
Jacqueline Jackie gives Camilla a quick hug from behind. "I'm teasing you, Cami. I don't mind trying to squeeze into a bed with you, even if it's a single. But you gotta admit, it'd be a tight fit!"
She nods to Lynnette, her smile returning. "Iris does have a very nice house. She has room for guests; I've seen that."
Camilla     Camilla just nods to them both as she stands up. "I uh, am getting really tired, so, I'll head on over to Iris's and meat you both there?"
Lynnette "Well in that case...I will definitely take her up on it. I'll follow you there for sure...." Licking her lips as she stared at that empty beer and sighed. "....why the hell did I drink that?" Shaking her head she would just stand up and go to stretch but stopped herself. "Nooope that would have been dumb...." She'd chucle as she looked over to Camilla and waved then as she saw her leaving. "Bye! See you there!"
Jacqueline "Sounds like now'd be a good time," Jackie says, waving to the departing Camilla. "I just need to get my bike, and I'll show you where Iris lives. Meet me at the entrance of the park?"
Lynnette "Sounds good to me!" She'd finally relax a bit, pulling her long hair down from that ponytail as she nodded. "I'll see you there in a second!"