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Owner Pose
Lynnette Well needless to say the young woman was going all over the place since she got back to El Dorado. Did she even bother to change out of her travel clothes for this? Nope! She took a bathe, let her hair down, and made sure that her clothes at least were washed. Now how was she going to get this job? Well her 'assets' and her winning personality of course! Sashaying her way into this bar, those green eyes would look around for a moment before she would slide herself right up to the bar. Humming a bit, she would drum her fingers on the bar top as she looked around more so now. Her nose scrunched slightly but hell...she had to start somewhere. Maybe she'll....clean the place up a bit.
Alpha     Alpha was already there at the bar. A rifle slung across his back and in a set of leathers that looks like they've seen some use. He'd glance over as Lynnette would sidle up to the bar and drum her fingers. There's a small shake of his head and he'd look about himself then flag down that tender. "Hey.. Get the lady a beer. Ya should know better than to keep a woman waiting man." He'd slap down a few caps to pay for the drink, then flash Lyn a winning smile. "Enjoy it. Prolly not the best swill around. But it'll work with all the crap going down in El Dorado.."
Lynnette Hearing the voice she'd slowly look over and smirked a bit as she tilted her head. "Well thanks...." When the beer was set down, she'd take a long sip....okay more like chugging it before slammed down the empy glass. "....ugh....yeah...." She'd wipe her mouth with her sleeve before she looked back over to the man. "I appreciate it, mister....?" Giving him a wink she'd then look over at the tender and grinned. "Well if you're short staffed....this /is/ what I do afterall. And you're in luck.....I'm looking for work!!" She'd lean on the bar a bit before she ran her fingers through her hair to look back Alpha. "...I'm Lyn by the way......"
Alpha     Alpha chuckles with a small lift of his own bottle in a toast. "Alpha.. ya'll can just call me Alpha. Ain't been anything a person would call Mister for a long while." He'd chuckle softly as he'd eye the tender who would be eyeing Lyn. "Hey! Dun get any funny ideas dude. Easy enough to get a new owner, huh?"
    The tender glances over at Alpha, grumbles, then looks back to Lyn and nods. "A'right. You're hired. Keep em drunk and we'll get along just fine."
    Alpha smirks and finishes off his bottle before holding it up with a few caps placed down. "Let's see how good ya do then, Miss Lyn."
Lynnette She'd blink as she watched the tender but smirked as she leaned over. "Thanks, sugar. And that I can do. And I'm sure we'll be fine. I don't bite....unless you ask." And with that she'd push back off the bar before looking back to the man. "Alpha....alright then. And no need to call me miss either." She'd crack her neck before she would effortlessly hop up and over the bar. Looking around, she'd seem to be trying to get a feel for the counter but in the same swoop she'd snatch the empty bottle, replaced it with a full one that she opened up by smacking the cap on the edge and looked over to the tender. "....yeah I'm going to reorganize this a little better later." Blowing him a kiss thing as she unbuttoned that vest and tossed it to the side so she could unbutton the first few buttons of her shirt then started to roll up her sleeves. "Now then..." She'd lean on the bar opposite of Alpha and grinned. "As you were saying....what about an owner? He owns the place?"
Alpha     Alpha smirks at watching Lyn basically take over. He'd take up the new bottle, grabbing the cap out of the air. Money is money afterall! and the few caps returned for payment as he'd take another swig. "Hmm.. Lyn it is then. And yah.. sorta. Everythin goes through Jack here. Yer in Jack town. So, you want somethin? Ya talk ta Jack." He'd lift his bottle. "But.. I'm lookin at mebbe comin up with a group that can.. get their own.. without havin ta run through Jack, yah?"
Lynnette "Jack...." She'd snatch those caps up and moved away as she tossed them into the till. Pulling a piece of string out of her pocket she was start to tie her hair up in a ponytail then. Looking back over at him she'd tilt her head a bit. "Jack....okay noted." Laughing a bit she'd go back to familiarizing herself with the bar. "Never met him. Then again.....still technically knew. I haven't been in this area in years so....." A shrug then as she looked around, making sure she wasn't needed yet and walked back over to Alpha. "A group? I mean...what is it you do?"
Alpha     Alpha nods slightly in response to Lyn. He'd take another drink of that beer and leans in a little when she'd come back to ask. "Eh.. Let's say I'm in the business of liberal redistribution of resources, hmm?" He'd chuckle then. "While them Enclave assholes all need ta go.. it'll still leave a good time to start stepping in. Opportunity in everything.. and I'm planning to capitalize on it."
Lynnette She'd raise her brow a bit and shook her head. "Ahhh..." Laughing a bit she would snatch his beer for a second and took a sip as she grinned before handing it back to him. "I take it that it's a lucrative business...." Sighing softly she would then nod a bit. "'s been....interesting since I've been back. I'm trying to stay.....out of it. I'm a lady after all...."
Alpha     Alpha smirks at Lyn as she'd filch his beer for a drink. Chuckling, he'd shake his head. "Hmm.. It's got it's ups and downs, just like anythin, eh? I ain't gonna lie 'bout it. There's plenty of work and trouble. But.. well.. hard work isn't something to be afraid of. And knowin who to hit.. as much as where? That's just as important to me."
Lynnette Licking her lips as she raised her brow a bit then. "But...isn't that....." Leaning in she would playfully whisper and smiled. "....isn't it against the law?" Snickering she would pull back and propped her head up on her hands. " long as you don't get caught I guess?"
Alpha     Alpha raises a brow as Lyn leans in, then laughs quietly at her words. "Shh.." He'd playfully look around then leans in too. "I won't tell no one ifn ya don't.." He'd wink at her, chuckling as he'd straighten up to finish his beer. "Laws.. bah. Laws are fer those who can't defend themselves and have to rely on someone else. That's how I see it and how I live it. So.. it's only trouble ifn ya get caught. just as you say."
Lynnette Shaking her head she would chuckle a bit then smiled as she watched him for a moment. "Yeah well....I guess I can see that...." Yawning softly she would look over to see a man walk up to the bar. "One sec....."

Sliding her way down the bar she'd speak softly as she grinned at the man staring at her....and not her face. Giving him what he asked for she'd take that money and toss it into the till. "Also....if you're going to stare at my least give them a compliment...."

Witout skipping a beat she'd make her way back to Alpha and shrugged then. "As for not being able to defend yourselves...I mean....look at me." Stepping back, she would slowly turn around then laughed. "Do I look like I can defend myself? They help people like me. I've been on my own since my pops died and trust's been hard. I'm a grown woman now but...was different when I was younger."
Alpha     Alpha shrugs at Lyn, chuckling softly as she'd head over. Watching the guy who would blink and sputter at her parting words, Alpha can't help but snicker with a shake of his head. He'd give an upnod to Lyn then as she'd pivot for him. "Yah yah.. Nice tits by the way.. sweet ass too." There's a wink there with that easy grin as he'd shrug. "Trust me.. I know rough too, eh? Watchin yer parents get gutted like pigs? Well.. whatev. Ya seem good now, eh? So happy ta chat ya up.. and ifn yer wantin in.. well.. I'd hardly be opposed ta someone who's knowin how ta use whatcha got, eh?"
Lynnette "Well thank you...." Giving him a wink she would smirk then sigh a bit as she licked her lips. "I do try to stay in shape..." Lyn would prop herself back up in front of him as she tilted her ehad. "Well...I'm alright. Shit happens, you know." A tilt of her head before she would smile. "Me? Now whatever would I do? I think I'd be more of a hinderance....than an asset."
Alpha     Alpha chuckles quietly, shaking his head a little. "Ya do a good job of it, fer sure. Don't let anyone else make you think otherwise either." He'd wink at her with a chuckle. "As for that.. It's amazing how useful a simple distraction can be to turn a tough nut inta butter, eh? So.. as long as you don't mind using.." Alpha would purposely glance down himself, then back up to her eyes with that small grin. "Assets.. in a helpful way? I'm not callin that a hinderance at all.."
Lynnette Letting out a wistful sigh she would grin a bit then nodded. "Oh I've never had a complaint yet....from anyone. But I guess there's a first time for everything...." Looking over to her new co-worker she'd stare at him flatly then chuckled. "Maybe except for that one. He seemed less than thrilled..." Those green eyes would look Alpha over a minute then smiled. "I guess maybe....just maybe I'll give it a shot. You know where I work now know where to find me. But unfortunately....I'll be working everytime you come to find me...."
Alpha     Alpha nods, then chuckles slightly, glancing over at the other guy. "Bah. He ain't dead. He'll get over it." Looking back to Lyn then, he'd grin with a nod. "I'll keep it in mind, fer sure. And.. heck. Maybe we work together enough, ya'll even let me know where ya live when you aren't working." He'd wink her way and grins, finishing off his drink. Another few caps are pulled with a little wiggle of the bottle. "Gotta nother down there?"
Lynnette "Will he?" Laughing then she'd shrug a bit. "By time I"m done with this place it'll be running like a proper bar. He might get sick of me by then...." Lyn would move on to take that empty bottle and tossed it aside. "Well...." She'd snap up those caps and then passed him a fresh bottle. "Play your cards right and you might find out before that...." A shrug then as if it was no big deal but then she'd give him a wink before turning around to lean over and reach a rag on the floor. Sighing she'd just shake her head as she looked it over and tossed it, starting to make a pile of dirty stuff. "Geez dude...."
Alpha     Alpha grins at Lyn, shrugging a little. He'd take the next one, popping the top himself and pocketing the cap with a small toast her way. "Lookin forward ta this place being a bit more than rat's ass dump. And.. Ifn that's true, then I'll definitely brush up on my card game." Grinning, he'd take a drink, shaking his head with a chuckle. "Jack Town's gonna be goin different after this crap all passes.. and we're gonna be makin sure here is where it's at ta be at.."
Lynnette "Well I'm sure as hell going to try, you know...." Lyn seemed earnest about that goal of hers. "I really does need some cleaning up...." Chuckling she would go back to picking up the dirty rags, shouting over to the man. " do....wash these things, right?" Chuckling she would snatch a couple more up and then looked back to Alpha. "Well I hope it passes soon. I have a cute dress I haven't worn in forever and I am /not/ looking into getting it ruin unless I'm having fun." Letting out a yawn she would look back to her 'hiring manager' and smirked. "By the way, dear....I didn't expect to start so soon so....I may head out, find somewhere to rest...and come back so...." She'd grin as she hopped her way over the bar and smiled. "I think I proved I know how to handle you lot..."
Alpha     Alpha grins at Lyn as she'd give the man what for. That bottle is lifted in a toast to her, and he'd drink some of it as she'd go off shift. "Ya tell em, fer sure!" Laughing, he'd shake his head and grins. "Just.. stay outta sight.. yah? Outta the way and they ain't gonna mess with us that much. That's fer sure."
Lynnette Leaning over the bar now, she'd grab a bottle for herself and then pulled out a couple of tops and sat them on the bar. Grinning she'd pop the top off with her hand this time and slid it over to him. "Consider it thanks for the beer earlier...." Giving him a wink Lyn would then yawn as she then took a long sip of that beer then smiled. " got a name for of yours? Or is it still a super secret....?"
Alpha     Alpha takes up the cap with a chuckle and a nod to Lyn. He'd smirk and shrugs. "Nah. AIn't gotten that far yet. Gotta make sure I can even russle up enough peeps ta be worth it ta start with, yah? Otherwise.. ain't no point."
Lynnette "Well then....I'll just keep an eye out for your cute face and when you get all important....hopefully you won't forget us little folks down here at the bar." Letting out a soft laugh she would smile before taking another swig of her drink. "Until then....try not to get in too much trouble I guess....?" A lick of her lips then as she looked down and sighed. Setting down her beer she would lean back of the bar, sliding to where her butt was pretty much in the air as she grabbed her vest then. "Gotcha!" She'd slide back off to her seat and nodded. "Can't leave this behind."
Alpha     Alpha isn't the only one to check her out when Lyn does that either. He'd smirk back and shrugs. A last toast of that beer given with a grin. "I'll see what I can do, fer sure. Stay safe, Lyn." He'd wave, watching her leave, before finishing off his own beer. Much to do.. and now? A reason to do it, it seems.